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Bill Gates new Climate Plan — save the world and buy your own private jet airline?

The new book coming in 4 weeks to set out his plan for reaching zero emissions.

Bill Gates, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster

Bill Gates, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster

In the meantime Bill Gates is bidding 4.3 billion dollars to buy a whole airline. Signature Aviation is a company that handles 1.6 million private jet flights a year, all of which produce about 40 times as much carbon per passenger.

Who cares about carbon then?

Private Jet, Image by AlCapone31

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DailyMail UK

This isn’t the first time Gates has been slammed for his double standards around the climate change agenda.

While Gates, who has four of his own private jets, has previously claimed ‘I don’t think there is anyone doing more’ than himself on tackling climate change, he has also admitted his planes are his ‘guilty pleasures’.

A 2019 study by Lund University in Sweden found that Gates had the biggest carbon footprint of a group of 10 celebrities known to frequent private jets.

Researchers estimated that he took a whopping 59 private jet flights in 2017, travelling 343,000 km and producing a staggering 1,600 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

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