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African oil and gas booms and first world rich XR calls Africans “climate criminals”

Extinction Rebellion, Red Brigade, Image by Gazamp

The Red Brigade uniforms are mass produced and the same all over the world.

Big finds in Mozambique, Saudi trouble, and the anti coal movement are helping African oil and gas:

Why Africa’s Oil & Gas Sector Is Exploding

By Tsvetana Paraskova – Nov 05, 2019, OilPrice

Major oil and gas discoveries and subsequent investments in infrastructure projects are set to help the oil and gas industry in Africa to grow, also helped by improved governance and regulation, PwC said in its newly released Africa oil & gas review 2019.

“One of the most dramatic finds in Africa over the past decade is Mozambique’s natural gas estimated at over 180 tcf, which has already unlocked the first three large-scale LNG projects,” according to PwC.

These projects and additional exploration could make Mozambique the world’s third-largest LNG producer after Qatar and Australia by 2030, PwC says.

 So seven XR groupies turn up outside an African oil and gas conference to show just how arrogant they are:

Extinction Rebellion calls Africa Oil Week delegates “climate criminals”

By , GroundUp

In a media statement, the group said: “Following the protest on Tuesday 5 November, Extinction Rebellion continues to oppose Africa Oil Week being held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. This conference brings together international corporations, governments, investors and lobbyists, who – despite the global ecological crisis – continue to value profit over both people and the planet. The delegates who attend this conference are climate criminals.

“While they make billion-dollar deals, they do not care about global warming caused by their industry, or the floods, droughts, typhoons, pollution, crop failures, refugees and misery that result… These climate criminals are not welcome here!”

XR demands the declaration of a “climate emergency” which would legally assist vandals and self-serving protestors with an excuse for the damage and danger they may create:

Extinction Rebellion want government to acknowledge and declare a “climate and ecological emergency, reverse all policies inconsistent with addressing climate change, and work alongside the media to communicate this to their citizens”.

XR also want to force everyone to do what they want and to subvert democracy because voters are not as smart as 21 year old activists:

They also demand a legally binding policy to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2025, and for the creation of a national Citizen’s Assembly to oversee these changes.

Seriously? Seven people dress up in red outfits, make selfish, immature demands and that’s international news?

The African’s have exactly the right response:

No apologies: Africans say their need for oil cash outweighs climate concerns

Libby George, Reuters

Two floors above, the hundreds of delegates at Africa Oil Week were largely unaware – and mostly unmoved – by the display.

“Under no circumstances are we going to be apologizing,” said Gabriel Obiang Lima, energy minister of Equatorial Guinea, adding that they need to exploit those resources to create jobs and boost economic development.

“Anybody out of the continent saying we should not develop those fields, that is criminal. It is very unfair.”

h/t GWPF

Image: wikimedia by Gazamp  Extinction Rebellion’s ‘Red Brigade’ at the end of Smeaton’s Pier in St Ives, Cornwall August 2019

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African oil and gas booms and first world rich XR calls Africans "climate criminals", 9.8 out of 10 based on 62 ratings

46 comments to African oil and gas booms and first world rich XR calls Africans “climate criminals”

  • #

    Why isn’t the XR lot gluing themselves to Melbourne streets this weekend? This incredible heat wave that’s clearly a demonstration of global warming should be enough to get them riled up and protesting.


  • #
    Travis T. Jones

    Over 100% of elite, white, 1st world climate extinction zombies prefer warm, fossil-fuel engineered clothes and signs whilst denying 3rd world folk of colour the same …


    • #
      glen Michel

      The faces of communists and their dupes. Same types who blame Morrison for the current fires for not ACTING! How dare you!


      • #
        Curious George

        Are they local activists (it must be a very lucrative profession)? If not, I hope that they did not fly there.


  • #
    Kalm Keith

    Had a closer look at the faces in the photo of the red nine.

    Are they all XX or is there one XY?


  • #

    Yes, it’s the very same XR which has been accused of being “too white” that has seen fit to declare criminal entire nations of black people who are choosing to ignore the fevered lamentations. It’s high time XR showed their sincerity by visiting these places and gluing themselves to the usual infrastructure.


    • #
      Andrew McRae

      The usual infrastructure?
      How are they going to glue themselves to dust?

      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

      Addendum for sticklers and killjoys.

      Yes I decided to check the facts before making any “dust” jokes about this. Lucky I checked because there now appears to be 1000s of huge paved roads across the African continent, including a trans-continental highway over 56000km long. Many countries are each building over 6000km of new roads every year. The quality varies a lot.
      In relatively rich countries like Nigeria they have 194000km of bitumen roads. The quality isn’t great with potholes in a lot of places, but a helluva lot better than dirt and probably on par with most roads in regional Australia.

      The countries which are further behind in their industrialisation and diversification such as Gabon have worse roads generally. But within their major cities such as Libreville (video clip) you can hardly tell the difference between a city street in Africa and one in Australia.

      So yes, jokes aside, there’s plenty of opportunity for XR to do an exact repeat performance of road adhesion in their nominal climate criminal underworld du jour. I could cherrypick a dirt road example for humour purposes as long as it was supplemented by the broader facts for educational purposes.


  • #

    This is a nice little insight isn’t it? (my bolding here)

    XR demands the declaration of a “climate emergency” which would legally assist vandals and self-serving protestors with an excuse for the damage and danger they may create:

    So, let me see if I have got this right.

    If the Government declares that climate emergency, then they won’t be subject to the punishment from harsh laws normally in place.

    So, they’re not willing to do it out of altruism then, just wanting assurances that they won’t be held responsible.




    • #
      John F. Hultquist

      Even in a warming world, jail cells can be cold.
      So I’m told.


    • #

      I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this during the whole XR show but as any Vic Police Officer and holders of security licences would know there’s this,

      CRIMES ACT 1958 – SECT 462A
      Use of force to prevent the commission of an indictable offence,

      A person may use such force not disproportionate to the objective as he believes on reasonable grounds to be necessary to prevent the commission, continuance or completion of an indictable offence or to effect or assist in effecting the lawful arrest of a person committing or suspected of committing any offence.

      This is basically a citizens arrest law that every state and territory has a version of, interesting if it was enacted due to an indictable offence being committed in front of police.


      • #
        Peter C


        You are a real bush lawyer. Brilliant.

        All we need now is a better understanding of the crimes committed by the protestors and we care ready to act.


        • #

          A quick search found this,

          Behaviour in public that is against the law.

          Behaviour that is unlawful in public
          The laws about behaviour in public relate to things like:

          making graffiti
          behaving in a way that causes offence to other people, like racial vilification, swearing and using obscene language or exposing your genitals
          protests and demonstrations
          taking inappropriate photos of someone without their knowledge (‘upskirting’)
          lighting fires or setting off fireworks without a permit
          spitting at someone
          being drunk in a public place
          disorderly conduct in a public place
          being told to stay away from a public place by the police (see Move on from a public place)

          Then this to grey things up,

          The role of police
          The police have a legal duty to uphold the public ‘peace’, which means they have to take action to stop the law being broken and to restore public order. However, they have a great deal of discretion about how they deal with potential breaches of the peace or what actions they take to try to restore social order.

          Then regarding Discretion,
          When the magistrate has a choice to do or not do something.

          So considering Ex Labor Attorney-General 1999-2010 Rob Hulls appointed 110 of the 214 judges and magistrates — a staggering 51 per cent don’t expect any by the book charges to be heard if any even make it that far.


    • #

      There also appears to be some serious racism here as well. The XR wants to stop economic development of Africa. WHY? So they can keep the mantra of Help The Poor? If Africa develops economically they won’t need aid.Something very wrong here.


    • #
      destroyer D69

      I understand that the defence used in QLD is that, if the local govt area in which the offence took place, has declared a climate emergency, then the protest is a reasonable individuals response to personally held fears caused by the possible effects of the causes of the climate emergency. Seems to be working quite well in Brisbane so far.


  • #
    John F. Hultquist

    First, with these new carbon-based fuel sources . . .
    Will the world end in 6 years, or are we still on for 11 years 7 months. The answer will help with my new car purchase.

    Regarding the photo:
    Artistic expression, street art, graffiti, . . .

    How much does a Red Brigade** outfit cost and where do they come from; the outfit I mean, not the silly folks wearing them?

    **historically a leftish terrorist group


  • #

    I just can’t get past the irony of all this.

    Despite the humungous loudness of the Global warming, climate change, global heating, climate crisis, climate emergency climate whatever, and their railing against fossil fuels, they keep discovering more and more of them, and no matter what is said to pay lip service to all those friends of the dirt, they keep going out and looking for more of them.

    You’d think someone would wake up and say …… “Hey, wait a minute.”



  • #
    Latus Dextro

    Africans say their need for oil cash outweighs climate concerns

    Africa needs to thrive and grow, without question, dispute or challenge by pecksniffian UN eco-Marxists.
    It will never do so enslaved by Chinese communist thugs, determined to plunder resources and trap African nations in economic servitude or arguably worse, the neo-Marxist eco-ramblings of the degenerate progeny of the West, determined to trap Africa in dependent poverty.
    It is thrilling to see Africa #WalkAway


    • #

      This is privileged arrogance at its finest, as proven their demographic backgrounds are largely from successful democratic countries that have benefited greatly from capitalism, stable grid power and opportunity amongst many.

      They front up to a conference where people of that country are attempting to create wealth that will down flow to thousands of others and have a positive effect for millions, but no XR dictate that Africa should not have any progress and endure more communist driven oligarchs that have fractured any attempt to unite them.

      A Christian friend of mine has spent a lot of time in Missions helping out there and always says we have no idea how good we have it here, I’ll take his word for it.


  • #

    XR are no better than court jesters…..paid fools….


    • #
      C. Paul Barreira

      In what way does XR differ from Scomo, Albs and any other —o? Only in the timing, which makes the politicians of Oz the hypocrites.

      Perhaps it is just as well they—any of the above—know nothing, apparently, about the US and its achievement of net energy independence (see here and here, for example) during and because of the presidency of Donald Trump.


  • #

    must stop that global warming:

    7 Nov: Accuweather: Millions across eastern US bracing for cold that could break records set 40 years ago
    By Maura Kelly
    Winterlike temperatures that pushed into the northern Plains through the middle of this week will continue charging south and east into the weekend.
    The first push of cold air arrived in the northern Plains on Wednesday into Wednesday night. Temperatures dropped into the single digits from Montana to the Dakotas and into northern Iowa throughout Wednesday night.
    Cold continued to infiltrate the the country, spreading through the middle Mississippi River Valley and the Midwest.

    The lowest temperatures so far this season expected for the Northeast and many in the Southeast on Saturday morning, where daily record low temperatures could be challenged for cities from Boston to Nashville…

    The Southeast will not be spared from this push of winterlike air as the chill is expected to penetrate into the Deep South.
    Following high temperatures on Friday reading 10-20 degrees below normal across the Southeast, temperatures will likely dive down far enough for widespread frost early Saturday morning…READ ON


    • #

      8 Nov: USA Today: Next week’s Arctic blast will be so cold, forecasters expect it to break 170 records across US
      by Doyle Rice
      VIDEO “GLOBAL WARMING”: Climate change is making winters colder despite rising temperatures and hotter summers. Here’s why. Just the FAQs, USA TODAY

      This week’s cold snap is only an appetizer compared with the main Arctic blast that’s coming next week, meteorologists said. That freeze could be one for the record books.
      “The National Weather Service is forecasting 170 potential daily record cold high temperatures Monday to Wednesday,” tweeted Weather Channel meteorologist Jonathan Erdman. “A little taste of January in November.”…

      Snow may be in the forecast for portions of the eastern and even southern USA as the storm is likely to track in that direction into the middle of the week…READ ON


  • #

    The proper name for them is “neo-colonialists “.

    …… and it’s just more evidence that reducing the entire OECD group of economies back to the Stone Age would do nothing to reverse the predicted increase in CO2.

    Either we engage ina war of conquest to stop Africa and Asia acting in their own interests, or we prepare to deal with whatever comes – which will probably be far more pleasant.


    • #

      Yes free trade and business above any wars thank you!


      • #


        Prosperous societies are better able to afford whatever it takes. Right now , right here, it’s looking like a return to the conditions prevailing from the 1890s to the late1950s.


        • #
          Kalm Keith


          Has divested itself of all industry, we make next to nothing.

          Universityism is going great guns but now that everyone has at least one degree we have two problems.

          Many of the degrees are irrelevant to real life, and.

          Those who have relevant degrees for industry and commerce find that governments have shut down all industry.

          Farming has all dried up and every market in Australia has been wrecked by government interference.

          Milk: wrecked.

          Wheat: sorry, no water.

          Eggs: sorry, can’t afford to feed and water the chickens.

          Electricity: fragmented market, renewalised, privatised to enable greater skimming by friends.

          Water: sorry, forgot to build dams for the last 50 years.
          Better to spend the money on high profile stuff in shakey electorates to buy votes.

          Government; what’s that. We’re just here for the retirement benefits.

          Superannuation: the Stephen Harper Industrial Trust is doing well in Canada.



        • #

          Before RTFM suffrage-at-gunpoint, in other words…


    • #

      I want to see the Africans REALLY show the Stinkies where to get off.

      A bit of return thuggery wouldn’t be misplaced.

      A few stints in African jails etc would really further the Stinkies’ education.!!


  • #

    When I was their age, people protested about Western policies that supposedly kept Africa poor (in reality it was socialism and corruption). Now the young protest about Africa getting rich? The sheer stupidity and arrogance is breathtaking.


  • #
    Kalm Keith

    Dress, headgear and gloves would be approximately $100.

    For a one off or twice yearly show that’s extravagant.

    Wouldn’t that $1,000 have done more good if spent providing a pan toilet for a village in Africa?

    It would probably also cover the cost of a bucket outside to provide water to wash hands afterward.

    Gratuitous grandstanding.



  • #
  • #

    Slightly O/T

    They are Lying to Us.

    Who are they, I hear you ask?

    Perhaps you should also ask who is US!

    It goes like this.
    An Organization has a product that is sought after. It has a relatively small work-force who are well paid and who have signed a contract. Any vacancies are easily filled.
    There is an alternate product almost, perhaps better than theirs. They are based half a world away though. The competition is potentially damaging, so they merge, change the names, but the senior management stays essentially the same. New contracts are required, the fine print changes slightly.
    They now have a captive well paid workforce! Any dissenter can get sidelined, no more positive remuneration reviews for you. The dissenter leaves then discoveres the non-disclosure clause so starts again in another industry or retires. If a dissenter fights back then he is relieved of his post and the non-disclosure rules apply, but finding another job will be hard as his reputation will be out there for interested parties to discover.
    If the Dissenter is very switched on and gets his dissenting opinion published, he is relieved of his position and fights back and wins in court, then sue, counter sue, appeal, tie him up for years and years, force him into bankruptcy, discredit him at every turn.
    Change the fine print in the contracts.
    Silent whistle blowers can never be truly silent forever and they will suffer even worse fate.
    Spies, implanted or home grown may operate for a long while, but eventually they get revealed.
    Sound familiar, it has been going on for millennia, it’s just that modern use of these sort of tactics are endemic, it seems to be inhuman nature to want to control to the ‘n‘th’ degree.
    I really did mean inhuman, for what they are doing is in self-interest and of very little benefit to humans. The self interest can refer to individuals, groups of individuals, organizations small or far worse large inherently organizations controlled by the politicians, who supposedly hold the purse strings.
    What about those politicians are they asleep at the wheel?
    Are they deaf blind and dumb?
    In it to have their fill at the trough?
    Perhaps they are totally with-out morals and will bend with the wind just as long as there is a gold card and good behavior retirement benefit waiting at the end of their term as ‘Servants’ of the Electorate.
    I have discovered from their own published documents what is probably the biggest lying organization EVAH!

    Getting my discovery published will be a hard trick.


  • #

    So seven XR groupies turn up outside an African oil and gas conference to show just how arrogant they are:

    The dreary and stupid need something to whine about same way a baby shakes a rattle.

    It’s what they are want to do, i.e. to troll everyone.


  • #

    No apologies: Africans say their need for oil cash outweighs climate concerns

    White CO2 is an entirely different matter.


  • #
    Lionell Griffith

    And the red thumb thought my most extreme posts containing descriptions of their malevolent motivations were worthy of being disapproved. They were not even close to what is going on in the world. It is a battle of life an death with our opponents choosing death as their goal. This even though it would include their deaths.

    I wish them godspeed on reaching their goal of personal non-existence. Myself, I choose life and everything that is good about it. It is much more than a matter of a difference in opinion.


  • #
    Reed Coray

    If we’re lucky, XR leaders will adopt red clothing and white face as the official XR uniform and demand all members in good standing dress appropriately. That way they’ll be easy to identify and avoid.


  • #

    This is hilarious. The streets in Mozambique are named after communist martyrs, dictators and terrorists. Unlike Angola, the natives are not into setting mines everywhere to produce one-legged children. Maybe with something to produce and sell folks will realize that laissez-faire is not at all like mercantilism/socialism in its christian or communist versions. Mozambique could become a libertarian nation if freedom replaces brainwashing.


  • #

    Since electricity generation in Africa is looking like it shall be owned by coal and nuclear, transportation will account for much of Africa’s new oil demand.
    Even if all new vehicles in XR’s homeland of formerly Great Britain are battery dodgems by 2040 (which is a quaint notion but about as likely to become reality as the 600 million Africans currently without electricity getting it from whirly-gigs and mirrors by 2040), it’s quite unlikely that African’s will interrupt their development following European style virtue-signalling folly. Especially since the UN Green bank’s bribery fund is far from extorting 100 Billion annually from ‘rich’ countries (in receivership). Even the theoretical dent made in oil demand by virtue of all new private automobiles in Cape Town or Cairo being driven by electric motors is not something oil companies’ shareholders will lose much sleep over. Oil demand isn’t solely the preserve of deplorables driving SUVs:
    Credible electric trucks, ships and aircraft are conspicuous by their absence; notwithstanding the occasional rent-seeking token gesture, such as Elon Musk expanding his subsidy mining act to encompass a much hyped prototype electric semi-trailer realistically likely to cost twice that of an equivalent proper truck, that could carry half a load about 300kg if an 11,800kg battery is provided, or a vapour-ware electric ship that even in dreamland might only carry a paltry load of 100 containers 65 nautical miles – or the bold but frankly ridiculous claim from Avinor that all Norwegian domestic air-travel shall be by electric aircraft by 2040, backed up by the boss taking a short joy-flight in a battery powered ultra-light
    Even if all new private motor vehicles become electric by tea-time, global oil demand will not be disrupted sufficiently to drive the ‘climate criminals’ or the governments looking to cash in to leave it in the ground, much as ten whackers in red dresses would imagine a half-arsed ‘protest’ might encourage them to. Given the demand growth likely in Africa and Asia and also given all the new refrigerators, air conditioners, personal computers, hypothetical electric cars etc that will be purchased in a developing Africa need a reliable electricity supply in order to recharge; if Africa were to follow the sad example of Europe and Australia and foist whirlygigs and mirrors on their electrical grids it means by default a sizable fleet of gas or diesel driven open cycle turbines – more than enough to replace the demand loss due to wealthy car owners moving to battery dodgem cars.
    Meanwhile, back in the real world, a wholesale conversion to battery dodgem cars isn’t likely; the IEA, for all its cheer-leading for the cause, admits as much:
    So, the business case for investing in African oil looks rosy; a handful of deluded whackers in red dresses notwithstanding.