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Will Australia get carbon trading? The Palmer and Al Gore paradox goes on…

Palmer is offering to vote for Tony Abbott’s Direct Action Plan as long as he gets “his” Emissions Trading Scheme as well (the one he didn’t want eight weeks ago, to solve a problem he didn’t believe existed).

None of it makes sense on its face. Clive Palmer, the coal miner and die-hard unbeliever, appears to “want” an ETS, the Climate Change Authority, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and direct action to reduce CO2 as well as the RET.  (And some say that Gore lost?)

Is Palmer just playing games with both the Coalition and the media, holding cards for negotiation-sake, and messing with journalist’s heads? It could be.  But until we see the fine print on the legislation (and all the other deals), we can assume the loser of the Gore-Palmer paradox was neither Gore nor Palmer, but the Australian taxpayer.

Abbott will find it hard to knock back a deal to bring in “Direct Action”, after having campaigned for so long to get it working.  Especially if the ETS is sold as a dead duck at zero dollars and only on the condition that Japan, South Korea, China, Australian and the US all start emissions trading. How could he turn that down?

It could be a painful squeeze:  he said he wants Direct Action, but he won his position as leader of the Coalition by opposing an ETS in 2009, and Coalition voters hate the carbon imposts in every guise. An ETS is just a carbon tax in a form where the bankers scoop up the cream, instead of it being “redistributed” to special interests and marginal seats. The brokerage fees on a 2 Trillion dollar market greases a lot of wheels. The Money-Go-Round that market powers, sets up an Industry of industries clamouring for green gravy.

For Gore, being able to claim that Australia had legislated an ETS (however meaningless) is a momentum win in the public relations campaign. It would also be a sweet lever to use on Canada and Japan and everywhere elsewhere. Gore would love to turn up to the UNFCCC in Paris in 2015 with conditional agreements from a range of countries. Could he get away with it? If the Australian ETS was a joke (down to the fine print) and known to be a joke, it would not be worth a thing. But given how patsy the media are, dutiful journalists will report that “even Australia’s conservative government has signed up to an ETS” as if it means something. Do we want to rely on investigative impartial reporting? Exactly.

Clive is playing hard ball every which way, and seemingly getting away with it. But his facade of ploys would turn around and bite him if the media would only do their job and portray him as the fake man he is who transparently believes in nothing but games.  His voters didn’t vote for him to keep the RET, the Climate Change Authority, or an Emissions Trading Scheme. But the Love Media are enjoying watching him play Abbott, and have no problem with the insincerity as he panders to their green religion.

When will someone pin Clive down and ask him to explain his “climate beliefs”? We’d need a real media…


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Will Australia get carbon trading? The Palmer and Al Gore paradox goes on..., 8.9 out of 10 based on 51 ratings

33 comments to Will Australia get carbon trading? The Palmer and Al Gore paradox goes on…

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    Sad to say but we haven’t had a real media for decades. I remember in the early 1950′s reading a “news” report in the highly acclaimed Time Magazine. I was dismayed that in it I found an obvious false to fact bias presented as a news worthy fact. From then on, I did not read the Time Magazine. Over the years, I found the same in news papers, magazines, radio and TV news reporting and the like. They were all selling propaganda and the public mostly bought it.

    For now, we are individually the media. We can still speak the truth and point out the news that isn’t news. The internet permits our voice to be heard around the world. Will it be enough soon enough to make a difference? Time will tell. However, if we don’t try, we will lose. A world based upon false news will collapse and we along with it. I for one will not go quietly into that long cold dark night.


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      “Time” has been the Establishemnt mouth piece for many years.

      Hitler was Times Man of the Year in the 1930s on year.

      Dont know if I’d want that link, myself….makes you wonder…


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      yes The Times and The Economist have been hijacked by leftists years ago .. i don’t read either now


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    Id imagine Clive wants a “scheme” (what an apt name for it) because Al has explained how it can be used to milk the Australian taxpayer straight into his own personal milking bucket.

    Why else?


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    the Griss

    I wonder how many Liberal voters would even bother voting at the next election if there is an ETS in place, put there by Mr Abbott..

    ALL Lib voters I know would say, stuff the direct action plan. but under no circumstances an ETS.


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      Lord Jim

      If Abbott and Palmer bring in an ETS, the will have done exactly what the ALP-Greens did with the carbon tax.

      If Abbott agreed to it he would almost certainly lose the next election.


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      Ron Cook

      The Griss,

      “ALL Lib voters I know would say, stuff the direct action plan. but under no circumstances an ETS.”


      Ron Cook
      R-COO- K+


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        No “direct action plan” as it is BS !

        No carbon DIOXIDE TAX since carbon DIOXIDE IS PLANT FOOD !


        All are responses to the NON PROBLEM OF GLOBAL WARMING !


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    Is there any Aussie journalist / editor strong enough to call out Gore on interfering with internal Australian politics?
    Or is it a case of Palmer being “bought” with a big backhander to help his apparent, ailing financial situation.


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      the Griss

      You can absolutely bet that there is an “agreement” between Gore and Palmer that helps Palmer’s financial position.

      So the DAP doesn’t get through…… SO ******* WHAT !!!


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      The CAGW chess game……

      Certain people appearing with Al Gore was a form of declaring alliegance.

      The people who run the CAGW are massively resourced – it would blow your mind.

      I find it interesting that at a pivotal moment in the debate, that a “wild card” is injected into the situation to give appearance of “chaos” but in true to form fashion, we will get “order from chaos”.

      From a helegian dialectic point of view, both sides of the “struggle” are tightly controlled. The main way of achieving results is to make it look like an “organic” activity, but in reality, it is tightly controlled. Nothing happens with the puppet masters say so. This is why Pauline Hanson was run out of politics – they couldnt control her. ( and no I dont support her )

      In a Helegian Dialectic we have thesis ( labour ) and antithesis ( liberal ) and with a bit of help from our wild card – synthesis.

      The beautiful thing about a “wild card” is plausible deniability – this is complete rot of course. Its all heavily planned.

      Have you ever wondered why it is no matter who is in powr, we still wind up with some form of emissions trading regardless of how big & public the CAGW lie is?

      Wonder no more.

      This is a stage managed “struggle” . Clive was just being trotted out so people could see who their new “gopher” is.

      The puppet masters are now showing off their power in your face.

      I wonder how many people will notice it?

      This lot like to hide in plain sight….


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    Settle down everybody, there will be no ETS.

    I’ve worked out Clive’s game. He creates uncertainty by saying he will oppose something, recants at a critical point to make it look like he saved the day to earn kudos.

    Similar to lighting a fire in the house, exiting through the back door, charge through the front door and extinguish the fire. Putting together a strategy to counter his MO. Slamming the door shut and letting him burn in his own fire.



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    So basically Palmer has whored off his senate vote to get a better position on future business deals which we are still not clear on.

    If this greedy traitor thinks he can directly insult the Australian people and continue with the smartass attitude he should stop and think again.

    Alan Bond was once a well liked Australian icon that fell from grace not from business posturing but business fraud that directly effected ordinary Australian people, and they never forgave him for it.


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    The donkey vote is not fooled.
    David Leyonhjelm
    He supports the Government’s bid to repeal the carbon and mining taxes, but – like his voting partner Bob Day – is opposed to the paid parental leave scheme and direct action.”
    Bold Mine.
    Prediction if he votes how he said then he wins again in the next senate election.


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    michael hart

    As a non-Australian, I’m having trouble trying to keep up with this story. Politicians aside, my instincts would tell me that when it looks like someone is trying to trick me, then they probably are.


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    Lionell Griffith

    All you need to remember about a politician promising to serve mankind is the Twilight Zone episode by the same name: To Serve Mankind. The final line was “It is a cook book!”


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    Glen Michel

    Interesting wait and see regarding Clive’s business arrangements with the Chinese… Unfortunately the polity has been on decline for some time and Palmers type causes concern.


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    Ursus Augustus

    I truly believed the lunacy of KRudd-Gillard-KRudd was about as bad as it could get, that the media would accept that they were just hopeless and that the adults would get on with getting things sorted out. What a naive fool I was. We now have PUPTwerk to the right, GreenAngst to the left, BillyBullshit behinds us (ready to stab away) and the MSM off their faces on Twitter Ade as the new normal. Its like an continuous episode of Housos.
    I suppose when a country actually believes it is “The Lucky Country”, it ends up with a gampling addiction and will punt on anything. Serves it right.


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    Can a motoring enthusiast be trusted?
    Ricky Muir
    “The party lists a series of “core values” including minimal government interference, lower taxation…”
    The worse carbon scam problems consist mainly of government interference and private foreign taxation.


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    To Dear Clive: The candle that shines brightest burns briefest … although it must be said, there is a fair bit of fat to get through in this case.


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      Rereke Whakaaro

      My candle burns at both its ends,
      It will not last the night,
      But oh my foes,
      And oh my friends,
      ‘Tis such a wondrous sight.


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    They will bandy around with these bureaucratic climate conveniences for some time, until they figure out it isn’t warming anymore.

    Well at least it’s better than having a bubonic plague every other decade. We got rid of the ‘witch doctors’, now we just have to work on getting rid of the ‘climate doctors’.


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    Yep sounds like Mrs Palmer had a son after a string of 5 daughters.

    You would have to wonder at the carbon footprint of Queensland Nickel Yabulu though.


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    There is a youtube video of Al Gore presenting to the Senate how much money he personally would make with his Chicago Carbon Exchange. Presumably Clive Palmer has see it. With 1% of the action, he would be able to more than pay back his Chinese debts each year.
    In the USA, this legislation was killed, and the Chicago Carbon Exchange went broke, taking a lot of Al Gore’s and a certain ex-senator from Chicago’s future with it. However, the ex-senator is trying it on again through the EPA.
    It’s big money talking. There is no trick here, Al Gore has been honest. It’s a variation on the “Enron” money making scheme, backed by Government favoring the traders.


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    Please… let us not talk about an ‘emissions trading scheme’. Individuals like Gail Kelly, Westpac’s CEO, will be salivating over the prospect of an ETS because her bank would stand to make a fortune from ‘carbon trading’.


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    Andrew McRae

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