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Australian Intelligence Chief to assess climate threat but ignore risk of running country on windmills and batteries

Cunning Plan: New Australian PM to set up an Office of Climate Change Threats, but not an Office to study the Threats of Climate Action

Admiral Chris Barrie will be paid to worry about how seas rising by 1mm a year might affect our supply chains, but not about how making electricity ten times more expensive might destroy manufacturing in Australia.

If we had to actually build our own nuclear submarines will China still be happy to sell us the steel? Will we have an aluminum smelter left in the nation, and how long can we run that on solar panels and batteries? Are 2,000 kilometer long high voltage lines an easy target for hostile forces? Will electric vehicles be easier targets for cyber hackers or EMF weapons? Could dust bombs sabotage 2GW of solar panels? Would paint bombs be worse?

If we managed to build one nuclear submarine by 2040, will it be the most reliable baseload generator left in the national energy market and should we plug it back into the grid so we can build another sub?

So many questions…

Anthony Albanese to order intelligence chief to examine security threats posed by climate crisis

The Guardian

Anthony Albanese will ask Australia’s most senior intelligence chief, Andrew Shearer, to personally lead a review of the security threats posed by the climate crisis.

In a document submitted to the UN outlining Australia’s new 2030 emissions target, the Albanese government confirmed it would order “an urgent climate risk assessment of the implications of climate change for national security, which will be an enduring feature of Australia’s climate action”.

The exact scope and terms of reference are currently being drawn up, but the assessment was expected to consider options such as setting up an Office of Climate Threat Intelligence. If created, that office would update the threat assessments on a rolling basis.

Threats will be updated as funds roll in. Imagine if someone was paid to find out if unreliable expensive energy made us an easy target?

Former Australian defence force chief, retired Admiral Chris Barrie… said climate threats and costs would affect Australia in many ways, including disruptions to vital import and export markets and supply chains. He also cited increasing demands on the health system, degraded and lost natural systems, and escalating adaptation needs.

Given that the only known mammal extinction in Australia so far was one brown rat on a 3m high sand bar in the Torres Strait, there might be bigger issues the Australian Defence Force needs to worry about.

“Globally there will be regional conflicts over shared resources, climate-change enhanced famine, breakdown in social cohesion, forced displacement of populations, and state failure, including in our region,” Barrie said.

Since no islands with people living on them in the South Pacific are actually shrinking how many refugees do we expect? Is that 50 million more or less than the 50 million the United Nations told us would come by 2010 but which never came? And since climate change apparently causes global hurricanes to not get worse in 40 years, can we just wait another 40 years, and worry about nations that already have hypersonic missiles, nuclear weapons, launch cyber attacks and start space wars instead?

The missing hot spot is still missing. The fingerprint distinctive threat from anthropogenic climate change is undetectable. The real threat to our national security comes not from our coal plants but from The United Nations, ABC, CSIRO and BoM which have been so wrong about so many things they are practically working for the enemy.

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