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Webinar (Tues): Is the Great Barrier Reef in danger (or is it just a marketing tool to raise funds for the Green Blob?)

Join Peter Ridd, Jo Nova, Walter Starck and Alan Moran for the Great Barrier Reef Webinar

Tuesday March 1: Sign up here: AEF Webinar: Is the Great Barrier Reef Dying or Thriving?

Corals, Fish, at Flynn Reef, Great Barrier Reef, Photo.

Photo: Wise Hok Wai Lum

One side of politics has just spent another billion dollars to “save the reef”. The other side of politics may spend even more. But how much is our national policy set by scientific data and how much is controlled by scenic-disaster-shots? Do Australian academics and media activists craft a false notion of a fantasy Reef-Nirvana where bleaching never occurred, where cyclones were gentle, and where corals are supposed to live in aquarium-like conditions with constant pH and temperature 24 hours a day? Is the reef really in worse condition now than thirty years ago when half of our man-made emissions had not been emitted?

Walter Starck wants to know why we have one the largest fishing zones per capita in the world but most families struggle to afford to eat Australian fish?

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Sign up here: AEF Webinar: Is the Great Barrier Reef Dying or Thriving?

Tuesday March 1:  7:30pm (NSW, Vic, Tas), 7PM (SA) 6:30pm (QLD), 6pm (NT), 4:30pm (WA)

Global Times:   9:30AM Central European Time, 8:30AM  UK,  3:30 AM New York, 12:30 AM California, 11:30pm Anchorage (Monday) and 10:30pm Hawaii (Monday)

AEF Webinar: Is the Great Barrier Reef Dying or Thriving?

Our speakers will outline the latest scientific data on the state of the environment of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) and what they imply for the reef’s long-term environmental health.

Against this background, they will proceed to a panel discussion of the serious challenges that may be mounted against the GBR environmental assessments conveyed to Australians, their governments and UN agencies by the scientific organisations that collect and use this data in their research on the reef. Their discussion will touch on the adverse economic and social impacts of the public policy measures that have relied upon these assessments.

The panel discussion will be moderated by Alan Moran. Alan is an economist with extensive experience in the economic assessment of environmental issues. He is also a Director of the AEF.

During the course of the Webinar, attendees may propose questions for one or more of the panel members via the Zoom Q&A feature. Alan Moran will select the questions to be submitted to the panel.

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