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Youtube rushes to hide the mass unpopularity of Biden Whitehouse

It’s all one giant Psy-Op.

The Whitehouse Youtube Channel for the most popular President ever elected is being unliked en mass. Youtube kicked Donald Trump off the “platform”, so hordes of fans are tuning into Joe Biden’s channel instead, and they’re not happy. Joe Biden’s inauguration video tally currently stands at 4,300 “likes” and 48,000 “dislikes”. Realizing the PR flop that this is, Youtube quietly unlisted the video to hide it from searches, but it’s at this link. 

Joe Biden, Whitehouse video

Joe Biden, not so popular yet…

In newer Whitehouse videos‘ the downvotes continue. Clearly the Social Media controllers have a problem. One week later, and Youtube  doesn’t just unlist the videos — the Swat team has started deleting the deporable votes instead.

Zoe Phin downloaded the data every 80 seconds and graphed it. Within six hours of posting a video, the dislikes were nearly ten times higher than the likes — but then the magic eraser of unpopularity gets to work.

It’s just like voting, right?

The Youtube url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FN_4W-EDcPw

Biden, Youtube, likes, dislikes, manipulated. Graph.

Hiding the dislikes

In true skeptical form, Zoe Phin posts all the sources, the code and links at phzoe. There are another 4 videos with the exact same pattern. The algorithm is at work helping to tell us what we’re meant to think.

How long before Youtube fakes up the likes as well?

There is no rescuing Youtube.

Well done Zoe. Check it all out. 


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