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The Free world fights back. Anonymous hacks Russian state TV and government sites. Twitter is part of the war effort: #Ukraine

The World watches Ukraine. As the citizens are turning themselves into an army, they are being trained on Twitter, on how to beat tanks, pick strategic targets, and of course, there will be a propaganda campaign. Nothing can be verified.  Except for the remarkable bravery of the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who knocked back an offer to be evacuated, and is fighting with the army. He is being treated as a hero — the new leader of the free world.

Winning hearts all over the world has a material benefit. Hackers are working to punish Putin, theatening an unprecedented cyberwar that will cripple his websites and expose all his secrets. “We are Anonymous. We are legion. Expect us”. There are reports #Anonymous has already taken down six Russian government websites, and have even hacked into Russian state TV stations as well, showing what is happening in Ukraine. “Soon you will feel the wrath of the worlds hackers many of which may reside in your country.”  Elon Musk has also offered the Starlink Satellites for Ukraine to use.

While Russia used Shock and Awe, the Ukrainians appear to be winning now. Though if Russian armored columns make it through to Kyiv that may change. Putin cannot afford to lose.

With Russian fertility being so low for so long, the people of Russia will not bear many sons lost.

The people of China and Taiwan will be watching too. If Ukraine wins, it may slow Xi.

From #Ukraine

Russian special forces disguised as Ukrainian soldiers captured. Under Geneva convention, they lose the rights to be treated as POW. Ukraine can execute them.

Russians protesting en masse to stop the war.

There are many tweets claiming to show captured Russian soldiers Eg: Getting a cigarette, being allowed beds, described as young new recruits who were told they were on a training mission. Obviously it is in the interest of Ukraine to convince Russians to surrender.

There are instructions on Twitter for people in Ukraine to turn off their geolocation phone trackers because the Russians are using them to identify gatherings.  There are also strategic directions telling Ukrainians to identify and stop the unarmoured fuel transports so that the tanks will run out of fuel.

Meanwhile people in Kyiv are reporting that the Russian tanks made it inside the city on the first day when fog stopped the Javelins from destroying them, and the Russians also had paratrooper support to protect them. The Ukrainians are asking for suggestions on how to stop the  T-72 tanks when they don’t even have fuel for molotov cocktails, and commenters are providing lists of ways to defeat them. Anti T-72 suggestions include using barbed wire to clog tracks, and wires across roads so the tanks have to keep “buttoned up”.

I’m no fan of Twitter, they are no friend of the Free World in the West. But at the moment, the new wars use social media, and it marks an important point in the battle of the people against State power. If people find these links on alternate social media I will replace them. We all need an exit plan from the tyrannical Tech Giants.

It is not all Ukrainian wins:

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