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Who needs trees: Welcome to a black glass wilderness

Greens destroy wilderness one innumerate fantasy at a time. If only they had enough fossil fuels underground they might have saved this forest.

A solar wilderness. Tiahang Mountain Solar plant.

A solar wilderness. Tiahang Mountain Solar plant.

“Industrial solar farms require 300-400 times more land than natural gas or nuclear plants” — — Michael Shellenberger @ShellenbergerMD

Dystopia await all those who think solar power is free

Solar panels on Taihang Mountain have a theoretical capacity of 20MW

“It can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20,000 tons annually replacing 7,500 tons of coal each year. “

Since China consumes 4,319,921,826 tons of coal each year, that’s one plant down, and only 575,145 more to build…

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