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Kelloggs sells Social Justice Cereal, calls half the population names and posts $53m loss

The new marketing move by Kelloggs to insult half its customers doesn’t seem to be working out too well. Last year Kelloggs jumped into politics by loudly cancelling advertising on Breitbart saying the new media outlet didn’t fit their values. It was an attempt to punish the big winner in the new media for reporting politically incorrect news. Breitbart responded with the DumpKelloggs petition, and 436,000 people pledged never to buy Kelloggs again.

The company has now reported a $53 million dollar loss in the fourth quarter. It’s shutting down 39 distribution centres, potentially sacking 1,100 workers. Kelloggs share prices are back to where they were a year ago, but Kraft-Heinz is up 31%, and Post is up by 37%. Hey, but it could be a coincidence.

To get some idea of the depth of the goodwill crater left by the Kelloggs political bomb, check out Chiefio’s Bye Bye Kelloggs flaming rant last December. He won’t give a trigger warning, but tells people who need one to “get out now”. I’ve picked a tamer paragraph:

 Dear Kellogg’s:

We, the Average Joe and Average Jane have put up with this Protest Shit to the absolute limit, and we were pushed past that. It’s now broken. That means full on war. Yes, you have a pissed Germanic-Celt in your grill. I’ll “forgive and forget” in about 20 years.

When I Die.

In one simple stupid move, you have alienated about 1/2 of the country….

 In Marketing 101, Kelloggs will be the star example of How to Trash A Century of Good Branding.

There are lots of reasons a company can lose money. But social media polling nosedived 75% in the weeks after Kelloggs started selling political cereal:

Citing data from Taykey, a social media analytics firm, Adweek notes that “while negative sentiment for New Balance and Pepsi has died down over the past month, Kellogg’s is facing a more sustained backlash after pulling its advertising” from Breitbart News.

“On the heels of the ad ban, Breitbart launched a campaign, #DumpKelloggs, encouraging Trump supporters to boycott Kellogg’s products,” Adweek notes. “The boycott caused Kellogg’s social media sentiment to fall dramatically, with a 75 percent nosedive, according to Taykey.”

“Through Dec. 5, that sentiment had stayed mostly negative,” the outlet reports.

Adweek’s assessment of Breitbart’s mega-viral #DumpKelloggs petition initiative is similar to the one published by the Wall Street Journal. 

“There’s a cereal killer on the loose,” the Journal reported last week, acknowledging that since Breitbart’s boycott campaign against the cereal giant, “Kellogg shares have underperformed peers General Mills and Post Holdings by 4.4 and 11.5 points, respectively.”

 h/t to Interesting Items.

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Kelloggs sells Social Justice Cereal, calls half the population names and posts $53m loss, 9.0 out of 10 based on 120 ratings

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115 comments to Kelloggs sells Social Justice Cereal, calls half the population names and posts $53m loss

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    Greg Cavanagh

    First link is broken, I’d love to read it.


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    Mark D.

    Where oh where is that troll that said K loggs would not suffer?


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    Fabulous news. Only the ABC and Fairfax to go and the latter appears on the ropes now. The former will one day face a conservative PM with cajones and be consigned to history.

    The PBS News Hour was doing it’s daily dump on Trump and I wonder how long it will last. After all, like the ABC, it is taxpayer funded and at least half those taxpayers support Trump. Talk about having a death wish. They should learn from the Kellogs debacle that insulting half your base is very poor policy.


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    This all seems Just Right.


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    King Geo

    Clearly Kelloggs are a serial offender (excuse the pun) in marketing their product with a political agenda (left). Very poor business practice. Clearly a lot of consumers are not digesting this tactic very well. You know what they say “when visiting other countries don’t discuss religion & politics”. Likewise in business “don’t discuss religion & politics”.


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      That old saying of “just because you can say something, doesn’t mean that you should” applies here….

      Whoever authorized this little snafu needs to be sacked, rapido….


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    Just read that Sanitarium is owned by the Seventh day Adventist Church who say “the Seventh-day Adventist Church supports and applauds the efforts of these leaders to come to an agreement to stem the deterioration of our earth due to climate change.”
    Many members are online say things like.
    “40-Years ago, a group of scientists and liberals claimed that the earth was cooling. Their solution was massive government control over our lives. When the satellite data did not support their claim, this same group of liberals and some scientists said that the earth was warming. Their solution was massive government control over our lives. When the satellite data did not support their claim of Global Warming (no appreciable warming for the last 19-years) they (liberals and some scientists) came up with a third option: Climate Change. Their solution is massive government control over our lives. Climate Change is a perfectly named agenda for their desires for control, because the climate is always changing.”


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      Any company that has a strong conviction towards the global warming scam should move to SA otherwise they are just hypocrites much like Greenies who still drive cars that use fossil fuels. Also, if they and the SA government are such strong believers in their religion of fighting climate change then how come they still rely so heavily on Victoria for base load power? Cut the link for 1 year and see if they change their tune. If they don’t then leave it cut for another year. Keep doing this until they come to reality.


      • #

        They will not need to cut the link. Victoria is about to close down the coal fired power station that provides the power link. With 20% less power Victoria will not be too keen to keep the link open.


        • #
          Graeme No.3

          Ah, but Vic. will reverse the usual traffic and draw from NSW. They will also try to drain the lakes in Tasmania.
          When the lights go out in S.A. Premier Weatherill will disappear overseas with his payout.
          He will leave 2 envelops for Premier Andrews.
          The first will be for when the lights go out the first time: The note inside will say Blame the Federal Government.
          The second will be for when the lights go out again. The note will say take your payout and run.


      • #

        The link has been capped to 600 megawatt, if I recall rightly.


    • #

      Dammit. Weetbix was my choice after abandoning Kellogg’s and telling them why.
      I’ll restart my enquiries before the packet is empty …


      • #

        If you can find an alternative that fine but I wouldn’t stress about it. After all I’m still watching movies that have Hollywood actors who are brainless twits when it comes to the real world. There is one exception though – I have skipped watching any movie with Tom Cruise in it because he also follows another religious cult as well – Scientology. I can cope with people who follow one religious cult but when it comes to two or more I draw the line.


      • #

        Try any home brand rolled oats and make your own muesli or porridge – no guilt and you may even lose weight.


        • #

          Unfortunately, Coles are making Apple and cinnamon hot cross buns.

          There goes the carb restraint :-(

          Nah.. forget the sad face.. :-) YUMMMMMMMM


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            roflmao.. 2 red thumbs for that

            The poor red thumbers must live on a diet of soggy Weetbix and water.

            No flavour in their little empty lives, what so ever.

            I DARE you to go out and try some of them….

            … maybe they will wake up your stupefied minds.


        • #
          Allen Ford

          You beat me to the punch, PP. I’ve been on the rolled oats kick for years and love it!

          I soak 1/2 cup of RO and 1 tablespoon of dried sultanas overnight in 1 cup of water. Next morn, I add 1 cup of full cream milk and a pinch of sugar and cook gently until the porridge thickens but still runny (it will thicken up further as it cools down). He sultanas swell up beautifully and add some texture, also a bit of vitamin C, but not to the Linus Pauling level.

          The beauty of this approach is that you can vary the formula, with or without other goodies, to your heart’s content and personal taste.

          Bon appertit!


    • #
      James Murphy

      In their defence, if it came as a surprise to anyone that Sanitarium is owned by the SDA then doesn’t it go some way to showing that it is a company which doesn’t make an effort to push the beliefs of the owners onto the general public (via that brand, at least)?

      I’ll even go so far as to say that in Adelaide, and probably elsewhere, I know they donate a lot of food to homeless shelters and the like, all without fanfare, in fact, almost to the point of demanding anonymity. (no, I’m not associated with the SDA, or sanitarium, so it’s not some sort of advertising effort!)


      • #

        Yes James. With the membership of the organisation clearly not swallowing it whole, they may just need to question the authority of the text author to use a keyboard…loudly.
        Much like Catholics need to encourage the pedophiles to stay well away from kids.


      • #

        I stopped buying Sanitarium when I found out that many of their products are halal certified.

        Check and search for Sanitarium.

        Also check

        I have no problem with a religious organisation making products for their beliefs, but I consider it odd that they would pay the halal scam tax for another religion.


  • #

    If you search on Kellogg’s contact us you get their webmail and can tell them what you think, both head office, and subsidiaries in other countries, who might feel a lesser effect and are wondering why.
    Having eaten corn flakes for 67.5 of my 68 years I was happy to continue, but they’ve lost me. Breakfast cereal can be tricky when you get older. Much of the “healthy” stuff contains so much whole grain that it is likely to scour the villae from your small intestines.


    • #

      Got a polite reply from Kellogg’s US along with a Consumer Affairs Reference Number.
      .” … We’re sorry to hear that you are unhappy with our decision to stop advertising with Breitbart. …We have forwarded your feedback to our corporate management team.”
      Hey – maybe they’ll send me a free carton of the stuff. Something like that has happened to me before. (It wasn’t cereal.)


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    You’re right Jo, ” Hey, but it could be a coincidence.”, but I reckon there’s a better correlation here than in the “CO2 causes CAGW” gunk.
    Dave B


  • #

    All the lessons of Climate Change history in four sentences:

    Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad with power.

    The mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly small.

    The bee fertilizes the flower it robs.

    When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.

    Charles A. Beard


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    16 Feb: CNET: Shara Tibken: GOP demands inquiry into EPA use of encrypted messaging apps
    A congressional committee says it’s worried the conversations run afoul of federal record-keeping requirements.
    Federal employees with concerns about the impact of President Donald Trump’s administration have turned to encrypted messaging apps, new email addresses and other ways to coordinate their defense strategies, according to a report earlier this month from Politico.
    That article and others prompted Rep. Darin LaHood, a Republican from Illinois, and Rep. Lamar Smith, a Republican from Texas, to send a letter to EPA Inspector General Arthur A. Elkins, Jr. asking him to “determine whether it’s appropriate to launch a full-scale review” of EPA workers’ use of encrypted apps…
    The letter on Wednesday cited a recent review from the EPA inspector general that found between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015, only 86 of the 3.1 million text messages sent or received on government-issued devices were preserved and archived as a federal record…

    interview with the outgoing Burke:

    15 Feb: Harvard Political Review: Interview: Dr. Thomas A. Burke, EPA
    By Marty Berger
    (Dr. Thomas A. Burke is the former Science Advisor and deputy assistant administrator for the Office of Research and Development at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The interview was conducted on January 19th, 2017)
    HPR: Do you think that your perspective on environmental science or public health changed at all over the course of your time in the EPA?
    TAB: Absolutely. It was tremendous. Even at a pretty late stage of my career, a very senior part of my career, it was an incredible learning experience…
    My perspective on the importance of getting the science right, of making sure it’s credible, it’s transparent, and it’s well peer-reviewed, my respect for that and my recognition of the necessity for that in order to have trust in the science has really been eye-opening. I think I’ll be a better professor; I’ll be a better teacher because of the incredible rigor of the science and the constant questioning and transparency and inclusion in the review process that comes with being part of the Environmental Protection Agency…


  • #

    I went to buy some breakfast cereal yesterday. True to my boycott conviction, I scanned the Kellogs offerings and bought Sanitarium instead.


    • #

      In the USA, we have, besides Kelloggs, Post, General Mills and Quaker, Wal-Mart’s Great Value (and many other “store brands”), Malt-O-Meal, and lesser or regional brands, like Ralston. They are all perfectly good cereals (believe it or not), and I for one truly appreciate them all (while going for the cheapest, among the kinds–not brands–I like most).

      With all that here, “Sanitarium” cereals sounds…well. Don’t you guys have more alternatives? You poor blighters…(BWA-HA-HA)


    • #
      Graham Richards

      Try Coles home brand.At $1.80 for good quality you can’t go wrong. Kellogg’s have the audacity to charge + $4.00 for the same quantity. Talk about sour taste….


  • #
    Faye Busch

    When the Breitbart ban by Kelloggs happened, I asked the person in charge of products-on-shelves at our local supermarket, how Kelloggs was going. Had they suffered a downturn? He said ‘no’. Perhaps I asked too soon and will follow up. Not a huge number of people in Australia, I suppose, would connect with brietbart and therefore know of the ban.


    • #

      Kelloggs are still saying that the Breitbart campaign had no effect. It is the only thing they can say, short of admitting they were wrong.


      • #
        Greg Cavanagh

        Temperature data homogenization also has no effect on the outcome.
        Illegals voting in the last US election wouldn’t affect the outcome, until the vote was counted when they found they didn’t cheat enough.


      • #
        Graeme No.3

        Kellogs homogenising the sales records?


      • #

        You may like to know Breitbart has also reported on Kelloggs fight with the unions…

        Jim Hoffa, president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, says his organization will “fight” Kellogg’s decision to shift from direct delivery of its foods to stores, a move that will result in the firing of more than 1,100 full-time workers at Kellogg’s facilities across the country.

        “On February 8, The Kellogg Company (NYSE: K) announced its short-sighted plan to eliminate their U.S.(Keebler) snacks direct store delivery system across the country which will destroy nearly 1,200 good, Teamster jobs in key markets across the country,” Hoffa said in press statement.

        “It is an outrage for Kellogg’s – an iconic American company – to turn its back on working families,” Hoffa said.


  • #

    All I want to say is …

    ” Diddums ”


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    15 Feb: CNBC: Trump plans executive orders to scale back EPA’s climate change work, Beltway newsletter reports
    by Tom DiChristopher
    President Donald Trump plans to introduce executive actions aimed at scaling back Obama-era climate change initiatives, according to the newsletter Inside EPA.
    The president intends to sign the actions (LINK) during a visit to the Environmental Protection Agency headquarters to swear in Scott Pruitt as head of the agency, Inside EPA reported Tuesday, citing an administration source. The timing of the event has not been determined because the full Senate has not yet confirmed Pruitt…
    The source did not share the contents of the executive actions, but told Inside EPA they would “suck the air out” of the room…

    The executive orders could repeal former President Barack Obama’s Climate Action Plan, a framework for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and the Clean Power Plan, which regulates carbon emissions from power plants, Inside EPA reported…
    The source said one of the planned executive actions will be directed at the State Department. Inside EPA said that suggests it may relate to the Paris Agreement, an international accord to reduce the impact of climate change, which Trump has threatened to abandon or defund…

    above links to The Hill’s original article: Report – Trump aiming to sign executive orders on EPA by Devin Henry 15 Feb 2017, which includes:
    “Senate Republicans are aiming to vote on Pruitt’s nomination this week. Nearly every Democrat is likely to oppose Pruitt, but he is expected to have enough Republican support to win confirmation.”
    hopefully, Pruitt will be confirmed Friday US time.

    read all the following:

    14 Feb: China Dialogue: Roundtable: How will countries respond if the US withdraws from Paris?
    Zou Ji, deputy director-general, National Centre for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation (NCSC):
    The global and national low-carbon transition is no longer just about climate change; it is about using changes in infrastructure investment and technological innovation to reinvigorate the global economy and promote sustainable development. …The global trend towards a low-carbon transition is irreversible…

    Barbara Finamore is Asia director at the National Resources Defence Council (NRDC) and Han Chen is international climate advocate at NRDC:
    President Xi has said, “China will continue to take steps to tackle climate change and fully honour its obligations.” Meanwhile, the European Union (EU) energy chief says the EU is “ready to lead the fight” no matter what Trump does…
    China’s new 2020 climate roadmap puts China on track to over-achieve its 2020 Paris commitments…
    India’s Central Electricity Authority has issued a draft plan with estimates of potential renewables growth to 275GW by 2027 and 57% fossil-free electricity by 2027…
    A large majority of Americans are against a US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement and say 2:1 that Trump should not cut regulations to combat climate change (LINKS TO FAKENEWS CHICAGO COUNCIL ON GLOBAL AFFAIRS SURVEY NOV 2016)…

    Arunabha Ghosh is CEO of Council on Energy, Environment and Water, a climate thinktank:
    2: Other emerging economies or developing countries will struggle to fulfil current commitments. Their actions were already contingent on a step change in international financing for climate action. Leveraging international public finance for private investment will remain a far cry…

    Richard Klein is a senior research fellow at the Stockholm Environmental Institute:
    A possible defunding of the UNFCCC process would not only reduce the amount of money available to help developing countries take mitigation and adaptation action, but also incapacitate the UNFCCC Secretariat.
    This year the US contributes 21% of the Secretariat’s core budget; it is unclear how the Secretariat could meaningfully fulfil its broadened mandate if this were to be fully cut…

    Andrew Light, distinguished senior fellow at World Resources Institute (WRI), and David Waskow, director of the International Climate Initiative at WRI:
    If the US pulls back from its emissions reduction targets then it cedes the race for the global clean energy economy, valued at a US$6 trillion (41 trillion yuan) market by 2030…

    Qi Ye, is a professor at Tsinghua University and director at the Brookings-Tsinghua Center for Public Policy​:
    The Obama administration signed the Paris Agreement anticipating that Congress would not ratify it. As such, the Agreement has​ little chance​​ ​of becoming domestic law​…
    In the event of the US withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, global cooperation on climate change could be endangered. If other countries, especially those from the Umbrella Group, follow suit it may spell the end of the Agreement…


  • #

    comment with 2 links beginning with:
    GOP demands inquiry into EPA use of encrypted messaging apps
    has gone into moderation.


  • #

    I read where a number of department stores are taking Ivanka Trump’s fashion line from their stores/online stores. I’m sure they will get a back lash as well.


  • #
    Keith L

    Kelloggs forgot that Breitbart has a web site that informs millions of people about news on a daily basis whereas they themselves just produce cereal and are lucky if anyone even sees their website.


  • #

    All this is a rage against domocracy.

    As for Clinton winning the popular vote.

    she won it by 2.8m won California by 4.2m.
    This means Trump won the popular vote in the other 49 states by 1.5m.
    The gop won the house 241 to 194 the senate 51 to 46 2 independents a majority governers 33 to 17.
    Those figures show starkly the absolute necessity of the college system.
    she could not possibly govern against those odds.


    • #

      When you think about it, Clinton didn’t win the popular vote at all. The popular vote would seem to have been not to vote at all.


    • #
      Gail Combs

      Actually Hillary did NOT win the popular vote AMONG AMERICANS.

      SEE: link about the number of non-citizens voting. (Spoken of in passing. I can not wait for his full report to come out since my state, North Carolina, got a Democrat for governor under very hinky circumstances.)

      Also True the Vote: 2012 Facts & Figures President Catherine Engelbrecht was targeted by Obummer’s IRS, OSHA, EPA, ATF…. for daring to bring up the amount of voter fraud in the 2012 election.


  • #

    drain the swamp. Obama-appointed Acting Commissioner doesn’t want to wait til Friday when Pruit should be in charge! lol:

    15 Feb: The Hill Devin Henry: Interim EPA head says hiring freeze hurting the agency
    A Trump administration hiring freeze for the federal government is damaging the Environmental Protection Agency, the EPA’s acting administrator said in a video message to employees on Wednesday.
    The freeze, instituted by Trump last month, “is already creating some challenges to our ability to get the agency’s work done,” (OBAMA-APPOINTED) acting administrator Catherine McCabe said in her video…

    “We also recognize that the freeze on regulations is raising some questions,” McCabe said in her message. “We are continuing to work through those questions with the assistance of the transition team and guidance from the White House Office of Management and Budget.”
    McCabe, a career staffer who is deputy director for the EPA’s Region 2, has released a series of videos explaining agency transition procedures since Trump took office in January.
    In her Wednesday video, she noted that the Senate could vote on Trump’s nominee to be EPA administrator, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, as soon as this week…

    That appointment — if approved, as expected, by the Senate — could bring major changes to the EPA’s operations. Trump is reportedly considering attending a swearing-in ceremony for Pruitt at EPA headquarters where he will sign a series of executive orders that could roll back the agency’s work on climate issues.

    “Whatever changes and challenges come, we know we can count on you to resound with professionalism,” McCabe said in her video.
    “We will continue to do our best to ensure that this agency’s decisions and actions are based on our two bedrock principles: carrying out the law and ensuring that ***the best science informs all that we do.”


  • #

    no surprise Diffenbaugh connects Oroville to “changing climate”! what ever happened to “climate change”?

    14 Feb: NYT: NOAH S. DIFFENBAUGH: What California’s Dam Crisis Says About the Changing Climate
    (Noah S. Diffenbaugh is a senior fellow and professor of earth system science at Stanford)

    Our water system was designed and built in an ***OLD CLIMATE, one in which extremely warm years were less common and snowpack was more reliable…
    The recent drought has highlighted the pressure that a changing climate puts on a snowpack-dependent water system…
    The juxtaposition of five years of hot, dry conditions followed by more rain than reservoirs can store may seem incongruous. However, this is exactly what climate scientists have predicted for California since at least the 1980s: protracted periods of warm, dry conditions punctuated by intense wet spells, with more rain and less snow, causing both drought and floods. Recent work from my lab shows that in fact this pattern is already emerging, with the conditions that create extremely warm dry years and extremely wet years both becoming more frequent…
    As the last five years illustrate, California’s water system is not equipped for climate change’s “new normal…


    • #

      Inflows into Oroville Res.

      California has ALWAYS had “protracted periods of warm, dry conditions punctuated by intense wet spells” just like Australia.

      I bet its a monumental statistical feat to tease out any changes in frequency.

      But we all know that “climate scientists™” are adept at data torture…. until found out.


      • #

        Reckon Kellogs should move to California so they can slush around in the same left wing mud pit….wonder how they will produce brekky cereal when the wind stops?



    • #

      Oh and please.. “new normal …” you have got to be kidding !!

      Find a new AGW scare phrase, that one has lost itself in the failed prediction spaghetti.


    • #

      It is instructive to read Scientific American January 2013 article “The Coming Megafloods”. The biggest known example of “atmospheric rivers” occurred in 1861 when it rained in northern California for about 43 days. Sacramento was flooded for weeks and San Francisco bay was full of fresh water. It doesn’t mention global CO2 levels, but I suspect they were around 300ppm.


    • #
      Gail Combs

      And Governor Moonbeam has Already asked Trump for Federal Funds while his state legislate is studying a bill to make the entire state a ‘sanctuary city’ Also there are rumblings of leaving the USA to be come a separate country (until Mexico annexes them.)

      You really can’t make this stuff up!

      They act like a two year old tossing a tantrum and an hour later expecting Mom to give them the new toy they demand.


  • #
    Paul Bamford

    What a wonderful report.
    You have brightened my day Jo.


  • #

    Fruit nuts and flakes at the top . Thought they could ride
    a Trump hater wave but instead revealed they were run by snowflakes .
    You have to wonder what the geniuses were thinking ? Did they think
    people who were Trump haters were going to buy more cereal and get a big charge out
    of the politically correct positioning? While the 60 million deplorable were
    going to stand by and not wiggle while Kellogs pee’d on their corn flakes ?
    No more Kellogg’s .

    When companies start screwing around with political posturing they are also messing with
    shareholder value that can go bad fast .


  • #

    I’m not the boycott type, bit too collectivist for me. But if I was a Kelloggs shareholder I’d be furious with these big-mouth, posturing execs who make more millions out of companies than the people who built them. The Kellogg brothers were risk-takers, innovators and givers who didn’t earn a cent till they sold product. A modern CEO gets paid at hiring and gets paid at the sack, sometimes more at the sack. This should not make them ashamed…but it should make them humble with a small trap.

    As for being a bigot, I admit to being bigoted against WW3, especially on the side of a violent kleptocrat with a consistent record of bungling and losing…as far as those shores of Tripoli, where the US is supposed to win, according to the song.


    • #
      Gail Combs

      I do not consider it ‘collectivist’ I consider it voting with my feet and have done it for over forty years. Afterall, why should I do business with a firm that insults me?


    • #
      Dean from Ohio

      Yep, bigot sounds about right, assuming you have no problem with the crimes of Ms. Universe of Corruption, Incompetent in Chief Hillary “Benghazi” Clinton.


  • #

    Kellogs old school executives, old school in that they are probably somewhere around 40 years old, seemed to have gotten themselves caught out in taking Breitbart on in today’s social media dominated environment.

    Probably no more than a half dozen years ago the Kellogg’s executives would still have been able to pull all their advertising from Breitbart. Breitbart would have squealed loudly but nobody except those closely associated with Kelloggs and Breitbart would have concerned themselves very much, share holders being the exception.
    Everybody else just would have gone about their daily business blissfully unaware of the major advertising contretemps between Kelloggs and Breitbart.

    Nor would they have bothered their intelligence as with the usual and regular news of fights and legal battles between a couple of big corporations it would have just been corporation business as usual in the eyes of the punters.
    The punters would have just shaken their heads over the stupidity of it all and gone about their normal regular business.

    But the two items that have cast a whole new slant on these types of disagreements and ideologically and politically based conflicts between corporations has been the incredible rise of the emotion reliant social media and its ability to pass on highly emotive and usually exaggerated information in short easily digested, no intellectual depth at all, messages that are more often than not almost totally reliant on the emotive feelings of the recipients for the messages impact and effects.

    Kelloggs seemed to have completely misread and missed entirely the impact of Breitbarts highly emotive and fast acting response through the use of the social media to trap Kelloggs in a situation for which they were totally unprepared publicity wise as well as economically and politically to counter Breitbart’s highly emotive use of the social media which Breitbart cleverly used to reverse the attack upon itself and to turn that attack back onto Kelloggs leaving the Kellogg’s executives with no logical response and nowhere to go.

    Plus of course, Kellogg’s executives in what was a classic case of arrogance, hubris and stupidity on the part of their executives who seemed to have thought they were so powerful and were on the side of the angels when they carried out the commercially based attack upon the Trump supporting Breitbart news organisation, so much so that they seemed to have completely overlooked the fact that half the American voters, their customers, supported Trump who Kelloggs made very clear was the real target of their commercial decision.

    With the continuing very nasty and democratic reputation degrading performance in trying to destroy Trump by any means possible, A President Trump who even a lot of American voters who might not have voted for Trump originally must be starting to just get sick to death of the sheer continuing viscousness and slandering that is such an ongoing feature of the Democratic party attempts today to destroy Trump today using some fanatical and increasingly far left, highly divisive, nasty violent no leeway supporters as its shock troops whilst the party officials hide behind thew skirts of the leftist anti trump media protection racket.

    And if that is the case there is likely to be a very severe backlash building amongst even the Democratic voting “deplorables” in America’s heartland including many non Trump voters who having voted and seen their corrupt candidate lose under a long accepted American voting system, are now becoming quite comfortable with their new President and who getting thoroughly fed up with and sick of the constant sniping and deliberate slandering of the Washington swamp’s political and media elite of what is now their newly elected American President for the next four years.

    The backlash by the “deplorables”, both Republican and Democratic against the viciousness of the Washington and east and west coast elitist political and media swamp dwellers could get very nasty in the next few months if the current stupidity of trying to tear Trump down by any means possible whether fair or more likely very foul just because they didn’t get their own very corrupt candidate into power or far more simply, do not agree with Trumps politics, it is a democracy for god’s sake, could have some very serious repercussions for the longer term American political system and scene.


  • #

    They finally found a positive feed back

    Chicken littles fret about agw, get violent about it, no one listens to them so they exaggerate agw, fret some more and get more violent. No one listens so they exaggerate some more, fret more, no one listens….ad infinitum


  • #

    The amusing aspect about all this is the longer it takes for the so called global warming catastrophe to come about the worse it will get for the alarmists and scam artists. Eventually the people will realise it’s all just one big scam – in fact the biggest ever. If any company, media outlet or government keeps preaching the scam in years to come they will eventually cease to exist well before any climate change disaster happens since even under their worst case scenario it’s decades away.


  • #

    15 Feb: Guardian: Hannah Devlin: Trump’s likely science adviser calls climate scientists ‘glassy-eyed cult’
    William Happer, frontrunner for job of providing mainstream scientific opinion to officials, backs crackdown on federal scientists’ freedom to speak out
    The man tipped as frontrunner for the role of science adviser to Donald Trump has described climate scientists as “a glassy-eyed cult” in the throes of a form of collective madness…
    “There’s a whole area of climate so-called science that is really more like a cult,” Happer told the Guardian. “It’s like Hare Krishna or something like that. They’re glassy-eyed and they chant. It will potentially harm the image of all science.”…
    has previously described global warming as “very expensive … bullshit” and has signalled a continued hardline stance since taking power…

    When asked for examples of where the current vetting process has failed, Happer cited a recent controversy surrounding a high-profile paper published by National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (Noaa) scientists showing that global surface temperatures had risen again after temporarily levelling off.
    Earlier this month, a retired Noaa scientist, Robert(sic) Bates, accused his former colleagues of rushing out the paper ahead of the UN conference…
    “This disappearance of the hiatus in global warming, which was trotted out just before the [UN] Paris conference … it was clearly just a political fanfare,” said Happer. “We shouldn’t be doing that. They were fiddling with the temperature records to make the hiatus go away.”…
    “There’s a huge amount of money that we spend on saving the planet,” he said. “If it turns out that the planet doesn’t need saving as much as we thought, well, there are other ways you could spend the money…
    David Gelernter, a Yale computer scientist who has also questioned the reality of manmade climate change, is also reported to be in the running for the role of science adviser, but was not available for interview.


  • #

    15 Feb: ProPublica: Andrew Revkin: A Physicist and Possible Adviser to Trump Describes His Love of Science, and CO2
    Brilliant and controversial, Dr. Will Happer of Princeton says being called a climate denier feels like being labeled a Nazi sympathizer.
    (This story was co-published with the Huffington Post.)
    REVKIN: Do you have your own sense of a way to get us out of this alarmist-denier-alarmist-denier rhetoric? Or is it hopeless?
    HAPPER:…I think toning down the rhetoric would help a lot. And it has been very uneven — for example under the previous eight years the President and secretary of state kept talking about the deniers, you know, about the baskets of deplorables, the knuckle draggers, the Neanderthals. That was me they’re talking about.
    And I think the climate alarmists have been most guilty because they have complete control of the media, they’ve got people like you, they got the President, they got the secretary of state, they hijacked all the major scientific societies. It’s not my side. There’s nobody who listens to us, you know, even if we have crazies saying things, nobody pays any attention, and on the other side if you’re crazy you get the front page of The New York Times. And it’s not because the science is all on their side either. The science is very, very shaky on their side…

    REVKIN: Can you dig in on that a little bit? What is the shaky thing? Is it the science itself or the interpretations?
    HAPPER. What’s not only shaky but almost certainly wrong is the predicted warming. In 1988, you could look at the predictions of warming that we would have today and we’re way below anything [NASA scientist Jim] Hansen predicted at that time. And the celebrated climate sensitivity, how much warming you get for doubling CO2 and waiting for things to settle down, the equilibrium sensitivity, is probably around 1 degree centigrade, it’s not 3 1/2 or whatever the agreed-on number was. It may even be less. And the Earth has done the experiment with more CO2 many, many times in the past. In fact, most of the time it’s been much more CO2 than now. You know, the geological record’s completely clear on that. So nothing bad happened, in fact the earth flourished with more CO2…READ ALL


  • #

    no wonder no-one takes them seriously!

    16 Feb: HuffPo: Reflections from the World Government Summit
    by Noa Gafni Slaney, CEO, Impact Squared
    Despite a cloud of pessimism regarding the role of the public sector and trust in governments at an all-time low, the World Government Summit took place in Dubai. The event, which featured speakers such as Antonio Guterres, Christine Lagarde and Elon Musk, highlighted a counter-cultural wave of positivity and optimism. Overall, participants agreed that governments still have a role to play in this fast paced and ever-changing world, particularly when it comes to multilateralism, innovation, and sustainable development…
    Xi Jinping’s speech at Davos was frequently mentioned as an example of a commitment to globalisation and global citizenship…

    Klaus Schwab kicked off the Summit with an overview of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the need for the public sector to keep pace with exponential technologies. Elon Musk described a future in which automated vehicles, artificial intelligence and human-machine interfaces will be the norm…
    The conversations around sustainable development were groundbreaking. The public sector is doubling down on its commitment to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Jeffrey Sachs stressed the importance of addressing climate change, which disproportionately impacts the world’s poor…
    And institutions such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund unveiled their plans to partner with the private sector to close the funding gap needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals…

    In a world where much of the discussion around governments focuses on Brexit, Trump and the French elections, it was heartening to see a proactive and productive approach. As the role of the public sector continues to evolve, many see global cooperation evolving with it…


  • #
    • #

      That will REALLY put the cat among the AGW rats ! :-)


    • #

      “Happer dismissed concerns that Trump is “anti-science”, “

      When you consider ALL the top brass of the previous administration, Trump HAS to be about 10 magnitudes above them.

      Obama, Lurk, etc,.. NONE of them had even the SLIGHTEST, REMOTEST, idea about anything to do with science


    • #

      from the video

      “I think a 1000ppm will be better for plants”
      “It gives drought resistance to plants”
      “We are in a bit of a CO2 famine”
      “It is a complete distortion of the truth to call it pollution”
      “All of the geological evidence indicates that CO2 is a minor player”

      Every statement manifestly TRUE


  • #

    John Bryant, CEO of kellogs received a Doctorate from ANU, the institution’s highest accolade.

    He sees his organisation as something that needs change that is ‘creative’

    “With great change comes great opportunity. Large companies need to pursue creative destruction, the need to reshape themselves, while start-ups will bring new solutions to consumers and transform industries as we know them’
    He wants to help small food growers.
    ‘Mr Bryant highlights the corporate social responsibility of Kellogg as an international leader in the global food industry. At the United Nations Climate Summit he announced Kellogg’s commitment to support the livelihoods of 15,000 small holder growers around the world.’

    Some investments in small holdings have not paid off
    Feb 9 (Reuters) – Corn Flakes maker Kellogg Co posted a bigger quarterly net loss, as it took a charge related to its Venezuelan business.

    Perhaps its logical, after an immersion experience with the UN Climate Summit, to block organisations that oppose the UN climate narrative, such as Breitbart.

    However when a corporate maintains sight of the business it is in, feeding people, it cannot be too precious about reaching out to people who eat their food, even if they don’t like those people.

    Carried to its logical conclusion, Kellogg would only feed and appeal to those of the right persuasions.
    Apart from the dysfunction of this, as it alienates a justly found market, feeding people,there remains the threat of unquantifiable risk.
    This is reducible to loss occurring when the political/belief system being opposed switches or evolves to a more widely accepted position.
    In the meanwhile others, who want to help people by feeding them, have eroded the oligopoly, which has been forced to shut factories and lay off staff.
    Not good in a downturn.


  • #
    michael hart

    Kellog’s problem is that their marketing department seems to have got their political facts and opinions from the back of a packet of breakfast cereal. Never believe your own propaganda, as the saying goes.


  • #

    Well considering that conservatives are probably the only parents that bother feeding their kids breakfast, K’loggs have totally misread their product demographic.


  • #

    So, the point you are making here is that Kelloggs may be slightly less inept than say…….Pauline Hanson??

    I mean seriously, have they learned from the Cullerton episode to actually vet their candidates?? Nooooo :) Lol! How did they bring together such a bunch of utter loonies? Some of who may actually win seats as the Libs are bending over fast and far as they can to legitimize Hanson and her fellow travelers on the road to their right wing loon utopia.

    One of them seems to be a genuine tin foil hatter??

    I really wonder if Ashby is actually working for Tony Abbott???


  • #

    Amazing how the Flannery and Steffen donkeys still get a free pass from their ABC, Fairfax and most of the MSM.
    After years of clueless forecasts these fools can still be called top scientists. Just unbelievable. Top marks to the Bolter for this update and Jo’s SWWA gets a special mention.


  • #
    Geoffrey Williams

    Kellog’s corn flakes – never again.
    They want to play games – ok by me!
    Same for any other branded products.


  • #
    Sceptical Sam

    Breitbart responded with the DumpKelloggs petition, and 436,000 people pledged never to buy Kelloggs again.

    That’s just the tip of the Weet-Bix.

    There are many, many more who didn’t publicly declare but immediately started buying the competitors’ products.


    • #
      stan stendera

      Me, for one. I like peanut butter and switched from Jif (Kellogg’s) to Skippy (Hormel) which I happen to own stock in. I never signed any petition.


  • #

    Going the other way the leftist boycotts of Chick-Fil-A and L. L. Bean are having worse than no effect because sane people stepped up their purchases from them. Kellogg really hurt it’s self but won’t admit it. Not a Kellogg product in my house now except some Eggo mini pancakes my wife bought without my knowledge because our Grandbaby loves them.


  • #

    Not only are they off on the SJW fling but the stuff they peddle are horrible for your health.

    Read any recent nutrition book (suggest Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food) that covers the actual bio-chemistry of the body and you’ll find that about all companies like Kellogg provide are vegetable oil and sugar. East a bowl containing 100 carbs and your body converts it to 100 teaspoons of sugar.

    Kellogg products, simply, should be shunned for health reasons.


  • #

    JAA – Just another anecdote. Trump owns a winery in this state. Several local grocers sell his wine. NAG (NOW for the staid) called for the chain to stop selling it or they would boycott the chain!

    The chain pushed back and said they offered a variety and let the consumer decide.

    But they are having problems keeping the wine in stock as it is flying off the shelves.

    Other chains are now asking NAG to call for a boycott of them so they can compete!


  • #

    Kellogs has been banned from my house. Don’t miss them.


  • #

    I won’t buy Kelloggs products because they are surreptitiously Halal Certified.


  • #
    Roy Hogue

    Hey, Kellogg! Keep on truckin. You never made a worthwhile cereal anyway so I won’t miss you when you go down the drain.

    Or you could wise up a little and stay in business. It’s called stick with what you’re good at, making products. What you’re not very good at is calling your customers names and selling “social justice”, a term no one can even define well enough to talk about except to call it socialism.


  • #

    Guaranteed those executive bonuses will be paid the Kellogg dim wits
    who pulled this poo in your own pants Kellogg moment .

    I can live without Kellogg’s no problem .


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