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UK Labour chained to political correctness, set to lose, and lose, and lose…

Political correctness is the correct way to lose every election. By its very nature, virtue signalling is almost guaranteed to be an electoral disaster. The whole game is to get to the top of the pecking order and mark yourself as being above the unwashed riff raff. A long time ago, if your brain wave was a good idea, the riff raff would adopt it too, which was all fine and good, except then you need another different good idea.  And when all that’s left are more absurd signalling displays:  Can you control the weather with your plastic shopping bag? Can you set people free by vandalizing statues?

Labor Parties all over the world suffer from the same thing. They stopped listening and caring what the workers think.

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Look at the massive disconnect here:

Poll proves wokery lost Labour ‘red wall’ seats: 

Glen Owen, Mail on Sunday

Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party is out of touch with public opinion on woke issues, a Mail on Sunday poll has found. The survey revealed that the party was overwhelmingly associated with support for politically correct issues – such as pulling down statues of historical figures – that are not backed by voters.

The figures will add to concerns among Labour strategists that the party’s metropolitan image is alienating its working-class base, particularly among its former supporters in the North.

UK poll on politically correct values


The Labor Party have an image problem. They tried to look politically correct and everyone believed them.

At least the conservative government is trying to make it harder to cheat in the election:

UK government to introduce criticised voter ID law this year

…Britain’s government will introduce a new law this year to crack down on the potential for voter fraud and intimidation by including rules requiring voters to prove their identities, a move critics said could deter people from casting ballots.

“Stealing someone’s vote is stealing their voice. We must go further to protect and modernise our precious democracy,” Chloe Smith, minister for the Constitution and Devolution, said in a statement.

POST NOTE: And this is not a good thing for Western democracy. When the opposition party is captured by Wokeness there is no one left in the centre to argue for better policies. The so-called Conservative party slides toward political correctness too. Always better to have two strong major parties than none.


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