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    graham dunton

    nterest was high, and a close-fought contest saw the awards carried off by Emma Thompson, Barack Obama and Richard Branson, each of whom went far beyond the call of duty in failing to practice what they preach.

    With no sign of any outbreak of self-awareness among the eco-elites, we at GWPF decided to make the Emmas awards an annual event, a showcase of all that is most brazen and barefaced in the worlds of eco-luvviedom and politics.

    So, this brings us to the nominations for the 2020 hunt for the World’s Greatest Climate Hypocrites.
    Help us choose this year’s winner

    To help us find the winner, send your nominations to [email protected], together with a few words about why you think they are deserving of the accolade, in each of the three categories:

    * Preening politicians

    * Ecowarriers and ecoworrier

    * Ludicrous luvvies

    Send us your suggestions by 29th December. The winners will be chosen by the judges at the start of next year.
    [Moved from the last thread – Jo]


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      I have your winner…Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada.
      He is raising the Carbon Tax price so massive in the next few years that it will triple the costs of our farmers fuel expenses in our cold climate that 8 months of the year we need heat to survive.

      The Carbon Tax has already more than doubled the cost of natural gas heating in British Columbia, Canada. One person pays $35 for gas and $42 for the Carbon Tax before this new pricing coming.

      Remember all those Seniors who froze to death in the UK when they adjusted their fixed income lower?
      You can pretty much see this being the fate of our Seniors in Canada.


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      I nominate the ‘Climate Crisis’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ worrier, formula-1 driver Lewis Hamilton as the egocentric idiot of the year. He’s less self-awareness than some mangy dog licking its balls in public.
      For some of the reasons why go to —


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    Dave in the States

    I posted this on the previous thread before the unthreaded thread was posted. It is a Steve Bannon interview streamed last night:



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      Fuel Filter

      Dave, thank you SO MUCH for posting that URL!!!

      I saw that interview about 7 hours after it was posted to TooB. I was absolutely dumbfounded by this man’s intellectual prowess and his laser-sharp focus on the task at hand.

      Ant to think he was hounded out of Trump’s inner circle…some truly evil people knew of his capabilities and wanted to cripple the incoming administration at any and all costs.

      And they went after General Flynn as well, who also was interviewed by Epoch. Another guy who floored me.

      Just imagine what just the two of them, working together, could have done to help PDJT succeed beyond anyone’s wildest imagination…

      Truly evil bastards with evil plans hatched and led by that fountain of evil, Barry Soetoro.


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        Harry Passfield

        Agree whole-heartedly, FF. And as much I figure what he has to say is more important than what I say, it must be very hard to get a word in. 🙂

        For all that, I hope the Special Prosecutors succeed. Think: what is the status of Zuckerberg with a Chinese wife? And he’s not alone.


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    John R Smith

    It is unpleasant to witness human nature.
    I recall reading an article in Smithsonian Magazine about one of the Aztec cities.
    The article stated that they once removed the hearts of 20,000 living people in a week.
    Claiming they were all volunteers.
    I thought, ridiculous, who would volunteer for that?
    Now we see folk willingly comply with government mandates to close their businesses, wear a mask walking alone on the street, shun their own family at Christmas, and mindlessly suspend credulity as the ‘pandemic’ is manifested into perpetuity.
    For such loyalty here in US, they receive will $600, while their government bestows $10 million on Pakistan for ‘gender studies”.
    I guess volunteering to get one’s beating heart removed with a stone knife isn’t as far out as I thought.


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    robert rosicka

    If we are in the middle of a dangerous climate crisis and globul warming is in a runaway type tipping point , why am I cold and need a jumper in summer ?


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      I had a jumper AND a cardigan on yesterday evening!


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      We’ve had snow in Melbourne at Christmas at least once in the last twenty years. February is when the heat kicks in and in its wisdom Tennis Australia has delayed the Australian Open so as to catch the full Feb fry up.


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      That’s the cold that globul warming causes. Didn’t you know?

      Keep an eye (or two) on Greg-in-NZ’s posts. He’s pretty good at warning about the white Globul Warming on NZ’s mountains. I always know when not to travel South. This will get worse as time passes now we are in a La Nina.


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      I had the reverse cycle air conditioner on 22C for a few evenings before going to bed recently.


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    Greg in NZ

    From the ‘Remember When…’ files: Earth So Hot, Winter Snow May Be History.

    Welcome to Christmas 2020, summer downunder:
    BoM calling for SNOW on the 24th, Christmas Eve, followed by FREEZING temps on the 25th, for Australia (OK it’s Kunyani, Tasmania but hey, it’s still Oz);

    MetService calling for SNOW on the 24th, 25th, and 26th, to 1,000 m for NZ’s Southern Alps as a COLD southerly outbreak sweeps north. Back in the 1970s it was cyclones dropping down from the tropics we kept an eye on this time of year – now it’s cold snow from down south. Just believe.

    Europe and Florida are looking like the places to be in the N.H. for a white Christmas…


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    William Astley

    It appears the Chinese have created a second variation of covid that has 14 defining mutations….

    And seven of the defining natural ‘mutations’, just happen to be on the spike protein which two RNA vaccines used to create the covid antibodies, so those vaccines will not work. The Chinese designers new that.

    The release of Covid plus is going to a super big PR mistake for the CCP.

    The US milt is going to explain that covid is a designer bioweapon at the same time the Chinese Dem puppets lose their jobs, on or before Jan. 15th, 2021.

    And the US milt are going to solve the covid problem in the US and help all of the other countries. The US Milt is going to get the US people on side, by logically and respectively solving the US’s internal problems, in addition to solving the covid problem. That is going to get good PR.

    Politicians just talk. The new government will actually get the job done and there will be no more Washington drama and no more elites. Trust is earned. Piece of cake for the new gov. as they are smart and always on the side of the US people.

    Covid has designed using the new field of digital biological engineering that uses advance software to evolve biological entities so they can defeat the human immune system. So when Covid was designed, the creators of Covid, created Covid plus that can spread faster.

    “Boris Johnson, the prime minister, and his chief scientific advisors said that the new variant could increase transmission of COVID-19 by as much as 70% and increase the R or reproduction number by 0.4.”


    The new UK variant, known as VUI–202012/01 or lineage B.1.1.7, was first announced by Matt Hancock, the health secretary on December 14. It was subsequently confirmed by Public Health England and the UK’s COVID-19 sequencing consortium. Screening back through databases of SARS-CoV-2 the first sample was taken in the county of Kent on September 20.

    The variant carries 14 defining mutations including seven in the spike protein, the protein that mediates entry of the virus into human cells. This is a relatively large number of changes compared to the many variants we have in circulation globally.

    Scientists at the Redeemer’s University, Nigeria, say they have found the United Kingdom’s ‘lineage B.1.1.7,’ a mutant variant of the COVID-19 global pandemic, in Nigeria.

    They reported that the ‘lineage B.1.1.7’ mutant variant of the coronavirus had been existing in Osun State since August 3, 2020, when they obtained the first sample. They also reported the collection of another sample from the state in October, and it also showed the presence of this new variant. The ‘lineage B.1.1.7’ variant of COVID-19 has recently become a source of concern in the United Kingdom, leading to another round of lockdown, PUNCH Health Wise reports.


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    Graeme No.3

    The lemming like rush by governments into enormous debt raises the question whether it will be repaid.

    1. Officially the spending is supposed to boost the economy meaning more tax receipts which (with a moderate amount of inflation) would allow payment. Against that is the efforts to push the cost of electricity higher and other “CO2 neutral” schemes that will reduce any recovery along with extra government ‘control’, so that would result in the debt never being repaid. This doesn’t concern the politicians involved as they expect to be gone before the voters wake up. The extra ‘control’ means more bureaucrats acting to depress the economy as well. Ultimately the economy only functions with ‘black money’.

    2. Another option is repudiation, which would be highly unpopular and further reduce economic activity as credit wouldn’t be available. Nor would imported goods unless the government could barter goods in return, or more likely allow foreigners to buy up local assets. No doubt more bureaucrats would be appointed for some reason, although no benefit likely (for the public).

    3. Runaway or even Hyperinflation, such as experienced in Germany (and Austria & Hungary) in the 1920’s, Zimbabwe and Venezuela more recently. It destroys the middle class and benefits the rich who hold (and increase) their share of assets. History indicates this leads to unrest, and repression.

    There are moves to stop people using cash and only allow electronic payments, supposedly to control tax avoidance. A straw in the wind?


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    robert rosicka

    Just another example of the tolerant left going out of their way to be nice to someone they didn’t agree with over certification of ballots .



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    I was a supporter of the lockdowns for CoViD-19 after seeing the horrific January and early February footage from Wuhan and that from Italy in February and March.

    But that was early on before effective treatments were established for hospitals and the mortality rate was shown to be skewed massively towards the elderly and those with significant pre-conditions. And now, a Johns Hopkins study has been undertaken on USA death rates this year vs previous years showing overall deaths has not increased this year with heart disease and other deaths decreasing by pretty much exactly the same percentage as the occurrance of CoViD-19 deaths.


    The study has been suppressed/shadow banned by Johns Hopkins in the same manner as Trump’s tweets.

    And you can clearly see that the recent surge in CoViD-19 cases worldwide is not matched by increased total deaths – even in Italy, the daily CoViD-19 attributed deaths are now at the same level as February/March but the detected cases are around 6 times higher.

    We really need sensible, balanced debate on lockdowns, vaccinations, social distancing and other actions that have been introduced in the course of dealing with the SARS-CoV-2 virus


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      And our clever “investigative” and unbiased reporters have neither investigated nor reported on the numerous early recoveries from this nasty thing by the early and preventative use of zinc, an ionophore and/or vitamin D3 early enough to produce an adequate blood level, and/or ivermectin. Of these, only the latter requires a prescription.
      So those marvels of modern malinformation are ignoring the cheap and personally responsible solutions in favour of the expensive ones requiring actions by our already busy medicos. In fact they have denigrated the successful protocols, and managed to define one ionophore as a “poison”, in spite of its widespread use for over 60 years!!
      Dave B


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      he US testing is still inadequate now, and was even worse in the first wave. Test positivity is far higher in the US than in Australia.
      The hospitalization rate in Victoria was 14% in the second wave.

      Hospitalization rates in the US and UK have been even higher (because they are not testing as well as Victoria did.) Ignore the death stats for a moment — the hospitalization rate alone is enough to mandate social isolation and restrictions. Full lockdowns are inevitable if all the better measures are not done — exactly as we see in the UK and in so many other countries.

      The lag from case discovery to death is very long now — the initial rise in cases is among the 20 something age group. It takes weeks to spread to the higher risk groups. So the deaths we see now (and US data is not useful for 8 weeks after death when numbers finally get completed). So we can’t even begin to assess the current death rate of US cases being found now — probably for at least 3 months and maybe longer as some people take many weeks to die.

      Of the new cases being diagnosed today in the USA, final counts of the dead won’t happen at least til March.

      But we can see hospital capacity stats and in some states ICU capacity at many hospitals is at 100% or over.

      The measures that should be taken:
      1. Close the godddam borders.
      2. Do immediate restrictions with any known outbreak — cut the exponential curve off at the smallest possible opportunity. The faster and earlier the lockdown, the shorter and less expensive it is.
      3. Party and Dance! Enjoy almost complete freedom and live without masks, fear, or long term collateral damage or excuses for emergency mandatory vaccination.
      4. Watch most businesses thrive because people are still happy to go out to resturants and gyms. Healthy people = healthy economy. Even some Australian businesses that need foreign tourists are doing a booming business right now because Australians are holidaying en masse in their own country.

      Everything I said in Feb and March still applies. Crush the Curve, save the economy. No Virus = Freedom and wealth.


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        And as Dave B says — fight for cheap treatments like Vitamin D, C, and the maligned antivirals. To stop the need for lockdowns we campaign for hard borders and better drugs. Expose the Big Pharma profit machine — give doctors and patients the freedom to use what they want. Keep people out of hospital by getting them healthy, fit and loading them up with HCQ, Ivermectin, Bromhexine and zinc. AFTER we solve the Big Pharma issue, there will be less need for lockdowns. But it is futile and counterproductive to try to stop lockdowns before the drug corruption grip is busted.

        First things first.


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      Kalm Keith

      I like it.
      This lockdown fad is a handy advertising gimmic for politicians to demonstrate their commitment to looking after us, their potential Voters, and saving the planet.

      I gave up being too alarmed about CV19 when after about 8 months here our death toll reached an alarming 1,000.

      O.K. so we aren’t worried about the far worse impact of road deaths or suicides, apparently they aren’t important because you can’t sell a vaccine for them.

      For heavens sake, don’t shut the country down just ensure that every CV19 patient is Isolated and their contacts are carefully monitored for a month.

      Then we can live normally without the cure destroying people’s lives.

      In the old days Empires were run by Emperors.
      Kingdoms were run by Kings.
      Now, we live in Countries.

      The greatest danger to our future in 2021 is the uncontrolled Political Class floating above the daily grind at the WEF EEU and UNIPCCC.

      Julie Bishop is an example to us all regarding what’s important in life: appearing onstage at the U.N. dressed to the nines, with partner in tow.

      That’s life, how do we fix it?



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      Look to your Vitamin D levels. Corona viruses react to high levels of Vit-D very well and run away. It’s all I’ve used for some years: no colds, no flu and good health all the way. Who needs vaccines? If you can’t catch it, don’t bother.

      The Northern Hemisphere has just come out of its summer and is well on its way into its winter darkness. They’ve had their shortest day.

      Vitamin D and COVID 19: The Evidence for Prevention and Treatment.

      I get a vit-D level test in the second half of March (that’s for my Post-Summer level) and a second test in the second half of August — about the middle of the annual ‘Sickness season.

      My aim is to have my vit-d level peak just around that sickness season.

      Darn: 10/10s cloud again tonight. No conjunction visible. (Yes: I know it was on the 21st but those two planets are pretty big and are not moving very fast so stop being silly.)


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    el gordo

    A battle is looming that we can win … Narrabri gas.

    ‘A controversial coal seam gas project in regional New South Wales is facing a new legal challenge, after farmers filed papers alleging the State Government’s approval did not properly consider the impacts the project would have on climate change.’ (ABC)


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    el gordo

    Beijing about to stitch up a deal with the EU before Biden takes office.

    ‘Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has asked leaders of Spain and the Netherlands to back Beijing’s proposed investment deal with the European Union, after a high-level French official threatened to block it over forced-labour concerns.

    ‘The intensive diplomatic manoeuvring on Wednesday marked Beijing’s drive to secure the deal before Joe Biden is sworn in as US president in four weeks and seeks to coordinate China policy with Europe.’ (SCMP)