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Did Joe Biden just copy Bill Shorten’s “winning” Climate formula?

Good news for Donald Trump. Overconfidence meant Bill Shorten lost the unloseable election in Australia last year.  Joe Biden is following in his footsteps — spending $2T on a war against cheap energy in a bid for nicer weather that no one believes will happen in their lifetime.

He doesn’t have to do this:

Biden gambles on placing climate change at the heart of the US energy policy

Derek Brower, Financial Times

… Joe Biden — armed with a commanding lead in the polls ahead of November’s US presidential election — now promises a root-and-branch overhaul of the American energy system that will put climate change at its heart and which one worried industry adviser describes as “a Tet offensive” on the fossil fuels industry. The plan, which will be aired again at the Democratic party convention this week, earmarks $2tn in spending over the next four years to use climate policy to drag the economy out of its pandemic-era recession.

In Australia they called it “a climate election” and the people voted “No”. The result was surprise and a bitter disappointment to left leaning commentariat.  US polls on climate change showed only a few days ago that the voters rank climate second to last. More windmills will not save the US economy from a rogue virus. Either Biden hasn’t done his research or he is overconfident enough to toss in burdensome gambit policies so he can claim a “mandate” afterwards.


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