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Project Veritas: Julian Assange’s recorded phone call with State Department

In this newly uncovered phone call, Julian Assange can be heard calling Hillary Clinton’s State Department and trying to warn them so they could protect their agents and stop the releases.

James O’Keefe   @JamesOKeefeIII

Assange believed that there was a great danger to United States Agents and interests with the publication of unredacted documents stolen from @Wikileaks by his rouge former employee Daniel Domscheit-Berg.

This is a recording of State Department lawyer Cliff Johnson on August 26, 2011

The audio shows that Assange went to great lengths to try to prevent the uncontrolled publication of the full US State Department cables by third parties on the internet.

Gateway Pundit:

 Project Veritas Releases Shocking Never-Before-Heard Phone Call Between Julian Assange and Hillary Clinton’s State Department

Notably, the audio from the call on August 26, 2011, makes clear that WikiLeaks only re-published the full US embassy cables after they were on hundreds of websites, torrent sites and Twitter. Specifically, the full cables were published on Cryptome.org and the Pirate Bay — days before they were published on WikiLeaks.

Johnson responds by asking, “And who would be releasing these cables? Is this WikiLeaks?”

“No, we would not be releasing them, we are doing our usual thing of continuing on with our redaction plan, but we have in the past 24 hours released a some 100,000 unclassified cables as an attempt to head off the incentives for others to release the entire archive, but I believe that nonetheless while we may have delayed things a little by doing that they will do so unless attempts are made to stop them. We have already engaged in some legal attempts to get them to stop but I think that it will not be enough,” Assange explains.

There is a move on to ask President Trump to #PardonAssange.

Rudy Guiliani argued a year ago that what Assange did was just journalism and free speech.

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