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Most people in the West are still skeptics of climate change and the IPCC position

A large Yougov Climate Change survey has questioned about 1,000 people in 30 different countries. Despite being loaded and biased towards the IPCC religious position, and despite 30 years of non-stop propaganda, most of the population in major western countries are not obedient believers in the IPCC message.

h/t GWPF

Who do this half of the population vote for? Which mainstream major party even says humans are only partly responsible?

If political parties represented the voters, one of the two major  parties in every country would be willing to say “the IPCC exaggerates the problem”. Only the USA (at the moment) has a leader that doesn’t repeat the IPCC line, even though many Republicans still do. In most western nations both sides of politics are competing for the 40 – 50% of the population that thinks humans are mainly responsible. As Donald Trump, Tony Abbott, Doug Ford and Jason Kenny show, most voters are easily inspired to vote against the climate dogma.

These numbers are typical of bigger and better studies over the years. Though the UK figure shows more believers than an ITV Newrs poll in 2014 showed. (Fully 62% of the UK were skeptical then and may still be if they were asked in a decent survey.)

Yougov, climate change survey, 2019,graph, USA.

Yougov, climate change survey, 2019,graph, USA.

I’ve included “don’t knows” as skeptical simply because saying “don’t know” in a loaded survey, and after all these years of repetition of the politically correct line is very much a skeptical position. Who could claim they hadn’t heard the IPCC position when it’s now taught in schools? So the “don’t knows” are people who could’ve said they believed the IPCC but chose not too. Because anyone who doubts climate change is called ugly names — where’s the tolerance for diversity — we can also be sure that a percentage of people saying they agree with the IPCC are feeling badgered into it.

Yougov, climate change survey, 2019,graph, USA.

Yougov, climate change survey, 2019,graph, Australia.

Yougov, climate change survey, 2019,graph, USA.

Yougov, climate change survey, 2019,graph, UK.


How loaded are these questions?

Which of the following comes closest to your view?

It’s already too late to avoid the worst effects?
We are still able to avoid the worst…
We will be able to avoid the worst if we broadly carry on with the steps being taken.
Don’t know?

 Or how about the options they didn’t ask, and don’t want to hear?

Action to change the climate is mostly a waste of time and money

Action to change the climate is a deadly burden on good people that costs lives and livelihoods?

So when critics turn up to ask why the “don’t knows” are included as skeptics, my answer is that the survey was loaded and biased and largely maximized the number of believers.  Does anyone really think that the respondents would answer the same way if they’d also been offered realistic choices?

“Climate Change” is still a useless ambiguous phrase to design a survey around

Anyone who was really interested in knowing what people think would not use the term “climate change” because it intrinsically means natural change as well as man-made change, and they don’t specify.

Yougov, survey, 2019, Graph, countries, climate change.


So take it all with a grain of salt, but I am heartened to see our Scandinavian friends have a lot of skeptical brains and are often the least likely to “believe”.

So poorer countries stand to get handouts on this topic, and benefit from slowing down rich competitor economies.  There is little interest within poor nations to report any skeptical position so it’s not surprising that unopposed propaganda rules.

Yougov, survey, 2019, Graph, countries, climate change.

Yougov, survey, 2019, Graph, countries, climate change.

Australia is the purple dot on the “left most side” of range of Asian countries.


Yougov, International Survey of Climate Change, 2019.

PDF of full results here

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