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Science and the civil part of civilization is being exploited by big government and greedy corporates. Together we can do something about that. For dumb reasons, explained below, you can “Buy” me $1 units of chocolate support.*

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*Why this daft arrangement? Would you believe — the Australian government say that I need permission to accept “donations”. (It’s your money, but you can only donate it to a Registered Charity.) So instead I’m “selling” units of $1 emergency chocolate kits which go to needy bloggers (me) – just choose the quantity. 10 units is a $10 donation. Thank you!


Your help makes a big difference

We can’t do it without you. Our household is funded largely through donations by people like you who are fed up at the failure of institutions, science associations and journalists. Thanks for your help.

Not surprisingly, there is no government job we could apply for which aims to make governments less of a burden, and there’s no big-oil funding, no UN agency, and only a few Institutes and Associations with real integrity left. Government science is being strangled. Only independent scientists are free to speak their minds, and free to follow that data, no matter where it leads.

If you can help us pay our bills, we’ll help you say what needs to be said.

Join us to get logic and reason into government policies, media stories and one day, maybe even universities.


David Evans: PhD, M.S. (E.E.), M.S. (Stats) @ Stanford University; B.Eng (University Medal, Hons), M.A., B.Sc. @ Sydney University

Joanne Nova: BSc (Hons, Molecular Biology) @ University of Western Australia, FJ Faulding Prize, Bond Microbiology Prize; Former Associate Lecturer in Science Communication @ the Australian National University.

PHOTO: Clouds cool the ancient red sand of the Great Victoria Desert. Image by Jo. (Click for the full landscape.) Iron oxide makes the land red. Taken en route to Perth East of Kalgoorlie.


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