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In 2020 China built three times more coal power than the rest of the world

Coal power is surging in the second largest economy even as China tells the rest of the world to “cut carbon”

If, hypothetically, China were to fund anti-coal groups in the countries it competes with — it would be a successful strategy to hurt them and advantage China. Which journalists would tell us if that were happening?

China’s new coal power plant capacity in 2020 more than three times rest of world’s: study

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – China put 38.4 gigawatts (GW) of new coal-fired power capacity into operation in 2020, according to new international research, more than three times the amount built elsewhere around the world and potentially undermining its short-term climate goals.

The country won praise last year after President Xi Jinping pledged to make the country “carbon neutral” by 2060. But regulators have since come under fire for failing to properly control the coal power sector, a major source of climate-warming greenhouse gas.

Including decommissions, China’s coal-fired fleet capacity rose by a net 29.8 GW in 2020, even as the rest of the world made cuts of 17.2 GW, according to research released on Wednesday by Global Energy Monitor (GEM), a U.S. think tank, and the Helsinki-based Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA).

Do the Greens care more about stopping CO2 rising or about helping co-dependent uncompetitive industry mates in their own nations. Judge them by their choices: do they protest more against China’s new coal, or for subsidies for mates?

The scale of disparity is astounding:

How China’s coal power glut is clouding its carbon zero ambitions

Echo Xie, SCMP

Even for Christine Shearer, a veteran researcher on China’s energy development, the data was surprising.

Last year, when China pledged to be carbon neutral by 2060, the country built the equivalent of one large coal-fired power plant per week, adding more than three times as much new coal power capacity  as all other countries in the world combined. In addition, over 73 gigawatts of new coal power projects was proposed in 2020, five times as much as the rest of the world combined.

“[China] was home to 85 per cent of new coal plant proposals and over 75 per cent of commissioned coal power in 2020,” she said. “Chinese provinces also permitted more coal-fired capacity for construction in 2020 than the past three years combined.”

If the Greens cared about CO2 they would care about the largest source of man-made CO2 on the planet. Instead their socialist roots predict their actions far better than fake environmental concerns. Companies that don’t need governments to profit are a threat to the collectivists. Companies that need Big Gov will always lobby for Big Gov, and donate to Big Gov, and join the cancel culture and the toxic messaging.

Ultimately independent energy companies serve the people. Dependent energy companies serve Big Government.

h/t Matt Canavan.

PS: Can anyone find a link to the original report?


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