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    Worth thinking about …

    “Rennie Partners co-founder Matt Rennie says the climate change bill passed by the Senate today was “pretty inevitable”.
    The landmark bill aims to enshrine a 43 per cent emissions reduction by 2030 and net zero by 2050 into law, while establishing formal review processes from the Climate Change Authority.
    “It’s now almost obvious, I guess, that Australia needed to commit to net zero in order to maintain its international position,” Mr Rennie told Sky News Australia.
    “And certainly European based businesses that operate in Australia are already operating in this way and the financial community is almost becoming the new UN, I guess, in enforcing some of these carbon reduction initiatives.” “


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    Kalm Keith

    The benefits of modern education are shown in this comment by an American “Professor”.

    So cool.


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    Judith Durham and The Seekers – Carry Me. Rest in Peace beautiful lady.

    Thanks to Jeff of FNQ for the tip – he writes:

    The Seekers’ beautiful final recording together, unveiled by Athol Guy at Judith’s Memorial service. Written by Seeker Bruce Woodley, the Boys added their voices and instrumentation to Judith’s vocals, with her approval and blessing a few months before her passing. It was to have been released for their 60th anniversary later this year.

    YouTube – 4 mins 17 Secs – Judith Durham & The Seekers (2022) – Carry Me


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    Why you can’t have a proper EV ute:


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    Hummm, Scientists…that know and understand climate change:

    PhD in applied ecology and economics.

    Peter Kalmus is a former astrophysicist, now climate scientist, at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in California.So what extra study do you need to undertake to become a climate scientist?
    At least there was Karin Xuereb retired from the BOM – joined the scientist rebellion!(listed in Linkedin as – Freelance data analyst/statistical analyst)

    Protest in April/May and gets posed on ABC news today?


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      When we went on a river cruise in April 2008, the problem was with high river levels and a lock gate between Slovakia and Budapest damaged by ice floes.


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        Graeme No.3

        The same in 2014 (minus ice floes).
        2017 was a wet year too as were 2002, 2011 and 2007

        2003 was a dry year
        2013 also
        2018 was a dry year (second driest since 1890) and drier than 1976.
        2019 dry (eleventh driest since 1890).

        I suspect it was the weather.


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    Recently released UK data indicates that vaccinated children aged 10 to 14 were 44 times more likely (4423%) to die from any cause, during the period of 1st January 2021 and 31st of May 2022, than unvaccinated children in the same age group. The data was presented in such a way that most casual readers would not see the travesty.


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    Is anyone making the point that aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are now over-represented in the Australian Parliament? WE have made a fuss about the male/female representation that is, I am told a work in progress, But the indigenous have done it already. Why would they need a new voice now that they have one in excess of their proportion of the population?


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      It is part of the plan for the establishment of an independent, Marxist republic authored by Stalin on the direction of Lenin. The plan was commencedin the early 1950s by the then Australian Communist Party. The aim is split the country.


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      A referendum to change the Constitution might get rejected.


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    David Maddison

    Interesting factoid about the hooves of newborn horses.


    Also known as “golden slippers” or “fairy fingers.”

    What is it?

    Also referred to as “golden slippers,” “fairy fingers” or eponychium, the soft capsule protects the mother’s uterus and birth canal from the sharp edges of the foal’s hooves during pregnancy and birth. The term also refers to the thicker skin around the fingernail and toenail in human anatomy.



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    David Maddison

    One of The most evil forms of child abuse today is the promotion of transgenderism to children by the Left.

    In Vicdanistan it is even illegal to suggest to a child that they may indeed be of their correct birth gender, not the gender the confused mind or groomers tell the child they are.

    One thing that the Left heavily censor is the huge amount of regret about transgender hormonal and surgical “treatment” (mutilation) which is getting far worse as more and more children are encouraged to “transition” simply because they don’t conform to the rigid gender stereotypes expected by the Left.

    A retired US Marine has a YouTube channel “Odin’s Men” where he reviews TicToc videos involving all sorts of lunatic Leftist social ideas.

    In the video linked below there are two tragic stories of irreversible transgender regret starting at 4min50sec.


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      John Connor II

      I bookmarked this site as it has a lot if good content:

      Trans doctor who helps teens transition says it’s now ‘gone too far’

      A transgender psychologist who has helped hundreds of teens transition has warned that it has “gone too far” — and fears many are making life-changing decisions because it’s “trendy” and pushed on social media.

      “For a while, we were all happy that society was becoming more accepting and more families than ever were embracing children that were gender variant.

      “Now it’s got to the point where there are kids presenting at clinics whose parents say, ‘This just doesn’t make sense,‘” she said.

      Anderson is so concerned, in fact, she said she is considering ending her own pioneering work helping teens transition.

      “I have these private thoughts: ‘This has gone too far. It’s going to get worse. I don’t want any part of it,’ ” she said.

      It’s out of control. It’s almost a cult, like climatism. Wanting to believe isn’t a good enough basis for the insanity it causes and promotes.
      Ultimately it’ll all implode.

      I now use the term LBLT or Lesbian BLT instead of LGBTQ etc. Thank Jeremy Clarkson for that one. 😉


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    David Maddison

    Can you believe this?

    A solar beehive!

    It is temperature regulated so as to help need survive “climate change”.

    How do they think need survived previous climate fluctuations?


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    John Connor II

    Giant Viruses Are Infecting Algae in a Rare, Floating Lake in The Arctic

    Giant viruses have been discovered infecting microscopic algae in a rare lake in the Arctic Ocean, a new study finds.

    The Milne Fiord epishelf lake is a body of freshwater that sits on top of seawater less than 500 miles (800 kilometers) from the North Pole.

    Researchers studying the lake found that the freshwater had a richer and more diverse range of viruses than the salt water beneath it.

    They also found “giant” viruses – several times larger than typical viruses – affecting microscopic algae just below the boundary between fresh water and salt water.

    “Just as the freshwater ecosystem of the lake is distinct from the ecosystem of the Arctic Ocean, it also has its own distinct community of viruses,” study co-author Mary Thaler, a microbiologist at Laval University in Quebec, told Live Science in an email.

    “One of the characteristics of viruses in general is how tiny they are, much smaller than the smallest bacterium, and carrying only a few genes to help them replicate,” Thaler said.

    “However, in the past 20 years, scientists discovered giant viruses that are as big as a bacterium, with genomes that could potentially carry many interesting genes.”


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    John Connor II

    Earth Is Teetering on The Edge of Five Disastrous Climate Tipping Points, Study Finds

    Failing to achieve the Paris agreement goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 °C could trigger multiple dangerous “tipping points” where changes to climate systems become self-sustaining, according to a major new study published in Science.

    Even current levels of warming have already put the world at risk of five major tipping points – including the collapse of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets – but it’s not too late to change course, the authors stress.

    “The way I think about it is it’ll change the face of the world – literally if you were looking at it from space,” given long term sea-level rise, rainforest death and more, senior author Tim Lenton of the University of Exeter told AFP.

    Lenton authored the first major research on tipping points in 2008.

    These points are defined as a reinforcing feedback in a climate system that is so strong it becomes self-propelling at a certain threshold – meaning even if warming stopped, an ice sheet, ocean or rainforest would keep changing to a new state.

    While early assessments said these would be reached in the range of 3-5 °C of warming, advances in climate observations, modeling and paleoclimate reconstructions of periods of warming in the deep past have found the thresholds much lower.

    Add to the list of climate doom failures…


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    David Maddison

    Science is now so corrupted that for many or even most disciplines the scientific method is no longer followed.

    Hence a belief without evidence or proof of matters such as:

    -Anthropogenic global warming.

    -The supposed efficacy and safety of covid “vaccines” and the supposed danger of known safe antivirals like HCQ and IVM.

    -The promotion of insect consumption to “save the planet” when, in terms of the feed conversion ratio chickens are as efficient food producers as crickets, a trivially easy fact to discover, even assuming there was a problem to solve which there isn’t.

    -The supposed dangers of “nitrogen” (sic) in agricultural production and methane from ruminant burps.

    All of the above pretend to be based on “science” and work is done by supposed “scientists” but none of the work is truly scientific and is no more than political propaganda disguised as science.

    “Science” is used as the vehicle by which the above concerns are supposedly elucidated but calling it science is nothing more than a form of argumentum ab auctoritate (argument from authority, where the opinion of an authority is used as evidence in support of an argument).


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    John Connor II

    Is the Australian government weaponising its agencies, such as the ASIC to target government critics and those exposing the Covid fraud?

    It appears so.
    We have seen numerous freedom activists targeted and even jailed, including Russian-born Australian Aussie Cossack, ( apparently sharing an alternative narrative about the Russian-Ukrainian war, which is a jailable offense under Globalist shill and Australian PM Anthony Albanese. Not that under Scott Morrison it was much better.)
    Monica Smit of Reignite Democracy was jailed last year by Victorian Police for objecting to the illegal lockdowns, and vaccine mandates.
    The same vaccine mandates that are killing one Australian every 15 to 30 minutes ( based on Jan to May 26 excess mortality rates up 16.1% ) yet barely a peep from mainstream media.

    They booted Alan Jones off Sky News for stating too many home truths about the illegal lockdowns, and Klaus Schwab’s totalitarian “ Great Reset”, and now it’s rumored they are going after an Australian National Review Founder Jamie McIntyre, whose army of independent citizen Journalist isn’t scared of the Government. In fact, they are relentlessly exposing the Government’s Covid fraud. And the politicians, many of whom are likely to face jail, as the death and injury count piles up. Plus now the blame game in America between the Democrats and Republicans has started. This is after recently on Fox News “ this is the world deadliest vaccine ever “ was stated by guest and tech millionaire Steve Kirsch.

    Maybe one consolidation is many of these politicians may suffer from the SAD syndrome, and drop dead from the vaccines. However, we would not wish that upon anyone, despite the fact their puppet masters obviously wish it upon us.


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    John Connor II

    You won’t believe what Biden is putting inside vending machines

    Much like the argument back in the day that kids would experiment no matter what, so they needed to be taught “sex education,” the administration of Joe Biden is suggesting harmful behavior will happen anyway, so it wants “harm reduction” kiosks to provide various items like drug needles.

    It is the Washington Free Beacon that is reporting the Biden administration is spending $3.6 million “to deploy vending machines filled with drug supplies in rural Kentucky.”

    The goal is to “reduce stigma for drug users,” the report explains.

    The report explained it is the work of the National Institutes of Health and will assess the “effectiveness of ‘harm reduction kiosks,'” that have “injection equipment, naloxone, fentanyl test strips, hygiene kits, condoms, and other supplies.”

    When’s that ELE asteroid gonna arrive.😈


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    Is this image as self explanatory as I hoped it might be?

    This is the one day of the past year where all the indicators shown are as close as is feasibly possible to the exact year round averages.

    Link to image.



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    another ian

    “Reuters Writes that US Government is Unfair to……Oil Refineries?”

    “WASHINGTON, Sept 8 (Reuters) – In 2007, the U.S. Congress mandated the blending of biofuels such as corn-based ethanol into gasoline. One of the top goals: reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

    But today, the nation’s ethanol plants produce more than double the climate-damaging pollution, per gallon of fuel production capacity, than the nation’s oil refineries, according to a Reuters analysis of federal data.”

    More at


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    John Connor II

    Meanwhile in Illinois…

    Game over for them…


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    John Connor II

    The 1,000 Chinese SpaceX engineers who never existed

    LinkedIn users are being scammed of millions of dollars by fake connections posing as graduates of prestigious universities and employees at top tech companies.

    If you were just looking at his LinkedIn page, you’d certainly think Mai Linzheng was a top-notch engineer. With a bachelor’s degree from Tsinghua, China’s top university, and a master’s degree in semiconductor manufacturing from UCLA, Mai began his career at Intel and KBR, a space tech company, before ending up at SpaceX in 2013. Having spent the past eight years and nine months working in the human race to space, he’s now a senior technician.

    Except all is not as it seems.

    Upon closer inspection, there are plenty of red flags: Despite having been in the US for 18 years, Mai has written all his job titles, degrees, and company locations in Chinese. His bachelor’s degree is in business management, even though his alma mater, Tsinghua, only offers that degree to student athletes, and Mai was not one. Besides, the man in his profile photo looks younger than Mai’s stated age. The image, as it turns out, was stolen from Korean influencer Yang In-mo’s Instagram. In fact, none of the information on this page is true.

    Puffing is one thing, total fraud another. Just ask any climate zealot. 😁


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    John Connor II

    Forget about Biden, Trudeau, Macron and the rest of the WEF’s puppet politicians: It’s the system that rules us and the system that must be broken

    In a nutshell, Biden declared all MAGA Republicans to be enemies of the state, and seemed to be nudging America in the direction of one-party rule, which is essentially what we already have. It’s called the “uniparty.”

    My concern is that people’s attention is too focused on Biden and Trump and not enough on the sweeping global transformation that is going on, and speeches like the one Biden delivered on September 1 are meant to keep us distracted and diverted.

    The globalists are in their final stages of a plan to push the U.S. and the world into a new digital system that’s designed for near 100 percent compliance. “No person will be left behind,” as promised by the United Nations Agenda 2030 documents.

    Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, you must not lose sight of the fact that Biden is nothing but a puppet on a string mouthing words that were meant to divide.

    But hating Biden is kind of like hating the cashier at your local big box store because you don’t like the store’s return policy.

    His controllers, the upper-echelon globalists, know they can’t take down the most powerful and wealthy country in the world unless it can be divided up along racial, political, social and religious lines. They will purposely create crises like the border debacle, violent crime waves and mass shootings, then use the media to gaslight the public on each side of that issue.

    In reality, the problem would have never existed if they, the globalist predators, hadn’t flung open the borders and hadn’t funded prosecutors who refuse to prosecute violent offenders to the full extent of the law.

    But if your goal is to destroy a nation, you know you must first destroy its social cohesion.

    …and social cohesion is almost gone…
    …and it’s September…a very interesting month…


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    Queensland won’t release modelling on land tax increase

    The Palaszczuk government will not release modelling to justify its controversial multi-jurisdictional land tax changes that will slug investors when they start next year.

    As investors scramble to work out how many thousands of dollars more they will pay in land tax, Treasurer Cameron Dick is standing firm on the new tax that will hit landholders from 2023-24.

    Investors and the Real Estate Institute of Queensland have called on the treasurer to scrap the changes, which introduce land tax based on property people own in other states.

    A spokesman for Mr Dick said the law changes were announced in December last year and would not come into effect until July 1 next year, giving landholders 561 days to make adjustments to their investment portfolios.

    “All material relevant to the revenue forecasts for the land tax changes has been outlined in the 2021-22 budget update, the explanatory notes to the relevant legislation or the 2022-23 budget estimates hearing,” the spokesman said.

    “The land tax changes were first announced in the 2021-22 budget update on 16 December 2021.”

    Queensland Treasury has previously said the tax change will raise only $20 million a year from 2023-24 and impact about 10,000 landholders, most of whom who live interstate.

    During recent budget estimate hearings, Under-Treasurer Leon Allen would not confirm there was full economic modelling done on the tax change, which investors claim will hit them with extra tax of up to $25,000.

    He told the hearings a “range of information was put into that whole decision-making process”.

    Opposition treasury spokesman David Janetzki said it was clear there had not been thorough analysis of the land tax changes before they were announced.

    “It’s becoming typical of the Palaszczuk government that it seeks to implement this tax without modelling, proper consultation or detailed analysis,” he said.

    “Economists, property industry experts, lawyers and academics are raising new concerns every day. It’s difficult to recall a more poorly prepared or considered tax policy. It will drive out investment and drive up rents.”

    In December last year, Mr Dick announced the changes to land tax to include interstate land holdings, asserting that some interstate investors “exploited tax-free thresholds in different jurisdictions to minimise their tax obligations”.

    In an Australian-first, landholders will have to voluntarily disclose their interstate holdings in other states before being taxed for their Queensland holdings.

    A Sydney-based investor told The Australian Financial Review on Monday that his land tax bill would jump by about $27,000 next financial year as a consequence of the state’s new tax rule.

    Another said his land tax would rise by $15,000 to $20,000 a year.

    Other investors are irate with the changes, saying they will drive investors out of Queensland as well as push up rents and that they felt like they were being taxed twice in two different states.

    “The new rules are a disgrace. They impact Queenslanders, non-Queenslanders and tenants,” another investor said.

    Another investor, who did not want to be named, said they would have no choice but to pass the increases onto their tenants.

    NSW Finance Minister Damien Tudehope is seeking advice on whether the Queensland scheme, which relies on the goodwill of revenue offices in other states to pass on information to be effective, is constitutional.

    Property Council of Australia’s Queensland executive director, Jen Williams, said it had repeatedly raised concerns about the unorthodox method of calculating land tax that required landholders to self-report and cross-checking with land tax systems in other states.

    “At a time when the state is in the midst of a housing supply and affordability crisis, it appears counterintuitive to introduce any adjustment, or for that matter, any new tax, upon the industry,” Ms Williams said.

    “This is not just closing a tax ‘loophole’, it is the most significant reform to a land tax system that has operated effectively for decades, and it should have been consulted upon to the same extent that a reform of its magnitude would normally entail.”


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    Electric vehicle fast charging network

    The future of motoring is electric vehicles, and we’re preparing for tomorrow with our network of EV fast charging stations
    We’ve installed more than 50 electric car charging stations across major NSW roads such as the Hume, Newell, Sturt and Oxley Highways, as well as the Mitchell, Pacific, Olympic and Great Western Highways.

    As we continue to expand, Members with electric vehicles will be able to confidently tour the entirety of NSW and ACT knowing we’ll have a charging station near you.

    The NRMA electric vehicle fast charging network is the largest regional network of fast chargers in Australia, helping to future-proof our communities and keep you moving now and into the future.

    Electric vehicle charging station map

    This NRMA EV charger map shows current charging stations available to Members and is updated as more become available. Terms and conditions apply.


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      NRMA Expands its investment in Australia’s EV future with Chargefox

      4 July 2022: The NRMA has revealed the next step in its strategy to play a lead role in the electrification of Australia’s transport future with the acquisition of Chargefox by the Australian Motoring Service (AMS).

      The AMS is made up of Australian Mobility Clubs including the NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RAC, RAA and RACT and after increasing its shareholding position, the AMS is now the sole owner of Chargefox.

      Chargefox, Australia’s largest EV charging network, will continue to operate as usual and will refocus with renewed support on its ambitious target to have more than 5,000 EV plugs across the country by the end of 2025, providing greater EV charging options and reducing emissions across the country.

      As the largest member of AMS, the NRMA continues to expand its investment in fast-charging infrastructure. Its existing fast-charging network across NSW and the ACT is Australia’s largest and is set to expand further with a recently announced partnership with the Australian Government to build 117 fast charging sites across the national highway network.

      The NRMA’s electrification footprint across Australia is growing through all its businesses including:

      • NRMA’s investment in Electric Highway Tasmania last week that aims to provide 27 charging locations across the island by mid-2023.
      • NRMA’s car & truck rental company SIXT Australia commitment to convert half of their 16,000 nationwide rental fleet to electric within five years.
      • NRMA electric ferries revolutionising the future of transport on Sydney Harbour.

      NRMA Group CEO Rohan Lund said as Australia’s largest Mutual representing more than 2.7 million Members the NRMA was ideally placed to play a key leadership role in the nation’s transport sector transition to electric vehicles.

      “Australia is not immune to the global transition away from fossil fuels in transport and towards sustainable energy sources and we must make significant steps now to ensure the nation is not left behind, this is why today’s investment by Australia’s motoring clubs is so important,” Mr Lund said.

      “Between us we represent over 8.5 million motorists nationwide and they are looking to their motoring clubs to show leadership in this space. The acquisition of Chargefox by the NRMA and its sister clubs is just the latest in a series of significant steps taken by the NRMA to help lead this transition.

      “The impact Chargefox has already had on Australia’s transport s impressive – over 14 million carbon-free kilometres charged and growing – and this will grow significantly with today’s announcement.

      “It is widely accepted that electric vehicles will appear in far greater numbers on Australian roads in the coming years and the NRMA is committed to ensuring the nation has the infrastructure it needs to deliver on this transition.”

      Chargefox charging station locations


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        EV drive days

        Supported by the NSW Government, we’re hosting a series of elective vehicle (EV) drive days where you can find out everything you need to know about owning and driving an EV.

        You’ll have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of an EV for a test drive and talk to experts about buying and charging EVs. You can also check out a range of vehicle models and find out about chargers currently available in Australia.

        Our EV drive days are free to attend and open to all, so bring your friends and family along. Even if you’re not up for a test drive, there’ll be food available to purchase, Member giveaways, information stalls, and EV experts on hand to answer all your questions.

        Our first drive days in Ku-ring-gai were a huge success. Read about the event and see some great pictures and video footage.

        Next up, we’re bringing EV drive days to Wagga Wagga and Newcastle:

        Wagga Wagga EV drive days – 17 and 18 September 2022

        Newcastle EV drive day – 26 November 2022


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          EV road trip: Dubbo to Broken Hill

          Go west across the heart of NSW to discover a vastly different world to the coast, where pastoral and mining history blends with authentic outback characters into an unforgettable experience.

          And what’s more, you can now take this road trip in the comfort of your electric vehicle – thanks to the NRMA’s network of fast chargers. We’ve taken the guesswork out and planned the journey for you, including opening charging stops at Broken Hill, Wilcannia and Cobar, with Casino, Brewarrina and Bourke to follow soon (say goodbye to range anxiety). We also took the journey ourselves in an EV and captured the best places to eat, sleep, discover and enjoy.

          – Day 1: Dubbo
          – Stop 2: Historic times
          – Stop 3: Top up at the NRMA fast charger
          – Day 2: Dubbo to Cobar
          – Stop 2: Follow the Bogan
          – Stop 3: Mining riches
          – Day 3: Cobar to Broken Hill

          EV drivers in Wilcannia can use the NRMA fast charger located outside the charming façade of Wilcannia Hospital on Ross Street. The Indigenous artwork here, ‘River Fish’, was specially created for the NRMA by local artist, Eddy Harris.

          Wonder how long that will stay working

          – Stop 2: Only in Broken Hill…

          – Stop 3: Venturing further


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            Charging your EV at home

            We already rely on home charging for many of our essential items such as phones and laptops, however, with an electric motoring future approaching, it could be your electric vehicle (EV) you’ll be charging at home next.

            Driving an EV requires consideration and planning of where, when and how to charge. By understanding the different types of home EV chargers available, and which is best for you, EV ownership can be made much more convenient and cost-effective.

            Owners have a few options when it comes to charging their EV at home, with options varying in price, charging speed and difficulty of installation.

            What types of EV chargers are suitable for the home?

            EV chargers are classed in one of four tiers, known as levels. These ascend as power output, price and complexity of installation increases. Level 1 and Level 2 are suitable for home charging, whereas Level 3 and Level 4 are generally only seen in public or commercial charging station applications.

            Charging from a wall socket: Level 1 (single-phase alternating current [AC])
            Charging from a home wall box: Level 2 (single- and three-phase AC)
            Charging from a public DC charger: Level 3 (fast direct current [DC]) and Level 4 (super-fast and ultra-fast DC)

            Charging from a wall socket – Level 1 EV charging

            Utilising a regular 240-volt wall socket and the charging cable supplied with an EV – referred to as electric vehicle standard equipment (EVSE) – Level 1 is the cheapest and simplest form of home EV charging.

            Level 1 charging outputs between 2.4 to 3.7kW per hour at 10 to 15 amps (A), due to limitations of a standard home wall sockets.

            This means a Level 1 charger operating at the upper end of the range (3.7kW) can charge an EV with a 37kWh battery pack from empty to full in approximately 11 hours at a typical charge rate. For reference, a Hyundai Kona Standard Range EV has a 39.2kWh capacity providing 305km of driving range.

            standard Australian wall socket outlet electric vehicle level 1 charging ev

            Price and installation

            Level 1 charging only requires one end of the EVSE to be plugged into a power outlet and the other into an EV, meaning Level 1 charging is portable and requires no modification to a home/accommodation venue. It’s as simple as that.

            EVSE is included in an EV’s base price, meaning Level 1 charging only costs as much as the price of electricity consumed.

            Please note: do not to use extension cords with EVSE. Extension cords are generally not suited to the sustained, high amperage conditions seen during Level 1 charging.

            Charging from a home wall box – Level 2 EV charging

            Moving up to Level 2 charging brings increased power outputs and reduced charging times, however cost and complexity of installation also rise sharply

            – Level 2 single-phase
            – Price and installation
            As Level 2 single-phase wall chargers draw more current than a standard wall socket can provide, an electrician will need to be brought in to route a dedicated circuit/cable to the unit.

            Many reputable brands offer Level 2 single-phase wall chargers in Australia on the lean side of $1250. However, labour cost for installation can vary depending on the design of your home, accessibility to wiring and other factors. An electrician’s quote is your only sure-fire way to know how much to budget.

            Level 2 three-phase

            Level 2 three-phase EV charging provides the highest power outputs of all AC charging options, however the privilege can come with a large price tag as most Australian residential properties do not have the required infrastructure.

            The use of beefed-up wiring and wall charger allows a Level 2 three-phase charger to receive and output more than 400v. This increases charging output to a whopping 22kW – almost 10 times that of Level 1 charging.

            Price and installation

            While Level 2 three-phase wall chargers themselves do not cost a lot more than single-phase versions, coming in at about $1500–2200, the bulk of the expense to install one in your home will be an electrician’s labour charges.

            Why is this? Most Australian residential properties are fed with single-phase AC, whereas three-phase AC is commonly reserved for commercial and industrial sites to operate heavy-duty machinery.

            The cost to run three-phase wiring to a wall charger will depend on how far your property is from a three-phase connector on the electrical grid and whether power is supplied overhead or underground in your area.

            – Comparing home EV charging setups
            – Calculating estimated charging time
            – Charging your EV with solar powering the solar panels
            – Weather unpredictability
            – Which type of home EV charger is best for me?
            – How far you need to drive
            – What type of EV you own
            – Is three-phase charging suitable for my EV?


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              Please note: do not to use extension cords with EVSE. Extension cords are generally not suited to the sustained, high amperage conditions seen during Level 1 charging.

              This is a “some truth” fallacy.

              Firstly I have mentioned the risk of running a standard GPO at max rating for many hours before. If your wiring is 50 yrs old it may not be a good idea.

              If you are uneasy about charging your EV under your bedroom, as is the case with thousands of high set homes in Qld and my much newer two story home, running a 5 m extension cord to allow you to leave the car in the driveway instead, involves no extra risk. If you have a 100m extension cord coiled or in a heap, there is a theoretical risk of fire.

              If you have old wiring in your house with fuses instead of circuit breakers and only a few of them, spend the money and get a complete new board fitted. If money is limited, get your wiring upgraded and delay the EV. They will still be there next year.

              Note: I did this in my previous home. Not much over 40 yrs old it was unsafe. The washer was HOT but I had it on a thick rubber mat and we didn’t know. A “mates rate” plumber never replaced the earth wire to the water pipe as was approved then. Today it must be an earth stake.


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        I’ve been unhappy for some time about the progression of these vehicle organisations that were started to look after its members to one that actively promotes one particular technology. Seems that, like other organisations such as the CSIRO, they have lost the plot.


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    John Connor II

    Newly discovered COVID antibodies could make vaccine booster shots unnecessary.

    Groundbreaking new discoveries by a team at Tel-Aviv University may make the ongoing discourse over COVID-19 vaccines a moot point. Scientists have identified and isolated two antibodies capable of neutralizing all currently known strains of COVID (including Omicron) with up to 95 percent efficiency.

    Study authors explain that targeted treatments with these antibodies and their delivery to the body in high concentrations may function as an effective substitute or replacement for vaccines – especially among members of the population at high risk of contracting COVID or those with weakened immune systems. While a lot has to happen to reach this point, researchers say antibody treatments could possibly eliminate the need for booster shots among the entire population whenever a new variant appears.

    “In the current study, we proved that two other antibodies, TAU-1109 and TAU-2310, which bind the viral spike protein in a different area from the region where most of the antibodies were concentrated until now (and were therefore less effective in neutralizing the original strain) are actually very effective in neutralizing the Delta and Omicron variants. According to our findings, the effectiveness of the first antibody, TAU-1109, in neutralizing the Omicron strain is 92%, and in neutralizing the Delta strain, 90%. The second antibody, TAU-2310, neutralizes the Omicron variant with an efficacy of 84%, and the Delta variant with an efficacy of 97%,” the study author continues.

    Quick! Somebody call the Spanish Inquisition before this goes public.

    6 turns on the rack followed by scaphism for such heresy against doctrine. 😅


  • #
    John Connor II

    Australia, US Need to Prepare for Possible Nuclear Attack: Report

    The Australian government should prepare for the prospect of a nuclear attack from Russia or China a new report says.

    The report, called “The Geopolitical Implications of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine” says northern Australia is at greater risk now due to the collapse of the European strategic order, which he says could escalate into a “wider major war in Europe” involving China.

    “The risk of nuclear war is now higher than at any time since the Cold War,” said Prof. Paul Dibb of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. “At the height of that ideological stand-off, there were much more rigorous arms control agreements between the U.S. and the USSR, as well as a web of other formal and informal modes of communication and signalling, which don’t exist in the same way now as a deterrent to the threat of the use of nuclear weapons.”

    “Russian authorities have made it clear that Pine Gap is a priority target. We need to understand what the implications would be for Alice Springs, which is a town of 32,000 people only 18 kilometres from the base,” he wrote.

    I’ve said this all along – don’t poke the bear and don’t be party to the US’s multi-decade whipping boy proxy wars.


  • #
    • #
      another ian

      More on that

      “One Flu Out Of The Wuhan Nest”

      “Via @HansMahncke;

      Epic thread from @gdemaneuf who shows in forensic detail how two Chinese “scientists” pushed natural origin while privately saying the opposite.

      Tellingly, the two brought in gullible Western scientists as “co-authors” but deliberately hid info from another lab leak from them.

      It is epic, grab a beverage.”


      • #
        another ian

        In comments there

        “Scientists overall are afraid of discussing the issue of the origins due to the political situation. This leaves a
        small and vocal minority of biased scientists free to spread misinformation.

        Sums it all up right there. And let me say the same applies to Global Warming … Critical Race Theory … and all the other bullshit that a small, loud, minority scream at us with no solid scientific or sociological data to prove their claims.”


  • #
    William Astley

    There is evidence that the first release Covid RNA vaccines cause a significant impairment of the patient’s immune system. Attached below is a review paper that discusses the problem. The reduction in the effectiveness of the patient’s immune system, makes the patient more susceptible to getting covid and to getting cancer; getting cancer earlier in their lives and when the cancer appears it is more aggressive because of the impairment of the patient’s immune systems.
    A review: Antibody-dependent enhancement in COVID-19: The not so friendly side of antibodies

    This doctor took blood samples from his patient, before RNA vaccination and after each RNA vaccination. The doctor then sent the blood for immune system tests. The test results showed an unequivocal impairment of his patient’s immune system which protects against virus attacks and cancer.

    Abnormal/unexplained changes in blood analysis pre RNA vaccination and and post RNA vaccination.



    • #
      William Astley

      This appears to be an unbelievable worldwide health crisis. This is a video presentation by the Swedish Breast Cancer and Pathological specialist, Dr. Ute Kruger.

      Dr. Kruger has found evidence of a super increase in cancer, in her patients. The increase coincided with the start of the covid RNA vaccination and has not stopped. Patients now are getting cancer at a younger age, have multiple tumors in the same breast, have tumors in both breasts, have tumors in different organs, have a sudden reoccurrence of cancer, have extraordinarily large tumors, commonly now have very aggressive tumors, and so on.

      Ute Kruger: COVID vaccination and turbo cancer: pathological evidence with English subtitles


  • #

    SEP 9 • 25M
    How Joe Biden Lost My Vote

    The Democrats have Opted for Corruption over Democracy

    Sasha Stone

    Very Long but well worth the read


  • #
    another ian

    “For two years the British National Health Service transformed itself into the National Covid Service. Now the party is over and 1 in 8 people in England are waiting for hospital treatment.”


    • #

      Same in Oz

      September 10, 2022 at 8:41 am

      It’s the third day and still waiting. They’re totally banked up. Hospitals, private or public, appear to be a sh@tshow with massive under-staffing. I was about the leave and head to another hospital but my GP reckoned they’re all in the same boat.

      How it looks

      ER is totally banked up. A significant percentage of ward beds are empty.

      I tell you, we better start importing workers in otherwise we’re f@cked.

      JC are they making you fast every day in anticipation of surgery?
      If so do they reset the clock each night?

      It’s an abortion. I was fasting for about 18 hours until lunchtime yesterday when it was obvious I wasn’t going to get on the slab. I had lunch, dins and now breakfast and I’m now fasting hoping to get in this afternoon. I just saw the doc and his “HOPING” there’s a slot. Even today is not a done deal.


  • #
    another ian

    Notice seems to be spreading

    “Wall Street Journal Exposes Gov. Newsom & California’s High-Cost Energy and Reliability Debacle”


  • #

    SEC chairman’s role in Steele dossier payments adds to questions about Trump probe conflicts

    House Intelligence Committee testimony identified Gary Gensler as having final approval for funding discredited dossier.

    Gary Gensler, President Joe Biden’s Securities and Exchange Commissioner, had final approval authority for the Hillary Clinton campaign’s payments for the discredited Steele dossier, according to congressional testimony that is adding to concerns about conflicts of interest as the SEC investigates Donald Trump’s social media firm’s merger request.

    Questions surfaced last month about the SEC’s probe of Trump’s Truth Social when RealClearInvestigations journalist Paul Sperry reported that Gensler, as SEC chairman, previously served as the Hillary Clinton campaign’s chief financial officer.

    In addition, Sperry reported that SEC Associate Director of Enforcement Melissa Hodgman was married to Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who led the much-criticized Russia collusion probe and was fired in 2018 for anti-Trump texts on his official bureau phone.

    The SEC declined comment when Just the News inquired about Sperry’s report, the role, if any, that Gensler and Hodgman are playing in the Truth Social investigation or whether the two SEC executives offered to recuse themselves from the inquiry.

    In addition to the connections to Trump, Truth Social is run by former House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, who played a key role in exposing Strzok’s conduct during the Russia probe, the Clinton campaign’s connections to the Steele dossier, the inaccuracies of the dossier and the FBI’s reliance on the former British spy Christopher Steele to obtain FISA warrants targeting the Trump campaign and adviser Carter Page.

    In the end, Nunes’ probe exposed that the FBI ultimately determined that most of the allegations Steele placed in the dossier and shared with the agents were disproven, uncorroborated or meaningless Internet rumor and that the FBI misled the court about the reliability of the information.


  • #

    BOMBSHELL: “Jack-Booted Gestapo Has to Show Up at Their Door!” — Steve Bannon Tells Charlie Kirk 35 Trump Allies Had Homes Raided by FBI on Thursday (VIDEO)

    Steve Bannon: You saw from the demonic speech that Biden gave in Philadelphia that this is a dying regime. That was a primal scream. And here what they’re trying to do, no matter who it is whether Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago. There were 35 FBI raids last night. Right. And there’s another grand jury coming together on January 6th, the Washington Post reported it. THIRTY-FIVE Senior Members of MAGA! of Republicans, supporters of Donald Trump that the FBI rolled in on. When they didn’t need to do it. Right? All these people have lawyers. The jack-booted Gestapo has to show up at their door and make a big display of this.

    This has never happened in American history!

    The evil regime has gone rogue!

    This is the Gestapo!

    As Paul Sperry said back in August: “The FBI is now acting as both the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party and the paramilitary arm of the Democratic Party.”

    UPDATE– Attorney Harmeet Dhillon confirmed the report.


  • #

    Excessive heat in the US this past summer is worth noting.

    ‘Although La Nina was certainly a contributor to the summer 2022 climate pattern, the exceptionally warmer than normal mid-latitude oceans amplified high-pressure aloft to drive the hot weather pattern.

    ‘The much warmer than normal SSTA in the middle latitudes also provided the low-level moisture to cause a wet monsoon year and some of that wet climate shifted eastward especially in August.’ (Climate Impact Company)


  • #

    What America has become in Joe Biden and Democrats

    Animal Beheads Young Mom in Broad Daylight

    A man miscreant allegedly used a samurai sword to decapitate a young mother of two as shocked neighbors watched.

    The attack took place in San Carlos, California. The alleged assailant and victim had been in a relationship of some sort, but the woman had obtained a temporary restraining order against him in April.

    The suspect, Jose Solano Landaeta, was arrested as he approached the crime scene while police were investigating.


  • #

    September 9, 2022
    Why ‘Educated’ Liberal Women Are the Real Threat to Our Republic

    When last Thursday night Joe Biden told America, “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans” threaten “the very foundations of our republic,” he missed the mark. The real threat comes from the unlikeliest of suspects: educated liberal females, or “ELFs” for short.

    These are the women who will proudly vote Democrat regardless of soaring inflation, rising gas prices, rampant crime in the streets, the unchecked flood of illegal aliens, and oppressive COVID policies that have irreparably damaged all children, the poor most notably.

    If NBC’s polling from April is to be believed, this is the only demographic cohort more favorably inclined to Democrats in 2022 than in 2018. Unable to sell these women on his accomplishments — there are none — Biden last week appealed to their paranoia. What made this pitch strategic is his target audience’s proven susceptibility to fear-based propaganda.

    At the core of the ELFs’ vulnerability is their ignorance, if not at the top, certainly among the masses.

    The ESRC data suggest that formal education may actually increase the knowledge gap between men and women. There are reasons why this is so. Historically, married women have tended to vote more conservatively than their unmarried peers. Spousal influence plays a role in their voting, but so does the added awareness of real issues that comes with raising a family and owning a home.

    Today, however, more than a third of college-educated women are childless. Then, too, marriage rates among the educated continue to decline as they have over the past 40 years while the age of first marriage continues to increase. In 2021, the average age for a female’s first marriage was 28.6, roughly nine years more than 60 years prior.

    In the not too distant past, women attended college with the expectation of finding a spouse. Today, they would have much better luck hanging out at a construction site. As late as 1970, there were five men for every four women in America’s four-year colleges. By the fall of 2021, there were almost two women for every man.

    Through their control of the teachers’ unions, ELFs have outsized influence on Democrat party politics. Deeply misinformed about COVID’s impact, ELFs used their influence to lock down schools as long as they possibly could. Schoolkids, especially the less affluent, will never recover.

    In November, Biden needs the ELFs to vote en masse. This will happen only if they remain ignorant of the things that should worry them — the border, crime, inflation — and scared silly of things that need not. Something tells me that the producers of Biden’s Nuremberg-style spectacle knew what they were doing.


  • #

    Bombshell Report: Dozens of Trump Allies Raided or Served Subpoenas by FBI

    BREAKING: FBI has raided dozens of Trump supporters across the country in an apparent political purge. This is an attack on the Constitutional Republic.

    #Tucker: “This will wreck the country.”

    Dhillon appeared with Tucker Carlson. She said that there had been a reporter reaching out asking if search warrants or subpoenas had been served on some 50 people. Dhillon confirmed to Tucker Carlson that search warrants or subpoenas had been served on three clients of hers — one of whom had their phone seized. The federal grand jury subpoenas were broad asking for any communications from October 2020, a month before the election to two months after the election. The subpoenas sought communications related to certification, fraud in the election, alternate electors, anything related to the rally before the Jan. 6 riot, and any communications related to the Save America PAC.

    – Here’s part of what was in one of the subpoenas which has had the name redacted.

    – Here’s what that subpoena requested.

    This is an incredible escalation by the Biden Administration and it’s going to be hard to justify that this isn’t an effort to go after and shut down political opponents. This would be incredibly out of control and something on a par with Stalinist regimes trying to stifle any challenge to their power.

    As Dhillon noted, this raises all kinds of First Amendment questions. She also noted how improper this is that the DOJ is telling reporters about these search warrants and subpoenas even before they are executed. She said she thought this was to instill fear into people right before an upcoming election so they wouldn’t challenge anything. She called it abuse by the DOJ and said it was illegal of them to leak this information.

    “This will wreck the country,” Tucker said. That’s about the size of it if Republicans let this go without calling out the abuse.


  • #

    The world’s ‘oldest-known’ RV is up for auction

    1914 Ford Model T-based RV still runs

    What’s being billed as the “oldest-known motor caravan” is going up for auction on Saturday at the National Motor Museum in the U.K.

    The vehicle is based on a 1914 Ford Model T and built on a chassis that was modified by coach builder Baico.

    “Caravan” is a British term for RV and is also used to describe a travel trailer.

    The vehicle was commissioned by the family that owned the Bentalls department store chain and features sleeping for four. Its body was created by Dunton of Reading, whose history began in the horse-drawn carriage era.

    It also has a cast iron stove for heating and cooking and a leather couch style front seat that can be reversed to face the living area when the vehicle is parked.

    There’s even a mail slot in the side door.

    According to the auctioneer, Bonhams, it sat abandoned for decades until it was purchased and refurbished with help from a cabinetmaker in the 1970s, and it remains fully operational.


  • #

    Pauline Hanson issues a BRUTAL message to Greens senator telling her to ‘p*** off back to Pakistan’ after she attacked the Queen and ranted about colonialism and ‘racist empires’ just hours after Her Majesty’s death

    . Pauline Hanson tells Greens senator Mehreen Faruqi: ‘P*** off back to Pakistan’
    . Faruqi said she won’t mourn the Queen as she was a leader of a ‘racist empire’
    . Hanson: ‘Your attitude appalls and disgusts me’ and told her to ‘pack her bags’
    . Greens leader Adam Bandt slammed for tweet spent calling for a republic
    . He wrote Australia must ‘move forward’ now that The Queen was dead
    . Furious Liberal MP Phillip Thompson told Mr Bandt to leave the country


  • #

    Why Hasn’t Mitch McConnell Put America’s Security Interests Ahead Of Ukraine’s?

    Besides Democrats, you know who else is wasting billions of taxpayer dollars on causes other than securing America’s borders? Mitch McConnell.

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell thinks Democrats should stop splurging Americans’ tax dollars on policies that don’t help with problems such as the U.S.-Mexico border, but it is McConnell who needs to stop pretending he’s powerless to curb the southern border crisis while funneling billions to Ukraine.

    “There is nothing compassionate about tolerating or even encouraging anarchy at the border, violence in our streets, and a steady erosion of public safety,” McConnell said in a Senate floor speech titled “Americans’ Top Priorities Are Democrats’ Biggest Failures.” “It is neither fair nor compassionate, not to any Americans, least of all to the vulnerable people Democrats say they’re helping.”

    McConnell is not ignorant about the unmitigated calamity that is the U.S.-Mexico border, nor is he unaware of how that is affecting the entire nation. He even mentioned in his speech that it’s President Joe Biden’s “failed border policies” that “have Customs and Border Protection encountering 200 percent more fentanyl and apprehending the most illegal immigrants they’ve seen in more than 20 years.”

    You know who else is wasting billions of dollars of the people’s money on causes other than securing America’s borders? McConnell and his fellow swamp creatures who seem to have no qualms with sending endless funds, some of which are designated for U.S. weaponry that will likely end up on the Eastern European black market, to Ukraine. Over and over, McConnell has declined to take legislative action to put America first. Instead, he’s dead set on sticking it to former President Donald Trump and voting to squander Americans’ tax dollars on a foreign nation that is vulnerable to corruption and possible defeat.

    The Federalist reached out to McConnell to ask why he hasn’t used his authority to put U.S. border security ahead of Ukraine’s


    • #

      I beg to differ. This is not US dollars spent defending Ukraine borders, it is US military might, with aid from many allies around the world, humbling the Russian war machine.

      If the “allies” destroy Russia militarily and economically the “peace dividend” will be enormous.

      From Australia’s POV if Russia is but back in its cage America can keep an extra carrier group in the Pacific.


  • #

    Magnificent climate change moment

    Ooops… this interview definitely didn’t go as planned…

    The climate cultists are going to hate this….

    From the Comments

    – Dickhead journaille STILL tried to change the narrative and got his arse handed to him on a plate!!

    Green heads will be popping everywhere…..I LOVE IT!

    – Took the words right out of my mouth. I love it. Can he please go on Q & A.

    – And that idiot conducting the interview will not believe a word of what is 100% correct.

    – Piers Corbyn Astro Physicist is going to upset so many following the cult of Climate Change. As he stated, “they are on the gravy train”. He is going to be very much maligned now because he is speaking the truth. Well done to Piers I say. By the way, I thought the chap interviewing him was a rude pig. He wasn’t getting the answers he was wanting so he started to become rather hysterical.

    Jo – Piers Corbyn 2 min 20 secs deserves it’s own thread – Best Response I have ever heard

    [Actually I already wrote that last night. Held only because I was trying to find the date it was done and full interview. Dang Twitter. I can’t find it on RT, or bitchute, Rumble or Youtube. Can anyone find the full interview? – Jo]


    • #

      If you want a credible expert to defeat climate alarmism, you will have to look elsewhere. Right or wrong the guy has destroyed his own credibility with other views and actions.