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Activist mobs for dinner? Things the ABC and BBC might not mention.

When the hollering throng comes demanding strangers raise their fists, good people at dinner might agree, and take the path of least resistance. And if everyone did, it becomes another advertisement for a political terror group. “Look everyone supports us!”. But it only took one  woman to refuse and the propaganda moment suddenly flipped.

If you can’t see the video, you can watch it here.

Is this the point the BLM groupies back up at least on this approach? In comments under this tweet,  there are many droll comparisons of Brown Shirts and RedGuards. But even BLM supporters know this went too far:

 @saletan Anyone who stages this kind of mob aggression is doing the Trump campaign’s work for free.

@LAppiah This is just bizarre. I sincerely believe white people need to take a big step back and consult black leaders about what is and isn’t helpful…
But others are saying the protest is full of “whites” and they can see a red hat.

These comments win the internet today:

@GreerMcVay said “I’m convinced these are right wing plants. I just don’t believe BLM advocates would do this.”

@RidgePlaysGames: This was a psyop. No one on the left is doing something this stupid and baseless.

Others take the mickey:

@MichaelTanuvasa How many of these kids have Parents they wont say this shit, too? Honestly they should be looting and burning stuff. Not pulling stunts like this. If you are going to alienate ppl with no plan at least wreck some rich peoples money flow

Funnily enough, apparently Lauren B. Victor, the women who wouldn’t accede, explained “It just didn’t feel right”  though she could understand their anger. She revealed, “I’m very much with them. I’ve been marching for weeks and weeks.”

So these are BLM supporters harrassing a BLM supporter.

Civilizations need to discuss these moments, even if the ABC and BBC might not want to. Skeptics know that if people give in to bullies, the mob just asks for more. The new coercion-for-dinner  event has gone viral on twitter, but word is only just spreading now into some mainstream news sources.

Good people need to be prepared.

Speaking of which, if you think the BBC is doing its own form of racism by banning the words to Rule Brittannia and The Land of Hope and Glory, you can sign the petition, and do your best to learn the words and sing these as often as possible. Teach the children.

Britain abolished slavery in 1807. Let’s celebrate that.


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