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FBI didn’t want the Hunter Biden Laptop, then sat on it, then whistleblowers life is destroyed

He did all the right things but his business, his life’s work has been ruined. Hunter Biden dropped off his laptop to a Mac repair store and left it behind. The whistleblower who owned that store acted legally in every way, but now faces bankruptcy and lives with constant threats. He financially would have been so much better off if he has dropped the laptop in the bin. John Nolte at Breitbart has a long interview with John Paul Mac Isaac about the remarkable efforts he went to to do the right thing.  His father is a retired Air Force Colonel, and he also tried to do the right thing but was rebuffed.

The whole interview is worth reading. The scandal (above and beyond The Biden family) is the combined failure of the FBI and the media. Repeatedly, the FBI failed the nation, protected the corrupt by sitting on this laptop for months and intimidating the whistleblower. Then the media did the same, covering up for the compromised, blaming it on a Russian hack.  All the media that is, except for The New York Post, Tucker Carlson and sites like Breitbart.

People need to know what’s going on.

Nolte: Hunter Biden Laptop Whistleblower John Paul Mac Isaac — The Breitbart News Interview

BNN: We’re in September 2019 now and your friend is sitting on this letter and your dad is headed to the FBI?

JM: Right, Dad went to the FBI in October and the FBI slammed the door in his face, told him to get out of his office, lawyer up, and don’t talk about any of this.

BNN: Really?

JM: My father describes it as the most embarrassing moment of his life. This is a 30-year Air Force Colonel. To give 30 years of service and have a bureaucrat slam the door in your face… So we sat in the dark for a month scratching our heads, wondering what we do now. But the fear level ratcheted up because now the FBI knows we have this and doesn’t want to do anything. They kept the paperwork we presented [the repair agreement, etc.], but refused to accept the drive.

A month later an FBI agent I’ll call ‘Agent Joshua,’ reached out to my father. He wanted to contact me. I did some research on him online. He seemed like a good guy who had focused a lot of time going after child predators. So I trusted him and arranged a meeting at my house.

BNN:  Where are we at now in the year, when this meeting was arranged?

JM: Mid-November. He showed up with another agent I’ll call ‘Agent Mike.’ I voiced my concerns about people foreign and domestic who might want to do me harm over what I’d seen. I told them I wanted a paper trail and the ability to contact them if something happens. They told me they couldn’t take the laptop due to legal concerns, but that they would get back to me. On the morning of December 9, Agent Mike called me for the serial number off the hard drive. Initially, they said they were just going to come in and make a clone of the drive. But they showed up at 10 a.m. in my shop with a subpoena for everything. Which I thought was great. I wanted them to take everything. I wanted it out of my shop.

Even the FBI were threatening him:

BNN: And at this point, still, after eight months and all this political stuff going on, you had not reached out to the media or any political operatives, like Giuliani?

JM:  No, it would have been completely inappropriate. Only the FBI. The FBI is where this had to go. So I give them everything and joke about leaving their names out of any book I write, and this is when Agent Mike says, ‘In our experience, nothing ever happens to people who don’t talk about these things.

BNN:  Whoa.

JM: I was so happy to get that stuff out of my life, it took me a couple of hours before I realized that was a thinly-veiled threat.

He kept expecting to see the laptop turn up in legal hearings, but it never did:

JM: This is mid-December [2019]. We get through the holidays. The impeachment hearings begin. I keep waiting for the laptop to be admitted into evidence. I’d seen what was on the laptop. I knew it was relevant to impeachment. At the very least it should have been given to the White House to aid in the president’s defense. So at this time, I can only assume the FBI had no intention of letting that laptop be submitted as evidence. Now I have to worry about myself, my own safety, and identity. I felt even more alone and exposed.

By August 2020 it was clear the FBI, Justice Department and Congress were not going to help:

BNN: Now you’ve been sitting on this for nine months. Why not go to the media?

JM: I wanted to do this right, through the correct channels. I tried the Justice Department. I tried congress. Now it’s August of 2020, I’ve been sitting on this for more than a year, and I decided it was time to go to the president, directly to his attorney. So I came out of the shadows and emailed Giuliani directly.

BNN: You waited until August of 2020, you waited 16 months?

JM: End of August, around the 24th.

BNN: Nine months after the FBI picked it up and did nothing with it? You gave the FBI nine months to do the right thing?

After Guiliani and The Post broke the news in Oct 2020, the punishment began:

Humans are social creatures, gregarious beings. There is almost no one who is not affected physiologically by this kind of extreme repetitive bullying:

BNN: What form did the death threats come in?

JM: I’d answer the phone and hear terrible things. I had to file a terroristic threat report with the police. Not so many emails or texts, but a lot of stuff about how ‘Putin thanks me for my service’ or how I’m a Russian stooge or how I’m a hacker who’s going to go to prison.

That’s what I didn’t get, why people were calling me a criminal. I had 20 or 30 voice mails the first day with people saying ‘I hope you get blown up in prison’ and ‘I hope you rot in jail,’ and I’m just scratching my head… I went to the FBI. If I’d done something wrong, they would have come after me.

It wasn’t until later that I realized this was because of Twitter. Twitter had labeled me a hacker by labeling the material ‘hacked material.’ So people identified me as a hacker who had hacked Hunter’s computer and stole his data and broke the law.

As far as the allegations, about me working for Putin, I can thank 50 intelligence officials for that one. My family served during the Cold War — my father and grandfather — so that didn’t sit well.

He went into hiding after only a few weeks:

BNN: So the story broke on October 14, 2020. When did you abandon your shop?

JM: I closed up November 2. I left the state November 5.

Anything a whistleblower says to the legacy media can and will be used against them

It’s a lose-lose situation to even grant them an interview. Any good answers people have will be ignored and buried.

BNN:  After all the lies the corporate media told about you, do you trust them now?

JM:  I remember, the day after the story broke, it was October 15 [2019],  and I had CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post in my store. It was immediately obvious they were only there to catch me in a lie. They were not there for the truth. They wanted to catch me revealing their narrative. I told them everything. I offered to show them a photo of Hunter’s signed authorization. They weren’t interested. They were only interested in their narrative. They were only interested in what their trusted government sources were feeding them. So they published nothing I said because it wasn’t what they wanted to hear— that this was a valid, factual, and consequential story.

Yesterday, I left a comment with the Washington Post and they probably won’t publish that.

BNN:  CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post didn’t use anything you said back when the story first broke?

JM:  They were only interested in discrediting me. If not, they would have told the public what I told them. The thing that messed me up is that I wasn’t ready for this. No one coached me. I didn’t even know what I could or could not say. I’m cornered in my shop by five members of the press.

But just as intimidation and threats can drive someone out of their business and out of the state, the good messages of support can keep them going. Never underestimate how important this psychological support is:

BNN: This country owes you an apology.

JM: Only half the country owes me an apology. The other half keeps me going. That positive feedback from those who know I did the right thing has been phenomenal. But people don’t understand what something like this can do to crush the individual. I was in exile in Colorado. I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t go anywhere. Everything I loved and cared about was far away, including my cats. It takes a lot out of you emotionally. It got really tough. If it wasn’t for the support I received, not just from family and friends— but thousands and thousands of complete strangers that told me that what I did was right. If I didn’t have that, I don’t know where I would be right now.

h/t Bill in AZ

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