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Second wave starting in Iran


Despite doing everything it could to gain herd immunity Iran starts on second wave

Iran was one of the first countries to succumb to the pandemic, and so it is for the second wave. Back on Feb 25th Iran emerged as a new epicentre — whereupon smart nations like Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Oman, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Jordan, Ankara, Georgia and Tajikistan immediately closed borders and flights from Iran. Rich nations with Expert-Swamps, however, would wait until they actually caught cases before they stopped the flights.

Iranian leaders worked to spread the virus: they were slow to close religious institutions, and quick to claim they’d be immune, right up until the day the leaders started catching the virus themselves. They declared quarantine was stone age, and shipped their masks off to China, but like everywhere, when things got bad, they started quarantine.

The peak came and went and things were headed in the right direction so Iran started releasing restrictions from April 11th. By May 2nd, less than a thousand new cases a day were being recorded. But five days later cases had doubled. Now they are back to where they were when they started releasing restrictions.

Just in time to catch the second wave, Iran reopened Mosques on May 4th in about one third of the country. Expect these numbers to rise. But also expect that these are not too accurate. No point in doing p tests on the slope. We hope for Iranians sake, this peak is lower.

Iran Second Wave

Irans second wave  Worldometer

Part of Iran has gone into a new lockdown after virus cases doubled in a week.

May 11th Aljazerra

A county in southwestern Iran has been placed under lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Tasnim news agency reported, also quoting the provincial governor as saying there had been a sharp rise in new cases across the province.

Gholamreza Shariati, governor of Khuzestan province that borders Iraq and includes the county of Abadan, said people had not been observing social distancing rules.

Iran warns of coronavirus cluster spread as 71 more die

May 14th Aljazerra

Fresh spike in infections reported in several provinces following the lifting of restrictions in April.

Iran has deemed more than 150 counties across the country as low-risk from the virus and has allowed them to reopen mosques.

Since April 11, it has allowed a phased reopening of its economy and lifted restrictions on intercity travel.

Things must be serious, last week Iran cancelled the annual Quds day rally which calls for Israel’s annihilation.

Meanwhile the Iranian rial has lost much of its value and will be replaced with a new currency, called the toman which will be worth 10,000 rials. Inflation is a sign the Iranian economy has been subject to a currency virus.

Pakistan has decided to build a wall — or at least fencing along the 959km border –– to keep out Iranians. The Iranians are reportedly not happy about that. Possibly, neither are the drug lords of body traffickers.

Foreign Policy Mag has a good description of the dismal response the first time around.

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