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Watching the Three Gorges Dam as China Floods

UPDATE: Scroll through the Twitter thread #ChinaFloods

See the spectacular and heart-wrenching footage of raging torrents. I have never seen water move on that scale. Why isn’t this on the news?


There is remarkable footage coming out of flooding in China #Chinafloods.

I can’t verify the authenticity, or dates, but it seems likely that terrible things are happening in China. There are shots of levees being deliberately broken to allow waters to flood fields to take the pressure off the dams, and some say the flooding is done without warning and even at night. One shot shows a barge with people on board crashing into bridge pillar and breaking apart. Lord help them.  There are reports that the grain crops have been hit hard. “Agriculture wiped out”. There are multiple other reports of thousands going without food or water, with no attempts to rescue them. And there are scores of videos of ferocious torrents raging through streets.

Watching the Three Gorges Dam

According to the Taiwan News this video of a simulation of the collapse of the Three Gorges Dam has gone viral in China, as the rain continues and towns are being sacrificially flooded to reduce the risk of the Three Gorges Dam breaking up. The initial flood will supposedly be 100m in height and moving at 100km and hour. Ten hours later, by the time it reaches the hapless Wuhan the water will “only” be 7m deep.

People are keeping an eye on the #ThreeGorgesDam  for news.

 On Tuesday, the Chinese financial news site Caijing Lengyan released a controversial video that simulates the devastating flooding that would occur if the vaunted Three Gorges Dam collapsed.

Taiwan News:

According to Chinese government statistics, 45.2 million people have been affected by the floods that have ravaged 27 provinces along the Yangtze River, Huai River, and Yellow River, as well as southern China since the start of June. Many have cast doubt on the integrity of the Three Gorges Dam as it faces the greatest test in its history, while others have questioned the structure’s purported purpose of flood control, given the extensive flooding recently seen both above and below the dam.


This news story below shows satellite footage of the dam wall as somewhat bent, but last time I checked the current satellite image the dam wall looks straight on Google Earth. So either the photo was fake, the largest dam in the world was straightened out, or the CCP have control of the Google Maps.

Hoping the rain eases.

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