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Widespread snow all over the East Coast of Australia – first time in decades

Not what the climate models predicted

This weekend it’s snowing within 90 minutes of Melbourne and Sydney. It’s snowing in far south Queensland. In the Alps Thredbo recorded an amazing 117cm of fresh snow in two days, while snow fell in towns that rarely get snow like Gordon near Ballarat, Tumut, Crookwell. The highway through the Blue Mountains was blocked. The airport was closed in Orange.

The ABC makes sure to embed their best excuses for the Global Warming.

Repeat after me: The Science is Complex. Two “leading” researchers say blah, blah, attribution, models. They argue that unverified, unvalidated models that ignore the solar wind, solar spectral changes, and solar magnetic changes can tell us how much effect CO2 has because there’s a mysterious gap between what their models predict the natural climate would do and what really happened — especially according to thermometers installed over asphalt and next to incinerators. They forget to mention that their models fail on temperature trends, and on the local, regional, and continental scale, the pause, the upper troposphere, the humidity, the fingerprint they said mattered, the medieval warm period, the little ice age, the oceans, down boreholes, and for sea levels, as well as for the temperature of Antarctica, and the Southern Ocean. Lucky we have Seers who can interpret the failures of broken models to explain why CO2 really does cause all the things their models didn’t predict.

BOM forecasts ‘Antarctic winds’ for NSW weekend as towns receive first snow in decades

–ABC Saturday afternoon

Residents in the Riverina also received a dumping of snow, with some towns recording their first falls in decades.

Cootamundra local Steve Theobald said the last time he remembered snow there was 1985, while residents in Tumut — only 305 metres above sea level — said it was their first fall since 2000.

The Great Western Highway between Wentworth Falls and Mount Victoria was closed earlier due to snow and ice and was reopened around 9:30am.

The NSW State Emergency Service (SES) said it had to rescue some motorists who became stranded on the Mitchell Highway between Orange and Bathurst.

Mr Ryan said the snowfall would continue into Sunday and would be finished by Monday.

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