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California: Weather in the 21st Century includes rolling blackouts

By 2030 weather reports may map out tomorrows blackouts, today

Matthew Wright for the DailyMail

California orders rolling blackouts for up to two MILLION people as record-breaking heat wave grips the state with temperatures hitting 112 degrees and crowds flocking to beaches

So that’s a hot 44.4 C in the San Joaquin Valley, while L.A.’s extreme heatwave is all of 35. degrees C. These are the first set of rolling blackouts since 2001. Obviously the USA is behind Australia in the race to the Unreliable Future.

With temperatures soaring above 100 degrees in many parts of the state, and millions of residents stuck at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, experts feared the high demand for power would overwhelm the grid.

‘A Stage 3 Emergency is declared when demand outpaces available supply. Rotating power interruptions have been initiated to maintain stability of the electric grid,’ the Independent System Operator announced shortly before 6pm.

Despite residents being networked, swamped in twitter, facebook, mobile phones, tablets and spam they were not able to be notified:

Residents were unable to be notified due to the emergency announcement, leaving thousands of vulnerable people suddenly without air-conditioning in the midst of a severe heatwave.

¬†Californians were being asked to not use major appliances between 3pm and 10pm and to turn off unnecessary lights. (For every 300 LED’s they turn off, someone will be able to run an air conditioner.) They should also close the drapes and sit in the dark.

Imagine if it was actually hot in LA?

h.t Richard Ilfeld who says :

“A heat wave, and lots of people at homes using air conditioning, and a renewable energy mandate = rolling blackouts.

Shocker, right?”



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