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Not even pretending anymore: Democrats want more fake voters, no ID, no signatures

To heal the nation the Democrats want to take all the high risk, cheatable ideas from the swing states in 2020 and make sure that every other state has to use them too.

If state voters have any idea that they can get more honest voting with leverage on State Legislatures, the Democrats want to stop that too.

The HR 1 bill would ban state governments from asking voters to provide ID to get an absentee vote. It would allow people to harvest votes and dump them. It takes more power from the State Legislatures and gives it to guess who?

It’s almost as if the Democrats don’t expect to win any more elections fairly. Feel the fear that 2020-style-loopholes need to be locked in and more widespread by 2024.

Meanwhile Democrat Stephanie Murphy wants to purge out anyone from the Federal Government who doesn’t hold the right opinions. If, say, a Federal worker had any reason to think there was corruption going on around them, they couldn’t say so, lest it be deemed a baseless conspiracy according to the Democrat Book of Permitted Facts, whereupon dissenters could be sacked.

“Under Stephanie Murphy’s bill, anyone who criticizes Stephanie Murphy could be punished. Make sense now?”

Adding to this, media commentators are calling for dangerous outlets like Fox News to be shut down as a “Hazard to Democracy”. The obvious implication is that US voters are not smart enough to be allowed to watch Fox News all by themselves. So it’s my duty to share this Fox News segment as much as possible. You might choose to do the same.

Tucker Carlson is scathing about the HR1 bill (“We The People”)

Fox News: Democrats’ sweeping ‘For The People Act’ would ‘enshrine fraud,’ as lawmakers seek to stifle dissent”

“Under our current loss, states get to decide how much fraud they will tolerate: Florida requires you to show photo identification in order to vote. California just wants you to vote Democrat,” he said.

“If H.R. 1 passes, all 50 states will be California — the entire country will have ballot harvesting and mail-in voting. Think about that.”

Exiling the heretics:

 Rep. Stephanie Murphy, D-Fla., noting that the Orlando lawmaker is proposing a bill that would, in the host’s words, “ban anyone with the wrong opinions from having a significant job in the federal government.”

“Believe forbidden things and you don’t get a security clearance. You can’t work here,” he said. “Murphy’s bill would require federal investigators to ask all applicants whether they had ‘associated with or knowingly engaged in activities conducted by an organization or movement that spreads conspiracy theories and false information about the United States government.’.”

Are you now or have you ever been a conservative …


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