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America is finding out the President’s son cheated, the media buried it, the FBI hid it

If this isn’t a moment of reckoning for Project America — what is?

Ponder what kind of acid is slowly spreading through the facade of the major institutions of the US civilization.

Last week, The New York Times quietly admitted the Hunter Biden Laptop-from-Hell was real.  The laptop was announced to the world three critical weeks before the US 2020 election. It should have been one of the hottest election scandals in history — bigger than Watergate. Instead, with one voice, and no questions asked, nearly every media outlet immediately knew it was a “Russian fake”.

Now a week later the polls are showing that most of the voters believe the President is implicated, that it’s a very important story, and half of America thinks Trump would have won if the media had told the full story of the Hunter Biden Laptop and the evidence on it.

Two-thirds of Americans say Hunter Biden laptop ‘important’ story: poll

— Emily Crane, New York Post

Of 1,000 US voters polled by Rasmussen Reports, 66% believe the laptop story is important and 48% percent say it is “very important,” according to the survey published Thursday.

The poll found 65% of voters believe it is “likely” President Biden was consulted about — and potentially even profited from — his son’s foreign deals. By contrast, 28% say it’s unlikely Biden was involved in Hunter’s business dealings at all.

Most shockingly, the Rasmussen survey revealed that almost half of Americans (48%) believe Trump would have won a second term if the media had fully reported on the laptop’s revelations rather than ignoring and attempting to suppress them.

The FBI had the lap top for at least ten  months and said nothing while the Democrats picked the oldest, corruptest candidate they could find.

Everything is broken

Not only was the son of the Vice President selling US policy for family favours, but America’s supposed historic Masthead of Record had covered up for the crooks, deceived the public, and withheld the full story, and so had most of the other newspapers and chat shows, and worse, so had the FBI. National security was for sale, domestic security was a bomb crater, the media and the FBI were effectively rigging the election outcome for their own agendas, and currently half of the nation thinks the wrong guy is President.

These are the moments in history when soldiers wonder what they are risking their lives for. If there is no reckoning — the US, the whole West, risks a phase change from “high trust” to low trust — when everyone knows everyone else is on the take — a whole cohort of honest people flip in the middle — and bribes for business become the norm, not the exception.

It doesn’t have to be this way. But justice must be done.

NY Times, NY Post, Censored, Hunter Biden.

The Laptop from Hell will end up exposing corruption — not just in the highest offices of government but the media and intelligence agencies too.

The White House can’t just wash away the stink of Hunter Biden’s laptop

Miranda Devine, The New York Post 

…the dam is about to burst, as more Americans learn about the scandal and draw negative conclusions about Biden’s integrity.

An exclusive Rasmussen poll obtained by The Post shows a staggering 65% of voters believe it is “likely” that Joe Biden was involved in — and may have profited from — his son Hunter’s overseas business deals; 48% say it is “very likely.”

…as a grand jury in Delaware moves closer to potentially indicting Hunter, 52, over alleged tax evasion, money laundering and violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, pressure is mounting on the president finally to explain his role in the international influence-peddling scheme run by his son and his brother Jim Biden while he was vice president.

The laptop, along with evidence provided by Hunter’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski, and Treasury documents provided to a Senate inquiry, reveal millions of dollars flowing to the Biden family and associates from dubious foreign sources, including three flashpoint countries vital to US national security: Russia, Ukraine and China.

One of the few to report it accurately was The Post, which was promptly blocked from Twitter during the last two crucial election weeks.  But hey, Jack Dorsey admitted it was “wrong” and reversed it —  after most of the postal votes were sent in.

The last question, is the NY Times admitting this now because the court is about to indict Hunter, and they didn’t want to look silly, or are they paving the way for his replacement?

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