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Wind turbine manufacturer admits liability for noise damage. If word gets out…

Wind turbines made by Enercon which admits liability for noise damage

These are Enercon wind turbines in Germany, Lower Saxony. Image: Philip May

This could be a watershed — if word gets out that turbine manufacturers will not even contest claims of noise damage, there could be many more claims around the world. There are rumors these cases are often settled out of court with confidentiality agreements, but who would know?

In an update to the Irish court case we discussed last month, the latest news confirms that the wind turbine manufacturer has admitted liability without contesting it. The court will be deciding damages in April. As I deduced at the time, the wind industry was using desperate wordsmithing to minimize attention on the story. The news item related to it even disappeared from the Irish Examiner.  The turbine industry must be hoping no one notices this story.

Stop These Things has an update:

Wind company admits nuisance damage to neighbours
Irish Farmers Journal
Paul Mooney
5 January 2017

High Court to determine compensation for seven families in April hearing.

A County Cork based wind energy company has accepted in the High Court that its wind farm has caused nuisance damage to seven neighbouring families. The High Court has now set aside ten days in April 2017 to determine what if any damages should be paid by the company to the families.

The Farmers Journal understands that the cases taken by the families claim that the wind farm caused them nuisance as a result of excessive noise. The wind company is Enercon Wind Farm Services Ireland Ltd and it formally admitted liability to the Court.

Irish Farmers Journal

From the press release from WindAware:

The High Court has issued its order regarding the seven families from Cork who were impacted by noise pollution from a nearby wind farm. A number of the families had to abandon their homes because of the severity of the noise and some lived up to a full 1km from the wind farm.
Here is a link to the court order .

The outcome of the April court case could be a watershed for existing and planned wind farms as well as for investor confidence in, and government plans for the future of on-shore wind in Ireland. Many families, similarly affected by noisy wind turbines are anxiously awaiting the outcome and it is expected that more cases will now follow.

h/t Sarah.

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Wind turbine manufacturer admits liability for noise damage. If word gets out..., 9.2 out of 10 based on 86 ratings

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96 comments to Wind turbine manufacturer admits liability for noise damage. If word gets out…

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    Who is liable for the noise the greenies make!!! Have you noticed that Naomi Klein and Suzuki have been VERY quiet since Trump was elected?


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    Leonard Lane

    Another brick in the road to sanity in energy resources. Time to invest in brick yards as demand grows and the roads branch again and again to reach around the world. Good news!


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    Graeme No.3

    I suspect that Enercon Wind will be trying to settle out of court before the hearing. They wouldn’t want to cause the wrong sort of noise with a public finding.

    And what a great name for someone chasing subsidies for energy generation.


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    George McFly......I'm your density

    In any war the first casualty is always the truth


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    How would they defend the indefensible?


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    They will continue to settle before court so a precedent isn’t set. If there is a precedent set the floodgates will open.


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    A Google search on “Enercon Wind Farm admitted liability” for the last week is revealing. You can count the number of replies on the fingers of nine fingers.

    Not one national media outlet features. I often wonder why I need to get news about my next door island from a source over 9,000 miles away.


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      richard verney

      I thought the same with the US election. In UK MSM, apart from HC’s health scare, there were only positive stories reported, and on Trump is was negative all the way down.

      It is the failure to be objective, inquiring and impartial that is killing MSM and rendering it an irrelevance in the modern internet information age.


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    going viral!

    10 Jan: ClimateDepot: Pravda: ‘Scientists Now Warn Of A New Ice Age’ As Temperature Plummets to – 80°F In Russia (LINK TO NOTRICKZONE ARTICLE)
    Meteorologist Dr. Ryan Maue: During last few days, Northern Hemisphere average temperature fell by > 1.0°C vs climatology (1981-2010)…

    Useless models
    The Pravda report summarizes Liu’s paper as follows:
    CO2 has nothing to do with it, rather the influence of the sun is the dominant factor: less sunspots (Climate: solar physicists project global cooling (video)), weakening of the earth’s magnetic field, impact on the jet stream are decisive factors that can quickly lead our climate into an ice age (Scientists: Consensus 2016: the climate models are useless (Video)).”
    Pravda also describes how some experts say today’s climate models fail to take the known ocean and solar factors in account…READ ALL


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      Eric Simpson

      As far as sunspots 9 out of 10 days this year have been at zero sunspots.
      Plus six zero days in a row:


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      el gordo

      Merkel will say its fake news from Pravda, how could a quiet sun weaken the earth’s magnetic field and then influence the jet stream? Its a rhetorical question.

      The Klimatariat played down the importance of the AMOC in the models, massive fail.


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        “The Klimatariat played down the importance of the AMOC in the models, massive fail.”

        By wiping the 1940′s peak in NH temperatures, there was nothing to ignore, there was no longer any obvious influence.


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        richard verney

        …how could a quiet sun weaken the earth’s magnetic field…

        No one is suggesting that the sun is causing the Earth’s magnetic field to weaken. However, there is quite some evidence that the Earth’s magnetic field is undergoing change; moving and possibly weakening, at any rate in some places.

        The question being put is what impact will the changes in Earth’s magnetic field have? ie., A quieter sun plus a weaker Earth magnetic field. The answer to this is yet to be seen and observed.


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    Eric Simpson

    Behind the dykes (sic) of Holland:

    Driving along it looks like a beautiful landscape. Until you start seeing bird-killing windmill eyesores all over the place, seriously marring an otherwise picturesque countryside. I noticed there’s no birds in the video. I wonder why.

    Wind producers need to be sued for VISUAL damage also.


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    It wouldn’t surprise me if Enercon’s directors, having looked at their options, have already decided to let this case end and then file for bankruptcy immediately afterwards – particularly if they see more cases coming.

    There again, I’m ever the cynic.


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      The legal issues in a health based class action legal case against a wind turbine farm could get very interesting if a turbine owning outfit just grabs the money and runs and lets the turbine farm’s purported owners, some shell company probably with a full dollar’s worth of assets, to go bankrupt.

      The owners of the land on which the turbines are built and for which the land owner is leasing his land to and collecting some serious rent as a consequence could be seen legally [ I think ] as an interested party with a vested interest in the turbine farm and therefore would be seen as a potential source of compensation, particularly as land holders, farmers mostly in Australia’s case, are seen to have very large land and machinery assets that can readily be converted into cash and therefore are a prime source of potential compensation in a class action against a turbine farm.

      I would be interested if any legal people here could clarify such a situation as to whether the land holder who probably has a lot of valuable assets in his / her land holding and who has leased an area of their land to a turbine company to install a turbine/turbines, might be included in a class action against the turbine company?
      This is very relevant as a lot of [ most ? ] turbine farms here in SE Australia have been built on privately owned mostly farm and grazing land.


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        Analitik @ #17 below ;

        You have just answered my question in #10.1 on a landlord’s liability in any legal case against a turbine farm involving noise and health problems, ie; nuisance problems as defined in law.
        The article in fact deals with the legalities of the Irish court case against a wind farm as headlined by Jo above

        And as British law also acts as precedents to Australian law this para from the article you linked to is very relevant to my question in #10.1

        Something that farmers leasing their land to wind farms might not know is that a landlord can be liable where the lease is granted for a purpose which constitutes a nuisance, as in Tetley v Chitty [1986] 1 All ER 663.

        For there to be a claim in private nuisance, the claimant must show that the defendant’s actions caused damage. This can be physical damage, or discomfort and inconvenience. The test for remoteness of damage in nuisance is reasonable foreseeability. In other words, was it foreseeable that a wind turbine will cause discomfort and inconvenience to nearby dwellings? The test is an objective one: was the nuisance reasonably foreseeable? If it was, the defendant is expected to avoid it.

        Considering the increasing amount and numbers and wide spread distribution of research and articles outlining the very damaging health effects of turbine infra sound and the close proximity now allowed by the Andrews government here in Victoria to dwellings by wind turbine installations, the potential infra sound and pattern flicker from blade reflections leading to a strobing effect that can cause seizures in a few individuals, the turbine related health problems are now eminently foreseeable to both turbine operators and land holders who lease their land out to allow turbines to be built on their land and importantly, the government whose role in legislating anything is to try within reason to protect their citizens from any obvious and known health damaging consequences created through their legislative decision making.

        As the world now begins to cool with record low temperatures across the entire northern hemisphere and the belief in the ability for turbines and solar renewable energy to ever come within a bulls roar of supplying regular, reliable , bulk power to run our civilisation begins to become the butt of many a sarcastic comment, the whole field of compensation claims for a variety of reasons, mostly health related but also economic, against the renewable energy proponents is steadily becoming ever more feasible and ever more likely within the next very few years.

        And thats without even considering a possible Trump effect on renewable energy.


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          You may be interested in this

          Just a listing of medical effects and testimonies of those affected.


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          richard verney

          Knoweldge can be acquired in many ways.

          Perhaps simply by standing on his own land, the landlord can hear the noise of the turbines. In which case, should he take prompt steps to abate the nuisance?

          I rather doubt that a landlord can say that he has not stood in the vicinity of turbines erected on his land, so it might be rather difficult for a landlord to argue that he was not reasonably aware of the noise they produce.


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    Windmills are useful. They can look great in the far distance, even elegant.
    However you would not want one next door.

    Their energy output is erratic
    They are fundamentally unsuitable for an AC grid and have to be shut off to protect themselves and the grid.
    Do not work if there is no wind or too much wind.
    All fail at once over a large area, even an area the size of Northern Europe.
    Will turn out to be impossible to maintain mechanically and practically.
    Are not a long term solution to anything.

    In other words, unsustainable.
    A waste of money, land, effort, time? Probably.

    So why has the world built 300,000 of them?
    You could ask the same question of the pyramid builders. It made sense at the time.


    • #

      Sorry TdeF, even from a distance they are dreadful monuments to Mann’s folly. I drive passed them quite often on the way to Canberra and each time I do, I think about getting a blasting ticket. And close up, they are worse.


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        Understood. However old winmills, old water wheels, old industrial areas even have a sort of charm but everyone would rather nature was left unspoilt, a blot on the landscape. The pyramids have ruined the skyline of Egypt for 4,000 years. Useless things, only admired now. The Egyptians in the time of Napoleon did not know anything much about them, who built them and could not read Egyptian. I am trying to find positives here to a monumental waste of money and blots on the landscape.


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          Possibly the most amusing comment was by dad in the Castle. His holiday home was a small cottage under power lines at the Bonnie Doon end of Lake Eildon in Victoria. Almost irrepressibly optimistic he commented on the giant electricity pylon over his house was that he reminded him of man’s ability.. to generate electricity.

          The aspect of windmills which I despise is that they have been built for by rich people in rich countries with other people’s money in places where they are not needed and may never be needed, a sign of the extreme selfishness and self indulgence of the pretend caring Greens, who care nothing for other people and their needs.

          In time I hope these windmills can be dismantled and sent to Africa and South America and islands where they would really make an immediate change to the quality of life. Simple things like antibiotics in hospitals.


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      Centuries ago these objects were adequate for pumping up water. If you could stand the clankety-clank.

      Now, if you can stand the whoosh-whoosh, they are adequate for…pumping up water.


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        At least when they were used on farms they WERE actually useful. Pumping bore water for stock, recharging the batteries for our lights etc.

        Oh, and ours weren’t subsidised by the government through taxpayers either.

        If these new ugly monstrosities were also unsubsidised they wouldn’t be building the damned things.



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          But the old ‘Southern Cross’ wasn’t visible 20 kilometres away, and you didn’t put fifty of the things in the one spot. Driving down into Adelaide on the Barrier Highway is a real eye opener. Then there’s Wonthaggi, where the only possible use for them is to power Brumby’s White Elephant. Except Roz Andrews tried to turn that on the other day and it didn’t work. We’re going to the dogs.


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        …and when coal power became available we couldn’t get rid of them quick enough.


    • #
      David Maddison

      There was a very good reason the industrial world got rid of windmills the first time around about 250 years ago when the steam engine was made practical. Intermittency.

      As for their looks, I find them unsightly and a horrible blight on the environment. I love the sight of burning windmills (as long as no one is hurt and no forests catch fire).

      They are a monument to man’s folly, but because they are not robust like the pyramids they will not endure except for their massive concrete bases.


    • #

      There were/are far fewer pyramids for one thing. They have lasted ages for another. Wind turbines are a pestilential landscape destroyer as far as I am concerned. They’ve wrecked Scottish and Cumbrian scenery.


      • #
        Phil R

        Also, pyramids are fit for purpose, are still doing what they were intended to do (to the extent that the resident was not forcefully removed against his or her will), and are not catching fire, causing sound pollution, or killing any birds.


    • #

      Do not misunderstand. I am utterly against windmills, but this should not be the site for people who are against everything. Windmills have their place and ugliness is in the eye of the beholder. As I am arguing, their place is not in a grid in coal rich Australia or in the North Sea off Holland and Denmark or off the coast in coal rich Germany.

      I also do not believe that most people want them. Most people do not beleive in Windmills, the Global Warming crisis or even begin to understand why the system is rigged to force reliable Hazelwood to close.

      Most Labor, Most Liberals do not want them and certainly do not want to pay for them, firstly in their electricity bills through the RET and secondly in their loss of good reliable coal power. So you have an minority taxing the majority, building fundamentally useless things at our vast expense and to our total loss because a few extremists think it is a good idea?


    • #

      They can look great in the far distance, even elegant.

      When I saw my first one, that’s what I thought. Rather like a well executed statue, it had an elegance of form, but I was unable to discern a useful function. However, who wants 50 identical statues in one paddock? especially as the function issue remains unresolved.


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    It isn’t just the noise pollution that should be compensated for, it is the appalling visual pollution that I abhor. It still disgusts me that so many (so called) environmentalists praise these towering eco-crucifixes that scar our coasts, plains and ridges, permanently despoiling countless hectares of lands with the thousands of tonnes of cement needed to prop each one up. All for nothing.

    I worked out some time ago that it would take millions of hectares of windfarms to replace a single mine and coal power plant – and that mine and power plant had to stay in any case, as it would be needed when the wind didn’t blow, or blew to hard, or not hard enough. As we saw in South Australia and as we will again see there and in Victoria.

    While coal mines and power plants are not things of beauty, they are utilitarian – unlike eco-crucifixes that are neither things of beauty nor useful.


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    If wind farms block, weaken or divert the cooling wind that is desperately needed during a heatwave can they be blamed in part for the severity of the heatwave?


  • #

    Why admit to waste, bungling and failure when you can just say “Russian hack”?


  • #

    10 Jan: LA Times: Storms are making a dent in California’s drought; 7 feet of snow expected in some areas
    By Sarah Parvini, Louis Sahagun and Joseph Serna
    The storm, which is expected to last through Thursday, could dump up to 7 feet of snow across the Sierra, greatly bolstering the state’s snow-water supply. Mountain snowpack on Tuesday measured 135% of the seasonal average, according to the California Department of Water Resources…

    On Monday, it was at 126% of its average for this time of year.
    A few big storms alone won’t end California’s six-year drought. However, the appearance this year of a “Pineapple Express” — a type of atmospheric river originating in the tropics — is making a welcome dent in California’s water deficit.
    Officials released water from the Folsom Lake reservoir and several others as a flood-control measure Monday…

    The impending storm is expected to usher in several feet of snow in higher elevations and inches of rain in the foothills and valleys. By the end of the week, the total for the year could already be up to 20 feet…
    “We haven’t seen an event of this magnitude in at least a decade,” state climatologist Mike Anderson said…
    In Nevada, Gov. Brian Sandoval declared a state of emergency…READ ALL
    FIRST COMMENT: oatka011: The state redefined the word “drought” to mean “lack of reservoir capacity”.


    COMMENT AT FREEREPUBLIC: This article is pure BS! Take a look at the current status of our major reservoirs. They were near normal before this current series of storms. And If you want to see how they are “shipping water” to Los Angeles, just click on FOLSOM and a graph will appear showing the major drawdown and recovery there. The far northern reservoirs like SHASTA are almost full. Now the problem is that due to our idiotic government, we have to let this early runoff go so we can make room for the snow melt. Here in general, it isn’t the overall lack of rain and snowfall, it’s the fact that we can’t capture all of both. The hard fact is that we haven’t built a major water storage facility since 1979 while our population has doubled and we’ve opened up even more Central Valley land to farming. Oh, and let’s not leave out the Delta Smelt, a crap fish that the government has chosen to “protect” by cutting back pumping water into the aqueducts that serve Southern California because the aggressive pumping kills some of these fish.


  • #
    David Maddison

    Here are the sounds of two windmills I videoed.

    The first is Toora wind farm in Gippsland, VIC. It is 1.75MW nameplate.

    The second is one outside a pub in Hastings, VIC. It is 95kW nameplate.


  • #

    More discussion about it on this blog – particularly how the wind farm may settle to avoid setting a court precedent.


    • #

      The South Australians would have been enjoying the respite from turbine noise during the period from Sunday morning to yesterday afternoon when the wind farms could not reach 20% capacity.

      Victorians near wind farms had a slightly short break – Monday through to yesterday afternoon below 20%


  • #

    I saw that article on the Irish wind turbines legal case a few days ago and should have h/t Jo then.

    But that Irish situation is just the tip of a very large and emerging international anti turbine iceberg.
    There are according to a number of sources, some 200 german groups mostly of a local nature who are now fighting both the installation of new turbines in their locality as well as fighting the continuing operation of already installed turbines.
    And thats only Germany.

    At a seminar on wind turbines held in Germany last year it was revealed that there were at least some 120 papers or more on the damaging health effects of wind turbines written within the last year.
    One prominent German engineer, a former proponent of wind energy has now been quoted after seeing the data on turbine infrasound and health impacts, that he would not want to live within 5 kilometres of a wind turbine.

    The regular very low frequency acoustic sound waves , ie; infrasound waves from the regular and continuous pressure pulses of the turbine blades as they sweep around and particularly the pressure pulses as each blades passes the support tower apparently according to some very recent research, can severely affect the vestibular system, the motion detecting system within the inner ear.
    This leads susceptible persons to experiencing continuous low key motion sickness type health effects that can over a period lead to very severe long term health problems as well as completely destroying the quality of life for those affected.
    And that motion sickness type of effect from the turbine blade pulses doesn’t go away but continues day and night as long as those close proximity turbines are operating.
    Due to a sometimes atmospheric amplification, turbine infrasound can affect individuals and has been now measured with sophisticated equipment for ten or more kilometres distance.
    Turbine infrasound can and is transmitted and has been measured over very long distances through certain ground and rock subsoil formations .

    In fact natural life and Nature as usual has beaten mankind to it again. It has only recently been discovered that African elephants use very low frequency sound which is transmitted through and via ground effects to communicate over distances of up to a couple of tens of kilometres.

    So a few headline articles on the now rapidly increasing backlash against the totally useless, lying, dishonest, tax guzzling, greedy beyond belief, health destroying for about 20% of the population who are forced to reside in close proximity to recently installed turbines through no choice of their own, death inducing through increasingly unaffordable costs of energy for the old and poor when exposed to very cold weather conditions, utterly useless and completely impotent in their claimed benefits of reducing that nefarious deadly planet destroying gas CO2 , the so called wind turbine industry.
    French farmer sues energy giant after wind turbines ‘make cows sick’
    Yann Joly is suing CSO Energy for €356,900 (£260,000) over wind turbines which he alleges have led to a dramatic fall in cows’ milk output.

    Christiane Nansot, an agricultural expert, who wrote the report, said the drop in milk production began when the 24 turbines were installed next to the family farm, in Le Boisle district, near the Abbeville, northern France.

    “The geologist said that a geographical fault in the underlying rock could be leading to an amplification in the waves emanating from the turbines,” she said.

    Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine

    Industrial wind turbines and adverse health effects

    Low-frequency noise from IWTs [ Industrial Wind Turbines ] has resulted in reported annoyance, sleep deprivation and uninhab- itable living conditions.37 To escape the noise, some Ontarians report sleeping in vehicles, tents, trailers, basements lined with mattresses, garages, and at the homes of relatives or friends.13 Ontario does not have “… measurement procedures or criteria for address- ing indoor noise intrusions due to wind turbines ….”38

    Wind victims Ontario.

    No government ministry or agency of the government will help the families that are being affected by wind turbine related illness. Thousands of complaints have been lodged with the ministries and officials.

    Some families are trapped in their homes living in adverse conditions, some unbearable. Some families have abandoned their homes and there are some who have been bought out by the developer after desperately seeking legal help.

    Our government has handed over hundreds of millions of dollars in repayable and non-repayable loans to these companies. Is it any wonder they can’t admit they have made a serious mistake and why they continue trying to downplay and suppress the personal tragedies as they continue to mount?

    From Ottowa, Canada

    Proof of health problems from wind turbine noise, say public health doctors

    Drs Ian Arra and Hazel Lynn, together with several associates, have now published a peer-reviewed article based on their literature review of studies on wind turbine noise and health impacts.

    Their conclusion: we have demonstrated the presence of reasonable evidence (Level Four and Five) that an association exists between wind turbines and distress in humans. The existence of a dose-response relationship (between distance from wind turbines and distress) and the consistency of association across studies found in the scientific literature argues for the credibility of this association.


    From the German to English NTZ blog;

    Wind Turbines Crashing Down In Germany Amid Brisk Opposition And Even Sabotage!

    Irish Fury And Fierce European Opposition To Ugly Wind Turbines Mount Across Europe

    German Expert: Wind Turbine Infrasound Travels 25 KM…Warns Of Health Hazards…Advises Minimum 5000 Meter Distance! -

    Acoustic Torture” …Austrian Chamber Of Physicians Warns Of Health Hazards From Large-Size Wind Turbines -

    Engineering Fiasco…Spiegel On Offshore Wind Parks: “Does Not Fulfill The Hopes Of Reliable Energy”!
    And many, many more such articles if one wants to do some research, including Denmark who have fallen out of love with wind turbines amongst serious and increasing turbine induced human health problems,
    Turbines can no longer be installed in Denmark itself but must be a minimum distance off shore which means turbine installation in Denmark has almost ceased.

    But most surprising and so utterly depressing is that despite all this evidence of the very serious health impacts on those forced to live within a few kilometres of a wind turbine farm [ Victoria's minimum distance between a wind turbine and a dwelling was legislated as 3 kilometres by the liberals. F.W. Despot Dan Andrews of Victorian Labor has now reduced that to one kilometer and the hell with the health and well being of the rural Victorian voters ] and the rural public rapidly increasing totally negative level to the point of contempt for the wind turbine industry, the city based elitist politicals and greens and academics just keep right on blithely pushing wind turbines and the hell with the interests, health and well being of those ordinary citizens, those rural and bush living”deplorables” whose health and well being count for absolute naught in the eyes of the elitist greens and politicals so long as they can pat themselves on the back and claim in their totally corrupt arrogance, that they are “saving the planet” by pushing the iniquitous renewable energy onto an unsuspecting and formerly trusting populace.


    • #

      Sometimes you do wonder about the level of intellectual ability or complete lack of that some red thumbers bring to this blog.
      I have just collected a red thumb for outlining an increasingly widely documented very serious health problem for a lot of rural folk created by wind turbines but apparently my red thumber seems to believe that the affected individuals should have no rights to complain whilst their health and well being and quality of life are destroyed by the infrasound from nearby wind turbines.

      So red thumber would you be happy if say we advocated that wind turbines be erected close to the main points of power consumption, which in my opinion they should be to save on grid line extension costs at least, say within the city confines of Melbourne and Sydney and Adelaide and Brisbane and etc.?

      And if you don’t like that argument then why are you forcibly inflicting wind turbines onto others if you aren’t prepared to accept them yourself.

      But I guess I should be grateful to you for it is exactly your type of gross unthinking, intellectually vacant, narrow minded, utterly self centred mindless hypocrisy that is in the very process of destroying public acceptance of your own personal “saving the planet” ideology.

      Which leaves the field of public discourse and alternative views on natural weather and climate effects wide open for the skeptics to fill, something they are beginning to do as we see with Trump and le Pen in France and Brexit and etc.

      And it is All your own work so keep it up as we skeptics are beginning to love the way you are going about destroying your own beliefs and ideology.

      Of which your red thumb against a post on the health problems of rural folk directly arising from the likes of your arrogant belief in renewable energy so long as it is in someone else’s back yard is a classic example.


    • #

      Also search out a pdf of –
      Adverse health effects of industrial wind turbines: a preliminary report by –
      Michael Nissenbaum MD(1), Jeff Aramini PhD(2), Chris Hanning MD(3)

      1 Northern Maine Medical Center, Fort Kent, Maine, USA,
      2 Intelligent Health Solutions Inc., Fergus, Ontario, Canada,
      3 University Hospitals of Leicester, Leicester, UK,


    • #

      Interesting stuff. Have you unearthed anything relating to the impact of the off shore installations on marine life?


  • #

    10 Jan: NYT: Henry Fountain: White House Urges Research on Geoengineering to Combat Global Warming
    The document (LINK), an update of a report that lays out a plan for climate-related research at 13 federal agencies until 2021, calls for studies related to the two most-discussed approaches to geoengineering: distributing chemicals in the atmosphere to reflect more heat-producing sunlight away from the earth, and removing carbon dioxide from the air so the atmosphere traps less heat.

    The report was submitted to Congress this week by the U.S. Global Change Research Program, which was established in 1990 and is overseen by the executive branch…
    Although the update had long been in the works, its release in the final days of the Obama administration is another sign that President Obama is intent on extending his legacy on the issue of climate change…

    The report is an advisory one, and its recommendations face an uncertain future under the incoming Donald J. Trump administration…
    David W. Keith, a Harvard physicist who has proposed a small-scale geoengineering experiment, said he was pleased that the call for research was included in the report. “Though — of course — worried about consequences under Trump,” he wrote in an email…

    For years, the Obama administration avoided mentioning the term after the White House science adviser, John Holdren, drew criticism for saying in 2009 that geoengineering measures should not be “off the table.” But a government-sponsored panel of the National Academy of Sciences recommended in 2015 that some geoengineering research be allowed, with proper oversight.

    PDF: 119 pages: Jan 2017: The National Global Change Research Plan 2012-2021: A Triennial Update
    The official and complete version of this report is the interactive PDF, available at:(LINK)…
    To: Members of the Congress:…
    Signed: Dr. John P. Holdren…


  • #

    5 Jan: CBC: People near snapped wind turbine say winds were high but not unprecedented
    Nova Scotia Power and wind turbine maker Vestas trying to determine cause
    People living near a wind turbine in Grand Étang that snapped in half Tuesday night say the winds were high but not unprecedented for that area of Cape Breton.
    “We never expected that to happen,” said Rene Tartaglia, who lives near the turbine with his wife, Doreen Aucoin. “The windmill had been there for so long, and we’d had a lot of big wind.”…
    PIC: The turbine was built in 2002 and was one of the first in the province with a single 660-kilowatt Vestas turbine…
    Nova Scotia Power said no one was at the site at the time and no one was injured…

    Tartaglia said he felt safe after the collapse, but his wife was more concerned.
    “If it’s too windy, then maybe it’s not the right place for it,” said Aucoin. “Because it is close to houses and I imagine the people up the hill … they must have been scared because it was right near to their house.”…
    The collapse was the second one on Cape Breton in the last few months…
    In August, an 80-metre wind turbine collapsed in Point Tupper. It was believed to be the first catastrophic failure of its kind in Canada.
    Maintenance crews were replacing a “major component” on Aug. 17 when “an incident occurred,” said a spokesperson for Enercon, the Montreal-based company responsible for the turbines in Point Tupper…


    • #
      Rick Will

      You can near guarantee that the failure is due to fatigue cracking beginning at a weld. Given the population of wind turbines and the rapid growth in number and size I expect many more similar failures. Those exposed to a corrosive environment in coastal locations will deteriorate faster.

      It takes years of development to accurately determine the cyclic loading of a structure and then this load spectrum has to be carefully accounted for in the design. Welds are highly prone to fatigue and stress corrosion failure.

      Government subsidies have pushed the development of wind turbines well beyond economic sense. They are essentially R&D projects. The folly will ultimately defer development of non-fossil fuel technologies.


      • #

        Good point! If you do not know what you are doing, do not do that; At least try to find some other that knows how to do!


      • #

        You have got that wind turbine fatigue factor dead on correct, Rick.

        I have been , now “was” involved in aviation nearly all of it in gliders for over 50 years.
        Structural fatigue was always well up on any pilot’s agenda and for that reason amongst others, the preflight checks in the gliding world are always quite extensive and carried out rather carefully as we are flying aircraft that are constructed of some often exotic materials and are close to the limits of structural strength and fatigue life to maintain a light weight but very strong structure in the high performance gliding world.

        The cyclic loadings on wind turbine blades and the wind turbine bearings is truly colossal compared to even such cyclic loadings on a glider or power aircraft.

        The blades revolving at 300 kph tip speeds go from perhaps a 30 kph wind speed at the bottom of their arc of travel through to perhaps a 50 or 60kph wind speed in the top part of each revolution every few seconds and then back down again into the slower wind speed air mass.

        Then there is the shock pulse as the blade, each of them passes the tower and the blade trailing pressure pulses are turbulated and change pressures significantly in miliiseconds during the tower passing phase of each of the blades during each revolution.

        I have also done a heck of a lot of welding and machine building and modifications to farm equipment over my lifetime.
        And if you don’t know what you are doing in the metal /welding field you can find yourself stuck out in a field somewhere with a very defunct and broken from fatigue, expensive piece of machinery that ain’t going nowhere as far as getting some critical in timing farm job done.

        The single major failure faults of wind turbines is gearbox failure followed by blade throw, which appears to be becoming much more common as the biggest turbines begin to age and the fatigue factor really begins to come into, play.
        An eleven tonne blade in free flight after departing from a turbine nacelle rotor does attract some very serious short term attention and much more longer term attention from the frigthtened citizenry.

        [ Ocotillo wind turbine throws off multi-ton blade, prompting world-wide shut down of similar turbines amid growing safety concerns ]

        The second or third major failures in wind turbines are nacelle fires from lightning strikes or bearing failures.

        In the SE and SW Australian context such a nacelle fire on a bad fire day would be absolutely devastating as there is no way of controlling such a fire until it burns itself out.

        On a 40 C plus day plus one of those 50 kph wind, stinking hot, 5% humidity days , an uncontrollable fire in a wind turbine nacelle some 100 plus meters up would feed a fire for hours creating a truly horrendous problem for fire fighters and any resident, live stock owners and farmers for a tens of kilometres down wind.


  • #

    5 Jan: CBC: Wind power project proposed in Blue Hills, Sask.
    Algonquin Power tries again after Chaplin plan rejected
    Algonquin Power is taking another stab at a wind power project in Saskatchewan, after its original location near Chaplin raised environmental concerns.
    It’s now eyeing a 177-megawatt wind project in the Blue Hills area of southwest Saskatchewan. The proposed site is between Herbert and Neidpath, east of Swift Current.
    The provincial government rejected Algonquin’s original Chaplin site near a shorebird habitat.
    “The location and the size of this project were the concerns that the public raised,” said Environment Minister Scott Moe at the time. “They were quite frankly the concerns that were raised through the scientific portion of the environmental assessment as well.”…
    If the Blue Hills project gets the green light, it could be in service as early as 2020.

    “proposed site was near a migratory bird route and sanctuary”, not simply CBC’s “shorebird habitat”:

    5 Jan: news1130: CanadianPress: New site chosen for Saskatchewan wind farm after environmental concerns
    The project was originally planned for a site near Chaplin, about 200 kilometres west of Regina.
    But the Ministry of Environment said another location had to be found because the proposed site was near a ***migratory bird route and sanctuary.
    The project was supposed to be online in 2016 in Chaplin, but is now expected to be in service in 2020.
    It still has to go through the regulatory review permitting process with the Ministry of Environment.

    am sure greenies would go this route to stop turbines in their own backyards.


  • #
    Roy Hogue

    I hope everyone within hearing distance of one of these monstrous windmills will strike while the opportunity is ripe. It may not bankrupt the wind farmers but hopefully it gives them cause to reconsider what’s wise in the long term and what’s not. Except, of course, in California where it’s still full speed ahead, damn the facts or anything else.


  • #
    David Maddison

    Video “Wind Farm Issues – Compilation”


  • #
    David Maddison

    Thanks Green Monsters.

    My electricity co. has just informed me my prices are going up from 23.100 to 25.487c/kWh or 10.333% and service to property has gone down from 104.500 to 94.677c/day.

    Gas has also gone up by 10%.


    • #

      I understood that MPs were elected to be our representatives, to look after our best interests, something like a committee on a building strata title plan.

      Too many have forgotten.


  • #
    Ken Lloyd

    As a retired engineer, I can say it would be difficult to think of a more unsuitable source of major grid energy than windmills.

    Oh for the days when rational thought was applied to providing a State with the most cost-effective electricity! The fact that I can remember them probably dates me…


  • #
    Reed Coray

    Placing windmills at airports kills two birds with one stone (at least from the CAGW perspective). First, the noise they make will be partially drowned out by jet engine noise. Second, when one catches fire or heats up from friction, the nearby temperature monitoring stations will measure an increased temperature thus insuring future global warming.


  • #

    Jeff Sessions was grilled by a Democrat yesterday during his confirmation hearing for AG , the liberal senator demanded of Sessions that he treat those under his charge with secular views equally to those of religious faith , then immediately afterwards demanded that the ” religion ^ of climate science should be treated as absolute fact , no sceptical non believer voice should be listened to , watch the first few minutes of this YouTube clip up to the point Ted Cruz makes an appearance ;


  • #

    o/t but truly Orwellian. just before Trump does his first, full press conference since the election, Buzzfeed has published the worst FAKE NEWS about him to date, & that’s saying something.

    CNN has been running with it, and other FakeNewsMSM, even when expressing outrage, have been drawing more attention to it.

    10 Jan: PoliZette: Fake News: BuzzFeed Runs ‘Unverifiable’ Trump-Russia Claims
    Left-leaning news outlet abandons all journalistic ethics in publishing explosive dossier
    by Brendan Kirby
    The online news site BuzzFeed on Tuesday published a letter containing salacious allegations — which even the left-leaning outlet acknowledged are unverified — against President-Elect Donald Trump…
    BuzzFeed acknowledges that it has not verified the accusations and even notes that the document contains a number of basic factual errors. Yet it published the full document…
    Even Mother Jones declined to publish the full details and dossier.
    “Even Donald Trump deserves journalistic fairness,” tweeted David Corn, Mother Jones’ Washington Bureau chief…
    Ben Smith, BuzzFeed’s editor-in-chief, defended the decision in a memo to staff…
    Astonishingly, though, Smith cast doubt on whether the story his site published was true.
    “As we noted in our story, there is a serious reason to doubt the allegations,” he wrote. “We have been chasing specific claims in this document for weeks, and will continue to.”
    Smith drew sharp rebukes from other reporters…

    Twitter: Wikileaks: 35 page PDF published by Buzzfeed on Trump is not an intelligence report. Style, facts & dates show no credibility.

    Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen & alibi deny he was in Prague as was claimed in Trump dodgy dossier.

    Buzzfeed’s editor says that publishing Trump dodgy dossier is “how we see the job of reporters in 2017″

    WikiLeaks has a 100% record of accurate authentication. We do not endorse Buzzfeed’s publication of a document which is clearly bogus.

    An except from the pseudo “intelligence report” “leaked” to Buzzfeed, who published it, ahead of Trump’s press conference on Wednesday…


  • #

    10 Jan: Breitbart: Peak ‘Fake News’: BuzzFeed, CNN Target Trump with Admittedly Unverifiable Russia ‘Memos’
    by Adelle Nazarian
    On Tuesday, CNN reported that President-elect Donald Trump and President Barack Obama had been briefed by the intelligence community on memos alleging there was communication between Trump’s campaign and Russian officials.
    CNN suggested the existence of highly-compromising material targeting Trump which was compiled by a former British intelligence officer.
    CNN, which was referred to as the Clinton News Network during the 2016 election, wrote (emphasis ours):…READ ON

    WaPo out of control as well:

    9 Jan: WaPo: Richard Cohen: How to remove Trump from office
    Donald Trump is a one-man basket of deplorables. He is a braggart and a liar. He is a bully and a demagogue. He is an ignoramus and a deadbeat, a chiseler and either a sincere racist or an insincere one, and his love for himself is matched only by my loathing of him. He is about to be president of the United States. A constitutional coup may be in the offing…


    • #

      “Donald Trump is a one-man basket of deplorables. He is a braggart and a liar. He is a bully and a demagogue. He is an ignoramus and a deadbeat, a chiseler and either a sincere racist or an insincere one and his love for himself”

      Indeed! Just what da vast USA peasants wanted now,right ‘cheer’ right ‘now’! Do you demoncrats actually want to take on 260,000,000 US peasants?
      All the best! -will-


    • #

      Poor Co-hen. Someone ought to tell him that there was just a constitutional coup…

      and the constitution won !!


  • #

    surely FakeNewsMSM’s last gasp!

    10 Jan: Townhall: Did 4Chan Troll The CIA?
    by Christine Rousselle
    What’s worth talking about, however, are swirling claims on Reddit that 4chan users on the board /pol/ completely made the entire thing up. According to a variety of posts on the pro-Trump subreddit r/The_Donald, a user on /pol/, a 4chan board, made up the most salacious story in the report. He then mailed it to anti-Trump Republican strategist Rick Wilson, who then went to the CIA.
    The story was then included on the dossier published Tuesday by BuzzFeed News.
    If this is true, this effectively means that 4chan trolled the U.S. intelligence system and the majority of the U.S. media with what’s basically Donald Trump erotic fanfiction, which is terrifying…

    While literally no aspect of anything that was reported tonight by both BuzzFeed News and 4chan has been confirmed or verified, it is an odd coincidence that a 4chan post from prior to the election seems to match up with what was released on Tuesday.
    Additionally, WikiLeaks says that the report published by BuzzFeed is “not an intelligence report” and that it is not consistent with the style of other reports…

    As for Trump? He says it’s all fake news…
    Guess we’ll have to wait and see if 4chan pulled off what is possibly the greatest troll game in internet history.


  • #
    David Maddison

    Oh dear. 8600 homes in Sydney area no power.

    But I thought the windmills could keep people cool on hot days?


  • #

    10 Jan: ZeroHedge: Tyler Durden: 4Chan Claims To Have Fabricated Anti-Trump Report As A Hoax
    In a story that is getting more surreal by the minute, a post on 4Chan now claims that the infamous “golden showers” scene in the unverified 35-page dossier, allegedly compiled by a British intelligence officer, was a hoax and fabricated by a member of the chatboard as “fanfiction”, then sent to Rick Wilson, who proceeded to send it to the CIA, which then put it in their official classified intelligence report on the election…
    Here is 4Chan’s explanation of how the story came to light…ETC ETC

    Going through Rick Wilson’s twitter, you can find many different stories from the time that he had shown the story to a wide number of anti-trump news sources, trying to find a news organization that would actually publish the story. During that time period, he referred to it often as ‘the thing’, and often playing coy with followers on the content with the story with anybody who was not also a #Nevertrumper. Unconfirmed sources has people as high up as John McCain giving the story to FBI Director James Comey to attempt to verify the story…
    While this entire incident is laughable, and even more so if the 4Chan account is accurate, what makes it quite tragic, is that it is no longer possible to dismiss the “fake news” angle to an intelligence report. And if the CIA is compromised, what is left for “news outlets” like CNN and BuzzFeed, which were all too eager to run with the story without any attempt at verification?

    theirABC leaves the impression there’s something to it…even stating BBC says “the reports of compromising information will likely dominate” Trump’s Press Conference on 11 Jan:

    11 Jan: ABC: ABC/Reuters: Donald Trump hits out at ‘witch hunt’ over claims of Russian intelligence dossier
    Unverified claims broadcast by US networks quoting unnamed sources say Russian spy agencies have embarrassing information about Mr Trump that is personally compromising…
    The FBI initially took the material seriously, said sources who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue, which was first reported by CNN…
    Mr Trump had already scandalised Washington by disparaging intelligence assessments that the Kremlin ordered Russian hacking to try to tilt the presidential election in his favour.
    He is due to hold a rare news conference today. He called it to address concerns about his business interests, but the BBC is reporting that the reports of compromising information will likely dominate.


  • #

    FakeNewsFairfax LAPPED it up, “salacious” fiction & all. read it before it’s pulled:

    11 Jan: SMH: Chris Zappone: Russia planned to cultivate and compromise Donald Trump, according to leaked memos
    Russia cultivated Donald Trump for years before the 2016 election and holds compromising material on the President-elect, according to a series of explosive but unconfirmed memos made public today.
    The memos, produced by a British intelligence operative, contain extensive details of efforts by Russia’s intelligence community, directed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, to sway the outcome of the US election.

    A source told the operative that Mr Trump’s “unorthodox behaviour in Russia over the years had provided the authorities there with enough embarrassing material on the [then] Republican presidential candidate to be able to blackmail him if they so wished.”

    The inclusion of information from the British memo in a US briefing to Mr Trump by intelligence chiefs last week suggests that US authorities are now gaining confidence in the source, who is understood to be outside an official agency.
    Mr Trump, without referring to the story, tweeted that it was “fake news” and repeated his claim, echoed in Moscow, that the reports of his collaboration with Russia were simply “A TOTAL POLITICAL WITCH HUNT.”

    The memos were prepared mainly by a retired British intelligence operative for a Washington political and corporate research firm, according to The New York Times. The firm was paid for its work first by Trump’s Republican rivals and later by supporters of his Democrat rival, Hillary Clinton.
    The newspaper said it had checked on a number of the details included in the memos but had been unable to substantiate them.

    Related Content (LINK): Report alleges Donald Trump paid for ‘golden showers’ and Twitter cannot contain itself.

    BuzzFeed published the series of memos in full, “so that Americans can make up their own minds about allegations” although the editor-in-chief of the outlet stressed that it couldn’t verify them…

    btw theirABC still has Andrew Romano (Yahoo, formerly Daily Beast) as US correspondent on their Nightlife program. u don’t get much more anti-Trump than Romano (or more pro-Clinton..and WRONG about everything to do with US politics).

    similarly, 2GB continues to use Bob Tarlau with all things anti-Trump as a US correspondent. bizarr on that station. and he also bored listeners with pro-Clinton propaganda throughout the campaign.

    both these people should be dropped.

    I won’t even go into Nick Kyrgios wearing an F Trump (with horns) t-shirt to his press conference at Tennis Australia’s FastTennis tournament, about which Pat Cash said:

    Pat Cash says there’s something to be respected about Nick Kyrgios’ Donald Trump shirt
    The Sydney Morning Herald · 1 day ago

    Tennis Australia has said nothing. all I want to know is what if other tennis players now wear F Clinton or F Obama t-shirts to their press conferences?

    enemies of democracy, one and all.


  • #

    O/T but…

    From the ‘It’s only weather’ file –
    “Last year, Perth recorded its coolest 12 months in more than a decade and its coldest winter in more than 20 years.

    The Weather Bureau’s annual climate report reveals Perth’s maximum temperatures were down and rainfall slightly below average.

    The bureau’s climate liaison officer Glenn Cook said given the past few years had been so warm, the cooler weather came as a “bit of a shock” to people.”


  • #
    Robert O

    No one seems to talking about the swathes of land required for windfarms if the current political agenda of 50% renewable by 2030 is ever going to happen. Sounds great, but a few problems:

    For SE Aust. around 30,000 MW of electricity is required at peak times which means 15,000 x 4 MW of nameplate capacity, or 60,000 MW allowing for a 25% capacity factor. Say, about 1.75 MW per sq. km., or 60,000 / 1.75 = 35, 000 sq. km. of windfarm. This is area a little more than the area of metro Sydney plus Melbourne.

    Is this area of suitable land available anywhere, particularly near the coast?

    What happens when the windmills are only producing at 10% which happens regularly with the existing windmills? Even with large distances between windfarms the prevailing wind conditions in SE Aust. are such that the windmills are either going at much the same rate, or no at all.

    The only practical place for the wind turbines are isolated areas miles from the grid, as long as there is diesel generation back-up.

    On King Is. they do provide some saving of fuel cost, but most of the time the community is reliant on the diesels. However, quoting the KIREIP information “Ideally renewables will provide over 65% of the annual energy demand and when conditions allow 100% renewable energy use” Reality is more like a 25% saving in diesel fuel since the diesels are going 70-80% of the time.


  • #

    finishing up the Trump fake report story:

    this is the guy who trolled anti-Trump Republican strategist Rick Wilson, the MSM etc, beginning months ago: manage to make Trump look aggressive!

    Trump’s angry response to claims – 7 hours ago

    as with so many stories, the headline has been changed, but they go with TONS of detail about the salacious rubbish:

    11 Jan: Gavin Fernando: Russian operatives claim to have compromising personal information about Donald Trump
    THE Kremlin says it has no compromising material on US President-elect Donald Trump or his defeated Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.
    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, addressing reporters on a conference call, said the dossier was a hoax which had been dreamt up to further damage US-Russia relations…
    But the Kremlin said the unsubstantiated dossier had been fabricated and was “total nonsense”…
    Buzzfeed has published a 35-page dossier that lays out all of the allegations, including that the Russian regime “has been cultivating, supporting and assisting Trump for at least five years”.
    Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to deny the claims…

    The dossier, understood to be written by a former British intelligence agent, also claims that Mr Trump was involved in “perverted sexual acts” during a visit to Moscow…
    James Comey, the director of the FBI, has refused to say if the bureau is investigating this alleged link, The Guardian reports…
    It is unclear how many other media outlets may have been offered the information.
    Democrats are pushing for a thorough investigation of the claims in the document…

    incredible that FakeNewsMSM is leaving this rubbish online.


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