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Bob Carter speaks Wednesday in Port Kembla

Dr Bob Carter
Adjunct research professor in the Marine Geophysical Laboratory at James Cook University





Cnr. Military Road & Allan Street,
Port Kembla

Authorized: Paul Matters Convener Illawarra Against Carbon Tax (IACT)
70 Wentworth Street Port Kembla
0410 482633

Please, if you know someone near Port Kembla, please forward this to them!

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Bob Carter speaks Wednesday in Port Kembla, 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

16 comments to Bob Carter speaks Wednesday in Port Kembla

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    Brian G Valentine


    He’s right about that. Hooray for Bob Carter!

    I became acquainted with Bob about six years ago, and Jo Anne too, and if it weren’t for persons like them in Australia, politicians would have certainly done more damage by now to ordinary Australian taxpayers


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    John Rolin

    Would someone please see that this makes it into a podcast so those of us who cannot attend can listen to the lecture.

    Monroeville, PA, USA


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    I wonder if any of Mr Howes minions will be in the audience?


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    Brian G Valentine

    Good point, Pattoh, and it makes me wonder if leftist government collect “information” on people they consider “seditious.”

    Leftists certainly compile “data” on people they consider “disruptive” if not “dangerous” and use it for character assault of anyone who speaks out against their agenda.

    Things written about Bob Carter, others, would make you sick. But people get away with it, and I won’t say this kind of thing is condemned by leftist government, either.


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    John in NZ

    Bob Carter is a very good speaker. I saw him in NZ when he spoke at Morrinsville.

    A couple of weeks ago I woke up with an idea for a climate change poem which eventually evolved into a global warming protest song. It is now on Youtube.

    Please check it out.


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    Brian G

    Mr Howes came out all guns blazing for his blue collar rank & file a while back ( specifically our struggling steel industry), but the political wing appears to have toned him down if not muzzled him.

    However the boys are not stupid, not ignorant & not all expecting a slingshot ride to a nice fat gauranteed parliamentary super-annuation.

    As the Chinese put it: we live in interesting times.


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    Brian G Valentine

    Well, at least you have somebody trying to stand behind the steel industry.

    In this country, we have government as the enemy of anything that resembles the manufacture of a tangible thing.

    An example typical of many:

    Nucor Steel built a new process plant in Louisiana. EPA had to permit the operation.

    EPA checked pollution prevention etc, and asked the plant operator: “Are you using carbon sequestration?”

    The response: “There is no commercial technology to do that.”

    EPA: “Time to think outside the box!”

    Here we have a case of failure to distinguish between “out of the box” thinking with “off the wall” thinking.

    Or the incapability of it. There’s no explanation for these people, they have no rational thoughts in their head, one simply sits by and counts the days until they move out of government and ponder the damage they can and do execute in the mean while


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    Steve. Ssss

    Glad I stumbled across this info. I’ve been wanting to attend an info night presented by someone such as Bob Carter.

    I live reasonable close to Port. so I’ll be attending with my 14 yo son.

    Should be good,,,quite excited


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    Brian G Valentine @ #1

    I became acquainted with Bob about six years ago

    Same here, Brian. Back then, or thereabouts, I attended his lively, entertaining, profoundly informative and utterly persuasive lecture on the topic at the Museum in College Street, Sydney.

    Incidentally, James Delingpole attended a Climate Change conference on 10 May in Cambridge. One of the speakers was our Professor Ian Plimer of whom James says

    You’d need to be very set in your belief system indeed to come away from one of Professor Ian Plimer’s feisty, funny engaging lectures and not be convinced that the whole idea of AGW is a complete crock.

    Perhaps, the good Professor may like to share with us notes of his address and general observations to complement Delingpole’s.

    Another speaker, Czech President Vaclav Klaus offered this sobering advice:

    The arrogance of global warming activists and their fellow travellers in politics is something I know well from the past. They wish to suppress truth, control the market and dictate policy and I, who have spent most of my time living under communism feel obliged to warn against it.

    (Warning: Delingpole’s yoghurt analogy, though entirely apt, may offend some readers!)


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    Olaf Koenders

    Bob Carter’s frankness and ability to speak out are a godsend. About AGW right now I think he’d say “Brrr!”


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    Can I support the request to have a downloadable version of the speech, or even better a video download ?


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    Bob Carter

    Good folk, first, thank you to Joanne for posting the information about my talk in Port Kembla.

    Second, thank you to those who have commented kindly on some of my previous talks: I am delighted to hear that you enjoyed them.

    Third, though the talk at Port Kembla wasn’t filmed, some of my other recent (similar) talks have been. They are available on my website as items H, I and J on the list of videos near the top of the page at:



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    Hi Bob, I am sad I missed your speech. I do have a question for you. Why are most “skeptical” geologists funded by the mining companies?


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    Bob Carter

    Dear Blimey,

    Thank you for your question.

    First, by using “skeptical” in inverted commas, I presume that you are referring to those persons who are skeptical about dangerous human-caused global warming caused by human dioxide emissions?

    If that is the case, then be aware that virtually all the scientists on all sides of that argument are skeptics. That is because they are scientists, i.e. trained skeptics.

    I am unaware of any scientists involved in the public debate, be they geologists, meteorologists or computer modellers, who are funded by the mining companies.

    So, unless I have misunderstood something, I guess that my answer to your question is “So far as I now, they are not”.

    Bob Carter


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    Baa Humbug

    What a pleasant surprise and total pleasure to have Bob Carters company here.

    @Blimey: geologists funded by mining companies? Why would a mining company involved in digging through dirt and rocks need a geologist? /sarc off


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    Thanks for answering Bob. I am somewhat relieved to know you are unaware – it seems to be confirm my earlier suspicion. You see I watched your video,

    At 2:42 you ask the question “Is it warming or not?”, then go on to use one Greenland ice core sample to represent the average global temperature and answer your question as “It depends”. Aside from the error of using one ice core data instead of a global reconstruction of multiple data sources, surely you should also be asking “Has it warmed since we started emitting GHGs?”. The last 150 years of modern temperature readings show that we have, with statistical significance. And other physical evidence such as the accelerated melt from glaciers & sea ice, movement of ecosystems support these observations.

    Asking, “Is it warming or not?” is a strawman argument since climatologists are well aware that past climate has changed. Do you still use this question in your recent speeches?

    Also @5:00 you say the data is too limited in order to see if the warming or cooling is statistically significant, yet in your recent article you say:

    Fact 2. Between 2001 and 2010 global average temperature decreased by 0.05 degrees, over the same time that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels increased by 5 per cent. Ergo, carbon dioxide emissions are not driving dangerous warming.

    Have you changed your mind now since the video? Is the data from the last 10 years showing a trend with statistical significance?

    If so, then I imagine you also think the last 40 years of data is also significant.

    You also say

    Fact 3. Atmospheric carbon dioxide is beneficial. In increasing quantity it causes mild though diminishing warming (useful at a time of a quiet sun and likely near-future planetary cooling) and acts as a valuable plant fertiliser.

    I see no mention of ocean acidification. Have you heard of this and what science do you know of that refutes the claims of other scientists?