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Nothing shows off the fakeness of their victory more than the paranoia on the Democrat side of politics

A win built by cheating is not a happy win, but a precarious situation that can only survive by fear and oppression. The Democrats are scrambling to find a foothold based on the only strengths they have: hate and intolerance. They can’t heal the nation through listening to a side which has legitimate grievances. As long as honest mainstream America has a voice they will claw back the legitimacy of the fake winners. Instead fake winners have to silence them, and gaslight their own supporters to immunize them against messages from the peaceful but shafted majority.

The ACME: Invent-an-Enemy program is running apace: Trump supporters are now “like ISIS, al Qaeda”

Tucker Carlson wonders where the winners celebrations are? Instead of being thrilled the victors still want to hurt and humiliate half the nation.

Instead the Democrats are trying to light a fire under a peaceful nation, feeding the paranoia, division and fear. Some are seeding the idea that every Trump supporter is a terrorist.

Are there any reasonable Democrats left? Let’s find them

As Carlson says —  there is a power vacuum at the center of the Democratic Party which a weak Biden has no chance of filling, and the totalitarian left are working to take over. We need the sane, sensible centre of the Democrats, whatever is still there, to stop this now. Sandy Cortez is already talking about “deprogramming” millions of people. “DC Mayor, Muriel Bowser said she would like the national guard to place crew served machine guns belt-fed 50 cals around the city.”  “We can all see where this is going. “

Carlson is leading the charge for a response: “Nobody pushes back”.

If not now, when?


The link to this video.

Good News — insidious TrumpsNewArmy video is disappearing — Oops — it helps the wrong team

As an update to yesterdays post, note that there might be a bottom to the well of Youtube hate. (At least for today).

UPDATE!: The original “TrumpsNewArmy” Youtube link has “gone private” (whatever that means). Youtube still fail to post any warning labels, they don’t call it racist, or block it for inciting violence. But Youtube don’t have any repeats of it in search results for Winslow today, or TrumpsNewArmy.  A microscopic bit of good news. There is a limit to the Hypocrisy.

Most likely TrumpsNewArmy was a step so far over the line of decency that they had to hide it. The overreach was hurting the Lefty cause more than helping it by revealing just how toxic and anti-American their desires are.

Speaking of which, can any reader now find the old psychotic 10:10 climate video on any platform?

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