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GoogleCash: How tainted money from Google bought off Conservative Media

Ever wonder where the NeverTrumper Conservatives came from?

The Media is the problem. Magnifying Glass.In 2018 someone caught a top dog at Google bragging that they had donated money to conservative think tanks and magazines to get them to go easy on Google and not criticise their anti-Trump and anti-conservative bias. Emerald Robinson heard the rumors, and waited while the Wall Street Journal sat on the story. “The tape sounded like a smoking gun” she said, but nothing happened.

Finally, after she got confirmation from an insider, she broke the story on Twitter, hoping the WSJ would get into gear. Instead she was attacked by the National Review editor, who she hadn’t named, but who must have been feeling guilty because he did the full flame-throwing mockery non denial response. Later Breitbart and Wired ran stories, but a whole lot of others didn’t.

So this is partly a story of the complete sell-out of National Review, but it’s also a tale of all the other media that didn’t shine a light on it. Readership sank, the NeverTrumpers were shifted sideways to non-positions on a non-magazine, but the NationalReview board took a bad situation and made it worse.  Read Emerald Robinson’s withering conclusion:

How The National Review Sold Its Soul to Google

Emerald Robinson

Did the editors of the National Review learn anything from this debacle? Of course not. The feckless Rich Lowry recently handed the magazine over to the world’s only living Evan McMullin voter Ramesh Ponnuru — who was absolutely nobody’s choice to steer the magazine back to popularity. (If anything, Ramesh Ponnuru represents an even greater slide into snide effeminacy than Lowry, and few thought that was possible.) Defeat seems to be the brand for these boys. In any culture war, Rich Lowry and the gang have always been the first to stand athwart history, crying: “We surrender first!” They’ve been so weak and defeatist during the Trump years that a year’s subscription to the magazine could be marketed as an estrogen supplement.

Meanwhile the funding of the magazine now relies even more heavily on Big Tech money: the back page of the June 1, 2021 issue was a full-page Facebook ad. Inside the same issue, in case you missed the point, there was a two-page ad from Google. The National Review didn’t bother trying to win back its old subscribers by becoming more conservative. Instead, it flipped them a giant middle finger. This final insult might lead us to think the unthinkable about the soy boys who sank Buckley’s flagship. The same feeble metrosexuals who attacked the Covington Catholic boys, and printed pro-Jeffrey Epstein articles, and tried to discredit Carter Page, and pushed the Russia Hoax might not actually be conservatives after all. Their role does not seem to be halting the Left. Their role seems to be: pretending to be conservative in order to persuade actual conservatives to lose gracefully to the Left.

Conservatives must finally recognize something that’s very depressing and very important: the conservative intellectual movement in America didn’t just fail. It aided and abetted the Left for money. The Left bought off the Right’s leading conservative intellectuals. And its think tanks. And its “flagship” magazines. This is not hyperbole or conjecture. I’ve got the receipts. Until conservatives understand the depth and breadth of that betrayal, they won’t have any chance of rebuilding that movement out of the ashes any time soon.

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38 comments to GoogleCash: How tainted money from Google bought off Conservative Media

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    Clyde Spencer

    … they had donated money to conservative think tanks and magazines to get them to go easy on Google and not criticise their anti-Trump and anti-conservative bias.

    That sounds to me like a description of bribery!


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      Not bribery, it’s called financial assistance. Back in 2015 Justin Trudeau promised to pay the main Canadian news outlets $600 million during the election, we called it bribery but the MSM called it financial assistance. And during the current election, Trudeau promised the CBC $400 million, we call it bribery again but the CBC calls it much needed financial assistance. See how that works?


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      Fuel Filter

      If you dare, check with them (Swear to God, I despise driving any traffic to those sold-out bastards) for their Never Trump issue during the Republican primaries in 2016. They wanted anyone else but DJT.

      Put out an entire issue of their rag devoted only to this. Perhaps you can get it somewhere else. If so, please do so.

      If this wasn’t a clarion call that “conservatives” both in the media and in Congress were ALL sold out, I don’t know what was.

      Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse covered this in detail. I know it’s in his archives.


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    Just the usual methods used in the past to defeat the other side; infiltrate and influence. Why is it even a surprise to anyone? I’m surprised it wasn’t recognised years ago. It worked for Turnbull to accelerate the decay of the Liberal Party into a leftist leaning CAGW believing group of fools, and it’s still working convincing many we must accelerate our emission reductions. Craig Kelly did the only honourable thing and got out of that BS of a party. His speeches ever since only improved enormously once he got away from the stranglehold of the Liberal Party. BTW, have people like Andrew Bolt been “bought” also? Last year when I was watching him he wasn’t interested in exposing the fraudulent election, and in fact I do recall he rubbished that idea.


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      Geoff Sherrington

      The big social puzzle of the past year really is, “was the US election rigged as Trump claims?”
      Strong moves are afoot right now, like big law suits against Trump attorneys by election machine vendors. It is a time for big money bullies to bully.
      Until the open truth is revealed and confessed by all involved, no system of government will be trusted as before by the people: Geoff S


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        Gail Combs

        Do not forget Mikey Mann’s Lawfare Suits. The problem for the attackers is DISCOVERY!

        You just need a savvy judge and I think the judge in the Mike Lindell case maybe someone who will force expedited DISCOVERY, at least I hope so. (He was Trump appointed BTW.)


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      Ah yes those eighty-one million votes for Biden and no coattails and lost all but one bellwether county; marvellous victory, the stuff of legend.


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      The US election was not legally fraudulent but with the delivery service of home voting ballot papers due to the covid restrictions to certain demographics it was a manipulation done to get the required result for the Democrats in spite of Biden and Harris’s inept performances .


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        Gail Combs

        “…was not legally fraudulent…”

        Actually in many cases it was. By the US Constitution only the legislature can change election laws. In many cases it was a lawsuit and a friendly judge that changed the laws and that is NOT ALLOWED.

        Georgia is a good example. There was other legally dicey stuff going on like the placement of ballot drop boxes. In that case there was blatant discrimination in the placement.

        There was other illegal stuff, like no Republican poll watchers and stuff I can not remember off the top of my head.

        The problem is CORRUPT JUDGES.

        Professor David Clements read the 574 pages of sworn affidavits and forensic reports. He was a district attorney prosecuting cases for years and said: (Paraphrased) it is very solid evidence. much better than what he often brought to court.

        For those who believe “there is no evidence, you don’t know what you are talking about,” he said. “I’ve reviewed hours upon hours of public hearings. I have read almost all of the lawsuits that are out there. Most of them were dismissed on legal process grounds.”

        These suits, he said, were dismissed due to a legal lack of standing. “The general argument” that was presented in these cases, he said, “was that because this was a general harm,” then “you have no standing because your harm has to be particular. It’s not because there isn’t evidence. There is evidence,” the professor emphasized.

        “In fact, I’m in possession of 574 pages of sworn affidavits, forensic reports, all of which would make its way in a court of law under the rules of evidence in a federal or state court. The fact that the evidence has not been heard here by these courts” should not be conflated into “this idea that there is no evidence,”


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        You’re not keeping up. 2 facts I’ve heard in the last few days: in Georgia, videos of people bring backpacks filled with ballots to drop boxes in middle of night – 240 individuals, each doing this to about 20 boxes; in Pennsylvania, in Trump counties where there has been a 15% decline in Democrat voter registration, Biden outdid Hillary by 20-30%, so that in some cases Trump just scraped by.

        David Clements has a website on Telegram (theprofessor or something like that) – there is evidence for out-and-out fraud in most or all of the 50 states. This was a gigantic, multi-faceted operation.


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    “Conservatives must finally recognize something that’s very depressing and very important: the conservative intellectual movement in America didn’t just fail. It aided and abetted the Left for money. The Left bought off the Right’s leading conservative intellectuals. And its think tanks. And its “flagship” magazines. This is not hyperbole or conjecture. I’ve got the receipts. Until conservatives understand the depth and breadth of that betrayal, they won’t have any chance of rebuilding that movement out of the ashes any time soon.”

    This shows just how shallow Conservatives are. Hopefully they will be punished at the ballot box.


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      Sellouts do not conservatives make.


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      Depends on who you classify as conservatives. Most of them today are are light weight leftists, not real conservatives. I don’t really believe in the left-right political spectrum idea as it’s full of flaws and misconceptions. However, if I had to place where a good politician would be found it would be somewhat further to the right of conservatives, sort of like where Nigel Farage stands although he might be a tad too far to the right on some issues – no one is perfect. True conservatives bore me. They have very little imagination and slow on the pick up even if they well meaning. Many are so thick headed it takes almost forever for them to get the message.


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      BTW, Trump is definitely not a conservative. He’s a mild right-wing nationalist.


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      Robert Swan

      The Left bought off the Right’s leading conservative intellectuals.

      Someone bought them off, but it can’t have been The Left. It’s well known they never pay for anything.


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      Gail Combs

      Actually all it shows is MONEY, POWER and CORRUPTION by CRIMINALS wins over the little guy.

      Not to mention a century plus campaign to destroy the USA.


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    As someone who holds ideas from all over the political spectrum, can somebody point me at somebody espousing conservatism?

    I subscribe to the notions of objective truth and natural consequences. I believe that governments should serve the people and not the other way around. On a daily basis I see and hear ideas expresses that no sane person could abide.

    My point is that I am skeptical of isms including conservatism.

    Does that make me a conservative or am I the enemy of the conservative collective?


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    When you want to find out whats going on – follow the money. The powerfull (rich…) interests seem to believe that steering the ship of civilisation and science onto the rocks won’t affect them – trouble is that they are sailing on the same ship. You can’t eat money….


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    Tides of Mudgee

    Off topIc, but why are the “+” signs magically appearing where spaces should be in Tides of Mudgee? I’ve done everything I can think of. I’ve unticked the “save my name” and retyped and then reticked, I’ve closed down the iPad and restarted, but still it happens. I see it’s happening to others. Any suggestions as I retype it each time? ToM


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    Money talks , but depending on who is spending it or receiving it , the talk is not necessarily the truth or even 1/2 the story .
    Too many hi-tech giga billionaires making easy money of us plebs think they know everything it seems .


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    Kalm Keith

    The Media?

    Is this real?

    Can she say those things.


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    Forrest Gardener

    Yes, she really did say all of those things. Just not in that order or in the same sentences.

    You must watch some funny stuff to have that pop up in your youtube feed.


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      Kalm Keith

      I’m in an old men’s group.
      The chief organizer collects contributions from people and sends them out.


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    I have certainly seen the ‘bait-n-switch’ technique used on several YouTube channels where presenters start off as conservatives, build up a sizeable following, then slowly start turning their message around to become decidedly socialist. We’re supposed to not notice!


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    Up thread I posted a comment reply in which I used the term Uni-Party. In America from when Pelosi took control of the House in 2006 until the 2016 Trump Revolution, we had a situation where two parties pretended to oppose each other, but in reality were completely united on almost every important policy issue. A Uni-party. Bush just rolled over and quit and rode out his last 2 years opening the door for the next appointee of the Uni-Party. For example, McCain and Romney differed in no way from Obama on AGW.

    The 2016 election caused a visceral reaction because an outsider won overturning the Uni-Party’s narrative. Obama declared that they had lost control of the narrative. The buying out and the selling out (yes Fox News) have all been done to shore up the Uni-Party by regaining control of the narrative. It is now practically illegal to use speech critical of the Uni-Party and its policy. If it is not congruent with the Uni-Party narrative it is declared “misinformation” and is suppressed and/or censored.

    From 2018:


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    There is no way to “lose gracefully to the Left”. The Left is too woke – they keep redefining the meaning of words. Witness how Afghanistan is presented almost as a victory. America is very ill.


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    Donkeys and Elephants have been almost identical since the Civil War (although the Donkeys partly shed their racism following defeat of the Confederates). Since 1865, elections only serve to find out which bunch of buffoons rule for 4 years.


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    John F Hultquist

    Seems there are two sides to this story:

    Emerald Robinson’s Stupid Lies
    December 18, 2018 on the NR website
    Emerald Robinson’s Lies about Google & National Review

    I once held shares in mutual funds via a company called Janus; I wondered about the name and image. Search-up, using the images tab, with that simple name and view the two-faced god of ancient Rome. I think I know how the idea for this god came about.
    I am often fascinated by those holding opposite opinions because many years ago, on a high school debate team, we had to go to a competition not knowing which side of the debate we would be asked to uphold. It is a good learning experience.


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    Fuel Filter

    From that Aussie Ex-Pat Adam Pigott I’ve posted here in prior threads.

    “I hope that the reader is now sufficiently informed to comprehend the fact that the quaint idea of governments representing the people has now been decidedly thrown under the bus.”

    “And so on and so forth. Manipulating large segments of the population through fear and then using that supposed mass compliance to impose draconian laws under the auspices of democratic ideals is what people meant by the worst type of tyranny being that which is supposedly done for your own benefit.”

    “A non-trial by jury of several million dumbasses. A big steaming turd of a lie-cake. And as soon as you succumb and take a bite then they own you. They own you. Their lies will be yours. And every time that you open your mouth you will hate yourself just a little bit more. But the majority of your hate will be reserved for those that didn’t submit, that didn’t fall for the bulls*!t., that have a few vertebrae knitted together in something called a spine, that were prepared to do whatever it takes not to bow down to these insufferable morons.”



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    Oh oh…
    PM Trudeau of Canada was supposed to step down from his father’s Pierre Trudeau Foundation and he only did it in name only.
    Everything including his position was held for him as government contracts and foreign funds were still flowing.

    This is his 4th investigation for ethics violations and twice now broken the law.