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Petition the Australian TGA to consider cheap drugs as well as expensive ones!

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Some drugs are apparently too cheap to approve.

They want us to trust them, but if they won’t investigate cheap options,  they don’t appear to have our interests at heart. Who do they serve?

Even if a long-used safe cheap drug reduced infections or deaths by 10% the cost-benefits of using it are obvious for everyone (except the companies that sell expensive competing products). The studies we have suggest one antiviral (and there are many others) could reduce infections by 86% and deaths by 50% or more. The antiviral successes against Covid in IndiaMexico and Peru are there for all to see. If antivirals were being used in Sydney perhaps they could have halved the Ro (or more), slowed the spread, saved lives and businesses and shortened the lockdown?

Which brings us to the awkward questions that almost no one seems to be even asking: Why aren’t cheap low risk drugs already well tested ten times over? Why aren’t the TGA and Health Ministry urgently working to fix obvious clinical vitamin deficiencies like D3? Where is the ABC and our publicly funded institutions and our academics? Isn’t the point of publicly funded universities so they can do the research that corporates won’t do?

They want us to trust them, but if they won’t investigate cheap options, it doesn’t exactly sell themselves as groups that have our interests at heart. Vaccine hesitancy might be a lot less if people still trusted our institutions and knew they were considering all the options, not just the ones that happen to suit pharmaceutical stockholders. Just saying….?

Greg Hunt has said your GP can legally prescribe antivirals off label. The more that do, the better for all of us.  Get the information out there. Give us and our doctors some choices.

Vaccines that are leaky and non-sterilizing are selecting for nastier strains of Covid, ones that will only spread because they can escape the immune response. But if people were given antivirals at the same time, we could reduce that risk.

We didn’t treat AIDS with vaccines, we used three antivirals concurrently to stop resistance developing.

h/t Brenda Spence & GeoffS

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Petition EN2855 – Alternate treatment options for Covid 19

Millions of Australians are extremely concerned about the federal government’s push to force hastily approved and poorly tested novel vaccines on the population, when adequate long term safety data is unavailable. It is also is of great concern that many notable doctors and medical researchers reporting successful treatment using cheap, safe generic anti viral drugs appear to be ignored by the government and TGA, due to these generic drugs being of little commercial value and not sponsored by pharmaceutical companies for approval by the TGA

We therefore ask the House to formally request that the TGA assess the use of Ivermectine and Hydroxycloriquine, in the recommended dosages and combination with complimentary drugs, based on the peer reviewed studies and data, and the recommendation of notable Australian medical researchers such as Proffesor Thomas Borody and Professor Robert Clancy. We ask that the house requests this of the TGA in the absence of sponsorship by a pharmaceutical corporation, seeing as both of these drugs are generic and of little commercial value to an individual company, and due to the conflict of interest many of these companies have with competing patented vaccines of far higher commercial interest. We believe that if this is performed thoroughly and transparently it will restore public faith in the federal government, and also provide confidence to the public that all options for treatment are being honestly explored.


It’s the biggest medical scandal since 1850.

Perhaps solve the other pandemic: Vitamin D deficiency — to help beat Coronavirus?

Posts on Vitamin D and on Antivirals.

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