The Big Tech Wreck: Twitter appoints themselves the Global Conversation Police

In a brilliant move Twitter told one of its top five most popular products to go sit in the Naughty Corner forever. Since then, Twitter stock has fallen by around $7 billion or about one sixth. It couldn’t’ happen to a nicer company.

There were around 330 million Twitter users in toto in 2020 and nearly 90 million of them followed President Trump. But it’s worth remembering that only about 20% of people use Twitter, most of them apparently being rich millenials, which might explain why the whole company seems to operate like a fashion contest.

By banning Donald Trump, Twitter have shone a 2 megawatt searchlight on their own competitors, and asked nearly half their customers to “go try them.” Good move Twitter.

Twitter on the slide: 

TWTR Twitter STock Price January 2021


Are Big Tech and Big Government Overplaying Their Hand?

Dan Gerlernter, American Greatness

It is extraordinary that three-quarters of Republicans, according to a Quinnipiac poll, believe there was widespread voter fraud in the election, when YouTube is removing videos on the subject as fast as they are put up, and Twitter has now blocked the account of the president himself.

But the tech oligarchs who have become the de facto national leaders are not students of history nor are they men of any deep conviction—they are simply children with money. They were raised, in America’s schools, without any commitment to or understanding of the value of free speech. And they are equally ignorant of the history of tyranny. So just as they make bad democrats (with a small ‘d’), they make equally ham-handed dictators.

The criminalization of thought and speech goes back to the French Revolution and much earlier. It is freedom of speech, and not its suppression, that is the recent and real innovation, and which today remains unique to America. If Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey had studied any of this, they would know that you cannot make people agree with you just by preventing them from saying what they think. All you can buy with censorship and suppression and even the threat of violence is nothing more than the appearance of conformity and the semblance of agreement. Suppression doesn’t make thoughts go away—it drives them underground. There, as Winston Churchill pointed out, they become twice as potent for being forbidden: “A little mouse, a little tiny mouse of thought appears in the room, and even the mightiest potentates are thrown into panic.”

Those casual enemies of free speech who today dominate the tech landscape have a much weaker hand than they think. Twitter has fewer daily active users in the United States than Trump had Twitter followers. Amazon Web Services and its politically aligned competitors Google, Microsoft, and IBM may appear to be the only game in town for web hosting, but that, too, will change.

New Dreams of Independence

By expunging millions of users from their ecosystem, the tech giants have created a huge and ready customer base waiting to be served. And, in a mostly free market, it will not be long before new companies arise not only to serve those orphaned customers, but to challenge and depose today’s potentates.

Perhaps never in the history of any industry has a dominant faction so openly invited its own destruction.

Twitter are the Global Conversation Police

Whistleblowers from Twitter send in these videos to Project Veritas.

I used to think Twitter had a cunning plan til I heard these two (Gadde and Dorsey) talk. Now I suspect it’s got more to do with personal fashion statements and impressing their friends.

Vijaya Gadde is a Silicon Valley lawyer who studied industrial and labor relations. Somehow it makes sense to her that she should be appointed as the Global Conversation Constable, managing the President like he was a toddler.

Wikimedia tells us that Gadde doesn’t like being censored herself. “At Twitter, Gadde has made protecting privacy and opposing the censorship of Twitter internationally policy priorities, notably by filing suit to oppose the 2014 Turkish ban of Twitter.[8] Righto. 

A few days ago Project Veritas got a whistleblower from within Twitter that sent in a recording of Jack Dorsey who blandly talks about bigger and deeper censorship like he’s supplying widgets rather than trying to get 330 million people to agree with him.

My favourite winning line:

“The US is extremely divided , he says...  our role is to protect the integrity of that conversation…. ” by forcing half the country to shut up and listen.

Giving people a voice is so old hat,  Twitter aims to to promote health and happiness and  “ensure no one is being harmed by” crushing their voices, exiling people from the conversation and stopping wise people from sharing their thoughts..


Feel free to express yourself indeed.

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    Twitter remind me of similar stories in other industries. The British and Aussie ‘mass-market’ car industries regarded the Japanese competition in the 70’s as a joke. They believed their own publicity and imagined their customers would never desert them. And falling sales didn’t change this attitude one atom, right to the end.


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      Yes, and look at the ‘great ‘ folks cars …. I kind of agree with their logic on emissions: standing still revving hard v. driving hard on the open road: But but but … and it was a stupid hopeless agreement to follow the nonsensical gravy train on climate change etc etc. Tongue in cheek , can I add that a dolf would be having more than wheel spinach in his grave if he knew what has be come of his “prodigy”. The Big and mighty are not too big to topple – the higher they are, the greater damage as they fall. Humpty dumpty – and who are the Kings forces? Sadly, we have governments being totally ignorant of REAL Life – to them it seems to exist only on Paper in CONTROL TERMS. They are ( in UK at least – VOSA – their Min of Transport gofors) requiring us to have a HUNGER for COMPLIANCE. no room for , not so much dissent as voicing opinion, etc. So where all to go? Yelo pages have gone the same way – where does tha leave us in Business…….


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    Perhaps Twitter see themselves as the western version of the Chinese Communist Party.
    As Trump Clashes With Big Tech, China’s Censored Internet Takes His Side.
    “Mr. Trump’s expulsion from American social media for spurring the violent crowd at the Capitol last week has consumed the Chinese internet, one of the most harshly censored forums on earth. Overwhelmingly, people who face prison for what they write are condemning what they regard as censorship elsewhere.”


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      Hypocracy is certainly a hallmark of the left. And they always overplay their hand.

      Excepting some very major surprise, President Trump will leave public office, yet there may be some unexpected long term affects from the Trump Presidency…

      Of course, as many have noted, 75 to 80 million patriots are not going away. The number one goal of any sane Republican party should be election reform. ( Without that, 100 million won’t matter) With truly fair elections anything may happen as global economics are fragile and the lefts leaders are violent unattractive people.

      The internet will find a way, and many millions of customers will flow into alternative venues.

      President Trump has been the great centrifuge, exposing the deep state ugliness, not just to US citizens, yet to the world as well. And he has exposed their global ambitions as well. And many soverighn nations don’t want to be ruled by the global fascists with their multi-nationals. This will have many repercussions in the future, as half the world says no to one world rule.

      Domestically the Rhinos are now exposed. Will citizen Trump truly reform the Republican party, or start a new one? Will he be able to?

      The half of the world that wants one world rule, working hand in hand with the multi nationals, will begin to fight among themselves. Over what? Why over who really rules. Will the US and European statist choose to become puppets to the China statists?
      History and the dark side of human nature indicate not.

      Economies and monetary systems are all very fragile, trust is very low. A reset of some sort is likely, and while we have general ideas on what reset the one world statist want, are there other, possibly more benign forms it could take?


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      Trump was their last hope too…as surely as he was for rational people around the world.


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        “rump was their last hope too…as surely as he was for rational people around the world.”

        Do you really believe that?

        In view of the fact that Trump never produced a scintilla of evidence to support his claim of election fraud, very few rational people anywhere in the world would regard a deluded president as their last hope


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          You dont read much do you.
          A scintilla of evidence? Like the over 1000 swore affadavits. The many hours of filmed corrupt activities. Which hole in the ground do you have your head stuffed in Ian?


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            Ian reads lots but only takes in what suits his mindset which in US politics is “Orange Man Bad”

            Every thread, he repeats the lie that the Trumps challenges to the election results had the evidence “thrown out” when in fact, the cases were dismissed on technicalities with the evidence given no more than cursory examination.


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          Ian, I find this comment quite incredible. Have you not been reading the multitude of posts that Jo has put on this site and the reports produced by at least two groups in the US who have forensically investigated the votes in six states in their country? The statistics of voting irregularities the show that giant dumps for one candidate alone, after almost level pegging for hours, details impossibilities. The other report, published late last week, shows that almost 3,000,000 votes across the six states were illegal from about 12 different factors, including dead people voting, underage people voting, no witness signatures on about 300,000 votes, and so on. There is a plethora of evidence that this election was open to massive manipulation and to deny that is political blindness.


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        “Trump was their last hope too…as surely as he was for rational people around the world”

        1I think not. Most rational people who read of Trump’s ludicrously irrational behaviour, wouldn’t have given hm a second thought


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          Rational people …Ian …and that’s not you, obviously…can see that Trump has put America’s relationship with China on a rational realistic footing …not dependent on quid pro quo for secret multi-million dollar CCP commissions to selected lawless families ….not based on letting China steal American IP….but based on what’s best for the American people as a whole….and for holding China to world trade rules etc.

          Rational people don’t judge a leader on his affectations and confected style….or on his skill at nefarious backroom deals with lobbyists and other carpetbaggers….or his approval ratings with the piranhas of the Left Wing Press…but on the quality of his promises to the American people…their promise for the well-being of the whole of America…and his determination against all odds to keep the promises.

          Rational people judge a leader not on his ability to lie and schmooze his way through decades of sucking on the public purse and selling influence to all-comers for his own enrichment…but on his achievements that make the world a much safer place…like the ME peace treaties.

          They judge a leader not on the bogus approval he gets from foreigners and foreign leaders with hands out for hard-earned American taxpayers’ money …people who couldn’t care less about Americans …until they’re in mortal danger and need to curry favor…for their own protection….but on the way the less powerful forgotten Americans feel about him.

          They judge their President a great leader when he sees problems that the professional seat-warmers and carpetbaggers have put in the too-hard basket and kicked the can down the road for someone else to fix…like the problems of the veterans’ health care and the massive backlogs…fixed by Trump.

          Rational people judge as a great leader one who recognizes that America’s children are being indoctrinated and horribly miseducated in schools and universities…with parents desperate to know what to do about it…so he promises to give parents school choice …a measure that would incentivize schools to improve or lose accreditation….Biden will of course put a stop to that.

          Rational people see as a great leader one who promises to maintain their country’s sovereignty…to maintain in their hands the power to decide who enters their country and to vet them with regard to terrorism…drug-related crime etc….membership of murderous MS13 gangs etc …and has the courage to keep that promise against enormous odds.

          Rational people want a leader who sees lessons from history …especially blood-soaked history…and learns from them…who doesn’t force a ‘Totalitarian Socialism-meets-1984’ manifesto on a people whose Constitution is supposed to be the world’s ultimate template for freedom of the individual.

          Rational people honor a leader who stands with courage and defends them…and himself … against those who despise them …those who build a straw man to harm them…an entirely fictitious edifice…then without missing a beat…with zero evidence…mainstream and weaponize their big lie …as Biden/Harris Inc and their Fascist cabal are doing now to more than 75 million Americans.

          Rational people love humor in their leaders…especially when the leader is also high-achieving…but irrational people…as you seem to be…. are so without nous or so malevolent… that they pretend for base political purposes, that a reviled leader’s joke…very often self-deprecating….is a serious statement…so they can cravenly weaponize it against him.

          The people who haven’t given Trump a second thought as you say…are people who are victims…either lazy or wilful.. of the MSM censorship and propaganda bureaux.


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    Take action.
    Print your own bumper stickers that simply states ‘Twitter violates my community standards’.
    Encourage others to do so too..
    Big-tech cannot block physical messages.
    Time for big-tech to ‘reap the whirlwind’ they have sown…


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    I am instructing my investment advisor to divest immediately all stock in all my retirement funds of Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, and Amazon.


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    Now big tech goes after Signal.

    “Writing a daily blog piece appears to have something in common with commenting on blogs – as soon as you hit publish, an interesting news item comes along. I’d barely published Friday’s piece about Facebook stabbing WhatsApp users in the back by changing the terms of agreement to allow them to harvest all your personal data you’ve put on WhatsApp, and along it came. As of Saturday, 40 million users worldwide had closed their account with them, but Lord knows what it’s risen to by now.”

    Read on at –


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      And on freedom of speech …through you, Pointman who bravely fights for it….I would like to say…please President Trump…in the light of the “Democrats” new Dark Age….their descent into totalitarian insanity…. heinous…malevolent suppression of freedom of speech and all other freedoms that freedom of speech enables….and especially in the light of the fact that their bloodthirsty Left Wing partisans…the savages who pass themselves off as journalists…. have assaulted America and your administration with lies and defamation 24/7 for the last five years and are now riding high and triumphant as they casually defame and damage more than 75 million hard-working law-abiding Americans……I would like to ask you to please not allow the ‘Democrats’ and their Fascist cabal to persecute Julian Assange.

      It’s hard to believe that Assange would survive , if the sociopathic Left managed to get hold of him…and he’s not in much better hands in the UK.

      This deranged Fascist cabal that’s cast a shroud over America….that uses 1984 not as a warning, as sane people do, but as its playbook and manifesto… is being massively rewarded for lies and defamation…theft…destruction…violence… for destroying American lives….for depriving America of your second term… and for killing America’s future.

      Please pardon Julian Assange….who published the truth.


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    Graeme No.3

    Gerald Ratner joined the family business in 1966 and built up an extremely successful chain of jewellers during the 1980s, of which he was CEO.
    He observed that “the people who shouted the loudest and appeared to give the best offers sold the most.

    He made a speech deriding 2 of their products and its shares plummeted. GR was subsequently dropped from the company which changed its name and, much reduced in size, survived.


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    another ian

    O/T-ish but

    “Biden Coin – We Need To Make and Circulate These”


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    Left-Wing Activist Charged in Capitol Riot FINALLY Banned by Twitter

    Despite this, as of roughly 7 p.m. Sunday, Twitter had not yet banned Sullivan’s account, according to a report from Fox News. Twitter permanently banned President Trump from their platform shortly after the assault on the Capitol, falsely claiming that he had incited the violence, and was at risk of inciting more.

    Sullivan’s Twitter accounts were finally suspended sometime following the report from Fox News, but not until after he’d used his account to encourage his followers to “wreak some havoc.” Twitter did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment but apparently decided to take action after the report was published.


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    Project Veritas Drops Another Video on Twitter, This One on the Plans for Global ‘Political Censorship’

    Project Veritas then dropped a video on Jack showing that it went far beyond Trump and that they anticipated it was going to go on long past the inauguration. Can we say “new normal,” people? Comply with our new media overlords now, children, or if not prepare to have your accounts wiped.

    Now Project Veritas has a new video out, showing that it isn’t even only just about the United States where they intend to crackdown, they’re applying this to the whole world and apply the things they learned in other places to the United States. This is indeed what the leaders of Germany and Mexico were concerned about when they criticized President Donald Trump being booted. Not just because they thought it was wrong, but also because they could so easily see themselves or their interests being next on the target list. Isareli National News just called it what it is: political censorship on a global scale.

    Vijaya Gadde is Twitter’s Legal, Policy and Trust & Safety head. She’s actually the person who was behind banning Trump, she told Jack while he was sunning himself in French Polynesia.