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Dear Climate Alarmists, we will never forget…

Got ten years of frustration after being mocked, scorned, and treated like dirt for talking about data?

Adam Pigott unleashes some mockery back at the parody blog XYZ:

Dear Climate Alarmists, We will never forget nor forgive.

“…here’s the thing. Once this all unravels, and it will unravel very quickly as soon as the money stops flowing, those of us on the side that is ludicrously described as being “deniers” are not going to forget. We are not going to let you bastards off the hook.

Woe betide a civilization that can’t learn something from this:

“A decade of you retarded monkeys claiming that plant food is a pollutant. Years of you driving electric cars that only exist due to the biggest taxpayer subsidy in history, while you are seemingly oblivious to the fact that they need to be plugged into an electric power grid. Decades of you opposing nuclear power, which if any of your bogus claims were true would be the immediate answer if mankind truly were in some kind of climate peril. Decades of you pontificating at how the sea levels are going to rise while you buy palatial beach-front homes, and you then have the gall to sue local councils for sea erosion after you participated in demonstrations to stop them building a sea wall.

“Years of you advocating for corn to be turned into bio fuel while there are still people in the world with not enough food to eat. Morons who buy solar panels with taxpayer subsidies and then put them on the side of the roof facing the street which signals your virtuousness but fails to get any sunlight. Years of you actually believing that there is such a thing called renewable energy, and every time some country manages to get some above-average power from them due to a fortuitous combination of weather events, you scream it from the top of your lungs that this is incontrovertible proof that the entire world will soon be run on wave farms. Eleven years of you quoting total s— from An Inconvenient Truth.

Read more: Dear Climate Alarmists, We will never forget nor forgive. XYZ News.  :- )

H/t Jim at Five Dock.

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74 comments to Dear Climate Alarmists, we will never forget…

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    Robert Rosicka

    Hey I object , my solar panels face the back yard .
    The rest of it is priceless , well done Jo .


    • #

      Hippy chick living as a back neighbour, that you want to impress, hey ;-) :-)


      • #

        Hey, he is entitled to take advantage of the government subsidies, just like I do with my panels


        • #

          Oh, government subsidies.
          As in . . paid for with government money.
          It’s certainly fortuitous that governments have this money stashed away . . .


        • #

          Thing is, Analitic, I have no problem with you buying solar panels – good luck to you. But I object strongly to you calling your subsidy a “government” subsidy. It is a “taxpayer subsidy” and I probably helped buy your panels and pay for the power you put back into the grid, so I am coming around for a beer when i find out where you live.


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    There were three climate denialists in a “rush” to have their say to Michael Mann tonight after his talk.

    I say “rush”, because, well quite frankly they were very aged, plum and fragile.

    They do seem so brave in forums, but face to face they tremble like bumbling idiots.


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    Brilliant rant, deserves to go viral. I’m still worried that the Climate change bubble is going to run forever without bursting though. I’ve seen so many false dawns but still manage to live in hope. In the UK we have been experiencing shortages of certain vegetables because of bad weather in Spain. So far I haven’t heard anyone trying to blame climate change, so maybe the game is over after all.


    • #
      Oliver K. Manuel

      The Climate Alarmist bubble is now breaking, as is the far deeper, larger bubble of deception that grew out of the logical error in Dr. Carl von Weizsacker’s 1935 definition of “nuclear binding energy”.

      Fortunately, Kazuo Kiroda, a 19-year old student at the Imperial University of Tokyo, recognized the error on 13 JUN 1936.

      Unfortunately, that mistake was used to hide the energy in atomic bombs from the public after nations and national academies of scidnces were united under the UN on 24 OCT 1945.

      Weizsacker’s logical error also falsely reversed the natural direction of nuclear evolution FROM:

      1. Compacted neutrons => Interstellar H-atoms

      2. Interstellar H-atoms => Compacted neutrons

      That is why post-WWII nuclear, geo-cosmo sciences are all seriously flawed today, including astronomy, astrophysics, climatology, cosmology, geology, nuclear, particle, planetary, solar and theoretical physics!


      • #
        Oliver K. Manuel

        Humans were endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and . . .

        their Creator, a pulsar at the core of the Sun with a 40-minute pulse, holds every atom, life and planet in the solar system in continuous vibration, as reported . . .

        in a paper published in the Proceedings of the IEEE, 95 (5), 1085-1132 (2007): The whole Earth Moves (vibrates) to the rhythm of the Sun,”

        The apparent conflict between science and spirituality, and the mystical fundamental vibration sound, ommmmm, and the dilemma of particle/wave properties of nature may all result from the logical error in Weizsacker’s 1935 definition of “nuclear binding energy.”


        • #

          Should that be Weizsacker or “wisecracker”.


        • #

          Your Constitution has it wrong: the inalienable rights are to life, liberty and estate.

          So wrote John Locke in his two treatises on Government.

          He argued in those essays “that political society existed for the sake of protecting “property.” .

          It’s very interesting how the “property” part is always dropped when the wealthy are involved. It would be very interesting to discover the real discussion behind the successful mutilation of Locke’s dictum at its insertion into the American Constitution.

          It seems to be the same as perennial “Tax Reform,” which always seems to succeed in shifting taxes from those who can afford to pay them onto those who cannot, which seems to be the raison d’etre behind the World Bank’s destructive antipathy to the true “User Pays” land value charges.


      • #
        Oliver K. Manuel

        The logical error in Dr. Carl von Weizsacker’s 1935 misunderstanding of Einstein’s (1905 ) and Aston’s (1922) idea of rest mass (m) as stored nuclear energy (E),

        E = mc^2,

        was inserted in textbooks of nuclear physics worldwide after nations & national academies of sciences were united under the UN on 24 OCT 1945.

        That is why Nobel and Crafoord Prizes were rewarded for phony Standard Models of the Nucleus, Sun, Cosmos and Birth of the Solar System.

        Human evolution may remain stymied until the human psyche is finally able to accept knowledge of the powerful pulsar at the core of the Sun, planted like the fictional tree of knowledge in the very center of the Garden Eden.

        As Nobel Laureate Maria Sklodowska-Curie concluded,

        Nothing is to be feared,
        It is only to be understood.
        Now is the time to understand more,
        So that we may fear less.”


        • #
          Oliver K. Manuel

          About a century after Galileo’s trial triggered the scientific revolution, . . .

          In 1776, Thomas Jefferson proclaimed in the US Declaration of Independence, we were endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

          One hundred and twenty-nine years later, in 1905, Einstein discovered and reported the source of energy used to create, destroy or sustain atoms of elements and the various forms of life: E = mc^2

          Continued evolution of the human species may now depend on our ability to integrate modern science with ancient spirituality, allowing the

          _ a.) More recent, rational, analytical portion of the human brain to overrule the

          _ b.) Earlier, more emotional, reptilian fear of any power greater than ourselves

          Until the human psyche can accept scientific evidence that the source of energy in the core of the Sun is the Creator, Destroyer and Sustainer of atoms, lives and planets in the solar system:

          _ c.) Science and religion may seem to be in conflict,

          _ d.) The Sun’s pulsar core may be like the forbidden tree of knowledge in the center of the Garden of Eden, and

          _ e.) Evolutionary advancement of humanity may cease


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  • #

    Don’t be a fence sitter, tell us what you really think :-)


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    Well, yes they are liars, but the real fault lies with those who listened to them. There are lots of liars about, trying to push one agenda or another. Bravo to those who resisted.


    • #
      Ted O'Brien.

      Mark. Don’t blame the people that listened. The fault lies with those whose responsibility it was to defend the truth who didn’t bother.

      Fraser was first among those in the 1970s. He seemed to regard the lies as beneath contempt. Howard was there at the time and later.

      in recent times Abbott lost the job because he gave the liars a free run, especially in regard to slanderous attacks on his own person. Surely he had a plan to tackle them, but he didn’t, so got kicked out.

      The people are not all fools, but they do depend on leadership. This is what our conservative leaders have failed to understand.


    • #
      Owen Morgan

      Mark said: “Well, yes they are liars, but the real fault lies with those who listened to them. There are lots of liars about, trying to push one agenda or another. Bravo to those who resisted.”

      Well, bravo to me, for having resisted… But “the real fault lies with those who listened to them“? Is that fair? If you’re referring to politicians, who selected the scare story du jour and based policy upon it, fair enough, but there are a lot of people who listened to the lies, because the lies were coming from everywhere. How are the lied-to more guilty than the liars themselves?


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    I see ‘Ole red thumb is already on the prowl! :)


    • #
      Robert Rosicka

      Why did you get a red thumb for saying that ? The red thumb troll should have given you a green thumb as you’ve kindly acknowledged their presence !


    • #

      Annie, Annie, Annie!
      You have to realise that Beezelbum, the scientifically illiterate palsied red thumbed troll that inhabits those small red boxes here on Jo’s blog is just another poorly designed and poorly manufactured clone of the planet saving claque of clones, thats “clones, not “clowns” if you can split the difference, that comprises of all those utterly hypocritical self styled Planet Savers with their street facing solar panels and their monstrous gas guzzling SUV’s with the”No More Oil” stickers on the bumpers and their very expensive sea side housing in choice locations despite the utterly incontrovertible predictions from the climate modellers and their irreproducible climate model predictions of imminent fast rising sea levels of metres per decade.

      Of course our tame Beezelbum troll if “it” [ must use the correct PC description when describing this extinction facing Homo species ] has any idea at all of the connection between what it is that it puts in its SUV tank to keep it running and the global oil industry, a proposition that based on the lack of evidence so far of any rational intelligence let alone any comprehension which is understandable as most of the planet saving claque generally demonstrate through words and actions around shoe sized IQ’s.

      We need to keep it very simple indeed so that our palsied red thumbed Beezelbum planet saver can get some inkling on where from and how and why “power” ie; “electricity” to help Beezelbum and “its” cloned claque of planet savers to get an intellectual grip on, is always, so far and until the claque of cloned planet savers finally get rid of coal and oil and gas, is there whenever the wall switch is flicked on.
      It is a concept of power generation that so far has completely eluded the entire intellectual suite and mentality [thats if you can find and identify the "intellectual and mentality " bit anyway! ] of the combined planet saving / climate alarmist claque of Planet Saving clones.

      Of course Beezelbum the troll and “its” cloned claque of planet savers with their shoe sized IQ levels are totally incapable of understanding that if they Save the Planet by using wind and solar power, the Saving the Planet becomes a part time job with lots of “sit down time” when the sun don’t shine and the wind don’t blow and the food goes off when the fridges stop and the SUV is useless because there is no power for the pumps and the nights are real dark as there will be no light because there is no power so you might drown in the ocean trying to find your very expensive sea side residence without any lights.

      And of course, no food either as with no oil and therefore no transport and no crops being grown there won’t be any food unless you grow your own .
      Which means that the Planet Savers along with everybody else in the big cities are going to be bloody hungry after three or four months of trying to grow food on their balconies and their concrete pavements in the elitist parts of the inner cities.

      And then we have to try and educate Beezelbum our palsied red thumbed Saver of the Planet clone that , yes , water comes from a tap but somewhere somebody has to store that water so it is still runs from those taps when there isn’t any rain.

      Of course Beezelbum and “its” cloned claque of other shoe sized IQ’d intellects of Planet Savers have great difficulty in seeing the connection between water always running from a tap and the need to build huge reservoirs out in those environmentally sensitive hills with the world’s only known population of endangered Half Toned, Brush Tailed Flea Hoppers are most conveniently / inconveniently located.

      There are many, many other facets that we could exam relating to our palsied red thumbed Beezelbum the troll here tonight .
      But we had better let “it” go back to its shoe sized IQ’d claque of planet saving cloned trolls and collect the kudos for once again displaying its abject ignorance of what constitutes actual science and plain common sense by giving every post here a red thumb .

      And THAT really does reinforce the abject ignorance of such trolls in that they cannot even differentiate between the what constitutes real actual discussions on climate science and what is opinion and / or just casual conversation amongst a group of quite switched on and in many cases very highly qualified and experienced professionals in all fields ranging from politics through to geologists and chemists and electrical engineers and so many other professions represented here on Jo’s blog.

      When a troll just indiscriminately hands out red thumbs you know immediately that they don’t understand the subject, haven’t read the posts and are demonstrating a profound ignorance across every subject that can only be explained as I posted above, by the fact that their IQ’s simply don’t rate above their shoe sizes.

      And THAT exemplified by the actions of the planet saving /climate alarmist trolls seems to just about explain every aspect of the utter stupidity to the level of imbecility of the leftard Planet Savers / climate alarmists in trying to shut down anything and everything that contributes to the maintenance and the viability and the improvement of our global civilisation of which they are probably the greatest beneficiaries, a global civilisation that has now taken a couple of thousand years and maybe a thousand or more generations of mankind to create.

      Adam Pigott is quite right.

      We won’t forget you and what you both collectively and even more importantly, individually, have damaged and destroyed in our society for at least two generations into the future.

      For the Planet Savers/ climate alarmists; What a terrible legacy to go to your graves with, a reputation for lying, disseminating untruth and lies, corrupting, destroying trust and creating hate and fear and dissension, for deliberately pauperising millions of your fellow humans , all in the name of your totally corrupt and increasingly violent and evil ideology.

      And all based on nothing more that a desire to advance your own personal socialistic / communistic ideology and enhance your own financial and political and influence wielding situation to the utmost at the cost of the possible decent future for all of your fellow human beings on this planet.


      • #

        Ha ROM! I wonder if ‘Ole Red Thumb has linked being able to produce a red thumb on a mobile ‘phone/tablet or PC with dreaded electrical power produced by (gasp) maybe even coal? Or if it has linked the production of such devices with mining and power?


      • #

        Let there be light,
        in science as in life,
        re pea and thimble,
        gyre and gimble,
        for some toves be nimble.


  • #

    Now that’s a rant I would be proud to write lol


  • #
    Ted O'Brien.

    I wouldn’t want to tread on this bloke’s toe.

    A decade? I thought this scam has been on for three decades. and more. At least since December 1986, when they hijacked the management of the CSIRO.


  • #

    Give it to’em, Adam. Big Green is history’s worst concentration of hucksters, carpetbaggers, shills, touts, pettifoggers, mountebanks, charlatans, spivs, commmies and crony capitalists.

    Fight Green Blob!


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    WOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • #

    OT already but Karoly was just on his ABC rattling the grant tins again, he lost me when he started talking about the turning circle of a battleship but that is one PRICKly pear we should never forget


    • #
      Allen Ford

      Likewise, Will Steffen on someone’s ABC.

      Expect the whole bunch to join the chorus with the battleship momentum meme.

      Can I have my red thumb, now, please!


  • #

    Did you know (great piece from Tim Blair)

    92 percent of left-wing activists in Berlin, Germany, live with their parents, while one in three are unemployed. 84% of those investigated were men, while 73% were between the ages of 18 and 29.

    No, I don’t think this is off topic.
    This is the left that want the bureaucrats to rule a one world.


  • #

    Posted link on NoTricks and SG. :-)


  • #

    I like all the comments, each with its own little twist but especially Marks point that liars are only powerful when people listen to them.

    Put Australia first and remove this ugly cancer that has so badly damaged our motivation to strive for excellence.

    What sort of future do we have in a country where reality can be pushed away so easily by media manipulation?

    Over the last few weeks I have done something unheard of previously. While I have rarely watched TV in recent years I now find great joy in watching the news and talking heads shows on their SBS and ABC for a few minutes most days. It’s fantastic to watch them squirm and wriggle over the Trumph phenomenon. I suspect that in my lifetime I will eventually be able to watch those channels when they get back to their real task of gathering and disseminating the news and real scientific programs.

    Yee hahhhh.



  • #

    Nice. You missed the point about how so many countries are still building many more coal fired power stations over the next few years or so (in the many hundreds in total across the world) yet when there’s a suggestion we build just one here the alarmists behave as if it would be the tipping point that would lead to a catastrophic end to the world’s climate in a matter of months.


  • #
  • #

    Economic management under Rudd/Gillard.
    Power management in SA by Penny Wong’s old boyfriend.
    Crime running rampant in Vic under Joan Kirner in man’s clothing.
    Passenger railways almost out of business in Qld under Amnesia Palace Chick.
    Don’t you just love the ALP?


  • #
    Paul Bamford

    Wow…. all my random thoughts, sorted and written down in neat categories, to form a comprehensive monologue of the damage done to Science and Humanity by Climate Gullibles.


  • #

    History lessons:
    A great teacher 2000 years ago said “If a believer sins, rebuke that person; then if there is repentance, forgive them.” The meaning is clear but as famous general once said “Forgive but never forget”. After all, they’re believer of false prophets.


  • #

    At #7 Ted talks about not wanting to tread on this blokes goes.

    There’s another bloke called patcondell who does a 10;05 piece on youtube. He outlines the European situation in a way that makes me glad to live on this little island and not anywhere near there.


  • #
  • #

    Prose, poetry, plays, rhyme and song,
    Will record what the warmists got wrong,
    Causing great social harm,
    By false climate alarm,
    While the skeptics were right all along.


  • #
    Alexander Carpenter

    Our Author has nailed the contradictions and hypocrisies of the Carbon Cult and its Priests. The American philosopher Ken Wilber has just published as a free downloadable PDF file an up-Holon context-setting examination of the roots of their behaviors in terms of the natural human (individual and collective) trajectory of development and maturation. He uses the Trump phenomenon as his “case locality,” and this transcending pattern includes the politicization of science, as well. So it’s a two-fer… and also a great introduction to applied Integral Theory (his name). Available from:

    I recommend this work as a great “Aha!” generator and as empowering training in advanced pattern-recognition. It’s interesting that some of the things that most vex our minds are amenable to more subtle insights derived from experiences we have to train ourselves to recognize in ourselves and others. Plus, it’s a fun stretch for our identity-myths.


  • #
    Peter Crawford

    They will never go away. They will haunt us ’til our dying day. The greenies are a bunch of meenies the politicos are fronts. And Turnbulll and his followers are a gang of disreputable people. Not bad from North Wales.

    But they will never go. So sad to ssy it.


  • #

    Getting back to XYZ … I did a response in which I point out the actual financial damage done to some of my customers by the AGW scam, specifically just the RCP 8.5 nonsense that was put into/removed from/put back into the Queensland State Planning Policy. My business is VERY part-time, lower end of the construction spectrum, but for about 5-6 customers the damage totals around $1 million.

    There’s a few alarmists that frequent XYZ, but none so far have found a way of countering my comment.


  • #
    el gordo

    Michael Mann is in Sydney to discuss freak weather and Hamman in the SMH is pushing the propaganda.

    ‘The city has only had four such runs in its history, although it will be hard-pressed to beat the stretch of four days in January 1960, when each day topped 39 degrees and two of them were above 41 degrees.’

    Remember the freezing conditions in Europe around the same time, significant back to back heatwaves in south east NSW is a global cooling signal.


  • #

    XYZ has some very good writers working for them.

    Not bad for what is effectively a small backyard volunteer group. Guardian Australia would have done well to copy their business model.


  • #

    Given the global disaster from the Fukushima plant, perhaps mention of nuclear power is not quite tactful.

    Plenty left to lambast the alarmists with.


    • #

      The what exactly?

      Japan suffers a massive earthquake and associated tidal wave that kills thousands and all our Elite can go on and on about is Fukushima.

      Fukushima was not a nuclear accident and it was not a global disaster.

      If your fridge was destroyed in a house fire and the gases contained in the system leaked into the atmosphere would it be an environment accident due to the gases or ‘OMG! My F.king house just burnt down!’?


      • #

        “Fukushima was not a nuclear accident”

        The combination of the earthquake, tidal wave, questionable design, and (perhaps) the Stuxnet virus led to the breakdown. And that led to masses of radioactive material being leaked out into groundwater and the Pacific. Perhaps you don’t count that as “nuclear”, but it was an accident at a nuclear power plant.

        “and it was not a global disaster.”

        If contamination of part of the Pacific isn’t global enough for you, there is the grim possibility of the radioactive material being spread to the other oceans through the currents.


        • #

          Detectability is a consequence of improving technology.

          It’s not important just because you can measure it.

          Fukushima fisheries are returning to nominal. The contamination of the ocean is minor and by now; insignificant over all of it. The natural radioactivity of the ocean is far greater than what Fukushima added.

          Alarmists of all flavours need to be pilloried in all public places. Their tripe ridiculed and exposed using evidence.


  • #
    Phillip Bratby



  • #
    Joe Puce

    9 Power failures in 1 year for NSW Caringbah – Ausgrid being sued


  • #

    They tried to eliminate the MWP and the LIA, and the scare about an impending ice age. And for many people they did. I guess they figured they could hide this for eternity.


  • #
    Egor the One

    This renewables is obviously a racket!

    No one would be stupid enough to knowingly run any economy this way.

    Or its just a ratbag Marxist grand plan!

    Probably a mixture of both ….that is, a ratbag agenda with criminal rackteering !