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Trump threatens funds for WHO because they “were wrong” about Coronavirus

Finally, one world leader calls a spade a turkey. The US is the largest funder to the World Health Organisation, yet the WHO acts in China’s best interests. On January 31 the WHO could have saved the world by isolating China. Instead, the chief raved about President Xi and advised that flights should stay open because it will harm the economy:

“Travel restrictions can cause more harm than good by hindering info-sharing, medical supply chains and harming economies,” the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday. [Jan 31]

As I said then: How many people will the WHO kill with this advice? It was reckless negligence.

Donald Trump has placed a “hold” on funding the World Health Organisation after they got so much wrong on Coronavirus.

Charlie Speerling, Breitbart

“We want to look into the World Health Organization because they really called it wrong,” Trump said. “They missed the call, they could have called it months earlier, they would have known, they should have known, and they probably did know.”

The president noted that the WHO actually criticized his travel ban from China that he set in late January.

“Such restrictions can have the effect of increasing fear and stigma, with little public health benefit,” WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said about travel bans just days after Trump banned travel from China.

“They seem to be very China-centric,” he said. “That’s a nice way of saying it, but they seem to be very China-centric, and they seem to err always on the side of China.

It’s a warning shot across the bows. He may keep funding them, or he may not. By exposing them, he’s letting the WHO and China know that game is up. But he’s staying at the table, so expecting Tedros-the-belt-and-road-rep-from-China to come up with some goods.  What’s on Trumps wish list: Chloroquine? PPE? Antibiotics?

It’s about time.

In other news, Trump is saving Boris Johnson from his own medical system:

James, Delingpole, Breitbart: Boris Johnson may be denied Chloroquine

 President Trump is so worried about the health of Prime Minister Boris Johnson — currently in intensive care with Chinese Coronavirus — that he has offered U.S. medical support.

The chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty, has banned doctors from treating Covid-19 with anything other than paracetamol and in severe cases, oxygen.

According to the Guardian, President Trump said shortly after PM Johnson was moved to intensive care:

“I’ve asked two of the leading companies … They’ve come with the solutions and just have done incredible jobs – and I’ve asked him to contact London immediately,” Trump said. “They’ve really advanced therapeutics … and they have arrived in London already. The London office has whatever they need. We’ll see if we can be of help. We’ve contacted all of Boris’s doctors, and we’ll see what is going to take place, but they are ready to go.”

“They’ve had meetings with the doctors, and we’ll see whether or not they want to go that route,” Trump added. “But when you’re in intensive care it’s a big deal. So they’re there and they’re ready.

Britain, … remains in thrall to its stolid, sclerotic, overcautious, unimaginative, rules-bound public health bureaucracy. In normal times, this bureaucracy was merely inefficient, wasteful, and a massive drain on the taxpayer. But in extraordinary times like these, this public health bureaucracy has become a positive menace.

UPDATE:  That worked fast 🙂  7:24pm UK time.  Boris has just been released from intensive care.


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