Last chance to register for the Big Ideas Conference in Albury

A little free advert for a good cause. I’m looking forward to meeting people!

 Tickets here

 Join Me at the Triple Conference in Albury, 15-17 March 2024 – Last Chance to Register!

We’re going to have a lot of fun with Senators and political leaders. The Program: Friedman Friday: What is freedom? Why is it being eroded? And how do we get it back? Australia’s premier Libertarian Conference.Church & State Saturday: We cannot serve two masters, so what should believers do when the government claims to be God? NYET Zero Gala Dinner: Say NO to Net Zero at the Gala launch of this funny-but-serious campaign. How will YOU say ‘NYET’? Big Ideas Sunday: We wrap up the conference with the Australian can-do spirit and explore big nation-building ideas because the best is yet to come. Connect with like-minded Australians and help to redefine our future. Learn more and secure your spot at


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