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DeSoggyBog strikes back

DeSoggy Bog

From the new parody of DeSmog, DeSoggy Bog, some cutting truths are exposed about the active attack site that thinks it helps the planet by launching ad hominem attacks on scientists.

There will come a time when Jim Hoggan will regret the back-lash that comes against his PR firm Hoggan and Associates. So will David Suzuki, who gives his active approval of the illogical rude rants by by appointing Jim Hoggan as Chair of his board of directors and linking to DeSmog (here and here) from his Foundation website.

Quote Suzuki: “DeSmogBlog.com – Excellent blog on the skeptics”.

If you disagree with us YOU’RE SCUM

We are the keepers of the only permissible views on global warming.

Since your opinions differ from ours you are an evil-doer, part of a cover-up orchestrated by baddies.

You have been scanned by our x-ray vision and found to be a deliberate liar. Free speech, therefore, does not apply to you. Shame on you for trying to confuse and mislead the public.

It isn’t (yet) within our power to consign you to the dungeons, …

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“Desmog Makes Five outrageous claims:

1. That its own views about the complex topic of global warming are THE TRUTH

2. That anyone who disagrees with its views is deliberately lying

3. That liars are not entitled to free speech

4. That democracy depends not on free and open debate, but on the public being shielded from inaccurate ideas

5. That journalists, politicians, and business leaders should silence certain opinions”

Ultimately the patronizing stance of the Alarmists betrays them. How stupid are we-the-public that we need to be shielded from dangerous data — like temperature sets! And which God, exactly, decides who are The Chosen Ones with an exclusive handle on The Truth?

DeSmog blog are one of the funded attack dogs of the alarmists. Censorship by bullying and intimidation is what they do… and it’s good to see it being mocked. Donna Laframboise points out that their complaint about thousands of scientists’ right to speak is written on every page of their site.

Given that DeSmogBlog’s anti-free-expression philosophy is displayed so brazenly, what should we conclude about the prominent media outlets that portray this website favorably and apparently follow its direction when reporting on global warming? Can so many professional journalists be that blind? Do they not recognize anti-democratic impulses when the banners flutter beneath their noses?”

Check it out! Well done Donna…

Standing up to bullies works. My reply to DeSmog page ranks #3 on a google search for “DeSmog”. That must hurt. (Especially when they’ve put up at least five pages attacking The Skeptics Handbook and myself.) The world is not convinced by bullies.

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