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The Serbian man with a message for Americans “you will never be as strong as you are now”

Filmed in the first ten days after the US election.

“Maybe a Serbian guy should tell Americans what they should do”

Our dictator Milosevic stole the election. He used all the tactics you see now.

In October 2000, my country done something extraordinary. After being obedient for ten years, after sitting in tanks to pointlessly die, after many treasons and hopeless future…  my country somehow decided it was time to do something, to fight for freedom.

It started with strikes and civil disobedience. All of Serbia came to Belgrade. Basically everyone who could walk went to the protest.

Somehow when they have seen the sea of people they decided … to back off.

 “They are never going to be as weak as now

and you are never going to be as strong as you are now”

If you lose now, it will be game over.

Once it has hold, socialism will never leave…

If you don’t believe me ask a billion people.

 Do you have the guts to take to the streets and take what is yours?

h/t Bill C via American Partisan


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