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    Graeme No.3

    For an interesting article on PEER REVIEW see

    Should shut up our trolls from claiming that peer review was why they believe certain papers. Unfortunately it won’t as they are incapable or unwilling to consider anything that interferes with their desire to control the Earth.


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      If you are know “climate scientist” peer review acts more like a basic spell checker.

      If you are know climate sceptic, peer review acts more like a brick wall.


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      Gardening Australia, Master Chief and Hot Rod Magazine have better checks than the Climastrology Journals that publish these papers.

      Even the Phantom couldn’t get away with lies because the readership would be onto them. Guran, the chief of the Deep Woods and the Skull Cave has records of temperature going back to 1536 that have not been tampered with when compared to the BOM.


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      Policy based propaganda?


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    Published October 11, 2013:

    Researchers studying clay balls from Mesopotamia have discovered clues to a lost code that was used for record-keeping about 200 years before writing was invented.

    The clay balls may represent the world’s “very first data storage system,” at least the first that scientists know of, said Christopher Woods, a professor at the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute.

    The balls, often called “envelopes” by researchers, were sealed and contain tokens in a variety of geometric shapes the balls varying from golf ball-size to baseball-size.
    Clues to lost prehistoric code discovered in Mesopotamia


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    This latest bush fire push by the CAGW crowd including ABC, Fairfax and The Guardian is a worry.

    Adam Bandt with his blaming of all bushfires on Tony Abbott and Climate change is disgusting enough, but the pawning over every comment by him by the media outlets above is worse. They want the reasons for these fires to be put at the foot of Global Warming.

    Not one of these tools have learnt a lesson from our past. In a Feb 2009 interview, David Packham outlines the reasons for the Black Saturday bushfires and even warned the Nillumbik Council (who ignored all advice) about the fuel load buildup, lack of plans for prevention etc shows what every government should heed. (Still nobody has learnt from this, nor 1993, nor 1937 etc).

    The NSW bush fires are in the same boat, with now well over 200 homes gone, the councils with their GREEN flavour reeking out of every regulation and preventing adequate fuel load reduction.

    But NO, the Green tools start to tweet and ask for a CO2 Tax to save us all from bushfires, and blame Abbott and Climate Change in order to take the spotlight off these vandals controlling fuel load reduction.

    And to see stupid rabid Greenies in action in 2003 in Nillumbik, watch this video of Kay Doyle and Nillumbik Council. The Green idiots are out of the loony bin with this one.

    NOT one of these Green Tools have volunteered for Rural Fire Service, because they’re all too busy writing new fire regulations sitting on their Arse sipping lattes. Examples:
    1. Tim Flannery Tool.
    2. Adam Bandt Tool.
    3. Christine Milne Idiot.
    4. John Brookes Top Tool.
    5. John Cooke Parasite.
    6. Wendy Harmer Not funny.
    7. Peter Fitzsimons (I played rugby and used to like this bloke – now he’s just a tool).
    8. John Connor Climate Institute CEO and Tool.
    9. Dr Karl, tool friend of 5 above.

    There’s plenty more but these are the current vocal tools. Bustards.


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      Thought you might enjoy this…..HT Ozboy at LibertyGibbert


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        Good cartoon meltemian,

        There’s Adam Bandt collecting CO2 Tax off a firefighter, who is saving a persons home (who payed CO2 tax) from bush fires. What does he do with the money, spends it on windmill industrial occasional generation programs and then sits down and fkcing tweets it’s all Tony Abbott’s fault. This turkey is only elected because he is surrounded by halfwit, socialist, leftie wankers who vote for him, because they, like him, wouldn’t know the difference between a CAM photosynthetic pathway and the valve openers of a Ford Cleveland 351 V8.

        They are starting to duck for cover, trying to use the ABC, Fairfax and The Guardian who all of which are heading for oblivion along with the IPCC.

        Bunch of fkcing lying tools.


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        I thanked you for the link meltemian, but my reply has been in moderation since 7.29pm.

        Thanks anyway, maybe the mods will release it soon, there are a lot of trolls trying to get their names in lights, so filters are on Red Alert.

        I think that Holden is a major sponsor of Jo’s and I mentioned Ford, not sure. 🙂


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    Peter C

    Does CO2 Cool the Earth?
    Idea I came across at another blog.
    1. CO2 can absorb or radiate electromagnetic energy, (photons).
    2. A gas, or molecule can either absorb, or emit a photon, but not both at the same time.
    3. If the gas/molecule is hotter than its equivalent Wein frequency then it will be emitting photons but not absorbing.
    4. A major emission/absorbtion frequency for CO2 is 15um. The Wein frequency for 15um corresponds with a temperature of -165C
    5. Since atmospheric gases are hotter than that they are emiiting photons but not absorbing.
    6. Therefore CO2 radiates energy to space which it gets by temperature transfer from other gases in the atmosphere.
    7. Therefore CO2 helps cool the earth because it radiates electromagnetic energy (infrared) to space, which N2 and O2 cannot because they have low emissivity.

    i don’t know if any of the above is correct. My interpretation might not be totally correct. Interesting idea non the less.

    The emission spectrum of the earth seems to show an absorbtion band at 15um.
    That might be a problem. Does that imply that that Atmospheric CO2 does indeed absorb at 15um? Should we not see an emmission band at 15um instead if the above theory is correct?
    Any ideas?


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      Graeme No.3

      Peter C.
      an absorption band is due to a cooler (gas) molecule absorbing energy. If it were hotter than the background it would give an emission band.

      Would you check your calculations? I make the Wein frequency equivalent to -80C (not that it really matters). It is only the supposed peak frequency of a range of emissions anyway.

      These calculations of radiation are all seemingly based on assuming the Earth as a 100% black body, which it isn’t. Since a black body is an abstract construction for a point source radiating into a vacuum, any claim of an accurate frequency or temperature is just a little suspect. Input that the effect of clouds is ignored and the Radiation theory looks even less likely.
      Trenberth’s missing heat is based on
      1. I have calculated the temperature of the Earth (whatever that means).
      2. The actual temperature is less (based on faulty figures from less than 70% of the surface).
      3. Therefore there is some missing heat.

      Another explanation is that the calculation is wrong.


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        Peter C

        Thanks Graeme No.3.

        That makes things a bit clearer.
        Yes I got the Wein frequency equivalent temperature wrong.


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    Kevin Lohse

    If you feel strong enough to deal with the surreal world of the Deep Green ecoloon try this. It’s not for the faint-hearted.


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      This is becoming a JOKE, they say:

      These hand-crafted silver pins look and feel light – but each one takes a ton of carbon dioxide out of the air. They are the first 1 ton CO2 pins in the world.

      FFS – This is getting worse, do people actually buy these things off a lead author of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report. Prof Stefan Rahmstorf sounds like a greedy greenie grub to me. What’s Prince Chu Chu selling, CO2 train pins?


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      Mark D.

      It is pretty absurd. One ton of carbon permanently “retired”. by a piece of jewelry.

      OMG what is next……


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        Joe V.

        What next ? I’d think twice about investing in diamonds, because soon everyone will be saving the planet by making their own at home.
        Diamonds from CO2


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          Graeme No.3

          Yes; the machines will be available next year on the 12th of Never.

          Firstly, the Bosch reaction requires large amount of energy to drive it. (So it is likely to generate more CO2 than it uses).
          Secondly, it doesn’t make diamonds, that is a separate process and, guess what, requires large amounts of energy (more CO2 for the gullible).
          Thirdly, the Professor hasn’t said that they have a process to make diamonds from soot, not the usual high purity graphite.

          I am wondering if the original announcement was made on April the first, and the media lost the date?


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      Eddie Sharpe

      Wait a minute. All they are saying us when you buy one of these silver pins they will ‘retire’ 1 ton of Carbon emissions permits. Nothing to do with the manufacturing process.
      So what’s that going to do ? Won’t the Government just ‘print’ more ?

      Wear your pins with pride, you moral saviours of planet, and expect plenty more calls from the suckers hotline.

      What do you call a market where it makes no difference when you take one out of the market or put a fresh one into the market.


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    The global carbon tax is coming. Here’s a good starting point…


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      Reinder van Til

      That is the way to go to increase anti EU sentiments among the citizens of Europe. I would love to see the EU destroyed tomorrow.


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    website called “iceagenow” has this post:

    Quietest Sun since Dalton Minimum 190 years ago
    Current solar activity is especially low. Solar sunspot number (SSN) in September stood at 36.9, only 36% of the usual mean value this far into the cycle (58 months).

    But it is in the comments. Here is the whole comment with links:
    Argiris Diamantis says:
    October 20, 2013 at 10:48 am
    Kalte Sonne has this story:
    According to the graph used by KalteSonne, solar cycle 24 looks very similar to solar cycle 5, the Dalton Minimum.

    The problem is that nowadays we have better instruments to observe the sun, and therefore we are counting more solar spots. Geoff Sharp from Landscheidt Info makes a correction for that and so he counts less spots. Now he also thinks that the present solar cycle matches solar cycle number 5.
    But if we look at his graph
    we can see that at this very moment the present cycle is much weaker than cycle 5.
    Now this could change tomorrow, but on the other hand: If this trend continues during the rest of the present cycle (and this might very well be the case), then we are heading for a new Maunder Minimum, meaning that temperatures will drop a lot more than expected.


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      Graeme No.3

      Landscheidt died in 2004. Before he died he predicted several things re climate.
      (I had to put it that to make it clear that these were actual predictions, not posthumous additions).

      1. The el niño of 2005 would be less than that of 1998.
      2. The el niño of 2007 would be very small.
      3. The World would start cooling in 2007
      4. We were heading into a Maunder type Grand Minimum which would last until 2085.

      Landscheidt was a “virulent critic” of the IPCC and working on a theory involving planetary influences on the sun’s movements around the barycentre made several successful predictions. He was the first to predict the 1998 el niño and also that it would be the biggest one that century.
      Was he right? I don’t know, and won’t know about the last, but so far his record is vastly better than the entire IPCC. And a lot cheaper.


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    Commenced a project today and learnt from the client’s wife that the Professor is a world leading researcher in the field of food processing and engineering.

    He is of Nepalese origin and his name is Bhesh Bhandari.

    Looking forward to the many discussions we will have over the next three weeks.

    Bhesh’s expertise will be much appreciated. I, being an advocate for northern development and increasing food production, Bhesh has much to offer in the capabilities of delivering foods ripened on point of delivery.

    I hope to enlist his knowledge, not under the flag of ANDEV but Great Southern Cross.

    Will be interesting to see if he believes in the CO2 scam. Gut feeling, based on conversations thus far would indicate a no.


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    Rod Stuart

    Since this is unthreaded, I wonder if someone, like Rereke or MacRae for instance could comment on my perception.

    My perception is that there is no such thing as “climate science” or a “climate scientist”.
    The terms were never ever heard until it became obvious about ten years ago that the entire ‘glowbull warming’ was a hoax.

    Because of the vernacular “rocket science” and “rocket scientist” (which are also meaningless terms since designing rockets requires a plethora of Engineering disciplines) and their pop culture street use, the scammers coined the phrase “climate science”. In fact, Earth’s climate is so complex that in order to be an effective specialist one would have to attain knowledge and credibility in so many “sciences” such as atmospheric physics, meteorology, geology, mathematics, thermodynamics, etc. that one would be well past retirement before claiming to be expert in “climate science”.

    In fact if one understands the logic of Socrates; the principles of sufficiency and necessity, it is possible to recognise the blatant errors in the CAGW meme without knowing any “science” whatsoever.

    Is this nonsense? I don’t think so.


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    The Engineer

    Energi to change 1 million sq. km of ice 1,0 m thick from ice at -20 degrees to water at + 20 degrees.

    1×10^15 kg X (333550 + (4183 * 40)) = 5 x 10^20 joules.
    “since 1950, more than 2000×10^20 joules trapped in the oceans since 1950.”
    Or about 33 x 10^20 / year.