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Progressive Parties are the party of the Rich

The faith in Wind Power. It's like a religion.The Great Realignment in politics has been coming a long time but it is now starkly lined up as a Class War in most of The Western World, just that quite a lot of voters don’t know it yet, and they are ripe for flipping.

In Australia the tables were turned on a hundred years of history. The poorer half of the country voted for the conservatives, the richer half for the Labor Party, and the Richest of the Rich voted for the Teal-High-Fashion-Parade — the Gucci-Prada of Political Parties — the ones offering the Gold Plated Global Bragging Points!

I have a Platinium Frequent Flyer Card and I’m so Rich I Vote To Save The World!

People in Labor seats earned $8,000 a year more than people in Liberal electorates, but the Green-independents earnt $27,000 more. That’s not something they probably want people to hear.

Reversal of fortune: Labor electorates earn more than Coalition seats

Aaron Patrick  Senior correspondent, Australian Financial Review

Households in Labor electorates now earn $8580 more a year than those in Coalition seats – a shift that could have profound effects on politics.

Labor and the Liberals changed places at the 2022 election. At $118,880 a year, households in Liberal seats now earn 2.6 per cent, or $3140 a year, less than Labor-seat dwellers on $122,020. And residents of Greens and independent-held seats are even wealthier. Their average household income last year was $145,690.

The income data may help explain why both main parties are behaving in ways contrary to their historical allegiances. The Labor Party has promised to subsidise childcare for families earning $500,000, and new Liberal leader Peter Dutton has acknowledged his party’s relationship with big business is breaking down.

“The Liberal Party is becoming Labor and Labor is becoming the Liberal Party,” an investment banker who lives in the Sydney seat of Wentworth said this week. “I’ve voted Liberal most of my life. Now I find myself reconsidering.”

The voting-income effects were seen across the metropolitan sprawls. Today, of the 15 highest-earning electorates, seven are held by independents, five by the Labor Party and three by the Coalition (Bradfield, Berowra and Mitchell.) While six Liberal MPs fell to “teal” independents, three of the poorest five electorates swung right.

Years ago when the free market and competition was a bigger part of the economy the wealthier people voted Right, or Conservative, while the workers voted Left. But now the government is the biggest corporation in the country (in all our countries), so it’s the biggest buyer, biggest employer and it decides all the rules as well. So the wealth and the votes has shifted from the fans of the Free Market to the fans of Big Government.

High Fashion isn’t a foundation for a long lived political force. The conservatives can shatter the illusion if they mark the neo-Greens as the rich social climbers who don’t give a damn about the poor or the environment. Then tag the Labor Party as the Party that serves the Bankers and Big Corporates. Notice where the money is and follow the trail. If the conservatives speak the Truth and for The People they will easily win.

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