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Many countries tracking to zero Coronavirus — the world could divide into the infected or the free

Australia and New Zealand may soon open up a safe travel zone in the South Pacific and some mock it as a “bubble”. But many other nations could potentially join this growing virus-free zone. Countries which could get there sooner include Germany, France, Norway, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Czechia, Serbia, Croatia, Greece and Iceland. Plus South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Israel, and even perhaps Italy and Spain not long after that. And there are others.

Countries that are only flattening the curve, and not crushing it, include bizarrely the powerhouses of the Western world, the UK and US, as well as Sweden and Canada. It also includes Russia, Brazil, and a lot of the third world. But even Turkey is bringing the curve down. Forgoodnesssake, Jordan looks impressive. Even Cuba looks like reaching zero before the US of A does.

The US and UK are keeping their virus cases alive by flying them in through open borders. Sweden is just not doing enough. Canada? Good question. Please tell us.

We know how to beat this virus yet top level expert advisors are telling Boris and Trump they need to leave the borders open. Can someone shake these men and tell them to get better advice? The Experts from the Swamp may not want to solve this. Especially if profits or elections are on the line. They could have stopped the flights in February, but they didn’t.

A world divided…

Imagine the effect on those nations considered “unsafe” which are locked outside the Virus-free Zone. Their travellers can enter the safe zone with a two week quarantine. The world could become carved into the clean and unclean. Only nations with no infections and hard border control could be admitted, but once inside, people could fly with normal border checks and no extra quarantine. Economies would return to near normal levels within and tourism could rebound within the clean zone. People would have the confidence to go out for dinner and plan weddings and visit their relatives in nursing homes.

Countries with out-of-control infections would lose out in so many ways — and the pressure to join the virus free zone will be huge. Tourists from the safe zone could visit the land of infections, but face a two week quarantine on return. Once countries are “in” they will want to maintain any borders with the infected zone — if an outbreak occurs, they may lose their own safe status.

But the world sits at a vulnerable fork in the road

Many nations are potentially only weeks from zero cases — but burning cash. If nations reopen to fast or too early, the second waves will come, economies will struggle on for months, tip toeing around the virus, redoing the lockdowns, or just suffering the deaths and the fear. But for those with the wealth and the resolve to beat this, the No-Virus World offers real freedom and a V shaped recovery. All the infrastructure and workforce is still there, mostly intact. The bridges have not been burned. (Yet).

But there are some major players both within and without who benefit from dragging out the problem. Some are seeding the message that we can’t get rid of the virus, that we have to have vaccines, or drugs, or herd immunity, when what we really need right now is strong borders and just to finish the job.

A healthy economy starts with healthy people.

The Globalists will hate that success is measured one nation at a time, depends on strong borders and was achieved despite the EU and the UN. This virus is the anti-thesis of Open Borders and a pox on the biggest layer of useless government in the world. The WHO only had one job and they failed us.

All around the world, nations are beating Coronavirus

Everyone knows Australia and New Zealand are close to zero, but they could still muck this up.

Australia, NZ Coronavirus, Graph, Crushing the curve.

Stats and graphs thanks to Worldometer

All across Europe there are signs of success. Not long after strong quarantine measures started the curves started to flatten:


Germany, Norway, Austria, Serbia, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Coronavirus, Graph, Crushing the curve.

Stats and graphs thanks to Worldometer        | Click to enlarge.

Asian nations near China were better prepared. These numbers were nothing like the West.

Asian countries, Japan, Hong Kong, Coronavirus, Graph, Crushing the curve.

Click to enlarge.

Even in Italy and Spain, the curves are promising, though as they reopen, there is plenty for the virus to spring off…

Italy, Spain,  Coronavirus, Graph, Crushing the curve.

The mysteries of the Americas:

Canada, USA, Coronavirus, Graph, Crushing the curve.

This is what flattening the curve looks like in the USA and Canada.

Obviously, in a divided world, constant vigilance is required, but the West already successfully keeps out many diseases that used to be endemic.  Testing would have to be maintained to cope with the odd inevitable breach, along with tracking and tracing teams ready to go. At the first hint of reinfection, the borders lock down around the region til it’s cleared. We know what to do.

Go hard and Go Early. Short sharp and fast.


Things worth knowing about Coronavirus:


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