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Preventable Pandemic indeed: WHO helped infect the world, kill 3 million people, now wants $50b?

In 2020, the WHO did not protect even one country, but now says they just need more money and more power. The WHO should be disbanded, it failed at the one most important job it was set up to do  —  stop pandemics.

It’s only a year too late, but the WHO is finally telling people they could avoid deadly pandemics. A new report is out, with former New Zealand PM Helen Clark admitting only that the World Health Organisation was a week too late in calling it an emergency. After that tiny mini-culpa, then she blames slow nations for “wasting the month of February”. Though Clark seems to have forgotten the same stupid nations were all following WHO’s advice at the time.

This is what failure looks like —  Tedros, the WHO Director General on Jan 29, last year

When he could have saved the world, he was being a one man Xi Jinping fan club. Listen to this shameless rave:

…Tedros said it is admirable that the Chinese government has shown its solid political resolve and taken timely and effective measures in dealing with the epidemic. President Xi’s personal guidance and deployment show his great leadership capability, Tedros said.

He said that China has released information in an open and transparent manner, identified the pathogen in a record-short time and shared the genetic sequence of the novel coronavirus in a timely manner with the WHO and other countries.

China’s measures are not only protecting its people, but also protecting the people in the whole world, he said.

Tedros Adhanom

Tedros Adhanom

So the WHO was the main enabler of bioweapons

The West wastes $5 billion dollars every year on an organization so corrupt it has been captured and turned into a Chinese advertising agency that directly works against the interests of the Western nations that fund it.

Here’s Helen Clark, forgetting:

“The WHO didn’t get enough information quickly enough. “

If only they had a twitter account, they could have seen the carnage live?

So many delays but we also looked in our report at the month of February when most countries took a wait and see approach rather than aggressively moving to either keep the disease out or contain the spread and that proved to be very, very harmful as well.”

As it is, Helen Clark has 1,000 words on the ABC and doesn’t say “border” once. And Leigh Sales helps her get away with it.

Admitting they failed (a tiny bit) is only a tool they use to demand more money

WHO ‘needs more powers’ says independent panel co-chair Helen Clark

For the world to prevent the next crisis, the Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response recommends a more independent World Health Organization, a new council that would maintain a political commitment to pandemic preparedness and response, and a financing facility that can disburse $50-$100 billion at short notice.

 Tedros is up for re-election and wants another five years to cover up for China. 

As I said on Feb 1, there were $13b reasons why Tedros went out of his way to praise President Xi of China…

Follow the chain, or rather the Belt and Road

The WHO Director General is Tedros Adhanom of Ethiopia. From 2012 – 2016 he served as Minister of Foreign Affairs in the one party government that rules Ethiopia. This is the same party that borrowed billions from China to build a railway line, then struggles to pay it back.  In Africa, Ethiopia is the second largest debtor nation to China — owing $13 billion.  As Foreign Minister Adhanom praised China for African loans, looks like he was the man to line them up. We also note that the one-party ruling party of Ethiopia is called the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front which was once a Marxist Lenninist far left group — labels it dropped after the Soviet Union collapsed. (Thanks Maurice for these tips).

A million people signed a petition to sack him but he’s still there.

Give us our money back!


TdeF in comments: It’s time to “Defund the UN”

If Democrats can demand the disbanding (defunding) of the police force and ICE for immigration, surely the world can demand the defunding of the massive so called United Nations. It has metastasized into an another evil group seeking world domination, as has the EU. We need UNEXIT. The only thing which should remain is the Security Council. The other 80,000 people can go home. Including Helen Clarke and the other Carbon Tax queens.

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