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Censorship is Weapon #1: Trump orders online Tech Giants to stop

Censorship trumps everything else. Without free speech, there are no free elections, and no progress in politicized science. The base temptations of the human condition thrive in the dark.

Ten years too late, the House Judiciary Hearing on antitrust laws is on:

Republicans tear into big tech CEOs

Katelyn Caralle, Nikki Schwabm, The Daily Mail

For more than five hours the world’s richest man, Bezos; fourth-richest, Zuckerberg; CEO of the world’s most valued corporation, Cook; and its key search engine, Pichai; were repeatedly ripped as copycats, liars, bullies, drug dealers and traitors.

…big tech’s out to get conservatives. That’s not a suspicion, that’s not a hunch. That’s a fact,’ Representative Jim Jordan asserted at the top of his opening remarks.

‘We’re 97 days before an election, and the power – as the previous chairman and ranking member have said – the power these companies have to impact what happens during an election, what American citizens get to see before their voting, is pretty darn important,’ he said.

Trump issued an Executive Order to prevent social media giants from altering or editorializing free speech. He declared that if Congress won’t act, he will.

Apparently, the internet high speed revolution doesn’t mean more information, it means better, faster filtering and light speed censorship. Yesterday the news was full of doctors being censored in the US (more on that later). Lord help the world if groups of dangerous doctors were seen supporting a position Donald Trump also held? People are dying in a pandemic but the censorship is so extreme it has become the story.

Silencing people is the main weapon of those who want to vote themselves the Treasury, or guard their Golden Monopolies. And it’s running rampant, not just in social media, but in tea rooms around the West the silent majority are scared to say what they think.

J.J. Reno visited the Midwestern States so critical in US elections and found both despair and anger.

When I asked about the election mood in their communities, they reported that political realities are increasingly hidden from view. One said, “Right now journalists seem ignorant of what most people are thinking, perhaps willfully so.” When I pressed him about why that’s the case, he replied, “In all fairness, most people won’t say what they’re thinking. It’s too dangerous.”

This censorship is not just in the searches, and the news, but in workplaces and dinner parties. And it’s moving fast — people are losing jobs for saying inane truths that were fine 12 months ago. “All lives matter” is ending careers, in media and Universities. It’s not enough to say quiet either, only vocal endorsement will do: “Silence is Violence”.

Tucker Carlson interviews Donald J Trump Jnr about his twitter ban

Censorship only ever hurts conservatives.

Google purges Breitbart and other conservative sites to “Zero”

Google Executives told us they would do this. Google is practically a wing of the Democrats.  After Trump’s election the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer, two Vice Presidents and the two men who founded Google got together for groups hugs and tears, said the election went the wrong way. Google co-founder Sergey Brin was ‘Deeply Offended’ by Trump’s Election and asked what they could do about it.

What they can do is suppress articles criticizing Democrats and crush search results of conservative sites.

Allan Bokhari, Breitbart

‘On April 4, 2016, Breitbart ranked in the top ten search positions (i.e., on the first page of Google search results) for 355 key search terms; but now, as of July 20, 2020, Breitbart ranks in the top ten search positions for only one search term. And, on April 4, 2016, Breitbart ranked in the top 100 search positions for 16,820 key search terms; but now, as of July 20, 2020, Breitbart ranks in the top 100 search positions for only 55 search terms.

Google Just Killed All Search Traffic to Breitbart for Joe Biden and Joe Biden-Related Searches

After Google’s May core search update on or about May 5, 2020, Google search impressions and search traffic to Breitbart for “Joe Biden” and other Biden-related search terms has gone to zero. Zero. The following graph clearly illustrates the foregoing.

On May 1, Google searches for “Joe Biden” generated approximately 30,000 impressions (views, used as a metric for advertisers) for Breitbart links. After May 5, both impressions and clicks went to zero. 

Breitbart News spoke to an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert, a 25-year industry veteran, whose job consists of analyzing traffic data from Google’s own website performance portal, Google Search Console.

The expert, who wished to remain anonymous, said he had never seen anything like this graph — and that it indicates highly probable manipulation on the part of Google.

Google’s How To Vote Card

h/t David E.

Google Censorship of news sites ranked.


Predatory monopolies boast about buying up competitors:

Isn’t this exactly what the anti-trust rules are supposed to stop?

In the most damaging moments, lawmakers unveiled Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s internal emails boasting about buying competitors, saying Instagram was a threat as he plotted to purchase it, and talking about a ‘land grab’ on other competition.

Democratic Representative Joe Neguse bluntly told Zuckerberg he was running a monopoly in the tech marketplace as he read from the emails.

‘You did tell one of Facebook’s senior engineers in 2012 that you can, quote ‘Likely just buy any competitive start up, but it will be a while until we can buy Google.’ Do you recall writing that?’ Neguse asked of the Facebook co-founder.

Free Speech is the only way to solve disagreements without violence.

Our children don’t even know what Free Speech is.

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