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Farewell, Knights of Delingpole? Say it isn’t so!

Damn but we’ll miss you Dellers. Here today, what tomorrow? (See the Update #3: Brietbart.com? Plus note the story today on Spectator. Move those bookmarks eh?)

Of course we know we will keep tripping across your wake (I’m referring to the waves your words leave as they cut through the raging wash.)  I absolutely can’t believe we won’t be hearing more of you. The Delingpole will not be silenced… somehow, someway, those impish, wicked thoughts and savage put-downs will make their way out in to the world.


Farewell, Knights of Delingpole – and thank you, trolls

And thank you most of all to those of you who have supported me through thick and thin. Thanks for your technical expertise and advice (it prevented anyone ever noticing that I’m an English graduate and know NOTHING about science apart from, maybe, how to grow copper sulphate crystals); thanks for your jokes, links and irrelevant asides; thanks for your friendship and loyalty and courage in the face of sometimes, near insuperable odds, against the dark forces of statism, political correctness, and green-left-liberal lunacy. You are like brothers to me: all of you; apart from the ones who are more like sisters.

—   James Delingpole

Dear James, it wouldn’t have been the same without you, and it’s been a blast. No one else unleashed the English language with the Dellers-finesse to cut down the self-rightous, the pompous and the parasites. (And no one else got 2,000 comments a post either). I do believe you, GWPF and the Bishop transformed the lost Isles after November 2009.  Do make sure you tell us when your next book is out, or your next project. Whatever it is.

As for your expertise, you are far too modest. You have a much better grip on the scientific method than, say, Paul Nurse. The shame is that you are not running the Royal Society.


For readers suffering withdrawal, go buy all of  James’ Books (use this link): (Darn, the link is now dead! James James, honestly?!)



eg: Killing the Earth to Save It (How Environmentalists are ruining the planet, destroying the economy and stealing your jobs)


POST NOTE: My reply just posted in comments to a critic.


“Delingpole is playing the toughest game and doing it extremely well. There is no “rough justice” when the fully funded state uses dishonest editing to portray him as something that he is not.

Delingpole’s ego is merely necessary armour and the entertaining magnet used to spread the message. Indeed part of his success is his disarming candor. Another is his bravery at fighting a battle on hostile foreign ground (science). How many would put their professional reputation on the line in an area where others spend their whole lives being prepared and rewarded for learning intricate details to defend their opinion. He had no such luxury, but saw the crookedness and corruption and did something about it.

If the world had more Delingpoles, we would all be richer, healthier and happier because common sense would reign.

UPDATE #3: Could be Dellers had an offer from Brietbart.com which is setting up a branch in the UK? Thanks to Janet and Peter for the tip.

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