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ABC suddenly notices the ‘heat island’ effect in cities

Skeptics mention the Urban Heat Island and its crickets from the ABC.

A green group mentions the Urban Heat Island effect and the ABC is happy to advertise:

Australian cities are increasingly becoming concrete jungles as trees and canopy coverage disappear, according to experts who warn this is contributing to an urban “heat island” effect.

“We know a tried and tested strategy is the introduction of more trees and green roofs in urban spaces, reducing surface temperatures by up to 40 per cent,” Griffith University urban and environmental planner Tony Matthews said.

40% of what, we might wonder, but the ABC doesn’t.

Could this huge heat effect possibly affect temperature records creating a systematic century scale bias inflating and creating fake hottest ever records. Nothing to see here, nevermind.

What radiates like an oven but doesn’t heat thermometers?

A national initiative — called Greener Spaces Better Places — brings together academic, government and industry groups to promote further greenery in our cities. Its research says black bitumen and dark roofs compound the already-hot days by creating a so-called heat island effect, absorbing heat and radiating it back like an oven.

Radiating like an oven? You mean like the carpark under the official Streaky Bay thermometer for 30 years? Which incompetent, careless national agency did that I wonder. And which incompetent careless national agency helped them hide that?

Who killed the trees?

The primary reason there are less trees:

The reasons for greenery loss were varied and complex, said RMIT associate professor in international planning, Marco Amati.

In some areas, greenery might be lost because houses were getting bigger and land plots were smaller, so there was less space for plants, he said.

Which political party pushes for high density, overcrowded, concrete cities? Who wants more immigration yet smaller city footprints?  Who hates the suburban backyard?

“So street by street we need a kind of campaign to make people aware of why greenery is important right there in their backyard.”

And if they have no backyard because there aren’t enough houses, or enough land for sale?

 One day the Bureau of Met may stop adjusting the old readings down….

Save the trees, sell the ABC.

China is warming fastest where the cities are, not where the models predicted.

We can see Urban Heat Islands from space.



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LATE NOTE: The ABC did an earlier story on the different temperatures of two Sydney Suburbs. A hidden UHI story. h/t Rod

Last summer, Galloway Street in North Parramatta experienced five days of temperatures above 40 degrees.

People on Daking Street — which is a short walk north — sweated through 13 days above 40 degrees.

It’s the hottest street in the City of Parramatta’s municipality.

The reason? Trees.

New research from Western Sydney University has revealed the temperatures at ground level could vary wildly — in some areas the difference was more than 10 degrees.

Despite that, the science is settled and we know the temperature of the entire nation to a tenth of a degree …







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