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Businesses I can recommend

Being a small business owner I know how useful recommendations are. These businesses are ones I’ve worked with or used. They didn’t ask, and aren’t paying for a mention here. This is just a way I can say thanks to people who are doing a good job, and support honest hard workers who offer great products.

Blackwood Valley Organic Beef

Finally, grass fed beef, without preservatives, additives and antibiotics. They are serious about the health of the animals, and the flavour of the meat. They mail-order, or sell through L&H meats in Malaga, Perth WA. I’ve spoken to them at length and I like their attitude! Prices are very reasonable.

L&N Meats 232 Camboon Rd Malaga Ph  08 9249 9655

Blackwood Valley Beef Boyup Brook Ph (0427) 348 496


Ocean Magic Charters, Perth Western Australia

Charter Cruise Swan River

It's a beautiful boat

Swan River Cruises in a superb luxury charter boat

Phone (+61) 08 9331 2566

Email: [email protected]

Aquabrite – Pool and spa water treatment system

If you want to use much less chlorine, or go chlorine-free in your pool, their silver-copper ionisation system seems to work very well. Their advice and help on the phone was exceptional. They’ve gone out of their way to provide a great service and I love the water quality. Chlorine is very tough on sensitive kids prone to excsma, and I like the Aquabrite system. One of my friends with six children and a huge 50,000 L pool has used it for years with no problems.

Contact them

MAD Minerals Makeup

This US cosmetics retailer provides liquid mineral foundations without parabens and methoxycinnamates. They stock a large range of powders as well. Barbara provides exceptional service, at a very reasonable price and I do like the product. So if you are searching wondering if the company is legit, the products decent, and if it’s worth ordering makeup online, I  recommend giving it a try. I want them to stay in business, which is why I’m giving them a free plug, and it’s a good way for me to say thanks. Barbara really did leave an impression on me, doing more than she needed to, to keep this customer happy.

10 out of 10 based on 1 rating