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Weekend Unthreaded

For roving ideas…

Weekend Unthreaded

For otherwise homeless thoughts…

Weekend Unthreaded

Weekend Unthreaded

I’m sure some people must be tired of discussing the solar model

Weekend Unthreaded

Sorry…we’ve been busy in the comments

Weekend Unthreaded


Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory, Australia | Photo Jo Nova

Weekend Unthreaded

Photo by Geoff Sherrington

Weekend Unthreaded

Photo by Geoff Sherrington | Click to enlarge

Unthreaded Lewandowsky weekend

What can I say. Not another “downfall” video, oh yes. Oh Yes! But for those who know the background on the Recursive Fury retraction, the irony is delicious. Enjoy. Right to the end.

… …

Yesterday I said I had to learn German. Today it’s probably better that I haven’t.

Read on for clues if you are not familiar with the saga.


Weekend Unthreaded

Cumulonimbus over Queensland | Photo by Geoff Derrick | Click to enlarge


Weekend Unthreaded

Australian Outback  | Photo by Geoff Sherrington  | (Click to enlarge)

… Photo by Geoff Sherrington

Unthreaded Weekend

Carved granite  | Photo: Jo Nova

Each year the winter whitewater carves out a tiny bit more rock, and each summer we see the ripples in the granite.

Is a rock on the way? (and a Weekend Unthreaded)

50,000 years ago a bit of wayward rock about 50m across met Earth and left this 1200m wide crater in Arizona.

Ponder the momentum of 50m bit of rock that left a hole over a kilometer wide and 200m deep.

If one was coming. Would we know?

…(Click to enlarge) Photo not by JoNova


Thanks to NASA and The Earth Observatory

UPDATE: JoeV in comments adds an interesting link to Tracking space junk at An old satellite is coming in right now. It’s over Alaska (moving fast) at 153km high and falling quickly. Cosmos 1220, a Soviet era military surveillance satellite.  Eddie adds a different link which suggests Cosmos is expected to crash into the Pacific in hours. Amazing what you can find out on the Internet.


Unthreaded Weekend

For all those other thoughts…

Unthreaded Weekend

Interference patterns ripple through clouds at my favourite rock pool.


Weekend Unthreaded


… (Click to enlarge) Photo: Jo

I took this flying from Denpasar to Perth. Glorious ancient landscape in the dry season north-west WA. Click for a larger broader image.

UPDATE: thanks to help from Steve R W, I think I’ve found the location. It appears to be part of a long ridge in The Barlee Range, just north of the Frederick River in the Pilbara area of Western Australia.  It is so remote, Google Earth tells me “you can’t get here from where you are”.

Unthreaded Weekend


Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory Australia (Click to enlarge) Photo: JoNova

Weekend Unthreaded

A couple of hours north of Perth. It’s not snow.

Weekend Unthreaded

Funny what you see driving home from the shops…. hundreds of thousands of tons of water-vapor had condensed in giant suspended formations. No one seemed to notice.

Click to enlarge. Facing west East (dammit East) over Perth, last night.

Unthreaded Weekend


The old jetty at Port Denison, 3 hours North of Perth. | Photo: Jo Nova