66% of pledges have nothing to do with the climate. Billions in claims “inflated”

Everything about Climate Fear is just PR

You will never guess. Not only does no one care if carbon credits don’t cut carbon emissions, but hardly anyone cares if so called  climate money is even spent on the climate. As many as 66% of climate projects funded by the developed world have nothing to do with “climate vulnerability”.

It’s the bragging game — politicians want to make out they are doing a lot for the climate, but there’s barely any accountability to check whether they get value for money — by how many thousandths of a degree did that policy cool the world? So they inflate their spending promises by claiming random other projects are “climate projects” or they use accounting trickery.

University of Zurich’s Axel Michaelowa, who studies climate aid grants, found “there was a huge misrepresentation. Governments were actually really not able to report properly” on aid that was supposed to help countries reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

His study, conducted on specific climate grants four years ago, showed a list of “projects without any conceivable climate change connotation,” such as Belgium funding for a “love movie festival” in the early 2000s in Africa, a U.S.-funded study on Savannah elephant sounds, and uniforms for park guardians in Central America with aid from Spain.

For their website Adaptation Watch, Weikmans and Brown University environmental studies professor Timmons Roberts studied 5,201 projects mentioned by developed nations and found that 3,444 of them “did not explicitly link project activities to addressing climate vulnerability,” Weikmans said.

Yet again, another aspect of the climate facade is just fluff.

The OECD say $62 billion is being spent, India reckons the real number is $1 billion.

Simon Buckle of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), wrote a report, tallying how much of the $100 billion-a-year target has been pledged. It’s about $62 billion a year as of 2014, his report said.

India, however, looked at the same report said the real number was probably less than $1 billion a year. It issued a report of its own calling the OECD document full of “inflated numbers.”

In an interview with the AP, Indian Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar dismissed the OECD report as “a double-counting exercise.” He said actual climate finance flowing to developing countries was much smaller.

There’s a big difference between 62 and 1. Prof Timmons Roberts tried to pin it down and guesses the range is $20 – $30b.

Wait and see if the Greens howl about this. It’s not actual temperatures, or actual emissions, but it is actual money. That might be close enough to home to matter. Kudos to Oxfam International for at least trying to track this.

But again, more hypocrisy rears. When Japan and Australia count funding to build more efficient coal power, which does really lower emissions, activists won’t accept it. Coal is the enemy.  So on the one hand, Savannah Elephant Sounds counts as climate spending for a bragging government, yet in activist world, a 15% reduction in real emissions does not. Is CO2 the biggest threat to the planet? Not as big a threat as an industry that doesn’t need government support.

Billions in climate aid pledges have ‘wild west’ accounting, by Seth Borenstein and Karl Ritter



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    Of course its all about the money, fear of CAGW is just a tool. The goal of the UN/IPCC is redistributive economics and CAGW is just an excuse used to justify it. Once the redistribution mechanisms are in place, CAGW is no longer needed and the fact that they lied and cheated to coerce people into believing it’s a problem that they can ‘fix’ by redistributing wealth will fall to the wayside.


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      Throughout this entire schimosle numbers just haven’t been a strong point. They all need to go back to school.


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        The left understands how to steal someone else’s money but once they have it they don’t know what to do with it. The reason is that they have no idea about budgets, numbers or cost- benefit analysis. This is why they are invariably bad economists, hardly go to business or spent like drunken sailors.
        There is also another reason why they economically fail and this is intentional. To be successful is to move to the right and hence they would vote themselves out of existence.


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          I think the meaningless inflated claims are just a side-effect of the gimme culture. In order to fund the junkets and the freeloaders, they have to set up a situation where no one asks hard questions and leaders want to brag about how much they spend. (It’s the perfect combo, right?)

          Hence, both of those factors mean there will be a lot of wasted grants, and also grants that might be useful but have nothing to do with the climate.

          Most of the Green-blob are not going to start demanding cost benefit assessments are they? Hardly.

          Kudos to the few genuine Greens who have an honest concern. But even they won’t criticize the Green blob parasites.


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      David Charles

      Since we are required to pay for delegates’ travel to the next soirees, surely we should have a say in where they are held! I propose that we get to vote on the upcoming venues. My suggestions are Mawson, Antarctica, Iceland, and Zimbabwe for the next three, not necessarily in that order. I deliberately left Syria, and many other worthy contenders, for other bidders!


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        Macquarie Island… Actually given such a pristine environment I suggest that all greens be repatriated there to have their own country, where they can live with solar panels and windmills and grow lentils.

        No heating allowed though, so the average max temp of 2 deg C might bite a bit. But hey that should be nothing for a dedicated green right? Of course as the world heats up the greens would end up in a tropical paradise, so what’s to lose.

        /sarc if anyone really needed to know.


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    Bite Back

    Not only are their claims inflated, so are their egos and along with their egos, their heads.

    What is there about them that is honest? Nothing, not a single jot or tittle of anything to do with them is honest. They deserve being forgotten.



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    James Murphy

    Perhaps I am exposing my ignorance, but are these pledges legally binding, or are they just as transient and hollow as a pre-election promise??

    Does someone send the bailiffs ’round if said country doesn’t hand over the folding gear when the time comes?


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    David S

    The only surprise about this article is that anyone would be surprised by it. Everything about the AGW movement has been a charade . Why wouldn’t the solution be one to? This is the biggest gravy train which no one wants to get off.


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    Jo a very important post !

    more so because it is reflects what is really happening with everyone’s tax dollars.

    I do not understand the mentality of those concerned ?
    Do they really want to save the planet or did
    they all just get distracted by the sparkley ornament
    on the Christmas tree of Gloal warming ?
    There seems to be no depth in their understanding or their cause …

    It is most frustrating 🙁


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    el gordo

    Its a lot of money to throw away on a non-existent threat, but most of it is packaged in aid which the poor and downtrodden would probably have got anyway.

    Take the Pacific islands as a prime example, if the Australian government doesn’t swamp them with cash the Chinese would, and we can’t have that.

    Also, countries buy armaments to keep us secure from the ambitions of other nations. Around $1.7 trillion is spent each year to contain a threat that does not yet exist, its the precautionary principle writ large.

    In defense of Turnbull, Hunt and Bishop, their sleight of hand is realpolitic to stop the red menace spreading throughout the Pacific and Obama is 100 percent behind them.


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      Peter C

      Also, countries buy armaments to keep us secure from the ambitions of other nations. Around $1.7 trillion is spent each year to contain a threat that does not yet exist, its the precautionary principle writ large.

      Well yes it is a good example of the precautionary principle. However in military matters there are plenty of examples from history, up to recent times which show that it might be wise to be a bit cautious about allowing our military capacity to diminish any further.

      I am reading a book; Australia’s Defence – David Archibald, in which he argues that we should be spending a lot more on defence if we wish to contain threats by China.

      Sensible decisions on defence spending are apparently difficult to make. The money also has to come from other areas which we would like to spend on or from increased taxation or borrowing. None of those options are very palatable.


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    Its just an eco socialist echo chamber with everyone trying to outdo the next nitwit on a show of concern. Family guy nailed it.



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    Thanks Jo. As others have said it is extremely important this is highlighted in such clear terms. Many people have said it is about money but have not put in such clear detail. Saying US$1billion / day is spent is fine but this goes that bit further by saying so much is NOT about climate and having it directly related to the talkfest is important.
    It might just wake a few more people up to what is really going on.


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    Carbon is black. Coal is black. Black is bad and Green is good. Send money. Trust us. We are the caring Greens. Cash is Green. Boat people, dolphins, trees, cash.

    Is it as childishly simple as that? Does the general public realise that carbon dioxide is an invisible gas? Or are the Greens trying to say it is the smoke and only from chimneys in democratic countries? Is there any part of AGW which is not fraudulent misrepresentation*?
    (*This phrase has been chosen to avoid the single appropriate word which would put the comment in moderation)


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    This is one of your best articles, Jo. It is nothing to do with the Climate or CO2, it has descended into a battle of political Egos, mis-directed altruism which is only a sort of disguised fascim. The aim of the UN/IPCC is to churn money and remove a lot of it as it passes by them. The redistribution is achieved under the cloak of CAGW and when it is no longer needed it will be shed. It is in fact just a huge scam created by organised Banking Crime under the guise of Charity and pseudo-science.


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    Years ago a soft drink exec lamented that there was no industry plan to sell ordinary water, which was, after all, the only way to hydrate despite the fads claims of his industry. Not long after that countless young people were walking around with plastic bottles filled with ordinary water. The labels were mostly pale blue, which seemed to work best.

    Now it is possible to traffic in a tiny fraction of thin air. No production overhead at all, not even tap water or packaging, just money. And we are supposed to be surprised that climate monies are being invested in utter nonsense? There is a limited stock of sensible investments in this world. The rest is bubble waiting for air.

    Stop Green Blob!


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    You often hear the old wealth redistribution line thrown about at rallies like COP21, legally binding agreements are the wet dreams of the left elites that will never occur as in reality the people with the real wealth redistribute it via capitalism that encourages competition and increased opportunity for people to access that wealth in various markets.

    To see the results of wealth redistribution run by left wing cronyism look to any third world economy, I know what most people will choose if given a choice.


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    More CO2 at 33,000 feet !

    Over the next 25 years we will need 32400 more aircraft.
    In the COP21 agreement, aviation emmissions from aircraft are not in included and as for desiel trains they are never mentioned …. 😮

    the demands of the many (people) outway the demands of the few (green)

    Such is life 😮


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    Graham Lloyd is depressed in this morning’s Australian in reporting COP21. It is not about the climate, but money, money, money. As he says, the Americans are pitching it as a huge business opportunity. Smaller countries just resent the developed countries for alleged exploitation and lack of development (Africa is led perversely by Robert Mugabe the dictator who has impoverished and brutalized his own country and people). There is no hint of the idea that countries have to develop themselves, except for India and China who plan to use lots more coal to power the development. Even Germany, the Green heaven, is planning lots more coal. The Greens are simply anti coal, because it is b*ack and racist. In other words the meeting is heading towards the farce Graham says will be called COP FLOP 21.


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      “COP FLOP 21”, Yes, I know how that feels, the whiskey was flowing a little too freely for me last night, the planned romantic evening with the missus was, well, less than successful.


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        Like the antibiotic mycoxaflopin with the unfortunate side effect


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          Peoples, peoples, peoples, gather around, especially you hansom fellas out there, I want to talk to you today about a tricky little problem that from time to time in a virile young man’s life may raise, or should I say, refuse to raise its ugly head in the marital bed chamber at a time most inconvenient to the earnest wishes of the good lady wife.

          You may know of the unfortunate predicament I’m talking about under many and varied nomenclature; Sad Sausage Syndrome for instance, or Troubled Tossle, Floppy Jalopy perhaps, or Limp Noodle, then there’s Deflated Wind Sock, Due South and the dreaded Half Mongrel, there are many more such appellations but I’m sure you get the basic drift of what I’m getting at, yes that’s right ladies and gentlemen, Erectile Dysfunction in the 21s century or to use its more common reference, COP FLOP 21.

          Well my fine gathered friends fret no longer your days of blight and anguish are over for here before me I have assembled a regime of medications and treatments scientifically proven to a 97% standard of certainty, bolstered by rigorous peer review and an overwhelming consensus to renew your faith in the possibility of bedroom utopia!

          So step up my friends, and open your purses
          For the sake of your maidens and ladies and nurses
          There are powders and potions and ointments and lotions, take 2 bottles take three
          Curing Floppy Jalopy is worth it my friends, I’m sure you’ll agree


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    Has anyone noticed the rapidly reducing claims of the Global Warming brigade. So it was +5C in 2100 and 100 metres of water rise.
    Then +2C was the aim of COP21. Now COP21 has dropped it to +1.5C in the remaining 85 years and 1 metre of water rise. What an achievement!

    Logically, after a few more meetings, the aim will be +0C by 2100 and no water rise, so the COP meetings will be lauded as achieving their goal of nothing at all happening to temperature and sea level, which perfectly matches the facts. Mission accomplished and the world saved. All through the madness of massive meetings and spending on stuff which doesn’t work and making many rich people so much richer, except the poor and impoverished who clearly should look after themselves.

    In fact this continual dropping temperature target reflects nothing more than the embarrassing total failure of the Globe to warm for nearly twenty years. We have to be ready for a slightly irritable summer.


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      As our famous Chief Climate Commissioner, dead Kangaroo scientist and Australian of the year Tim Flannery says, we have to be ready for more extreme events, more frequent droughts and flooding rains. Was he at COP 21? David Suzuki is a zoologist and claims no science expertise. Why isn’t anyone leading the Climate Change brigade an actual Climate Scientist or meteorologist? Yes, it is all just PR and fame and cash.


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      James Murphy

      I think it may be related to the weather in Paris having been relatively mild (although today was pretty chilly). I also imagine the delegates and their flunkies need time to buy some Christmas gifts from Paris, after a hard few days of negotiation collective onanism.


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    a rare moment of truth at COP21:

    NYT 10 Dec: Secretary of State John Kerry took a similar tack in a speech here on Wednesday.
    “For a moment — and a moment only — let’s give the climate deniers the benefit of the doubt,” he said. Even if the overwhelming scientific consensus is wrong, he asked rhetorically, “what is the worst that could happen” by shifting away from fossil fuels toward renewable energy?


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    Nothing like getting to “a good starting point for more talks” near the end of 21 years of climate junkets.

    Because we need a stricter target to cover up the failures of the Paris Agreement.
    . . .
    “Yet on Friday we heard from some of the best-informed scientists that the outcome will be a catastrophe.

    So the Paris agreement arguably locks us into a warming trajectory that will be disastrous.”
    Good deal or bad? (c. hamilton, theconversation)


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    Egor TheOne

    The CON21 should have a big prison built around it .

    Trap all the criminals , those whose policies would do hundreds of millions harm ,in one place .

    The grand theft of Trillions based on Doomist Propaganda and general Totalitarian BS .

    Our very own Mr Goldman & Sachs representative , has to grandstand among the ‘CON21 Thieves Cartel’ with ‘spreading around money’ to the amount of 1,000,000,000 AUD to pander to the King Canute 1 mm per year sea level rise .

    And even this money is borrowed money that has to be repayed by us with interest.

    Did anybody notice that while our ‘esteemed leaders’ threw borrowed money to the wind , they also managed to give themselves a sneaky 2% pre Xmas pay rise ?

    And then there was Mr 14% popularity ,spot the Sea Level Rise from the LearJet, ‘Carbon Bill’ ,defending it !

    I can feel a Great Big New World Global Carbon Tax ‘ coming on .

    The U.N. … ‘Unelected Nutters’…needs to be abolished , and before these ratbags abolish what little is left of our freedom !





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    11 Dec: BusinessStandardIndia: Nitin Sethi: US threatens to walk out of Paris pact over financial obligations
    Talks go beyond deadline as developed countries block differentiation in revised draft
    On the night between Thursday and Friday, the rich and poor countries were divided by fractious arguments, leaving the organisers with no other option but to extend the deadline. Many negotiators across the divide speculated that the talks may get further extended till Sunday…
    The night saw an ugly brawl as US Secretary Of State John Kerry threatened that developed countries would walk out of the agreement if they were asked to commit to differentiation or financial obligations. “You can take the US out of this. Take the developed world out of this. Remember, the Earth has a problem. What will you do with the problem on your own?” he told ministers from other countries during a closed-door negotiation on the second revised draft of the Paris agreement.
    “We can’t afford in the hours we are left with to nit-pick every single word and to believe there is an effort here that separates developed countries from developing countries. That’s not where we are in 2015. Don’t think this agreement reflects that kind of differentiation,” he added. Making a veiled threat that the agreement could fail if the US was pushed for financial obligations, Kerry said, “At this late hour, hope we don’t load this with differentiation… I would love to have a legally binding agreement. But the situation in the US is such that legally binding with respect to finance is a killer for the agreement.”…
    Business Standard confirmed Kerry’s remarks and other statements made during the night by speaking to multiple negotiators who were present in the meeting.
    Kerry’s intervention was followed by developed countries collectively refusing to agree on a roadmap about their financial obligations towards poor countries…
    In a recent report, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development claimed that the rich world had delivered $62 billion by 2014. But developing countries, including India, pointed out severe accounting flaws including inclusion of high-interest loans as climate finance, which is seen as a reparation cost…


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    As I have repeatedly suggested on this blog and have hopefully have demonstrated on occassions , we can learn a great deal about the current global warming / so called climate change Mania for thats what we are now experiencing, just by looking back at the history of similar Manias of the past.

    So to some Historical Manias from the past.
    This is only a small selection that have afflicted large numbers of mankind down through the centuries but it is symptomatic of an affliction which is far, far more common to significant masses of mankind than is realised by most.

    1 / Dancing Mania Of The Middle Ages

    2 / Laughter Epidemics; Tanganyika laughter epidemic

    3 / Koro; Phobia of Genital Retraction

    4 / Mass Delusions and Hysterias: Highlights from the Past Millennium
    [ Over the past millennium, mass delusions and hysterical outbreaks have taken many forms. Sociologists Robert Bartholomew and Erich Goode survey some of the more colorful cases.]

    Headings of episodes of mass hysteria from the above article

    a / Middle Ages, France
    b / Fifteenth Century Germany
    c / Milan, Italy, 1630
    d / Lille, France, 1639
    e / Salem, Massachusetts, 1691-1693
    f / London, England, 1761
    g / Leeds, England, 1806
    h / Worldwide, 1835
    i / British South Africa, 1914
    j / Island of Banda, Indonesia, 1937
    k / USA, 1938
    l / Mad Gasser of Mattoon, 1944

    Plus 12 more such examples from this article above;
    5 / Tulip mania

    6 / Railway mania

    To which can now be added another modern day global Mania, that of the Great Catastrophic Global Warming Mania of the late 20th and early 21st century that has gripped tens of millions in a frenzy of fear, trepidation and a hatred and a pathalogical desire to effect harm extending to the ultimate execution and death of anybody who dared to question their mania or doubt their beliefs in the CAGW ideology.

    That is no different to the torture and execution of heretics and witches of the ages that so many modern believers in the CAGW Mania believe belong to a far more ignorant and uncivilised time, a time those same wannabe prosecutors of climate skeptics regard with disdain and contempt for that ignorance and lack of civilising influences.

    For in the times to come this stupidity, this CAGW Mania will be seen for what it is by the historians of the future, an utterly irrational fear, a Mania in every meaning of the word, created and maintained by a tiny coterie of avaricious climate scientists, inept politicians and marxist dominated, humanity hating green organisations.

    A global Mania centred entirely around the fear of a possible and yet to materialize tiny degree or two increase in global temperatures which if it does appear will supposedly be caused by the activities of mankind in creating energy for his energy based civilisation by burning fossil fuels .

    And a rise which IF it occurs, will be well within the bounds of past natural variability in global temperatures as derived from numerous proxy derived and recorded historical temperature data..

    And like so many of those manias listed above, it has everything to do with money and the accumulating of wealth and power by those who have no morality, no ethics, no empathy and most of all, a total absence of any scruples at any level about the death dealing harm they are trying to impose on millions just to sate their own gross avarice and its attendant evil ideology.


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    12 Dec: Guardian: Lenore Taylor: 12 Dec: Australia belatedly joins ‘coalition of ambition’ at Paris climate talks
    Foreign minister Julie Bishop responds to Twitter outrage by saying Australia has accepted an invitation after group of 100 nations held a press conference
    Tweet by Bishop: We have accepted an invitation to join so no need for your ‘shame’…
    Chinese deputy foreign minister Lui Jianmin dismissed the “coalition of ambition” as a “performance”…
    The developing world wants to continue with the current two-tier system where obligations are born by rich countries.
    “It is not only China’s request, it is a request from all developing countries, you should not focus on this as China’s request,” he said…

    optimism still rules at “their ABC”:

    12 Dec: ABC AM: ‘High ambition coalition’ optimistic for final climate agreement in coming hours: analyst
    ERWIN JACKSON, Climate Institute: Well, we’ve certainly come a very long way in the last two weeks.
    But we have seen over the last 24 hours some unfortunate brinksmanship from countries. And in particular, China and India and Saudi Arabia and Venezuela have been reopening conversations which we thought were settled…
    ERWIN JACKSON: Encouragingly, however, what we have seen over the last few days is that there’s a growing list of countries – what have been called the “high ambition coalition” – coming together and basically pushing and making sure we get the best possible outcome here in Paris…


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    James Murphy

    You know there’s something terribly wrong with the United Nations, and with the whole concept of these COP meetings when an ersatz war criminal like like Robert Mugabe is allowed to show his face without being locked up and put on trial for crimes against humanity.

    Mind you, his policy of forcing those evil capitalist (and white) shop owners to sell products for less than they paid for them is like a dream come true for the average Greens supporter.

    (I understand if this rant gets snipped completely…)


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    “There’s a big difference between 62 and 1.”

    Oh come on Jo, pick, pick, pick, how petty and nit-picking and pedantic is that! The difference between 62 and 1 is practically nothing compared to the difference between 62 and 150 gazillion and that’s what I’m pledging so stop complaining and start writing some I.O.Us that really are worth the paper they’re written on.
    And by the way, don’t you know that elephant calls sound different to other elephants when the air gets clogged up with co2? Imagine all those mixed elephant messages flying around the Savannah causing confusion and dismay in the elephant community, the consternation it could cause!


    • #
      Andrew McRae

      Exactly, and if you think there is no peer-reviewed research establishing impact of elevated CO2 on elephant trumpeting, just wait for the next round of research grants and someone will have written a paper about it. It’s only a matter of time.

      When other Elephant-named species are considered, the impact of global warming is worse than first thought.
      With continued global warming male Nothern Elephant Seals won’t be able to get a date as there will be more males than females. This will undoubtedly cause wars and bloodshed in the Elephant Seal community and so contributes to the escalation in global conflict expected from global warming.

      Or maybe not, because the seals could move 2° latitude further north to keep their surroundings at the same temperature. But that would imply life has the ability to adapt to climate change. See how this game is played?
      If the Elephant Seals don’t move then their plight is counted in the tragedies of global warming.
      If they do move, the Elephant Seals will be called climate change refugees and… their plight is counted in the tragedies of global warming.
      No matter what happens the warmists were right!


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    11 Dec: Daily Mail: Quentin Letts: QUENTIN LETTS: How I was vaporised by the BBC’s Green Gestapo after daring to mock the Met Office and global warming
    Earlier this year, I made a jaunty little Radio 4 programme called What’s The Point Of The Met Office?
    Last week, after a bizarre and focused lobbying campaign from environmental activists, the programme was removed from the BBC’s iPlayer playback facility.
    To adapt Orwell, What’s The Point Of The Met Office? became an un-programme…


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    William Astley

    Silly, goofy, fantasy promised internal or external spending on ‘Climate Change’ is a Boondoggle, a symptom of the complete failure of ‘liberal’ governments to even understand what is or is not problem. The idiots have absolutely no idea that the first step to address the country’s problems is to prioritize, to very carefully determine what is or is not a problem, to understand spending more government money/forcing the country’s GDP to be spent on A will require less spending on B which reduces our country’s competiveness, which forces realistic estimated costs of proposals, forces realistic estimates of what are current, and future liabilities.

    While we are racing to assured economic collapse, due to the failure of how to run a government 101, the idiots are talking about fighting climate change.

    There are layers and layers of madness associated with the cult of CAGW which is the result of removing economics reality (all of the developed and developing countries are running deficits, there is no free money to spending on anything, promises to spend twice, three times, a zillion times more money on green scams that do not work and aid for developing country climate change projects is pathetic, surreal), engineering reality (the green scams do not work, do not significantly reduce CO2 emissions, real reduction would require unimaginable Khmer Rouge type fascist extreme government policies/government control: such as the banning of all tourism air travel, rationing of energy per person – not carbon taxes – limited purchases/rationing of goods per person, complete change to nuclear power, and so on ), and scientific reality (there is no CAGW problem to solve) from the formation of policy.

    The entire scientific basis of CAGW is incorrect. The majority of the CO2 atmospheric rise is due to natural sources and the majority of the warming in the last 150 years is due to solar cycle changes. If that assertion is correct global warming and the rise in atmospheric CO2 is reversible.

    Cult of CAGW Rule 1: Those who question any of the cult’s science are evil, deniers. Sub rule 1A. The time for ‘debate’ concerning ‘climate change’ is over so it is impossible to stop the madness. Sub rule 1B, talking about the end of deficit spending is to be avoided at all costs. Liberalism is based on never ending spending to ‘solve’ problems. If time of deficit spending is over, then spending more money on project A will require spending less money on project/entitlement B.

    Cult of CAGW Rule 2: Fabrication of science is necessary to convince the public that unlimited deficit spending/allocation of limited GDP is necessary to fight ‘climate change’. Due to rule 1 and rule 2, all calculations associated with the greens scams, the general circulation predicted warming in the models, the Bern atmospheric model that provides the cult’s assertion for the lifetime of CO2 in the atmosphere, CO2 sources and sinks, and the economic costs of warming and benefits for green scams has been fabricated to push the cult of CAGW’s paradigm.

    Cult of CAGW Rule 3: All promises to make ridiculous expenditures (there is no money to spend and there are comical, pathetic future unfunded liabilities) on green scams which will result in no appreciable change in climate or in atmospheric CO2 levels are praised (reality should be ignored) as they are a move in the right direction.

    “A boondoggle is a project that is considered a useless waste of both time and money, yet is often continued due to extraneous policy or political motivations.
    The term “boondoggle” may also be used to refer to protracted government or corporate projects involving large numbers of people and usually heavy expenditure, where at some point, the key operators, having realized that the project will never work, are still reluctant to bring this to the attention of their superiors. Generally there is an aspect of “going through the motions” – for example, continuing research and development – as long as funds are available to keep paying the researchers’ and executives’ salaries.

    The situation can be allowed to continue for what seems like unreasonably long periods, as senior management are often reluctant to admit that they allowed a failed project to go on for so long. In many cases, the actual device itself may eventually work, but not well enough to ever recoup its development costs.
    Etymology: The term arose from a 1935 New York Times report that more than $3 million had been spent on recreational activities for the jobless as part of the New Deal. Among these activities were crafts classes, where the production of “boon doggles,” described in the article as various utilitarian “gadgets” made with cloth or leather, were taught.[1] The term’s earlier definition is thought to have its origin in scouting, particularly in reference to a woggle.[2]”


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    The warmists need just one more day,
    To claim billions,that nations won’t pay,
    With the media tense,
    They crave the suspense,
    Of an all-night last minute delay.


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    Ho hum! Yawn!

    Haggling over the money as usual.

    Meanwhile, coal fired power plant construction goes on without the slightest hesitation.

    Does no one even see this?

    I saw Paul Sheehan (the journalist for the SMH) mention it on The Drum at the ABC, and as he mentioned it, that was quite promptly shut down as the subject was immediately changed.



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      I haven’t noticed John Kerry’s COP tune-up getting much air time either. Our ABC lacking a bit of breadth and depth as it suits.


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    Egor TheOne

    The CON21 = ‘we agree’ as long as long as someone else pays !

    And this is what we are supposed to pay for >>



    Where is this warming hiding ?

    Maybe , if we Squander another few ‘Trill’ we can stop something that only exists in sick minds !


    • #

      Ask Wally D Ali, apparently hes a climate scientist too now.


      • #
        Egor TheOne

        A co – presenter of a pea-brain’s show where they try and turn everything they don’t believe into a joke .

        Channel 10 should be ashamed to run such a show as the equivalent of the AlpgreensBC’ ‘The Dumb’ …. except with commercials !

        Both are BS Propaganda shows with the hosts in urgent need being given ‘the Bum’s Rush Out’.

        If it was up to me , I would have all True B’lvers disconnected from the Grid .

        Let them solar and battery their own homes at their own expense ,instead of always ‘others must pay’ !


        • #

          I often ask whether the annoited that appear here want my device that ensures they are taken off the grid when renewables are not producing full output, experiencing the full glory of renewable dependence. Strangely none of them ever ante up.

          Oh, BTW this device consists of simply throwing the main switch to the off position seeing renewables are almost never producing nameplate output.


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    Egor TheOne

    How has it progressed from + 0.7 c over the last 130 or so years to this psychotic obsession and mass hysteria to enslave the world under Totalitarian Global Governance(Unelected Nutters wish list) at the cost of tens to hundreds of trillions .

    Makes you wonder if we are even meant to survive as a race with such a display of medieval arrogance and stupidity…..that we would do great harm to ourselves over a delusion !

    The only species on the planet that will do each other over for a dollar !

    Our ‘Esteemed CON21 Protectors’ >>>




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    response to the CAGW crowd who think BUSINESS only came on board recently.

    (btw given CAGW sceptics have been criticised for being mostly older white males, check out Gore’s audience)

    around 6 mins, after listing weather events he claims were caused by CAGW, Gore boasts how 150 heads of state at the start of COP21 made speeches, and there was not one single expression of denial.

    VIDEO: 9 Dec: Greenbiz: Al Gore at WBCSD’s COP21 meeting
    Al Gore, speaking to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development as it met in Paris, said the almost daily occurrences of severe floods, droughts and fierce hurricanes across the globe are like “a nature hike through the Book of Revelations.”…

    30 Nov: World Business Council for Sustainable Development: In memoriam: Maurice Strong
    The history of the WBCSD is strongly linked to Maurice, to whom we are deeply indebted…
    He had the foresight to invite business to provide its input to the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, under the leadership of Stephan Schmidheiny, our founder…
    Following the summit, Stephan Schmidheiny and his business partners concluded that to keep up the momentum that had been created, it was necessary to keep the cooperation alive. In 1995, the Council merged with the World Industry Council on the Environment and opened its secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland: and here the WBCSD was born.
    We will remember Maurice at our upcoming Council Meeting in Paris this December.


  • #


    8 Dec: Politico: The climate summit’s ‘turd in the punch bowl’
    Paris negotiators say they’re ignoring the skeptics. That’s a change from the past.
    By Sara Stefanini and Andrew Restuccia
    Even countries where climate change doubters traditionally sat in the upper echelons of government — Canada, Australia, the United States, Russia — diplomats have moved beyond questioning global warming to
    debating what, and how much, to do about it…
    “I don’t know anyone who is taking them seriously,” Alden Meyer, director of strategy and policy for the Union of Concerned Scientists and a long-time COP observer, said of skeptics and deniers…
    “But if you want to come here and deny the problem, you’re not going to get anyone to hear you out.
    There’s no delegation here that is denying that this problem is here and we need to take action,” he said.
    That hasn’t stopped some of the most prominent outliers from dropping by.
    Among them is Bjorn Lomborg…
    A recurring theme before and during this year’s COP21 summit is that climate change is irrefutable — and that record-setting heat waves, cyclones, droughts and floods prove it is already inflicting serious
    “Nobody questions what the science says,” Miguel Arias Canete, the European Union’s climate action and energy commissioner, told reporters on Monday. “If we don’t question what the science says, why don’t we follow the pathway science gives us?”…
    That’s a change from previous COPs. Just before the start of the 2009 Copenhagen summit, a group of climate change skeptics seized on emails leaked from the University of East Anglia, which they interpreted
    as indicating that scientists were lying … but the claims were later disproved by a number of scientific organizations…


  • #

    11 Dec: Bloomberg: Twilight of the Skeptic: Climate Critics Fume as Talks Near Deal
    by Alex Nussbaum & Reed Landberg
    Coal mining CEO Robert Murray looks at the Paris climate talks and sees nothing but a farce…
    Now, with envoys in Paris inching toward a final agreement, Murray sees nothing but disaster for the world’s poor and for his already beleaguered industry.
    “To me, it is a tragedy,” said Murray, chief executive officer of Murray Energy Corp., the biggest closely-held U.S. coal producer, during an interview from his offices in Ohio’s mining region. “They are condemning the poorest people on Earth to energy poverty for no environmental benefit whatsoever.”…
    “These global warming alarmists have done more destruction to America and will continue to do more so than the terrorists have done to date,” Murray said…
    In Paris this month, scores of corporations have joined the cause, with heavyweights from Bill Gates to Ted Turner extolling the need to take action, while promoting the business opportunities of renewable energy…
    “Mr. Obama is a fraud, and so I don’t think there is going to be any commitment by the United States to anything he says,” Murray said…
    He doubts most of the major economies such as China, Russia and Europe that have made emissions-cutting pledges, will follow through with real action. The developing world needs affordable energy, and coal fills that need best, he said…
    “Unfortunately, Americans don’t react until there’s a crisis,” Murray said. “They are going to have to freeze in the dark until our citizens realize what’s been done to them in the name of this global warming hoax.”


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    Nothing surprises me about this house of cards anymore. Nothing. The only thing we seem to learn from history is that we don’t learn from history. The saddest thing of all is that we don’t learn over and over and over again.

    `The King is Dead, long live the King’ means of course, the `old’ king has passed away and the new king is enthroned. Maurice Strong, who is alleged to have started all this, died on November 27th, this year. I never met Mr. Strong, and> I wish his family well in their time of grief, as I also hope we, the rest of the world, do not see his like again for several generations at least. His replacement, if there is to be one, is yet to be “enthroned.” I hope not.

    Mr Strong’s legacy is the “Ignoramus’s Pursuit of Canute’s Canard,” the IPCC who offer (“the Science is Settled”) an Anthropogenically Controlled Climate where Natural Variability does not exist, it is ALL YOUR FAULT, and where you can just turn the knob for the climate you want, as soon as you hand over what appears to be more money than currently exists. Their mantra reminds me of Spike Milligan’s classical line “Open your wallet and say after me: Help yourself! Thank you, don’t mind if I do!” from his Goon Show The Battle of Spion Kop.
    He created and has now left behind an organisation replete with Nest Feathering, Avarice (annual Conferences are an absolute must), Ignorance (the 97% Consensus), Propaganda, Propaganda, and, just in case you missed it, Propaganda.

    Truth, along with Facts were early casualties, with Honesty, Dignity and Civil Debate hot on their heels.
    Science was like nothing you had seen before, befive and besix.

    I can’t help but ponder in awe, Lewis Carrol’s portrait of the Red Queen in “Through the Looking Glass,” with her constant cries of “Off with his head!”. What did Mr. Carrol see or experience in his life to write so pithily, and appropriately, in his portrayal of the Red Queen? Whatever, it most certainly describes the “pro” side of the Warmists.

    How long will it take, at what cost, to unravel, disassemble, demolish, and excise this cancer, and, especially, to repair all the damage created in the one-eyed and perverted attempt to Save The Planet? Or, like most other cancers, will it continue to grow? Urgh.

    There are some rays of light. It may already be starting to unravel with Mother Nature, bless Her, quietly with no fanfare going about her business; the Pause keeps growing and that Other Science, the non-CO2 variety, considering a heresy: Global Cooling.

    Patrick Moore, a founder of Greenpeace writing on WattsUpWithThat:

    Greenpeace, in furtherance of what is in effect its war against every species on the planet, has now turned to what, on the face of things, looks to me like outright breach of the RICO, wire-fraud, witness-tampering and obstruction-of-committee statutes. I have called in the FBI.

    Now there is a man of integrity. I wonder how we could put him at the helm …

    (I wonder if a miracle will occur and this won’t go into moderation? Hope resides eternally in the human breast, I will pass Go and see if there’s $200 awaiting me …)


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    Robert of Ottawa

    The Ontario Auditor General issued a report of the hydro (electricity) in Ontario. He reckoned over the past 8 years, Ontario had spent $87 billion to much for electricity.

    OK, Where did that money go?