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The nerds have the numbers on precious metals investments on the ASX



Weekend Unthreaded

Weekend Unthreaded

[Tick tick, only 150 comments to go to 300,000...]

Weekend Unthreaded

Weekend Unthreaded

… Let it rip…

Weekend Unthreaded

Weekend Unthreaded

Weekend Unthreaded

Oops!. OK There are two inĀ  a row because of a computer glitch last week. I put off the double one then til this week, and totally forgot I had prescheduled that errant extra unthreaded. – Jo

Weekend Unthreaded

Perhaps I need a “Tips and Ideas” thread?

Weekend Unthreaded

Ideas that wander…

Unthreaded Weekend

Kalbarri, Western Australia, about 600km North of Perth….(Click to enlarge)

The colors are glorious in the land of iron oxide.

Though I pitied any poor shipwrecked soul staggering ashore here at the wrong time of year. How forbidding, dry and vast that landscape.