ManBearPriestMonks are the new climate experts: they declare faith in IPCC instead of God

Religious leaders dump coal, declare “no faith”

There goes my world. Who knew they had faith in coal?

So forget science, climate change is a moral problem. Is climate sensitivity 1 degree or 3? Ask a priest.

A group called Australians Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) has badgered 150 soft targets in the religious world to sign a grandiose letter making coal into the new Lucifer.

The Guardian

In an open letter headed “no faith in coal”, the leaders say the climate crisis is a profoundly moral problem and Australia’s response will be crucial in addressing it.

Signatories to the letter include bishops, rabbis, theologians, the grand mufti of Australia and the heads of the Uniting Church, the Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils, Muslims Australia and the National Council of Churches.

Remember the alarmist maxim: ask a plumber to do the plumbing, a heart expert to do the surgery and when you want to predict the climate, ask an Imam.

Or failing that — ask a school student — which is what the religious leaders have done. Let’s quote their letter:

As you know, thousands of school students have been protesting in our streets about this emergency. They have three demands. We are writing to urge you to agree to them:

  1. Stopping the proposed Adani coal mine
  2. Committing to no new coal or gas projects in Australia
  3. Moving to 100% renewable energy by the year 2030.

Let’s ask innumerate teenage girls to set national energy policy. What could possibly go wrong?

It’s not like they are easily fooled slaves to fashion who make great cheerleaders.

The sound of breaking commandments:

I count five:

  1. Thou shalt have no other Gods (since when was the IPCC sacred?)
  2. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord in vain (don’t use God for Renewable industry advertising)
  3. Honour thy father and mother (not the teenage false saints)
  4. Thou shalt not bear false witness  (praise not the scientists who hide declines)
  5. Thou shalt not steal.  (see the Australian Renewable Energy Target — solar panels.)

The BishopRabbi economist says automation is bad for jobs

Solar power apparently makes more jobs:

The Adani mine in Central and North Queensland is an excellent example. People there need new, reliable jobs. Yet serious investment in solar would yield far more jobs than the Adani mine would, as it is less automated. And rejecting new coal will also help to protect jobs that depend on the Great Barrier Reef. There are currently 60,000 people whose livelihood depends on the Reef.

Let’s get rid of washing machines too and then women can be full time housewives again. That’ll create lots of jobs.

Solar power makes jobs in the same way that freight by horse and buggy does: a small high-maintenance unit can’t be used in an efficient way with economies of scales. Those economies being what makes trucks cheaper.

So the nice but weak religious leaders have handed their moral power to children and activists. There’s no reason they shouldn’t speak up on climate change, but if they care about their flock, they might want to research the positions they advocate. That means reading the arguments for and against. Instead they blindly follow a group that treats the IPCC as a God — the ARRCC describes its policy as pretty much everything the IPCC ever said.

Thou shalt not question foreign committees

After donating their brains to the IPCC the ARRCC rationalizes why any outcome at all proves they are right:

How the climate is changing

While the numbers above may seem small, their impact is much greater than just a global warming of temperatures by 1-2 degrees. This is firstly because this amount is just an average – the changes in temperature is unevenly distributed across the globe Some places around the world will experience much greater increases than this and some places will actually experience a DECREASE in temperatures.

This phenomenon of cooling and warming at the same time is partly explained by the effect that warming has on ocean temperatures and currents. As the air and land temperatures warm, so too does the average ocean temperature. The increased air and ocean temperatures causes accelerated melting of the ice in the arctic and Antarctic, resulting in an increase of cold water flowing into the oceans. The colder waters interact with the warmer waters to change the patterns of ocean currents, which sees some of this colder water flowing to places that in past have experienced warm ocean currents. As ocean temperatures mediate coastal land temperatures, the colder waters will cause colder temperatures.

So, religious geniuses, tell us what outcome would prove the theory wrong? If temperatures stayed exactly the same?

 And what does God/Budda/Mohammed say about scientists who are hiding data, declines, history, adjustments and methods?

Changing air and water temperatures also affects the weather. As ocean currents change this affects the air currents that flow above the oceans, changing cloud formation and wind patterns. The overall effect of these changing air currents is that most places around the world will actually experience much less frequent rain fall. However when rain does occur, it will happen with much greater intensity. This leads to a pattern of both droughts and floods. It also means that sometimes actual rainfall seasons will change, with dry weather during traditional wet seasons, and very wet weather during traditional dry seasons. The main effect though is to make the rainfall very unpredictable based on past experiences. Changing rainfall patterns also have an effect on traditional water catchment areas and existing river systems, which can affect previously reliable sources of fresh water.

Let’s all pay homage to the pagan rites of climate superstition: Droughts, heatwaves, random noise is “proof” of anything you like. They’re not worse than ones we had 1,000 years ago. Floods are not worse either.

A third effect of changing water temperatures and currents is an increase in the frequency and severity of extreme weather events such as tropical storms.

Except tropical storms are not occurring more frequently, and the worst storms were hundreds of years ago.

ManbearMonkPriest says skeptics are wrong because of a flawed keyword study of pal reviewed abstracts in a biased-funding safe space for b-grade thinkers. That and because name-calling “denier” sounds so scientific.

Sceptical arguments

The above impacts are not just predictions but things that are being observed right now around the world. However there is still a significant and often vocal body of people who are either sceptical of climate change science or outright deniers.

The prominent people amongst this group are rarely climatologists or even scientists at all – they are generally social scientists such as economists, politicians, people connected with big business or social commentators.

Prominent? Tell that to Professor Richard Lindzen.

While there are a few scientists among this group of people, research by Cook et al in 2013 (“Quantifying the consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the scientific literature”) found that 97% of published climatologists believe in the existence of human-induced climate change. That is, 97% of all scientists whose field of expertise is climate, and who have gone through the process of having their research peer-reviewed by other qualified scientists and published in a scholarly journal believe that climate change is happening and that it is directly linked to human activity. There have now been several pieces of research showing that sceptical scientists and think tanks indirectly receive substantial funding from fossil fuel industries.

Yes, and some unnamed research about unnamed people and unlisted sums claims they are paid hacks. These 150 gullible patsies will believe anything. They give religion a bad name.

Unfortunately the science of climate change is most often misrepresented in the media as a ‘debate’ between roughly even numbers of believers and sceptics, giving the impression that the scientific jury is still out. If the portrayal were more accurate, the picture would reflect an almost total consensus on the science, with only the tiniest minority of dissenters.

The media IS misleading. Skeptics outnumber and outrank believers. They won real Nobel Prizes, NASA awards, they walked on the moon they are MIT Professors of Meteorology. Half of meteorologists — fergoodnesssake — are skeptics, and survey after survey shows that two-thirds of geoscientists and engineers are skeptics.

There is no consensus among scientists, there never was, and it wouldn’t prove anything even if there was.

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    The desperation of the alarmists is rising to a new level of absurdity. This is good news because as the tactics pushing climate alarmism become more and more irrational, more and more people will start to question the insanity.


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      Leftys finding religion! Whoda thunk it? As astounding as leftys in the US crying reds under the bed and the Russians are coming. Old Joe McCarthy would be peeing in his grave. These crackers are running around in ever decreasing circles disappearing up the fundamental orifices.


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      Bill in Oz

      Look Jo, the priests of ‘religion’ have a huge problem.
      Most of us have stopped believing in any God at all.
      Most of us are quiet skeptics about all religions
      And this is reflected in the empty churches, mosques, synagogues and temples.
      And part of the problem is that these various
      God Bothers are losing their jobs, sinecures and raison d’etre..
      But now these God Bothers have been saved
      By the new cult of Gore Bull Warming
      And are being helped by such an unlikely friend
      The Atheistic Guardian and it’s coteries of Greenists.

      SIGH ! SIGH !
      Yet more nonsense to ignore completely…


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        Bill, suspect there might be a lot of us “God Bothers” just bothering God and not the Climate god. Like elsewhere it’s the Climate bothers getting the attention.


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          Bill in Oz

          Doug, I’ve ignored the god bothers a long time.
          They are welcome to do their thing if it’s their private business.
          After all who am I to cast judgements about folks
          Investing in some ‘post life’ insurance ?
          I doubt it will ever pay out.
          But that their problem not mine.
          But these God bothers have lost their faith
          And sek salvation in the Gore bull warming cult.


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        Binny Pegler

        It’s been a religion from the start, and the christian church has a very long and sucessfull history of co-opting other religions.

        So no suprise really.


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        Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, admitted that the goal of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity, but to destroy capitalism. “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution,” she said
        . Referring to a new international treaty environmentalists hope will be adopted at the Paris climate change conference later this year, she added: “This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model for the first time in human history.”
        And then there is this : Ottmar Edenhoffer, one of the co-chairs of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), said in an interview with German NZZ Online,“One must say clearly that we redistribute defacto the world’s wealth by climate policy. One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy.”
        So, you have to ask yourself,why is any body taking any notice of these”Glboal Warming”nutters?


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      Alice Thermopolis


      Fights over the office/home/global thermostat were getting so ugly the religions had to get involved, otherwise there would have been another dramatic contraction in their spiritual-market share:


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    This is just like “…the drier will be drier or the wet will be wetter. If it’s neither, then it will be somewhere in between”. Heads I win…


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    Bengt Abelsson

    This proves that the AGW theory is at par with any other religious idea.


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      Not surprising since it is from the UN Church of Climatology which conforms to every requirement of being a cult.

      1. Absolute authoritarianism without meaningful accountability.
      2. No tolerance for questions or critical inquiry.
      3. No meaningful financial disclosure regarding budget, expenses such as an independently audited financial statement.
      4. Unreasonable fear about the outside world, such as impending catastrophe, evil conspiracies and persecutions.
      5. There is no legitimate reason to leave, former followers are always wrong in leaving, negative or even evil.
      6. Former members often relate the same stories of abuse and reflect a similar pattern of grievances.
      7. There are records, books, news articles, or television programs that document the abuses of the group/leader.
      8. Followers feel they can never be “good enough”.
      9. The group/leader is always right.
      10. The group/leader is the exclusive means of knowing “truth” or receiving validation, no other process of discovery is really acceptable or credible.


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        And Considering the UN appears to have an occult spiritual belief system running it :

        “Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership can righteousness have with wickedness? Or what fellowship does light have with darkness?”

        ( 2 Cor 6:14 )


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          Steve, you just have to look at some of the ‘artwork’ in their buildings in New York to see your statement is correct.


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          Steve. I have sent an email to the National Council of Churches in Australia, all their members and the ARRCC. I know most the other guys and gals posting regularly on this site are not Christians and would most probably not appreciate what the real/spiritual meaning of the email message is. regardless, the core message of the argument should be clear.

          Dear National Council of Churches in Australia

          As a sincere reborn (Biblical Truth) Christian I was disgusted to learn that your organization and your members have now officially joined and worship a pagan god: the climate change cult.
          I urge you to read the following summary on environmentalism. Man will worship His Creator and not creation. May you rediscover the fundamentals of Biblical Christianity.
          The real Church/body of Christ is now in the making. Israel Folau: Most of your members are attacking him similar to attacking climate deniers. Who are the real deniers?

          By Pastor Rick Rogers
          Key Verse: Colossians 1:16
          Introduction: The environment must be included in a study of ethics because of the implications – not always so evident – that accompany it. In this section, two views will be under discussion.
          1) Biblical Environmentalism. There is a strong biblical responsibility concerning the environment. Many believers are not aware that God, as part of His creation and Divine plan, has given direction and commands concerning the world in which we live. Man is a steward of God’s world.
          2) Modern Environmentalism. This view has perverted the biblical doctrine, and the environment has become a symbol of control, religion and radical regulation. It is difficult to separate much of the modern environmentalist movement from the New Age movement! One means to clearly differentiate between the two is to note that with Biblical environmentalism, man controls creation; with modern environmentalism, nature controls man!
          A. The Divine Plan for Creation
          1. Man is Sovereign of Creation
          a. man is the ruler of creation, Psalm 8:5
          b. man is the representative of God in creation, part of the Imago Dei, Gen. 1:26-27
          2. Man is the Centre of Creation
          a. the heavenly bodies are formed to determine times and seasons, Gen. 1:14f; 8:22
          b. the purpose of the heavens and earth is to serve man, Gen. 2
          3. Man is the Steward of Creation
          a. man’s accountability of the earth, Psalm 24:1
          b. man’s accountability of the animals, Psalm 50:10-12
          c. man’s responsibility in creation, Gen. 1:28 – replenish the earth
          d. man’s responsibility with creation, Gen. 1:26 – subdue it, have domain over it
          B. The Divine Providence in Creation
          1. His Care Sustains Creation, Col. 1:17
          2. His Concern Spans All Created Life:
          a. beauty in nature, Matt. 6:28-30
          b. food for living creatures, Matt. 6:26
          c. death of His creatures, Matt. 10:29
          3. His Compassion for His Creatures
          a. rest for animals, Exo. 20:10, …
          b. food for animals, Deut. 25:4, 1 Cor. 9:9
          c. life of animals, Jonah 4:11
          C. The Human Pre-eminence in Creation
          1. Our Responsibility and Concern of Animals:
          a. all animals die because of our sin, Rom. 5:12, 8:22
          b. creation is important to God, and thus should be to us, Gen. 1:26-27 (our care for it)
          c. all things are God’s possession and are therefore valuable, Psalm 24:1, 50:10-12
          d. we have dominion over nature, Gen. 1:26-27
          e. we are infinitely more important than animals, Matt. 6:26, 12:12
          f. destruction of nature is destruction of a gift from God
          g. our dominion is parallel with our stewardship
          2. Our Renouncement of Cruelty to Animals:
          a. God commands care, Exo. 23:4-5, Deut. 22:6-7
          b. animals have been used of God for His purposes, Num. 22:28ff
          c. our new nature as believers forbids cruelty, Pro. 12:10.
          Consider: I once heard it said that one can tell the true heart of another by how one treats animals, whether pets, farm animals, … There is much truth in this statement, in my opinion! This does not mean that hunting, fishing, eating meat, … is wrong, as long as one considers his responsibility, accountability and stewardship. God will judge and does condemn wanton destruction! Dr. Kober writes, “The sport of hunting is certainly justified if it serves a useful purpose such as thinning out a herd or obtaining needed food. Hunting for the sheer joy of destruction as was done with the buffalo and the carrier pigeons is immoral because man destroys without good cause that which does not belong to him.”1
          3. Our Responsibility to Environment
          a. how we behave in nature, Deut. 23:12-13
          b. how crops are grown and cared for, Exo. 23:10-11, …
          c. polluting the land is selfishness. Geisler said it well: “At the basis of pollution is selfishness. Man wants much out of nature but he is willing to put little back into it. He wants to use it for gain whether it is usable again or not.”2
          d. pollution affects people – now and in the future. Geisler again states: “Garbage influences sanitation and sanitation affects the health of persons. Sewage affects rivers and lakes, and polluted water affects the health and enjoyment of people. Bad air is breathed by good men and it tends to make the less complete … The physical world was made for man but it is not to be abused by man, because there are other men yet to use it.”3

          Defined: In using this phrase I am referring to the modern definition of radical New Age environmentalism, with the extreme characteristics that are essential to support and defend the view. You are likely familiar with the nomenclature that is used, as global warming, over-population, mother earth, … There is an entire “theological” scheme with this type of environmentalism that cannot be disregarded in a discussion such as this, so by virtual necessity we must discuss some of the main tenets of the New Age Movement. If not for the belief system such as this, there would not be this type of radically, unstable and irrational movement. Having some background on this will enable you to understand the emphasis in our world on nature, the environment, and mother earth. Note that this is a very brief synopsis only.4
          In point of fact, it is easy to contrast a Biblical environmentalism with pagan environmentalism. In a Biblical framework, man controls and cares for nature according to God’s Word. In the pagan framework, nature controls and cares for man – the exact opposite. In the Biblical perspective, man is sovereign over nature. In the pagan perspective, nature is sovereign over man.
          The following outline provides a brief but adequate overview of the New Age environmentalist belief system, and the motivating factor behind the radical views that are held.5
          A. Monism. The New Age system teaches that all of the cosmos is derived from an ultimate and single source. All diversity flows out from this source to the universe around us.
          B. Pantheism is the natural result of the monistic view. “God” is an ultimate principle that is identified with the universe. Thus, “God is all and all is God.” The challenge for humanity is to tap the knowledge of the divine that is resident in each person. Each person must choose a sadhana, or path, through which one will experience a transformation that will eventually bring the knowledge of the divine. This may take quite a large amount of time, thus …
          C. Reincarnation and Karma (karma is the law of retributive justice) are derived from Hinduism and believed in the New Age movement. Good or bad will be granted in the next life as people are cast into the wheel of rebirth, depending on their previous good or bad actions, thoughts and beliefs.
          D. Universal religion. Since one must find divinity within self, and since the system is Monistic, there is ultimately only one religion. All divergent religions are alternate paths to the same reality.
          E. Personal transformation. However one decides to get to the goal (divinity, god consciousness), there are successive steps which leads the potential New Ager to develop and attain the goal. Initially, one must have a mystical or psychic experience that results in a paradigm shift from an “old world” belief system to the “New Age” system. It would include the acceptance of the preceding points (Monism, Pantheism, …) Note that the acceptance and embracing is not based on propositional truth, but is based on mystical experiences. To help attain this experience, three mediums are used.
          1. Holistic Health Movement. Transformation involves healing, but not the type of healing as a medical doctor would provide. The healing of the “whole person” is emphasized. This means that people are more than physical bodies, thus more than the physical needs healing. The means used for this includes acupuncture, exercise, massage techniques, diet, herbs, teas, vegetarianism, … the “natural means.”6 The purpose of holistic health is that the natural healing will enable the “universal life energy or force to take its course.” Thus, the healing is for the material and immaterial aspects of personhood, as it were getting transformed into the higher “self,” and becoming one with the ultimate “One.”
          Other terms reflecting this movement include:
          • altered states of consciousness (through drugs, meditations, mantras, …)
          • attitudinal healing
          • acupuncture
          • applied kinesiology (muscle testing)
          • channelling (through spirit guides)
          • crystal healing (use of a supposed power within crystals to heal)
          • herbal medicines
          • homeopathy
          • Iridology (the study of the human iris to diagnosis present and potential illnesses)
          • Meditation
          There are additional practices that are related to the NAM (New Age Movement)
          2. The Consciousness Movement. This term describes the efforts or organizations and people to teach the NAM doctrine and philosophy. This takes place in training seminars in business, art, philosophy, culture, classrooms, churches, … A quick glance in virtually every bookstore (even in some Christian bookstores!) will reveal a myriad of books teaching New Age doctrine and practices.
          There are several celebrities that are very devoted to the NAM, along with many in very influential positions of authority. Beware of the NAM terminology!
          3. Human Potential Movement. This stems from the pop-psychology movements and philosophies. It holds the “I’m OK, You’re OK” analysis. It esteems man and his nature. One strives to move forward to the One that will transform you to a higher consciousness.
          F. Planetary vision. “Because nature is viewed as being an aspect of the One, the earth is viewed as being the single most important entity on which life is sustained … New Agers favour a political platform in which issues concerning the environment are hegemonic (dominant)… because those caught up in the all-important New Age ideal of a paradigm7 shift toward planetary consciousness.”8
          It is in this sphere that the radical environmentalist movement is fuelled. Beware of terms, names, … as Planetary Citizens, Green Movement, Global Education Associates, … It is thus that those in the NAM attempt to conserve the natural world at all costs. There are animal rights activists (in their scheme, both man and animals are part of the One), vegetarians (ditto), … again, note the distinction between biblical environmentalism and NAM environmentalism. It is ultimately God’s Truth and Plan verses the lies and plans of Satan!
          Douglas Groothuis summarized the counterfeit New Age Movement well:
          • Evolutionary optimism: a counterfeit kingdom
          • Monism: a counterfeit cosmos
          • Pantheism: a god
          • Transformation of consciousness: a counterfeit conversion
          • Create your own reality: a counterfeit morality
          • Unlimited human potential: a counterfeit divinity
          • Spirit contact: counterfeit revelations
          • Channelers: counterfeit revelation
          • Religious syncretism: counterfeit religion9
          Make no mistake: the NAM may well set the stage for the false messiah we know as the Beast, Man of Sin.


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            Best to keep religion separate from science, within reason. Imponderables are not proven one way or the other and wont be.


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              You can have both, Issac Newton was better known for his theology work than his science.

              Staal raises a fair point which I will take a step further and say this – all of us, regardless of individual belief system, is effectively having a green “morality” and belief system forced upon and are basically being forced to live it whether we agree with it or not. Is that freedom or slavery? I’d call it slavery.

              The irony is that the fight for freedom from this green pagan occult theology is a multi-partisan effort across all faiths.

              I do however feel sorry for those who have embraced it, it will come to nought….and they will follow it to its eventual oblivion.


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            I don’t think they are going to make it all the way through your letter Staal!

            Anyone who can draft a missive of such drivel like Jo quoted from is not likely to read what you sent, let alone consider it. The members of this group are the same “leaders” who opposed biblical thought in the ssm debate, so I don’t know what claim they have anymore to be disciples of Jesus.

            Excellent post by the way Jo, one of your best!


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            The Depraved and MOST Deplorable Vlad the Impaler

            Greetings, Staal:

            Excellent summary. What struck me most is how you aptly described a ‘climate researcher’, who also claims to be a B.A.C. (I’m seriously doubting if she is truly converted, but that is a matter between her and her professed Saviour), named Dr. Kathrine Hayhoe. She teaches at a university here in the States, and has bought the global warming hoax hook, line, and sinker. Anthony did a couple of posts on her some time ago, and she really is a piece of work. To hear her tell it, we’re just months away from Thermageddon, so in her view, our Creator is ‘no longer is charge’ of the Universe.

            Sad to see someone like that live their life in abject fear. While she’s doing all that, I’m going to go out this weekend in my fossil-fueled petrol-guzzler, and enjoy a number of barley-pops while I plink paper targets with my thundersticks. It has finally turned warm here in Wyoming (after one of the wettest and coldest May’s on record, and an abnormally cool June), so it’s time to work off some of that ‘cabin fever’ that’s been accumulating since last October.

            Do post a response, if you get one, from that pagan council of ‘theologians’ (term used in the loosest sense possible … )




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              Hi Vlad. Only two responses so far.
              First one from ARRCC (Australian Religious Response to Climate Change): Dear Francois

              I was very interested to see all your references to biblical texts. I assure you, we are well aligned with your understanding of Biblical environmentalism.

              Kind regards

              Second one from Victorian Council of Churches: Good morning Francois,

              Greetings in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

              I’m writing in response to your email which appears to have misunderstood the work of the State and National Councils of the Church here in Australia.

              Whilst each State has different responses and the National its own, the clear starting point for all Council’s is the sovereignty of God as both the mastermind, creator and sustainer of all we live within and engage with.

              The Councils of Churches within Australia have a strong sense that as disciples of our Lord, we are called to be good stewards of God’s creation, working to ensure that it is not polluted, damaged or abused – a reading of the fall story in Genesis 3 signifies that the sin that entered the world through the disobedience of humans has concequences for the whole of creation. The Apostle Paul when writing to the Romans wrote, ‘all of the world groans in travail waiting for the salvation of humans’ Romans 8: 22/23

              The Churches engagement in caring for the environment doesn’t, as you appear to intimate, mean that we worship or glorify creation rather it’s an acknowledgement of how we understand our discipleship.

              Membership of ARRCC is an expression of faithfulness to looking after the creation that our God has called us to be stewards of… and ultimately when we stand before our God on Judgement day – a question will be ‘ so did you cultivate, care and nurture the creation I gave you to live in? … to say anything like we did nothing or we ignored it or even we took dominion over it and abused it ..may draw the same response as the person who buried his talent for fear of the master and when master returned was rebuked for lack of faith.

              Every blessing


              Rev Ian Smith
              Executive Officer
              Victorian Council of Churches

              They obviously “believe” Co2 is causing dangerous AGW or Climate Change and therefore we have to shut down all our industries and go live in caves. On the other hand they are pressurizing government to allow mass immigration and refugees. They are absolutely clueless.


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              Vlad, forget to add: I will allow for another week or so before I reply to the feedback I have received from all the Church councils and their affiliations (approx 27 which in turn representing more than 2,000 Christian denominations). I will reply with something along the following lines: “How can you declare that you believe in Biblical Environmentalism if you demonize the gas of life (Gods fertilizer for creation) as carbon pollution!


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    “sceptical scientists and think tanks indirectly receive substantial funding from fossil fuel industries.”

    Dear fossil fuel industry exectives, can I post my BSB and get regular direct transfers? Mind you, it has to be substantial. None of this wishy washy gift certificate stuff.

    So what about 7 1/2 tons of gold, as the company in Queensland received from those wonderful Mr and Mrs Turnbull ($444Million) without even an application, to save the Great Barrier Reef or something important like that. A ten ton truck to the back door please, and a forklift to get the gold down from the truck.

    Then I will write whatever you say. CO2 is ok by me.


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      Actually its the fossil (hydrocarbon) BIG OIL that LOVES the new ‘climate change’ religion, they can make a mint on carbon (CO2) trading/credit scams! And do.


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      If you do get your truckload of gold, TdeF, I can help with the fork-lift to unload it!
      I can borrow my neighbour’s one!

      But there’s a small problem: you and your truckload will be on the western shore of the Tasman Sea …
      and I and my fork lift will be on the eastern shore of that Sea …
      do you reckon we could get the FFCs (Fossil Fuel Companies) to build a Tasman Bridge?


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        Tasman tunnel!


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          tunnel? Nah …. bridge. Pontoon bridge. The sunken continent of Zealandia is rather well sunken: a mile deep, and the deepest part — the Cato Trough which separates it from Australia — is most likely too deep to be tunnelable. Sorry, has to be a Tasman Bridge.

          Think of the surfing opportunities. Greg would probably enjoy it 🙂


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            Greg in NZ

            Chur sophocles, ‘o’ for awesome, sweet as, righteous even… shame about the over-exuberant voiceover and overuse of stock footage. But hey, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: It’s time to take back Nouvelle-Calédonie from zee French interlopers!

            Found this 2005 paper from the Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Hawaii a few years back whilst scouring the seabed of the interwebs – The single largest oceanic plateau: Ontong Java–Manihiki–Hikurangi


            Scroll down to the 2nd page (p. 373) to see an exquisite bathymetric map of said hidden continent. Notice the three, outlined in red, “mafic igneous” plateaux bounding our twisted-and-warped stretch of the Pacific Ring of Fire: Ontong Java, Manihiki, and Hikurangi. The data shows all 3 began as one (~120 Ma) then headed off in divergent directions, the Hikurangi Plateau sliding south to where it now abuts the Chatham Rise, the East Cape, and the Kaikoura / Cook Strait canyon system. I’m quite confident a few climates would have been changed by all these shenanigans and goings-on way back then.

            But as you say, a Tasman Bridge is the only way to get ahold of TdeF’s gold stash; I’ll jump on your fork-lift if you require a little more ballast and an extra pair of hands loading up those bars…

            Post Script: as the Zealandia video’s voiceover stated: “You can’t argue with the data, now can you!”. Unless, of course, you’re a ManBearPriestMonkSaintUsefulIdiotActivist, eh.


  • #

    They’ll go through all sorts of contortions to ‘explain’ the melting of polar ice but seem desperate not to mention…let alone mitigate… what they see before their eyes and in every photograph taken in recent decades …a massive blanket of black carbon…covering the ice …destroying earth’s reflectivity…absorbing the sun’s heat and melting the ice….setting up a self-perpetuating global warming cycle…as more and more dark water that absorbs instead of reflects the suns heat radiation…. forms where there was originally the highly reflective ice.

    It’s just plain soot ..nothing to do with CO2 and the only coal it’s from, is the poor quality coal that’s burned in ancient coal plants in China and other parts of Asia where combustion’s incomplete…or from old diesel vehicles used in Asia.

    But the greater part of the soot is from burning forests in Indonesia for palm oil plantations..and in the Amazon for growing soy crops.

    The problem of black carbon melting the polar ice… the glaciers and the permafrost was the subject of testimony to Congress in 2010…and numerous research papers since…and yet nothing is ever done to mitigate it despite the fact that it’s relatively easily mitigated compared to CO2 and compared to the methane released by the melting of the permafrost.

    IMO they know that mitigation of BC would show that CO2’s not the huge problem they claim and they’d then lose their leverage for holding the world to ransom for their real aim of global Socialism.


    • #

      The Arctic Ice melted back like that in summer during the 1930s. Somebody discovered some Danish maps from then which showed the extent of the summer melt back then was about the same as the extent of the summer melt now (I think WUWT published the maps) but it hasn’t stopped the stupidities.

      The Saharan Dust clouds go a long way, as does the soot from Indonesia’s fires. The cause of melt is not just BC.


      • #

        Black carbon is soot….which combines with dust and other particulates to form cryoconite.

        There’s this from Danish Meteorological Institute…

        ‘Since the 1970s the extent of sea ice has been measured from satellites. From these measurements we know that the sea ice extent today is significantly smaller than 30 years ago. During the past 10 years the melting of sea ice has accelerated, and especially during the ice extent minimum in September large changes are observed. The sea ice in the northern hemisphere have never been thinner and more vulnerable.’

        And…with regard to Greenland….

        ‘…drop in snow reflectance (albedo) coincided with early melting in May 2019, as air temperatures surged above freezing. Both graphs show the average conditions for albedo and air temperature for the preceding 11 years.’

        [ ie higher than average air temperature coinciding with huge drop in albedo]

        [ie ….black heat-absorbing soot on ice seen in almost all photographs and film of Greenland…including Gore’s ….instead of white highly-reflective ice…. would seem …although not mentioned at all…to be the culprit for the low albedo.]

        This may be a sign of cooling…

        ‘the slowdown of ice flow at Jakobshavn Isbrae (and for other glaciers) for the past two years may imply slowing of mass loss, which may persist for several more years.’ [DMI]

        The thing is net loss is what matters and surely some loss would be expected as the earth is still emerging from the LIA…I wouldn’t think more ice would be expected to build every year….unless cooling were underway.

        With the quiet sun, maybe ice loss from low albedo is masking what should be ice gains due to actual cooling towards a dreaded minimum…..but whatever… can’t be right to do nothing about an Arctic and increasingly Antarctic plus glaciers and permafrost covered with SOOT….when they say it is relatively easily-mitigated…IMO.


    • #

      The ice isnt really melting at all in fact Danish Met has shown graphs that indicate increase in Greenland Ice, Possibly some part is due to carbon particle deposits but IMO not much.


  • #

    automation is bad for jobs

    Economist Milton Friedman was touring a construction site.
    He asked why they were using so many laborers with shovels when machines would be faster and cheaper.
    He was told it was to create jobs.
    He then suggested, “Why not use spoons?”


    • #

      … if the tools for the job showed the job was pointless “make work” would you stick around? The pay would have to be fantastically high for me to do it with a spoon …


  • #
    John F. Hultquist

    Years ago these same types told their flocks that masturbation leads to blindness, or causes you to grow hair on the palms of your hands.

    This too shall pass. [ancient Persian adage]


    • #

      Genesis 38. The shortened life and times of Onan, the disobedient … from whence our language receives the word onanism.

      The ancient Persians never came back from Alexander’s depredations and his destruction of Persepolis. It would have reinforced Virgil’s “Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes” (“I am afraid of Greeks bearing gifts”) in the Aenead from the Wooden Horse they left outside Troy’s gates. Great people, the ancient Greeks. Destructive Pirates the lot of them. Thera handed them the Minoan Labyrinth on a plate …


    • #

      They argued against having sexual gratification without taking responsibility of raising any children. The hairy palm stuff was the work of adolescent children.


  • #

    I now realise why, at the age of about 13, the local minister asked my mother to remove me from Sunday School school as I was “a disruptive influence”. I had been explaining to the 17 year girl who had the task of teaching us the bible just how the “miracles” of Jesus, could be explained with basic physics, chiropractic or human behaviour (I was a very young, keen “scientist” in those days). Apparently my “prevarications’” were leading the rest of the class on the “path to disbelieving” and I was to be admonished and removed, lest my “perversion” caused mental contamination.

    My mother was “sair affronted”, as we say in Scotland, but I never went back to church.

    Looks like I made the right decision well over half a century ago -nothing has changed, just a different god.


    • #

      I think that there’s a remarkable similarity between what Jesus saw as the problem all those years ago and the situation of “the church” in relation to “the flock” now.

      In both cases “management” has lost the plot.


      • #

        You are absolutely correct, KK. Jesus was no fool and understood human nature as well as, and possibly better than, his compatriots and the Romans of his time. He used a belief system to great advantage.


      • #

        There are bad apples in any group or organisation. Some 2,000 years they were various Pharisees and the like, and today the Pope and priests of various demonstrations who are like minded in being self-righteous and pompous on various other matters as well on the matter of climate change. It’s really a sign of being out of touch with the truth and the Truth.


        • #
          el gordo

          The truth is out there, the New Testament was not written by the apostles et al.


        • #
          Greg Cavanagh

          Is this description accurate?

          Second Timothy
          3:1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. 3:2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3:3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, 3:4Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; 3:5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. 3:6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, 3:7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.


      • #

        One only has to look at Jesus castigation of those who …..

        tie up heavy, cumbersome loads and put them on other people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them.


        • #
          Greg in NZ

          Vaguely remembered from my youth was a saying about noting a mote in someone else’s eye whilst ignoring the tree? log? plank? in your own. Beware the Pharisees and –

          “bishops, rabbis, theologians, the grand mufti of Australia and the heads of the Uniting Church, the Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils, Muslims Australia and the National Council of Churches” and elected bureaucrats squealing climate emergency!

          both droughts and floods” and heat and cold and feast and famine and night and day and sand and snow and good and evil… thankfully my upbringing learned me about these 10%-interest Pharisaical preachy shysters in robes/suits. Sadly, many of my friends who have fallen for this modern-day CCCult of UN are like brand new born-agains, zealous to save the planet from that nasty, sinful, devil carbon. Talk about the blind leading the blind…


          • #

            “Talk about the blind leading the blind…”

            And all of this being implemented and controlled from New York and Bruxelles.


    • #

      … et tu Peter! 🙂

      I got to read the “Analects of Confucius” and “The Art of War” (Sun Tzu) instead. The “Art of War” book was bound with Shang Yang’s “The Book of Lord Shang.” The minister of the church I attended had them on his book shelf. He lent them to me.

      For the rest of that year, he and I discussed the first two. I didn’t get to read the “Book of Lord Shang” at least I don’t remember reading it.

      I started secondary school the next year and when my parents gave me the option to continue the Sunday School Bible Class, I opted not to. But I have my own copies of those texts in my book collection now. Must re-read all three and see if I can figure out what the minister was leading into.


  • #
    Svend Ferdinandsen

    I wonder if these students have any clue of what they ask for. It could be interresting to see what would happen when the coalmine really stopped. The powerstation stopped and no more oil and gas extraction.
    They expect someone will provide the power needed, but the someone is tired of all the time being condemmed and has gone home, Enough is enough. And nobody has a magic wand.


    • #

      Time for Atlas to shrug…


      • #

        He will.
        It’s going to happen and sometime this century, if Berkley’s physicists are to be believed.

        The climate is trivial compared with a Magnetic Excursion.
        We should be putting everything underground, right now; homes, buildings, factories, the roads, everything.
        But, no. We aren’t. We are allowing the climate clamour to distract us.

        When Earth’s magnetic field drops to 50% it may be too late. The Laschamp Event (41000 YA) saw it drop to 5% … ouch.

        That’s a true crisis, not this fake climate shrilling.

        They might sit up and pay attention when their ‘phones stop working — no more Internet, shock, horror. And no electricity to recharge them with. Instant sun burn when you step outside, especially if there is a hole in the cloud cover. Frigid temperatures, maybe difficulty breathing, no food … a real crisis.

        We have had a few small warnings — our (NZ) aircraft radar (national network) a year or two ago … The #1 risk to earth,
        and: for more information.


  • #
    Travis T. Jones

    On a previous thread, in a poor attempt at humour, I joked that I can’t wait to see XR to hold up signs saying “listen to the Pope”.

    Sigh … “Outside the summit, around half-a-dozen protesters held up signs urging the oil executives to listen to the pope.”


    • #

      Looks like the Pope is a non-believer. Jesus taught that He will save the planet.


    • #

      Be careful what you wish for, Travis.

      It could come true, but in ways you would want not.

      Don’t do it again!


  • #
    Another Ian

    Has to do with religion IMO

    “Michael Mann Accuses the Trump Administration of Burying Climate Studies”

    “Let’s see if I’ve got this right. Nobody is suggesting the Trump administration is suppressing publication of the studies, what Mann is complaining about is that taxpayer’s money is not being spent promoting and sensationalising every product of government employed scientists.

    Why should government scientists get a free appeal to authority, just because they work for the government?

    If the study is any good, if it is any use to anyone, it will get the circulation it deserves. ”


    • #

      AnotherIan said @ #11:

      what Mann is complaining about is that taxpayer’s money is not being spent promoting and sensationalising every product of government employed scientists.

      You’re partly right: but if we read between his lines, it becomes more than obvious:

      – he’s not getting the grants he’s become accustomed to …

      Why should government scientists get a free appeal to authority, just because they work for the government?

      – and which he needs to support his litigious life-style! 🙂


  • #
    James Murphy

    No new gas or coal projects… so is oil OK, or not?

    If these loonies think Australia doesn’t need or want it, I can think of a few countries who will gladly take it off our hands, and they’ll even provide the labour. The Dorado discovery by Quadrant Santos, for example, is far enough offshore that a few FPSOs and tankers would never be noticed… but then the same idiots demanding that we shouldn’t extract our natural resources would complain that foreign companies are not paying tax. Taxes needed to fund the next generation of unemployable illiterate, innumerate sociology graduates (That’s a science, right? it ends in ‘ology’…).


  • #

    Some religious, if they ever had soul,
    Would sell it to demonize coal,
    As they bow on bent knee,
    To the I.P.C.C.,
    And its climate change virtues extol.


    • #
      The Depraved and MOST Deplorable Vlad the Impaler

      Ruairi, I’ve got to know: do these just ‘come out of the blue’ into your fertile mind, or does it take some thinking to work the current hysteria/scare tactic into such magnificent limericks?

      I hope you remember helping me find a limerick my mother adored, but could not remember the first two lines:

      “There once was a maiden medieval,
      Who lived in the forest primeval,
      A rounder espied her
      And plied her with cider
      And now she’s the forest’s prime evil”

      Along with all of your gems, it’s still one of my favorites as well.



      • #

        Thanks Vlad for your thoughtful comments.The limericks hardly ever just ‘come out of the blue’ but with climate hysteria so prevalent and Joanne’s posts so interesting, I have plenty of fertile ground and rich pickings to help me. After thinking over the topic for a while, I construct the verse word by word and line by line and then revise it until it looks and sounds right.


        • #
          The Depraved and MOST Deplorable Vlad the Impaler

          Thank you, Ruairi. You have a wonderful gift, and you are ‘the gift that keeps on giving’ as well. May your well of inspiration never run dry. As you have indicated, there does not seem to be any shortage of hysteria to parody.

          As you know, many of us have hope that you are keeping a record of some type of your poignant verse. I can see no better way to catalog the shifting sands of climate catastrophism than your succinct five-liners. I wonder if Jo and Dr. Evans can find a way to set aside some memory for a repository of your work (not unlike the Skeptics Sceptics Handbook). Let us entreat them to do so, when time permits.




  • #
    Richard Ilfeld

    In February-March 1616, the Catholic Church issued a prohibition against the Copernican theory of the earth’s motion.
    This led to the Inquisition trial and condemnation of Galileo Galilei in 1633 as a suspected heretic.
    The church’s view on science shows some consistency here.
    Not many organizations can claim to have been wrong for centuries, yet survived.
    Of course, 350 years later the church reversed course on Galileo.
    Given the predictive period of 100 years, reversal on climate may be bit quicker.


    • #

      As a matter of hard fact, Galileo’s arguments had many supporters within the Church.
      It is simply wrong to argue that there was one monolithic viewpoint held by all Catholics.
      Galileo himself remained a confirmed Catholic.


      • #
        Bill in Oz

        No he did not want to be burned at the stake as a heretic.
        But he was found to be teaching heretical science
        And due to be burned as a result
        Fortunately he had a mate who was a pope.
        The pope said instead of being burned alive,
        He should be confined to his home for the rest of his life
        And none of his writings published..
        And he lived another 15 years in house confinement.
        Meanwhile thousands of others who did not have a friendly high placed mate
        Were burned at the stake.
        It even had a special catholic name : “Auto De Fe”
        Wonderful dopey Catholic Church.


  • #

    No faith in coal ??

    Oh that’s ok, I have no faith in the Church or ANY of its leaders.


  • #

    Very little difference between the Gaia Worshipers and the Aztecs.

    Aztecs sacrificed thousands every year to appease Tlaloc, the Rain God.

    Green Gaia Worshipers sacrifice Trillions of dollars, millions of jobs, and brainwash millions of young people in their appeasement of the Warming God.

    Then, there’s the Gore Effect, mocking it all. Colorado US ski resorts are still open with 1.2 meters of snow pack base and it is Summer. Snowpack is 500% of last year’s total. Avg statewide snow water equivalent of 4121%. “Soon, people simply won’t know what snow is anymore”. Ha. 🙂


  • #
  • #

    It strikes me that these people want to promote multitheism rather than monotheism. How the wheel turns.


    • #


      There is this subtle (YMMV 🙂 ) scent/aroma/odour of seventeenth century belief systems, and behaviours reappearing.

      Witchcraft and the beliefs in it have returned. Fortunately, they are still only threatening the “Deniers” …
      Back then they burnt the “witches. It must have worked: the cold and the ice and snow went away. Crops could once again be sown, grow and be harvested. Hunger and starvation disappeared too. It must have worked.


      Correlation = Causation

      and human sacrifice seemed to work for the Little Ice Age, why should we be surprised with what we are seeing and hearing now?

      It must have worked … it all went away, and the weather, and food supplies all returned to normal. and which he needs to support his litigious life-style:


      • #

        Oh dear: don’t post with a full cut buffer 🙁 It’s been appended/stuck onto the end of the post …
        Last line should read:

        It must have worked … it all went away, and the weather, and food supplies all returned to normal.

        Please ignore the second half of the last line above as it was published. It’s irrelevant to this comment.

        As most of the denizens of the comments section of this blog are intelligent and educated people (but there’s always one …), this shouldn’t be a big ask.

        It’s a new version of Firefox, installed only three days ago. Mozilla must have been having problems over June, big problems, from all the versionitis:

        Date stamps from my file-system:
        May 25 06:31 firefox-67.0.tar.bz2
        Jun 5 19:28 firefox-67.0.1.tar.bz2
        Jun 12 13:43 firefox-67.0.2.tar.bz2
        Jun 19 12:43 firefox-67.0.3.tar.bz2
        Jun 23 09:25 firefox-67.0.4.tar.bz2

        Jun 8 19:46 firefox-67.0.1.tar.bz2
        Jun 12 13:46 firefox-67.0.2.tar.bz2
        Jun 19 12:48 firefox-67.0.3.tar.bz2
        Jun 23 18:32 firefox-67.0.4.tar.bz2
        (installation of 67.0 unknown as backup also removed. 67.0.1 was very welcome!)

        We live in interesting times when there is a `climate’ crisis in a browser manufacturer’s works!

        Maybe it’s time to change browsers … this lack of reliability was why I dropped Microsoft’s software in 1995. All the 67.0 versions have had user noticeable problems — my Anglo-Saxon, Old Norse and Anglicized Dutch vocabularies have been having a good workout this month. My neighbours can only be impressed with my new fluency <big grin>

        Chrome™ is not permitted on any of my machines, so please don’t recommend it. I caught it doing system administration work without my knowledge and permission behind my back with elevated permissions (<- Extreme Naughtiness!) and that was only because a minor bug in one of their scripts caught my attention. How dare they! Google has no rights on any of my machines, they don't own them, I do, they don't own the Internet either, even though they think they do!

        At least Firefox has remained suitably subservient …

        There are others … if it should come to that.


  • #

    Mixing politics and religion, now there’s a concept deeply rooted in history.

    There is a book by Charles Murray titled, “Coming Apart: The state of white America, 1960-2010”. By focusing on Caucasians, Murray did not what his sociological conclusions about upper class and lower class America to be looked at as reflection on race.

    The summary for the book states, “The top and bottom of white America increasingly live in different cultures, Murray argues, with the powerful upper class living in enclaves surrounded by their own kind, ignorant about life in mainstream America, and the lower class suffering from erosions of family and community life that strike at the heart of the pursuit of happiness. That divergence puts the success of the American project at risk.” One odd thing that struck me when I read the book was how organized religion and the relationships regular church attendance brings to people’s lives had become the provenance of the upper class while it had been abandoned by the working class. If this class divide for religious participation also exists in Australia, then the ARRCC will find itself preaching to the choir (upper class elites with white collar jobs).

    Finally, I wonder how the ARRCC would find scripture justification for the subsidies paid to the well off by the less well off so the well off can display their green credentials, driving an electric luxury vehicle and putting solar panels on the roof of their large homes.


    • #

      Sean, you are broadly addressing (by my read) the difference between decisions and results that evolve from Economic vs. Political decision making processes, assuming that religious justifications are a form of political justification.

      Thomas Sowell: Economic vs Political Decision Making

      @ 7:57 – 8:23

      “The mortality risk of living within 5 miles of a nuclear power plant for 50 years is equal to 6 minutes in a canoe”.

      @ 11:02 – 14:15

      “Political support is generated by creating a crisis”.

      This political ploy follows a pattern:

      1 Declare a Crisis
      2 Declare a Solution
      3 Detrimental results of the Solution are manifested
      4 More Policy is needed.

      It isn’t Judeo-Christian Scripture that is at fault, it is Politics and the denuding of the citizenry by politically created and enforced legalistic means toward political ends, with no meaningful consideration of the citizenry.

      There’s a bit of logic in saying that uninformed people ought not vote, and as well, that you get the government you vote for.

      The real issue is that that Govt, Law, and Economics, have been commandeered by Ideologues who have discovered they may fleece the populace, betray their nation, enrich themselves, subvert the law, enslave future generations, and walk away, all by controlling Media, Education, and politicians for hire. Its become a ponzi scam of enormous proportions. Balkanizing a nation by creating tribal interest groups and fanning the differences is an industry that is self perpetuating. Until it isn’t. That’s the dangerous part.


  • #
    Rot therebber

    We need a bunny State to test this faith in “renewables”. After all, our spiritual leaders (?) have now declared no new coal or gas projects in Australia. SA is closest to this nirvana, so let’s cut the electric cord to Victoria, and have a rapid move (by 2030?) to 100% wind and solar (they have virtually no water, so no hydro). They already have 2,100 MW nameplate wind generators and over 1,200 MW of solar, with a peak demand of about 2,500 MW (ok, it goes above 3,000 MW for a few days in summer, but they could shutdown the State for those few hot days and no one would notice). So it shouldn’t take much to switch off (blow up?) the 3,200 MW of gas and diesel generators right? Just a minute, why with all that investment in wind and solar do they still have 100% fossil fuel supply available? Let’s get those activist students out there picketing those evil CO2 generating Pelican Point and Torrens Island power stations.


  • #

    The climate cabal will not give up.


  • #

    Across the bottom of the TV screen yesterday or the day before.

    Queensland flooding made worse by the drought.

    Does that mean that Noah’s Ark is grounded?
    Or a bob each way?


  • #

    Has the IPCC told us exactly how many ppm of CO2 is the optimum for Gaia’s comfort? After all they must know as the science has settled to the bottom of the septic tank.


  • #
    John in Oz

    Signatories to the letter include bishops, rabbis, theologians, the grand mufti of Australia and the heads of the Uniting Church, the Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils, Muslims Australia and the National Council of Churches.

    It seems strange to me that they are using the ‘97% of all scientists whose field of expertise is climate, and who have gone through the process of having their research peer-reviewed by other qualified scientists and published in a scholarly journal” (note all of the caveats) when there are so many of them with disparate religious views with so many gods to believe in.

    The other thought I had in their description of the disasters they are expecting (always in the future) is that:
    – seas warming
    – melting glaciers/Arctic ice
    – cool water flows into the oceans
    – negative feedback tending to cool the oceans back to whatever ‘normal’ steady-state, static condition that these idiots believe should be present?


    • #
      Bill in Oz

      “Experts” ( ?) in matter spiritual & religious
      Have never been good at research and peer reviewing.
      It’s all ‘revelation’ for them.
      And this new climatology cult is also pure ‘adulterated’
      ‘revelation’ by the greenists


  • #

    … and thine heavenly father sayeth to the people of the good Earth….. Beware of scammers bearing false profits.


  • #

    If you need an example of an atmospheric scientist who’s a sceptic, then Jon Theon might be the best choice. Long retired but he was overlooking James Hansen’s work at NASA (in effect, his supervisor as he put it) and despite thinking it was poor there was no censorship, unlike now.


    • #

      So giving Hansen’s effort/report on climate a D might have been in order?


      • #
        Graeme No.3

        More like an F for False. There is another F word I might used but it is banned from this site.

        I was having my eyes tested earlier this week. The test paper handed to me contained Hansen’s words such as “it is now hotter than it has been anytime in the last 12,000 years.” I doubt that even P***R F**z**y believes that.


  • #
    Rev John Nelson

    These religious leaders do not speak for all believers. Some of us trust the promise of God to Noah, (Ge 8:22) ‘While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease,’ which demonstrates that whatever variations may be experienced in the climate the fundamental pattern of the seasons shall continue. We also note that severe famines occurred in Biblical times, as in Egypt in the time of Joseph. This could not be ascribed to anthropogenic causes. Some of these spokesmen put more trust in the fallible word of compromised scientists than in the divine revelation they profess to uphold.


    • #
      Greg Cavanagh

      As do those of us who read the bible. The bible is very explicit and thorough in how the world will end, and warming aint it.

      Any priest (or pope) who believes in catastrophic warming, hasn’t read and understood the bible. Danial, Ezekiel and Revelation to name but a few.


  • #

    As religions go, Climatism is pretty extreme. Christians fundamentally (or fundamentalist Christians) believe in a deity who burns non-believers. Climatists believe in a deity that burns EVERYBODY. Instead of a deity who judges each person as an individual, Climatists believe in a deity that judges the entire human race as a collective, regardless of individual behaviour. What’s more, Papal infallibility is limited, whereas the Climatists are absolute in their view. Christians are expected to love their enemy. The Climatists hate everyone. Even themselves. They believe that humans are parasites who can never be completely redeemed.

    I’m an agnostic by the way.


  • #

    The authority of science, which is recognized by most philosophers of the modern epoch, is a very different thing from the authority of the Church, since it is intellectual, not governmental. No penalties fall upon those who reject it; no prudential arguments influence those who accept it. It prevails solely by its intrinsic appeal to reason. It is, moreover, a piecemeal and partial authority; it does not, like the body of Catholic dogma, lay down a complete system, covering human morality, human hopes, and the past and future history of the universe. It pronounces only on whatever, at the time, appears to have been scientifically ascertained, which is a small island in an ocean of nescience. There is yet another difference from ecclesiastical authority, which declares its pronouncements to be absolutely certain and eternally unalterable: the pronouncements of science are made tentatively, on a basis of probability, and are regarded as liable to modification. This produces a temper of mind very different from that of the medieval dogmatist.

    Bertrand Russell, 1945
    A History of Western Philosophy

    Is “climate science” more like science or the medieval church?


  • #

    Australians Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC).

    Aka, Foolish Australians Religiosity Response to Climate Evidence (FARRCE)