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The US is the child saying “the emperor has no clothes”

The sorcerers say they can stop volcanoes with light globes. They come dressed as scientists, but chant fantasies about “deniers”.The Global Bullying has cowed whole nations into coughing up money for lost causes. But as I’ve said before, bullying is brittle, and once the cracks appear in the veneer, it can come apart very fast.

Francis Menton predicts the Impending Collapse  Of The Global Warming Scare

Just asking these questions in the public domain will change everything:

Now the backers of the global warming alarm will not only be called upon to debate, but will face the likelihood of being called before a highly skeptical if not hostile EPA to answer all of the hard questions that they have avoided answering for the last eight years.  Questions like:  Why are recorded temperatures, particularly from satellites and weather balloons, so much lower than the alarmist models had predicted?  How do you explain an almost-20-year “pause” in increasing temperatures even as CO2 emissions have accelerated?  What are the details of the adjustments to the surface temperature record that have somehow reduced recorded temperatures from the 1930s and 40s, and thereby enabled continued claims of “warmest year ever” when raw temperature data show warmer years 70 and 80 years ago?  Suddenly, the usual hand-waving (“the science is settled”) is not going to be good enough any more.  What now?

The eco-Worriers are pushing the message that the USA risks being a rogue state, a “backward nation”, a “pariah” — but the truth is, the USA is leading the way out of political correctness, and every nation on Earth will want to follow it to cheap energy. The little kid is saying we need fridges and phones in a house full of teenagers showing off their candles made of coconut fat. Trump has broken the spell — he’s not pandering. As the US grows rich with cheap energy, other nations will be left waving last years mental-disco-pants, and threatening not to play.

And how will the United States fare on the international stage when it stops promising to cripple its economy with meaningless fossil fuel restrictions?  As noted above, people like Isabel Hilton predict a combination of ostracism and “loss of leadership” of the issue, most likely to China.  Here’s my prediction:  As soon as the United States stops parroting the global warming line, the other countries will quickly start backing away from it as well.  This is “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” with the U.S. in the role of the little kid who is the only one willing to say the obvious truth in the face of mass hysteria.

To stop bleeding votes to the sensible right, the centre left are going to have to show they can reign in the ecoMonsters.

There is light at the end. The funding gusher could be switched off. The truth is that if subsidies stop to wind farms and theatre groups that “kill deniers”, hardly anyone will notice bar the “parasites who have been wasting the money.”*

The environmental movement has climbed itself way out onto the global warming limb.  Now the Trump administration is about to start sawing off the limb behind them.

It is  a well written article at the Manhattan Contrarian. This will be a bumpy twisting road, though.

*Unfortunately, there are a lot of parasites.

h/t Patrick Moore, Scott of the Pacific, Pat for the “rogue state” link.

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