Rare signs of democracy in New Zealand — Govt asking if UN “Treaty” is in the national interest?

Eagle Mountain, NZ

By Jo Nova

Something promising across the Tasman Sea

WHO World Health OrganisationThe newly elected government in NZ is a three party coalition, promising tax cuts and less red tape. It’s barely been sworn in, yet somehow it already has the bright idea of checking whether deals with foreign conglomerate governments (like the UN) “pass the national interest test”. This is the same sort of test foreign conglomerate companies are also supposed to pass.

It sounds brilliant, but also like the bleeding obvious. This is what democratic governments are supposed to do, every deal and every day, right? Yet in 2023, it’s seems like such a radical right wing suggestion. So often our governments are serving someone else…

The conservatives have their sights set (justifiably) on the The UN’s Pandemic Preparedness Treaty. That’s due to be adopted in theory, next May. However The UN International Health Regulations is due to be sneakily accepted by default on Thursday. Hopefully the new NZ govt can fire off a quick letter to get NZ out of that tomorrow, making Australian and other global leaders look really silly (traitorously stupid) if they don’t. See James Roguski for more on that.

New Kiwi Government to Challenge WHO’s Pandemic Treaty

A new ‘national interest’ test will consider whether the Treaty limits government decision-making.

By Henry Jorn, The Epoch Times

The “national interest test” proposed by New Zealand’s newly formed coalition—including the National Party, ACT, and NZ First—will be applied before accepting any “agreements from the UN and its agencies that limit national decision-making and reconfirm that New Zealand’s domestic law holds primacy over any international agreements.”

The Pandemic Treaty is one example of a UN agreement.

In November 2021, New Zealand and other World Health Organisation (WHO) Member States agreed to establish an Intergovernmental Negotiating Body to draft a Pandemic Treaty.

However, following the conclusion of public submissions on the pandemic treaty on Aug. 11, 2022, a common theme (pdf) was a concern that a new pandemic instrument would require “New Zealand to relinquish control of our domestic decision-making processes during a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC) to the WHO, or otherwise reduce autonomy at the individual or country level.”

Here in Australia, the Foreign Minister says the WHO will have no legal authority to force things on us.  (It will only have the right to do sneakery, deception, graft and intimidation, with unbridled help from all our academics, media, and our retirement funds).

The Guardian is already campaigning against the new Luxon government, so we know it’s off to a good start.

There is hope.

hat tip to Mayday.

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36 comments to Rare signs of democracy in New Zealand — Govt asking if UN “Treaty” is in the national interest?

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    I love the methodology for determining if a policy is good or bad; if the Guardian likes it it is bad and if the Guardian hates it it is good. Naturally the Australian government loves being told what to do by the UN because it absolves our rather pathetic politicians of the need to make decisions and to take responsibility for the outcome. Remember how they hid behind the skirts of the heath experts during Covid claiming decisions were based on medical advice that we were not allowed to see. We are still suffering the after effects of their craven submission as vaccines continued to be rolled out even when we know they don’t work and that they have had serious side effects including death. If that is the level of medical advice we rely on what a disaster awaits us when that fully owned by the CCP Ethiopian Marxist in charge of WHO is calling the shots.


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      James Murphy

      I don’t see our federal politicians taking responsibility for anything that ends badly.
      No wonder so many people want to get in on the game, no responsibility, no accountability, and a nice pay packet (I recall a quote from Sir Humphrey in Yes Minister on this)

      Arguably it’s not reasonable to make this comparison, but if publicly traded companies made even half the bad decisions that governments make, they’d have the shareholders and then ASIC all over them in a heartbeat.


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        Nick Jasper

        “It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions into the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.”

        Thomas Sowell

        “The Left doesn’t want to be judged on the results of anything they do. They only want to be judged on their good intentions.”

        Rush Limbaugh


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          Criminalizing Dissent -Glenn Greenwald @ The Duran…

          Closing dissent to save democracy.
          How we went from The Russia Gate Hoax in which Trump, from 2016, was accused w/out evidence, of being a Russian agent,
          ref Robert Muller enquiry.

          Then Greenwald discusses media complicity with official policy through self censorship, demonstrated by the Weapons of
          Mass Destruction Iraq intervention and later, during the 2020 US Election campaigning, media silence on the Hunter Biden
          Laptop story. This continues with the official narrative on the Ukraine War, down playing the NATO problem for Russia and the fact both sides in the conflict were prepared, initially,to consider a deal.



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        Gerry, England

        And you can see why in the UK the political dross loved being in the EU as they made all the important decisions for them. I don’t think it is unconnected that our Morons of Parliament mainly act as district councillors with what they deal with. A longstanding MP complained of it and was glad to be rid of it by retiring. Our bimbo MP sent round a propaganda sheet that was full of local things that should have been done by county or district councillors. So it comes as little surprise that they lack the intellect and knowledge to actually function at a national level.


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      Naturally the Australian government loves being told what to do by the UN … transferring power to remote supranational bodies because it enables them to use those bodies as a shield for the implementation of their true agenda and to use the courts to constrain future parliaments.

      But, as always, there is just one question that needs to be answered: where do our ‘conservative’ politicians stand on this issue?


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    We can only hope that NZ now starts to tell the IPCC the same message and that they should first talk to China and the NON OECD countries, if they seriously want to reduce co2 emissions.
    Aussies and NZ emit about 1.1% of global emissions and China’s increase alone would cover that every year.
    And that’s only if you BELIEVE that extra co2 emissions are a problem?


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    It remains so that more than half the population can’t get enough of government. The more intrusion into their lives the better. Just to be kept safe.


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    David Maddison

    Extraordinary and most unexpected.

    Great news from the Shaky Isles.

    Sadly, Australia’s Marxist Globalist Government looks like it supports the plandemic treaty.


    Strengthening global health and international pandemic response

    Australia is working closely with the global community, including the World Health Organization, to reform and strengthen global health systems. These include updates to the International Health Regulations and the development of a new pandemic response agreement.

    And out Foreign Minister, Mx Penny Wong, loves signing treaties (I assume the signing of the Plandemic Treaty would be its responsibility, sorry, don’t know its pronouns).


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    Your foreign minister is lying. The WHO Treaty passes a country’s sovereign power over to the WHO. They can declare a public health emergency and have the power, signed over to them, to mandate lockdowns, masking, vaccinations and fines for not complying. Your foreign minister is lying.


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      Wouldn’t be the first time.


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      Robert Swan

      No great surprise that she’s lying, but even if the WHO *does* have legal authority, how can they enforce it? The UN is based on a big bluff. They don’t have a “police force” to enforce interational law. They can threaten sanctions, but they can’t really apply them because the “U” in “UN” is a fiction.

      Our authorities will do what they want. The UN/WHO is cover, not power.


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        Steve of Cornubia

        I assume policing and enforcement is the responsibility of the respective vassal states, and we already know that most western governments are perfectly happy to do so if it means they get to throw their weight around – and they get to blame somebody else: bonus!


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          Gary S

          Dead right. Just ask my eldest son, who was shot at with rubber bullets by his ‘fellow citizens’ in black shirts, for having the temerity to ask for his rights to be preserved and protected by his ‘democratically elected representatives.’


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        Where were you in the last three years ?
        It was the UN/WHO that was driving the repression and chaos that we had to put up with. Did your government say: ‘hold on, we’re not doing this to our people’ ?
        Wake up. This treaty is extending and expanding the powers of the UN/WHO. and, who are some of the major funders of these bodies ? Gates, Soros, big Pharma.
        Hope I’m wrong, don’t think I am though.


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          Robert Swan


          It was the UN/WHO that was driving the repression

          Whoever it was told you that, you might like to take a closer look at *them*.

          I’ll believe it’s the UN when I see the blue helmets firing the rubber bullets. When it’s the state police, is it not fair to blame the state?

          Each country goes its own way. As an example, look at how various countries designate terrorist groups. They don’t just accept the UN’s list. As I said, the UN provides a cover story for governments. UN regulations are a buffet menu which the bureaucrats and pollies choose from. They get to enact laws they probably couldn’t otherwise get through parliament, and certainly not through a referendum, and all while polishing their haloes about “international law”.


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      John McD

      Surprise! Now why would the delightful Penny lie?
      Because that’s all she does?


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      John McD

      Surprise! Now why would the delightful Penny lie?
      Because that’s all she does?


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    robert rosicka

    I think the people are slowly waking up to the outdated and useless UN , now for the other organisation’s that want us to eat bugs instead of kiwi lamb and control our money .


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    Steve of Cornubia

    This is probably just arse-covering. The new gov’t will talk about pulling out but do nothing until too late. They will then say they wanted to pull out but just couldn’t do it in time.

    I no longer care much what people say, only what they actually do.


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    Here’s a good description of what’s potentially going on.


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    John Connor II

    NZ joins Slovakia.

    But does “national interest” translate to the people’s interest or political power?
    Let’s see how fast they get their law-abiding guns back (or dig them up).


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    We cannot ever trust the UN-WHO again. They were in on the “Surgisphere” scandal. They had pre-prints of both those fradulent papers, and acted to block the use of HCQ and Ivermectin the same day They were officially published.

    This means the UN-WHO were prepared to let hundreds of thousands if not millions of people die, just so they could get the global vax based digital health passport system they lusted after. This organisation is depraved and should be denied any power over any Australian citizen.


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    The de fanging of the NZ media is underway
    lead my Mr Winston Peters
    The loony left are squealing like stuck pigs


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    Cautiously welcoming this, but as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Will the new government buckle under external pressure, or will they give the crooks the muddle funger? Not much time to find out.


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    Divine Revelation? A national government actually looking after its national interests before it signs up to the political quackery and power seeking body of the UN, lead by Gueterres whose first action with COVID-19 was to bow to China which was said to hold his nation’s credit card? How revolutionary is that???

    Maybe the NZ leader has some experience in the real world of business, jobs and responsibilities of a CEO that cannot and definitely should not able to be hived off to some foreign agency that has nothing to do with the business! Or worse, may wish to take increasing control of the business.

    Unfortunately, Australia with this Federal government, is full of politicians whose main experience of life is political, all about power-seeking by any means it can, and forcing the nation to bend to its incredibly naive and economically destructive ambitions. This mob will sign up to anything especially something internationally based that sings from its own playbook. It is so much lost in running anything that it seeks to silence those that would criticise it or offer something better. First step to autocracy! This is where the External Affairs powers get really dangerous.


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    Write or call your member of Parliament least the desperate Labor fraternity sneak in and agree to UN control under the guise of another wuflu emergency. Our Prime Minister, “Absent Albo”, has full intentions of signing over Australia’s health sovereignty to his UN/WHO/WEF elite. He is a puppet. They are his puppeteers.
    TALK IS CHEAP AND SILENCE IS CONSENT!! Additional info at https://australiaexitsthewho.com/jscot/


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    What a pleasant surprize to learn,
    Of New Zealand’s U.N. Treaty concern,
    And with resistance and strength,
    Keep the W.H.O. at arm’s length,
    Would much honour their silver fern.