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The Australian Bureau of Met hides 50 years of very hot days

History is being wiped out

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has not only disappeared the Very Hot Days graph but they have wiped out thousands of 40 plus hot days in the years from 1910 – 1963 — years when almost all temperatures in Australia were recorded on Stevenson screens by trained officials under the central management of the Bureau. Volunteer, Chris Gillham, found the data and the changes between ACORN 1 and ACORN 2 and created this transformative graph below.

1952 had more hot days than any year since. Not any more. All those poor sods in 1952 who endured an average twenty one 40-degree-plus days will find now that it wasn’t really that hot. The BoM is like an air conditioner that cools the country 70 years in the past. And it’s only a million dollars a day…

As Craig Kelly MP points out — 2011 had the fewest “very hot days” of the last century, but even the recent data from expert equipment can change eight years later.

Chris Gillham also tested the effect of the latest secret ACORN 2 changes on the “old century” 100F cut off, and found, remarkably that there were more “hotter-than-100” days in the raw data in the first half of last century. All that global warming eh? You’ll be shocked I tell you, shocked, to find that the BOMs latest adjustments change that trend from a fairly stable one to … an increase.

Ponder that with millions more people, concrete and cars in the modern era, it’s the old measurements in good screens in open fields that are being quietly adjusted down, not up, and by secret methods.

If the BOM were a bank adjusting it’s own tax receipts, the Labor Party and Greens would be demanding a Royal Commission.

Check out Chris’s site, a vast amount of data-crunching, all done unpaid. Thank him here!

— Jo


Extreme adjustments distort Australia’s very hot days

Guest post by Chris Gillham who publishes WAClimate

Only a few people know that in early 2019 the Bureau of Meteorology updated its ACORN dataset and increased Australia’s per decade rate of mean temperature warming since 1910 by 23%. The Australian remains the only media that has ever mentioned ACORN 2 or its ramifications. At least 25 million Australians have never heard of ACORN 2 …

Even fewer are aware that ACORN 2 has influenced and distorted the number of days at 40.0C or above, defined by the bureau as “very hot days”, since 1910.

The animated graphic below shows very hot days from 1910 to 2015 in the ACORN 1 dataset source archived bureau pages within the WayBack Machine when compared to very hot days from 1910 to 2018 within the ACORN 2 dataset sourced to current readings at the BoM website.
Very Hot Days in Australia, graph, Bureau of Meteorology.

Sweeping changes in record hot days? The Bureau of Meteorology adjusted raw data to make ACORN 1 and has adjusted that further to make ACORN 2!

The animation points arrows at how the record high averaged number of very hot days in 1952 within the ACORN 1 dataset was reduced by 24.1% in the ACORN 2 dataset, and the ACORN 1 averaged total for 1952 is still more than the ACORN 2 averaged total for 2018.
To shine a spotlight within the annual averages animated above, it’s worth looking at a random sample of individual stations:
  • At Bourke in NSW from 1910 to 2017 there were 1,909 very hot 40C+ days in RAW (average 41.7C), but in ACORN 1 there were 1,727 very hot 40C+ days (average 42.0C), and in ACORN 2 there were 1,589 very hot 40C+ days (average 41.7C). From RAW to ACORN 2 this is a 16.7% reduction in days.
  • At Marble Bar in WA from 1910 to 2017 there were 11,345 very hot 40C+ days in RAW (average 42.4C), but in ACORN 1 there were 10,060 very hot 40C+ days (average 42.5C), and in ACORN 2 there were 9,962 very hot 40C+ days (average 42.4C). From RAW to ACORN 2 this is a 12.2% reduction in days.
  • At Alice Springs in the Northern Territory from 1910 to 2017 there were 1,526 very hot 40C+ days in RAW (average 41.1C), but in ACORN 1 there were 1,421 very hot 40C+ days (average 41.1C), and in ACORN 2 there were 1,232 very hot 40C+ days (average 41.1C). From RAW to ACORN 2 this is a 19.3% reduction in days.
  • At Boulia in Queensland from 1910 to 2017 there were 4,889 very hot 40C+ days in RAW (average 41.6C), but in ACORN 1 there were 4,236 very hot 40C+ days (average 41.6C), and in ACORN 2 there were 3,500 very hot 40C+ days (average 41.7C). From RAW to ACORN 2 this is a 28.4% reduction in days.
  • At Wandering in WA from 1910 to 2017 there were 325 very hot 40C+ days in RAW (average 41.1C), but in ACORN 1 there were 266 very hot 40C+ days (average 41.1C), and in ACORN 2 there were 219 very hot 40C+ days (average 41.2C). From RAW to ACORN 2 this is a 32.6% reduction in days.
The animation above makes clear that the overwhelming bulk of these reduced very hot days in ACORN 2 at these individual stations and at most others was in the first half of the 1900s.

What about the old Fahrenheit “Hotter than 100 days”?

Another way to approach this issue is to define a very hot day as having a maximum equal to or hotter than 37.8C, which before 1972 metrication was known as a good old fashioned “century” temperature at or above 100F.
The table below compares the number of 37.8C+ very hot days in the first half of the ACORN record, 1910-1963, with the second half, 1964-2017, at the 57 long-term ACORN weather stations that were open in 1910:
The table shows that comparing 1910-1963 to 1964-2017, the total and average number of days at 37.8C or more increased 7.6% in ACORN 1, increased 15.9% in ACORN 2 and decreased 3.3% in RAW.
From 1910 to 1963, ACORN 2 reduces the number of 37.8C+ days in ACORN 1 by 12.5% and reduces the number of 37.8C+ days in RAW by 19.9%.
From 1964 to 2017, ACORN 2 reduces the number of 37.8C+ days in ACORN 1 by 5.8% and reduces the number of 37.8C+ days in RAW by 4.0%
These very hot day adjustments are worth noting when the Bureau of Meteorology claims an increase in extreme daily temperatures is indicative of climate warning, with the historic reference likely to have been homogenised within ACORN 2.
See the remarkable amount of work done by Chris Gillham at WAClimate (perhaps he says it ought be called Average Temperature Trends Across Western Australia).
9.8 out of 10 based on 89 ratings

54 comments to The Australian Bureau of Met hides 50 years of very hot days

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    There’s no excuse for this. It’s not science, it’s propaganda, and much worse than the idiots who glue themselves to the road.


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      Layer upon layer of propaganda. While Chris has done a great job just finding this information, it is important to realise that neither of these two charts represent actual readings from thermometers. It is just ACORN1 vs ACORN2. Both are perverted by dodgy homogenisation theory from a small list of stations that heatwaves of old could easily fit between without being recorded at all. Especially if the observers took Sunday off.
      The comparison table i would like to see is between none of the above but instead between the early 1910 to 1950 daily records from sites like these listed below and the gridded temperatures which are more often used for this propaganda.
      Nullabor, Lake George, Dirranbandi, Hebel, Albury, Ooldea railway, Gininderra/Murrumbateman, The Townsville institute of tropical medicine, Warwick and many more.


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        Thanks for pointing that out, Sliggy. The animation shows ACORN 1, which was a dubious homogenisation of original historic temperature trends, and ACORN 2, which is an even more dubious homogenisation of historic temperature trends that essentially “corrected” the world-class ACORN 1 dataset launched in 2012.

        If any politicians or journalists happen to read this post, be aware that ACORN 1 isn’t the original RAW temperature observations. The lack of media reporting on ACORN 2 since the beginning of this year means that most people haven’t heard of and don’t understand what ACORN is or does, and some people might confuse ACORN 1 with RAW original temps.

        I’m unaware of any BoM-sourced very hot day annual RAW data that could be used for a comparison with ACORN 2, but my 37.8C+ table in the post above gives a hint that a RAW v ACORN 2 very hot day animation would look even more bizarre.

        Also a caveat … these 40C+ very hot day figures are annual averages that the BoM has calculated using the A1 and A2 datasets. There were 57 ACORN stations open in 1910 and that gradually built to 112 by the time Learmonth opened in 1976. I’ve no idea how accurate the formula is that the bureau uses to calculate an average from 57 stations that correlates with an average from 112 stations.

        It’s worth noting a few lines from a 2001 BoM report (

        “In the process we design simple cost-effective curves, which describe how field analysis errors vary as a function of the number of stations, and hence with the financial cost of digitising. These reveal a highly non-linear relationship with, for example, an outlay of approximately $2 million (165 extra stations) providing about a 40% reduction in the root-mean-square errors of analysis, while the expenditure of an additional $2-3 million (339 extra stations in total) provides for a further error reduction of around 5% or less.”

        So If Canberra chose to budget an estimated $6 million (2019 dollars), almost 340 extra weather stations could have their long-term temperature records digitised which, in turn, would create a dataset (combined with ACORN’s 112) of about 450 stations from which average monthly and annual historic trends could be calculated, along with a more comprehensive analysis of things such as annual averages of very hot days.

        Unfortunately, it seems that $6 million is too much to spend for more accurate climate records when considering a total rebuild of Australia’s energy infrastructure and economy to tackle the so-call climate crisis that’s supposed to be an existential threat to the survival of mankind.


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      Ted O'Brien.

      Those charts look more like tallies than averages.


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        Yes. Tallies does seem like a more appropriate description.


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        Is it the annual average number of very hot days per month? Why not then just give the tally for each year and be done with the ‘averages’?


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        They’re averages because there were 57 ACORN station in 1910 and 112 by 1976.

        The presumed bureau method would be to calculate all the tallies for each year and then divide those annual sums by whatever number of stations were contributing each year – i.e. averages.

        A bit dodgy because it’s influenced by how many or what proportion of stations were in hot v cold climates in 1910 compared to 1976 and every year in between, but these are the official BoM calculations using ACORN 2 so they are very precise measurements beyond questioning by sceptics.


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    A real hoot, that animation. Even if (like me) you don’t think much of min/max or averaged without background info, it shows the desperation of the climatariat. Great score by Chris.

    Makes you wonder if the bare metal tray and pole over dry red ground at Giles was just error. Even if the bitumen road was a simple whoopsie. What’s the game?

    California here we come?


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    Lionell Griffith

    Yes, it is your government lying to you to protect themselves from you. All they while, they are using their guns, jails, and police to require you to pay for that favor.

    At least you can still complain about it but don’t dare do anything. There are at least a 1000 ways they can back come at you by law and make you be sorry about speaking out. Laws they passed while they were lying to you, saying it was for your own good, and making you pay for that favor by the use of government coercion. Thugs, all without ANY socially redeeming features. Oh, but it is all legal and giving you due process by the rules THEY passed while lying to you.

    Have a good day.


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    Ministry of Truth approved!


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    Environment Skeptic

    ‘Peak Incredulity’

    Are we there yet? 🙂


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    I’d like Scott Morrison to justify his silence as far Left orgs like Market Forces…..with foreign backers and foreign interests that are an existential threat to Australia…brag about their success in muscling all Australian insurers into dropping all fossil fuel-related clients…so that coal has no insurer in Australia…with Suncorp the latest and last insurer to succumb.

    According to activist shareholder group Market Forces…led by Pablo Brait… there are now no Australian insurance companies providing insurance for new thermal coal projects.

    Suncorp reinforced that… said it is not directly investing in, financing or underwriting any new thermal coal mining extraction projects, or new thermal coal electricity generation.

    The report says’ the coal industry will no longer be able to obtain investment or insurance from any Australian-based insurance providers, following confirmation by Brisbane-based Suncorp Group that from 2025 it will no longer do business with the coal industry.’

    Morrison should be explaining to Australians how he’s going to maintain a secure electricity system with the 80% RE penetration by 2030 the cult claims is in the pipeline …and coal plants potentially closing early for lack of insurance….and because the gentailers like Origin want them gone.

    And now Frank Calabria CEO of Origin that’s charging massive prices for long-term customers….much higher bills for much less electricity…even as Taylor & Frydenberg brag that they’ve brought prices down…says that if Australia is to have a capacity market…ie security of supply …it must have a carbon tax.

    The reason they want a carbon tax is to kill coal as Turnbull’s NEG was also designed to do…..because they know a capacity market will incentivize new coal . The CULT wants demand response ie consumers switching off…orchestrated by the authorities…ie total control by authorities….instead of coal.

    IMO Calabria betrays his deceit when he says coal is being propped up…even as he knows that coal is all that keeps the lights on in the NEM…that without coal it would be system black in an instant….deceit because he knows coal isn’t inherently in need of propping up as he implies …but is damaged …economically and materially because government corrupts the market for RE by mandating favored dispatch for intermittents …relegating coal to damaging standby mode…cycling and ramping to keep the lights on and industry humming ..when RE inevitably fails to deliver.

    A coal-fired electricity system gives Australians consumers autonomy because with it, what happens in their homes and when it happens…is under their own control…but an intermittent system will ultimately place ALL control in the hands of the authorities who’ll have the ability to control all our smart appliances remotely…..and in the end….IMO…there will be coercion and rationing…’to save the planet’.

    Those with solar PV and batteries …and EVs… will have even less autonomy although they now believe they have more…less because they must ultimately be herded into virtual power plants and controlled by the central authorities …or AEMO will be unable to maintain security and stability in the system….and in any case they’re depending on consumers’ batteries for storage.

    IMO the Left…with both willing Marxist subversives and lazy uninformed dupes… is waging war on the Australian way of life and our children’s futures…and we can’t just lie doggo and let it happen.


    • #

      Thanks for letting us know about this. Yes, the climate change election was won, but the current lot have done absolutely nothing.


    • #

      …..wants demand response ie consumers switching off…orchestrated by the authorities…ie total control by authorities…. instead of coal.

      Sorry, Demand response, turning of all of this won’t work.

      New South Wales – 6450MW (Coal Fired Power – 5250MW)

      Queensland – 5150MW (Coal Fired Power – 5520MW)

      Victoria – 4150MW (Coal Fired Power – 3830MW)

      South Australia – 1150MW

      Tasmania – 1100MW

      Total – 18000MW (coal fired power – 14600MW)

      That’s the average minimum power consumption here in Australia every day of the year.

      You don’t just turn that off.

      Where is most of it used?

      And this is just Sydney, and there’s around 1200 of them.



    • #
      Robert Swan

      Morrison should be explaining to Australians how he’s going to maintain a secure electricity system …

      No he shouldn’t. He and all parts of the Federal government should bugger off out of electicity and leave it to the states, most of which did a decent job of generating and had no bother negotiating cross-border arrangements between themselves.

      Australia would be much better off if the Feds had their wings clipped.


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        It was of course state governments that sold state owned electricity generators and transmission lines, or shut generators down and in one state demolished generators.

        And it is the states and territories that approve development applications for private sector projects such as wind and solar “farms” and feeder transmission lines to the main electricity grid.

        However the Renewable Energy Target and subsidies is a Federal creation and the signing of agreements to reduce emissions as well. And other UN based agendas, many of which the average Australian is blissfully unaware are being implemented, eg; Sustainability – Agenda 21 now Agenda 30.

        Electricity problems and pricing, water problems and licensing-pricing, most of the commercial fishing fleet stopped and compensated for loss of fishing licence and seafood imported instead, and the list goes on.

        Slowly but surely our nation is being changed and our common wealth either locked up or exploited in ways that we the owners gain far less benefit from than we could if the politicians focused on representing their constituents and looking after our best interests only, and not what UN and EU based foreigners want.


        • #
          Robert Swan

          Not suggesting that the states are paragons, just that they are the least incompetent layer of our government. The way things are going, the Feds won’t have lifted their game at all, but the states will soon match them balls-up for balls-up.

          What I think is at the heart of the problem is that pretty much all our politicians now pay much greater allegiance to their parties than to their constituents. Having never had a proper job, the party is *everything* to them. A suitable bribe to suitable characters in the major parties, the word goes out from the power brokers, and almost any decision can be brought about, regardless of state or national interest.

          To be sure, the people of NSW are worse off because of the state decision to sell the electricity grid, but I suspect a few Liberal and Labor party members are quite a lot better off.


          • #

            To have the states in total charge of the NEM now …all Left including the LNP WetLeft in SA and NSW ..would IMO be a horror story.

            All the states are committed to killing off coal and eventually gas and show no sign of being bothered about how they’d keep the lights on or whether Australians would be able to afford the electricity anyway.

            The states have the responsibility for approval and facilitation of generation infrastructure…but the over-arching power over the whole system lies with the Commonwealth that makes National Electricity Law and appoints the rulemaker AEMC and the regulator AER appointed by the GG–overseen by the federal Minister for Energy and Resources.

            The states are so gung ho for RE now that if they had all the power they’d give coal the flick with nothing as adequate to firm their intermittents and it would be system black with no way to quickly restart.

            On August 25 2018 that almost happened when a single lightning strike took out the main interconnector and islanded QLD and SA from the rest of the NEM …dividing the NEM into three unstable electricity islands.

            Intermittents were near useless in restoring the frequency instability that followed…..and even the synchronous plants that would normally have kicked in in a matter of seconds to do so as they always have done in in their proper operating mode…were less efficient in doing so [ although infinitely better than intermittents….because the coal plants are damaged and operating in cycling mode …to prop up intermittents

            The Feds and NSW have announced a QLD/NSW interconnector upgrade this week because it’s only QLD coal that’s keeping the East coast lights on now…in spite of the fact that QLD Labor state government that wants coal gone.

            New Origin boss Calabria..also wants coal gone …says

            ‘We need to recognise that coal is the wrong type of generation to firm renewables’

            …in spite of the findings on the primary frequency response problems that intermittents proved useless for… as AEMO reported in its Final Report on the islanding event of August 2018 that could have shut down the whole East coast of Australia.

            In his first major speech as CEO of Origin…Calabria agreed with UK’s Tempus Energy CEO Sara Bell, that capacity markets …ie having enough dispatchable supply to keep the lights on…act as an effective subsidy to fossil fuel generators…so must be eliminated.

            But Tempus is a demand response start-up that desperately wants to eliminate coal for its own business case which evaporates if coal is used to prop up intermittents…or for any purpose at all….and Tempus Energy and Sara Bell’s call in a submission to EU for an end to capacity markets and utilization of ‘demand response’ instead ….has this week been resoundingly vetoed by the EU…because the EU countries want to survive.

            Calabria says…

            “We would argue that any capacity payments need to go hand-in-hand with a strong carbon signal,’

            …but that means a carbon tax which is designed to kill off coal anyway.

            I agree with Matt Canavan who says…

            ‘I reckon we should do the opposite of what the big energy companies say because they are a big reason why we are in this mess. They have no interest in ending a mess that they make lots of money out of. So let’s build coal! ‘


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    I would urge all those who read this blog to write to Sussan Ley, the Minister responsible for the BOM and their Federal Member and ask for a full public enquiry into the BOM and its misrepresentation of the temperature record.

    This has got to stop. They are paid by the taxpayer, and in return, abandon science and proper data handling, and create graphs solely to try to prop up the man made CO2 is killing us case. This then used by the Government to justify wasting billions on a problem which does not exist.

    We hear a lot about the government and secrecy these last few days. But this one should be an open and shut case. Have a full public enquiry using proper data experts to examine why these changes, all cooling the past and heating up the present, are taking place.

    Make no mistake there will be fierce defence from around the world as the warmists know that if this one falls NASA etc, who use the same methods, will fall too.


    • #
      robert rosicka

      Ley is useless imo .


      • #

        It is possible to view them all as useless Robert – IMHO ScoMo Govt only got elected because they are considered a bit less harmful than GreenLabor. No reason not to email in a “complaint” to MP’s, Ministers or Senators. Whenever I email pollies I make sure my email Subject line carries the message with clarity – I assume the full text may never be read.
        While on this issue – remember too that Minister Littleproud called for a “…forensic audit by the bureau to make sure their data collection was right…” it was ~30September the story broke that Moyne Shire(Warrnambool Vic) was so wet they did not want the drought money.$1-million-drought-support-to-be-redirected/11558818
        Are people emailing Minister Littleproud asking for details of his “BoM audit”. I think the abbrev. is ROFL.
        There was so much misleading rubbish printed in the news around that event (Moyne Councillor honesty) – facts are the Commonwealth “drought relief” $’s are scattered around on basis of State drought maps which bear little resemblance to the BoM drought maps.


    • #

      Prime Minister Tony Abbott attempted to have an independent audit conducted, due diligence at BoM, but a majority of his cabinet ministers voted against the proposal in 2014.

      The minister responsible for BoM, who advised the PM of complaints regarding BoM also contacted BoM management who admitted that the issues raised were valid complaints and that they were based on errors and omissions, and that steps would be taken to ensure it was not continued.

      In 2015 PM Abbott was replaced by PM Turnbull. Since then The Australian newspaper and other media have reported that within the Coalition there was a faction calling themselves “Black Hand”, left leaning politicians we could refer to as supporters of socialism globalism. In 2015 PM Abbott commented: I will not stand for socialism masquerading as environmentalism. He was replaced in September of that year. The Black Hand MPs are also referred to as “LINO” meaning Liberals In Name Only. And their leader was determined to wreck the Coalition parties, move his supporters to sit with Labor and Greens to form a single all powerful governing group.

      The republican movement is another of the manoeuvres taking place that people need to examine carefully, don’t accept the attractive cover story, note the hidden intentions. During the 1930s the British Parliament removed nearly all of a Monarch’s powers including in Commonwealth countries, during the 1980s the Australia Act of Parliament reinforced the limited powers for Australia specifically. For all intents and purposes Australia is self governing, our Head of State is a Governor General and the High Court of Australia is as far as a legal appeal can go.

      However, while remaining a Federation of State Governments, the Commonwealth of Australia, our concern is not our Queen when she is here on a visit, she has no real power, our problem is the United Nations and the European Union politics, socialism and globalism agendas. President Trump has addressed the UN twice and reminded delegates of what the UN was established for, and that it has expanded into organisations that should not be interfering in the affairs of member nations. His addresses are worth reading.

      The BoM deceptive data and the creators are apparently untouchable, protected by the politicians and maybe even manipulating the politicians? The public service departments and organisations are the permanent managers of government business, compared to elected representatives of the people.

      On the other hand BoM climate propaganda is only one source we need to be concerned about, universities and other organisations funded by taxpayers need attention because all of them combine to push the man made global warming caused by carbon dioxide hoax. For reasons we have covered here many times.


    • #
      el gordo

      Craig Kelly is our only hope, to embarrass the government through Sky and get Morrison to order an audit. If BoM and the CSIRO are to be brought down, this would be the most effective way forward.

      Ley is keeping the environment seat warm and won’t do anything without the PM’s nod.


  • #

    Anybody who works with numbers over a period of time will get to know how to use the error margin of number to advantage. This is called ‘spin’ and is in widespread use in the corporate world. What BoM is doing, especially in relation to 2018 data, absolutely defies gravity (and reason), to the point where one begins to wonder who is in charge. It is one thing to tweak a an unwelcome peak down, and to pull an unpopular low number from out of the ditch, but wholesale ‘re-engineering’ of numbers to the extent that ACORN 2 has managed to come up with, makes one wonder what ACORN 3 will bring!
    Surely there are at least a few numerate persons within the ranks of our politicians.


  • #
    Ronald Bruce

    The BOM captured by the Greenies the Warmists the UN and the climate scam adjusting the climate by adjusting the graphs. Credibility rating of the BOM less than Zero.


  • #

    Whoever called them public servants must have a very dry sense of humour…


  • #

    Old/new Soviet joke: “The future we know, it is the past which is uncertain”.


  • #

    […] explodes in a popular revolt against energy costs. Jo Nova on the continuing vandalism of the weather records by the BOM. Coal is booming in Asia. China is expanding its coal power […]


  • #
    Travis T. Jones

    And, there is the homogenisation of Australia’s high quality annual temperature records of 2004 …

    Updating Australia’s high-quality annual temperature datas –


  • #

    Well done Chris, that is a very good way to demonstrate BOM’s “world’s best practice” methods.


  • #

    In any other field of human activity, what the BOM is doing would be regarded as criminal activity and prosecuted accordingly. However nowadays, any ‘climate change’ related supporting work is regarded as a religious freedom and protected by the Left.


  • #

    So those responsible for recording the temperatures for most of our history were well trained and highly diligent. They had no political agenda and their only aim was to ensure an accurate recording of the days’highs and lows and rainfall. They were dealing solely in facts. That these records have been altered at all is appalling, that they have been altered by people with a clear political agenda is disgusting and very disturbing.

    I too wonder why none of this makes headlines around the world.


  • #

    What happens when ordinary people tamper with public records?

    Why is BoM above the law?


    • #

      Because the law makers in Parliament don’t require BoM to produce accurate records, apparently, and with due consideration for the 2014 audit recommendation being voted down in cabinet.


  • #
    Dave in the States

    Circle the correct answer:

    They really are that mendacious.
    They have so much faith in their theories and computer models that they say to themselves:
    ” That can’t be right it must have been this.”
    Confirmation bias.
    Noble cause corruption.
    Ignorance of proper scientific methodology, or old fashioned incompetence.
    All of the above.


  • #

    Its just the millenial mindset, the world as we know it just fell from the sky in the early 1990s. We are not standing on anyones shoulders and we have nothing to learn from whatever happened before then.


  • #

    I thought tampering with public records was illegal. The Minister who allows it to happen is breaking the law and it should be brought to her attention. No one is above the law.


  • #
    Whalehunt fun

    This needs to be criminalised retrospectively and the perpetrators jailed for life. Any decent government would persecute these people.


  • #
    Geoff Sherrington

    Meanwhile, back where most of the population of Australia lives and so feels the impact, here are 6 capital city graphs to show the number of days each year when the mercury passed or equalled the 100 degrees F mark, or 37.8 degrees C, the century on the old scale. Note the absence of tall blips in 1952, 2018 and 2019 (so far). Those heat waves must be seeking out places where few people live. Is this terribly relevant for matters like bushfires, relocating fire-fighting aircraft, planning for hospital asmissions and all that population-related stuff?
    Also, notice the Y-axis changes dfrom city to city. Sydney has fewer of these days that Melbourne and Adelaide do. This reflects the winds from the hot centre blowin from the North-West to Adelaide and Melbourne, but not so much from the West, where Sydney and Brisbane would cop it. This is a pretty good indicator that local conditions around met stations, like the type of thermometer and screen, might have some effect; but, the bigger effect is from regional hot air movement patterns from a thousand kilometers or more away.
    These plotted numbers are from Climate Data Online. You can run them using HQ, AWAP, ACORN-SAT version 1, ACORN-SAT version 2 or the HQ data set. I can’t be bothered with the implied fiddling with numbers by BOM. Geoff S


  • #

    This is crazy. They’re throwing the temperature records down the memory hole. Utterly absurd.


  • #

    If the “science” is settled, then why do the BOM need to resort to [cheating]? Just asking.


  • #
    Geoff Sherrington

    There was an error for Sydney in my graph collection above. Also, it did not show on some tablets.
    Here is the corrected version.
    Number of century days each year, CDO data from BOM, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.
    Geoff S.


  • #

    “All those poor sods in 1952 who endured an average twenty one 40-degree-plus days will find now that it wasn’t really that hot. ”

    I love reading Australian websites. It takes me back to my childhood in England.


  • #
    Tom Quirk

    The behaviour of the BOM is best described by the old Polish saying from Soviet times

    The future is certain only the past is unpredictable

    Well done



  • #
    Dale Mullen

    This practice (of throwing out inconvenient climate data) is perhaps more wide spread than most of us are aware. Here in Canada, our government has just thrown out all weather data from 1850 to 1949, claiming that there weren’t enough weather stations to create a reliable data set for that 100-year period. Therefore the observed historical data was replaced with modeled data!!!
    The outcome…24 models from historical simulations are now used as the data for the new climate models. In short, Canada’s climate models are based on data from models with little to no actual climate data used.
    Is it any wonder why the output from Canadian models is among the worst of all model projections?
    Other countries tampering with their data include the Antarctic, Greenland, Iceland, and of course the U.S. along with Canada and Australia.
    How long will this be allowed to go on?


  • #
    This is the answer and the future.
    All data set in stone forever.